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Dr. Zaffer has been a true blessing. He listened and worked with me to manage my pain after 2 Achilles reconstruction surgeries within less than a year. Highly recommend.
Latanya H.
Dr. Zaffer has a wonderful bedside manner! He has a very calm voice that makes you feel at ease! It was a wonderful experience!
Diane L.
I had meniscus repair twice (due to sports re-injury) by Dr. Yi with a very good outcome. My recovery was smooth and uneventful, with no complications or problems. The clinic, surgery center, and staff are all top-notch. Thank you, Dr. Yi, Christian Johansson, and all the staff!
Michael C.
It was my first appointment with Dr. Yi, and I was really impressed by his candid responses to my questions. His willingness to hear my concerns helped me make a confident decision based on my personal circumstances.
Mark R.
Dr. Yi was great. He provided me with his expert medical opinion, laid out several options for the next steps, but ultimately said the path we chose moving forward was entirely my decision. He really puts the patient first, which is very important to me. The wait to see the doctor was a little longer than usual, but they were very busy that day. Still, it beats my previous ortho, who I could never see! So far, I have consulted with three different orthopedic specialists at FOI for shoulder/knee issues, and all have been top-notch professionals. Highly recommended. Thank you!!
Michael B.
He made himself available for any questions I had about my daughter’s care. Would highly recommend him. He is amazing!
Serena D.
Dr. Yi was informative, listened, gave options, advised to review all options, and was very professional. Thank you.
Gerslys R.
I couldn’t have asked for a more caring Doctor. His explanation of care for my daughter’s injury went above and beyond my expectations. Will definitely be seeing him in the future!
Brian H.
Loved Dr. Yi. He was very nice and very knowledgeable. He actually took time when he came in to update himself with my referral and all of my tests. Then he asked me questions about my issue and answered any questions I had. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Rick L.
Very knowledgeable and professional. This is my second operation and would recommend Dr. Weinstein to anyone.
Phillip W.