To access your records, you will need to download and complete the following form:

Patient Authorization to Disclose Health Information

Medical Records

What if I need my records or radiology images?

Here are the phone numbers for Patient Records:

Paper Records & Radiographic imaging requests (X-Ray, MRI or CT scan): Ext. 7136

Patient Records Department Main Phone Number: (813) 978-9700, Ext. 7136

You can obtain your medical records with a Patient Authorization to Disclose Health Information form through:

FAX: Patient Records Department Fax Number: (813) 558-6001

MAIL:  Florida Orthopaedic Institute



13020 Telecom Parkway N

Tampa, FL 33637

EMAIL: Email the completed form to:

Medical Records

How do I request notes or records from my surgery at a Florida Orthopaedic Institute Surgery Center?

Surgical notes can be requested by contacting the Surgery Center at 813-972-4905 Ext. 6459


How can I get back my records or files brought from outside doctor?

If they have been imported in the Florida Orthopaedic Institute system, we can make copies. Use SHARECARE to confirm that they are in the system. (SHARECARE is a free service that gives you access to your medical records, as well as other health benefits. Sign up at There is also a SHARECARE app that can help you gather vital health information all in one place. You can use the app to better understand your stress, relationships and how one aspect of your health affects another. The SHARECARE app is available free for Android and Apple OS.)


Can you e-mail records to me?


How long do requests for medical records take to process? 

Please allow 3-5 business days to process your medical records once your form has been submitted. Medical records are not available on the same day as requested.


Is there a charge for medical records? 

There is a charge for copying records, $1.00 per page for the first 25 pages. Additional pages (above the first 25 pages) are .25 cents per page.


Who can sign the Patient Authorization to Disclose Health Information form?

Any of the following people can sign the form:

  • Patient – 18 years of age or older
  • A parent if the patient is under 18 years of age
  • Legal next of kin
  • Emancipated Minor
  • Legal Guardian (must provide proof of guardianship)
  • Healthcare Surrogate
  • Medical Power of Attorney (must state medical information in the Power of Attorney)
  • Executor/representative of the estate for a deceased patient and a copy of a “short form” death certificate presented. (must provide proof of Executorship)

How long does Florida Orthopaedic Institute keep my records?

We are required to keep your medical records for 7 years. We are required to keep minors’ charts until they reach the age of 18.


Can you send my medical records to my doctor for me?

Yes, we will be happy to fax or mail your records at no charge to your doctor’s office or treatment center. Please indicate this information on the Patient Authorization to Disclose Health Information form.


Can someone else pick up my medical records?

As long as it is stated on the Patient Authorization to Disclose Health Information form. Note that we do check IDs, which should match the information on the form.


If my Florida Orthopaedic doctor refers me to a specialty doctor outside of FOI, why do I need to get a request for my medical records? 

Usually, your physician’s secretary will send notes to the specialty doctors. In case that hasn’t happened, we would require a Patient Authorization to Disclose Health Information form be signed.


What if I need another facility to fax outside records to Florida Orthopaedic for an upcoming appointment?  

Have them faxed to 813-558-6001 or the secretary of the doctor you are coming to see.


If I can’t get in to see one of the Florida Orthopaedic doctors because of a long waiting period, can you forward my records? 

Yes, with a signed Patient Authorization to Disclose Health Information form.


Do I need to fill out a Patient Authorization to Disclose Health Information form for each physician I see at FOI?

No, only one request is needed.


What if I need multiple copies of records for myself and another facility? Do I have to fill out separate requests?

No, just state this information on one request.




What if I need a note to return to work?

Contact your physician’s secretary.




What if I need my prescription needs to be refilled or I have questions about it?

Your physician’s secretary can help you.




What if I would like to see an Appointment log?

Go to any Zone, and they can print their appointment log. Note that proper ID is required.


How will I know if you have received a Disability request from my Insurance company?

Contact your insurance company.


If I’m starting therapy at another facility, how do I get my notes and prescription (Rx) sent to them?

The office notes and Rx can be faxed if they are in the system. Otherwise, speak with your physician’s secretary.



With the Patient Portal, you can view a list of your appointments, complete your patient history forms online before your appointment, and view your patient and insurance information. You will need your Florida Orthopaedic Patient ID number. Click here to see if your physician utilizes the PATIENT PORTAL.


Can I find out when I was last seen at Florida Orthopaedic Institute?

Contact your physician’s secretary. You can request it in person with proper ID.


How do I obtain billing statements?

Contact the Billing Department at (813) 978-9700, Ext. 6052.


What if I need to speak with my doctor?

Contact your physician’s secretary.

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