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I have seen MANY doctors in Tampa for a hip problem (I have even been willing to travel if necessary). Too many times I was turned away with a prescription and of course, my copay; which can add up fast! I got so tired of being turned down that I was beginning to accept my destiny of living with chronic pain, but decided to give Dr. Morse a try. He was honestly the last doctor I would see. When I first met him, he was genuinely interested in helping me. He DID NOT offer me a prescription for pain. Instead, he gave me a prescription to start various exams and physical therapy. He went through various exams to rule out and discover the direct cause for my chronic hip pain. He finally figured out the exact problem, specifically explained it to me, and offered different options. He was honest, patient, specific, confidential, and above all, extremely knowledgeable. In addition, he has a great personality, professional, good sense of humor and has a great passion for making people feel and function better. Words cannot express the immense gratitude my family and I have for Dr. Morse. Thanks for everything my doctor, Dr. Morse.
CeCe S.
I had horrible pain from my hip, to my knees, to my toes that was truly affecting my life. After seeing many other doctors, I was referred to Dr. Miranda who immediately identified that I needed a hip replacement. Being fourty eight years old, it seemed like I was too young for this procedure and I was, of course, very hesitant. It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. I elected the anterior approach. With a strong determination and being faithful with physical therapy, I was back to normal, pain free living in two to three weeks. It is wonderful to be myself again and to have that pain to be GONE! I am back to my active lifestyle! I credit the expertise of Dr. Miranda and his staff for being professional and very knowledgeable from start to finish. If you were ever considering this procedure, I highly recommend you trust Dr. Miranda and his staff. There is no better and you will thank me later.
Wendy C.
I was in a bad car accident and broke my tibia plateau which is the knee. I did not think I was ever going to walk again. I am here to tell you that I am walking and doing very well. Dr. Infante did a wonderful job and I have minimal scarring from surgery.
Brenda V.
Dr. Small's staff is very a knowledgeable, professional group providing excellent care for patients. They have a wonderful caring attitude with conservative decisions to achieve the best outcomes for their clients. My wife and I are both in the medical profession and select our medical providers through diligent research. When visiting any orthopedic office, patience is key. They typically are delayed with appointment times no matter whose office or doctor. So bring something to read or enjoy people watching and relax.
Shelia B.
I've had problems with my knees for many years, after seeing Dr. Davison on a number of occasions, my knees feel much better. I would recommend Dr. Davison highly, and I will continue to go to him when, and if a problem arises.
Lenny H.
Over a year ago I had an MRI done on my back because my back, left hip, and left leg were in extreme pain. I could hardly walk to the end of our driveway and back. After seeing a different orthopedic surgeon, I was told that I needed a hip replacement. I knew I had back trouble, but never realized that I needed a hip replacement. Unfortunately, that surgeon did not take the time to answer my questions and the receptionist wanted to schedule my surgery that day. I shared my concerns with my primary care physician, and he told me to go see Dr. Grayson. Dr Grayson gave my husband and I the time we needed to ask our questions. He did tell me I needed the hip replacement, but was in no hurry to schedule my surgery-he said he would do it when I'm ready, I knew that day that he was the right surgeon for me. When I did finally decide to proceed with the surgery, I called with additional questions and was put right through to Dr. Grayson. I was really not expecting to be able to speak with him so soon. His kindness and knowledge was exemplary. On the day of my surgery, Dr. Grayson took the time to see me both before and after the surgery as well as the days I spent in recovery at the hospital. Although he is a very busy doctor, I never felt that he was in a hurry to leave when I had questions. The surgery went very well. I was off pain killers four days after the surgery and off anti-inflammatory medication a week later. Within three weeks I was able to walk without a walker or cane. I just went for my one year checkup on my new hip and everything looks good. My husband and I have been able to go for a walk every day and have gone dancing on occasion. For anyone who needs hip or knee surgery, I would highly recommend Dr. Grayson. I never felt like he was just treating another patient. He treated me with compassion and care as if he were treating a family member.
Eve S.
Dr. Armaghani is an amazing surgeon with the best communication skills I've ever seen as well as his surgical techniques and bedside manner. I had to have an extremely risky surgery on March 14, 2017 after a failed fusion. I've never felt so comfortable with my physician and upcoming surgery before. He was very helpful and offered a great deal of support for post-operative pain management and ongoing care. He's a lifesaver!
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I switched from the very popular Dr. Lyons to Dr. Garlick. He is wonderful. I broke my right knee cap in many pieces. He managed to salvage a few of those pieces and now it is good as new. Love him!
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When I went to Florida Orthopaedic Institute, it was my second attempt at finding a doctor or surgeon that I trusted and believed that they would be able to improve my quality of life. In 1998, I fell off a thirty-two foot cliff while on patrol sustaining several injuries and I also suffered additional injuries from two explosions in Iraq, in 2003 and 2004 . I could no longer play cards with my family or do pretty much anything without severe pain in my back. I met Dr. Saatman, she and her PA were very professional and honest. She explained the recommended procedure and was very patient in explaining it to me. The surgery, while I was nervous, went great and Dr. Saatman made me feel secure. The surgery was a COMPLETE SUCCESS. I cannot believe the results that I have had, amazing! The recovery was very quick and the pain was not bad at all. The scar is minimal and getting smaller. I cannot say enough good things about this team and the care that I received! I wish she and her PA were general physicians, I would request to be seen by them on a regular basis! Great caring, professional, polite doctors! THANK YOU!
Troy P.
I had a transition to Dr. Tresser when Dr. Billys left the practice. The experience was great! I am very happy with the service I received from Samantha and the staff, they are so nice!
Rick K.
After suffering with chronic back pain for years, I was lucky enough to find Dr. Armaghani. Before and after surgery he and his staff treated me like an old friend. He made no promises because I had let it go for so long it could be tricky, the day after surgery I no longer had pain in my legs. Four weeks later, I tied my shoes without help for the first time in fifteen years. I had my six week check up yesterday and was treated like we had been buddies our whole life! Great Dr. and staff!
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I play football, and when I dislocated my right arm in two places and severely injured my elbow, the team at Florida Orthopaedic Institute were really helpful. Dr. Yi was fantastic, and with their help, I was able to recover much faster than most people with my type of injury. This place is great at what they do!
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Dr. Baker is outstanding. He listens, gets to the point, doesn't use medical jargon and put my friend at ease. He also helped her knee pain.
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Great doctor, kind caring and professional, and a wonderful assistant! My surgery went well and my new hip is terrific.
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I received excellent care after I broke my shoulder on July 2, 2016. I had surgery July 7, 2016 performed by Dr. Pappou, who not only managed to save my own shoulder, but also left me with a smaller scar than I expected. The after care was wonderful. Also, the ability to go to physical therapy at the site in Palm Harbor was terrific. Kudos to PT guys for their excellent care, support, and sense of humor! Dr. Pappou, you did an excellent job and I am grateful!
Debra L.
I dislocated my shoulder in the worst possible way, I could not move my arm. When I went to Dr. Garcia he discovered one tendon had been broken for several years. He fixed not only what happened but also the tendon that was broken before. It has been 5 months, I am moving and lifting my arm better every day. Thank God for Dr. Garcia, he is the best!
Ines A.
For two years I was avoiding surgery on my hip. I went to the best place in town Florida Orthopaedic Institute, and they told me I needed surgery.  When I inquired about the doctors available I selected Dr. Miranda. I am glad I did! I explained to him the pain not only on my hip but in my knee and back. He assured me the pain on my knee will go away after surgery and it did. The same day of surgery I walked to the bathroom, the next day I began therapy, two days later I went home, and three weeks later I could walk without a walker or cane. Thank you to God and Dr. Miranda, it has been a year without pain! I am sorry I didn't do it sooner.
Ines A.
I was referred by my primary doctor to go to Florida Orthopaedic Institute because both hands constantly fell asleep. I have been struggling with this for 3 years. I met Dr. Jason Nydick and he discussed several things with me pertaining to both of my hands. At the end of my first visit with Dr. Nydick he wanted me to go for an EMG to verify what he suspected was the issue. At the EMG facility Dr. Newman verified exactly what Dr. Nydick suspected, carpal tunnel in both of my hands. After the surgery, I already felt relief and couldn't believe it! My right hand, after several hours was completely normal. I am scheduling surgery for my left hand immediately. In my book, Dr. Nydick is a very good doctor and professional. Everybody at Florida Orthopaedic Institute treated me with respect and made me feel safe. Thank you Dr. Nydick and staff!
Gordon P.
A marvelous practice! Very efficient, friendly, and accommodating. I see two docs in this practice and have nothing but accolades for the entire operation
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Location Treated At:Brandon
Dr. Garlick saw me twice and after the second visit the pain is completely gone. Thank you so much!
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A great sport medicine doctor and an orthopedic surgeon!
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Dr. Barna did an outpatient surgical procedure on my lower back with great results - the pain has gone away. It was a very cut and dried process. The office and surgical staff who supported him was likewise outstanding - got insurance approval quickly, called to keep me in the loop, very efficient when I went into surgery and out. Nice follow up as well.
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Dr. Sellman is an amazing doctor. He has guided me successfully through a torn labrum shoulder and femoral stress fracture. In both cases he gave the perfect combination of knowledge and caring. I have recommended him to many!
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My son fell at home and broke his femur (thigh bone). When we got to the hospital he saw Dr. Shah who performed surgery that same day! Dr. Shah was very friendly and professional and talked to us every step of the way. My son recovered within a few weeks, and while I attribute part of that recovery to my son being young (he was 20 at the time), the rest goes to Dr. Shah. If you ever need a trauma surgeon in Tampa Bay I highly recommend Dr. Shah. You will NOT be disappointed!
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My husband and I have been patients of Florida Orthopaedic Institute for many years. Upon a follow up visit, we noticed that a "Dr. Donna Saatman" was on one of the sign up sheets! Could this be the same Dr. Saatman that did spinal surgery on my husband in 2011? We had to inquire and yes, it was Dr. Donna Saatman! We were so happy to see that she joined this great group of doctors!Upon examination and MRI, Dr. Saatman determined that my husband did not need surgery at that time and recommended pain management. After returning a year later, she scheduled him for surgery. I believe Dr. Saatman has "hands of gold"! She operated on my husband's back for 9 hours. His surgery was complicated, due to scar tissue, from his previous surgery. My husband has been walking around with no pain, ever since! When I experienced extreme sciatica pain due to a herniated disc, I wouldn't have anyone else operate on me other than Dr. Donna Saatman! My surgery was on 3/27/17. It was Outpatient Surgery but I can honestly say that I don't have any more back or leg pain and I am recuperating nicely. So whether you have to have major or minor back surgery, we highly recommend Dr. Donna Saatman! We give her 5 GOLD STARS!
Frank and Linda Miller
My experience at Florida Orthopaedic Institute was nothing short of amazing. When I first walked into the ER I could hardly stand and they recommended I see Florida Orthopaedic Institute. I made an appointment and was seen by Dr. Weinstein. That day changed my life forever. He ordered an MRI which showed I had problems in my L5-S1 area. I tried injections, my disk blew out lodging fragments in my nerves. Dr. Weinstein ordered surgery, tried to repair the disk area and clean out the fragments and two weeks later another piece broke off. I dealt with the worst pain of my life for another year. The whole time Dr. Weinstein was there. Helping to control my pain which I know I was a pain in his rear, but he never quit. Had my L5-S1 fusion and woke up from surgery with the greatest spine surgeon ever at the foot of my bed. It was like he flipped a light switch. I was cured from the moment I woke up I know it. To this day some two years later I've never had a problem with my lower back. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Weinstein and his team. They saved my life. I'll recommend FOI and Dr Weinstein to anyone. They are the greatest ever!
Robert Whitt
In 2016, I received 2 knee replacements. One in September, another in December. In 5 days I was walking outside with the help of a walker. In 5 weeks I was back volunteering at Brandon Hospital. Dr. Miranda and his team were excellent! Thank you Dr. Miranda!
Joyce Tager
"This guy can't me old enough to know what he is doing", I said to myself when he walked in. Boy did he prove me wrong. He correctly diagnosed a cyst on my spine that other doctors had missed. He did the surgery he confidently told me would relieve the chronic, debilitating pain I had been experiencing for over a year. Six weeks after the surgery and I'm playing some of the best golf of my life! The scariest thing about the whole procedure was that Dr. A was a "Florida Gator". I didn't tell him I was a LSU Tiger Graduate until after the surgery. Now he and Tim Tebow are tied for all time greatest Gators!
Mark Broussard, Jr.
Following my Total Knee Replacement, I had quite a bit of discomfort in my pelvis, thighs and buttocks. Dr. Bernasek's associates suggested I may benefit from working with FOI's chiropractors, Dr. Ramirez and Dr. Reina to expedite my recovery. I worked with Dr. John Ramirez for a few visits and found him to be a great help. He studied my X-rays and discovered my Sacroilliac joint and pelvis were a bit out of whack. With Dr. Ramirez's exercises and gentle pressure, I have made good progress. I intend to continue strengthening my core. I am very grateful for his kind, gentle and oh so thoughtful professional care. He's a great fellow!
Barbara Bolt
I had a nagging hip injury from overuse during sports and my work. Even though I saw many specialists, my condition did not improve. I struggled for 1.5 years, and started to gain some weight due to inactivity. I was sad because I missed my active lifestyle. The problem was that my condition didn't show up on MRIs. But, Dr. Sellman knew what condition was plaguing me, while other specialists had no ideas. He treated the situation, and I have had no pain since he treated me. I started slowly exercising again. Three months later, I have lost 20 pounds, and I'm up to 5 miles during my workouts. Being a nurse on my feet, I had been in constant pain until Dr. Sellman fixed my issue. I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am to him. I can work comfortably now, and I'm enjoying my active life style again. Thank you, Dr. Sellman.
M. Lisa Goodman
Dr. Saatman performed a decompressive laminectomy on my wife. We just want to say how very caring everyone is that works with Dr. Saatman. Nicole and Mike are exceptional. They both go above and beyond the call of duty. They are true professionals. Her entire team including those at Brandon Hospital were absolutely wonderful. Once again Thanks for everything.  By the way I forgot to say my wife is doing great!
Michael Erwin
I have been going to FOI for 4 years now.  I have had both of my hips replaced by Dr. Gustke.  He is a "best of the best" Ortho Doctor.  In fact, all of his staff and interns are!
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Dr. Brian Palumbo was understanding of my wants and needs for my hip surgery from the first consultation. He took into consideration all other health issues I had and we discussed a plan of surgery, Rehabilitation, and recovery. Let me say that, Florida Hospital Tampa, Advanced Wellness Rehab and Achieve Home Health, had nothing but great respect and praise for his abilities and success rates. They have strict guidelines they must follow for hip and knee replacements through his office.
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Dr. Bernasek replaced both my knees and has been my doctor for over 10 years. All the doctors at FOI are the top in their field. Incredible care, knowledge and experience.
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Dr. Miranda saved my mother's life. She fell and broke her hip in Puerto Rico. She had three hip reconstruction surgeries in Puerto Rico. My mom is a diabetic and immediately following surgery caught an infection and had pneumonia. Within 7 months she was withering away completely bed ridden. She had lost most of her muscle mass in her leg and had lost more than 50 pounds. I finally got her strong enough to travel to Florida where in less than a month Dr. Miranda assessed the problem and performed surgery. He immediately put in a port to dispense antibiotics to fight the infection that still lingered in her body. He then made sure that she was placed in an appropriate rehabilitation facility to help her walk again. Today, 7 months post-surgery she is walking and back at home living independently. Thank you Dr. Miranda and Amanda for all your help!
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I am on way to walking better thanks to Dr. David Watson and Florida Orthopedic Institute. I live in St. Petersburg, Florida and was seeing a physician here for a few months after a fall with two fractures in my left leg, one was a tibial plateau fracture. I also needed total knee replacement. I received 2 second opinions and the last physician referred me to FOI and Dr.Watson. At my first appointment they took X-Rays and I started getting set up for surgery. I am now a month away from surgery and doing great.
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Two weeks out from a hip replacement surgery and Dr. Palumbo is telling me to slow down. Highly recommended!
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The 1st time for a hip injection and the 2nd for scheduling surgery. My time frame can be a problem since I'm still working. Dr. Infante got me scheduled on one of his days off, so I would have the time to heal before I head back out to sea. This was above and beyond his duty and I greatly appreciated it. Since surgery I have recovered greatly, was riding my bicycle within 2 weeks and walking 2 miles a day after 1 week. After 4 weeks, completely recovered and could return to work without any restrictions.
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After two botched TKRs on the same knee, I was told that there was nothing more that could be done and that it would never get better. Dr. Lyons told me it would be a challenge, but he could fix it. Five years later I walk pain free with very few limitations. This guy is the real deal! If being treated by him meant I had to fly across the country, that's exactly what I would do. Nothing speaks as strongly as results!
Chuck F.
Dr. Lyons replaced both of my knees. I cannot say enough about how great he and his staff are at Florida Orthopaedic Institute!
Jan B.
My deepest gratitute to Dr. Lyons. He has given me a completely new lease on life! Both of my knees were replaced by him, and for the first time in years, I am leading a pain free and productive life!!
Indira L.
I cannot thank Dr. Lyons enough. He did my knee replacements in 2016 and in one week I was up walking again with minimal pain! This doctor has amazing skills! Thank you so much for giving me my life back!!
Phyllis D.
I went in to Florida Orthopaedic for knee pain. Dr. Maxson quickly determined it was a torn meniscus. A short surgery and a couple of weeks later I am good as new! The surgery was quick and painless. Recovery was a few weeks with very manageable discomfort. Dr. Maxson and the entire team at Florida Orthopaedic are awesome! I can't thank them enough!
Matt J.
A++ doctor, great bedside manner, and explains everything for you to understand. He did a knee scope and a week later I felt great.  So glad you treated me, thank you! Highly recommended!
Ray M.
In July 2016 I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Westerfield to examine my right knee. After x-rays he indicated that my knee was not the problem; it was my right hip. After vetting surgeons, I made contact with Dr. Benjamin Maxson to discuss hip replacement. He thoroughly explained the process which needed to be followed in order to meet Medicare requirements. Ultimately, surgery was complete on December 14, 2016. Throughout the entire process, I was supported by Dr. Maxson and PT staff. My pain level was minimal. I was able to progress rapidly from a walker to a cane to no assistive devices - five weeks! During my second post-surgery visit with Dr. Maxson on February 2, 2017, he released me to go back to full activities. It took only 50 days to go from severe hip pain to total recovery. I would recommend that anyone in need of hip replacement consider Dr. Maxson and the Florida Orthopaedic Institute! Thanks to Dr. Maxson and all staff. Life is so much better now.
Dr. Gary T.
After experiencing issues with my knee for 3-4 years I finally decided to consult with Dr. Yi. I'd previously seen Dr. Epting for a minor foot issue and was very pleased with my experience. My consulting with Dr. Yi, testing to determine the likely cause of my problem, and the resulting arthroscopic surgery further enhanced my experience with Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Dr. Yi is knowledgeable and highly skilled in treating knee issues. If there is such a thing as a great surgical experience, this was it. I've had a few surgeries over the years and I can honestly say that my interactions with everyone at Florida Orthopaedic Institute has been the absolute best experience from the start. Dr Yi, his staff, everyone who made phone contact with me, the entire surgical staff... excellence personified. Everyone has been genuinely caring, helpful, professional, knowledgeable, nice. There were no glitches. A 100% positive experience. I highly recommend Dr. Yi and Florida Orthopaedic Institute for quality orthopedic care.
Yvonne R.
I had surgery on my right hand to help relieve pain from arthritis, and carpel tunnel surgery at the same time. This was done in July, 2016. From start to finish, I was given excellent care and would highly recommend Dr. Nydick and the staff at Florida Orthopaedic. From being greeted by courteous front desk staff, to friendly and knowledgeable medical assistant, to Dr. Nydick, treatment flowed seamlessly. I received prompt attention and excellent care.
JoAnn M.
“Dr. Mir is by far the best doctor I have ever met in my 45 years.”
Patient Survey
“You will never meet a more dedicated, compassionate, or heartfelt doctor. He makes you feel like you are the most important patient he has. He performed a miracle on my husband’s leg, he truly is an angel and we are very blessed. Thank you! Dr. Shah you are Amazing!!”
Patient Survey
“I was very pleased with Dr. Jeffrey Stone. He is one of my favorite doctors at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. He treated me with respect and listened to what I had to say. Dr. Stone is very good about helping the patient feel comfortable. I always recommend him any time someone asks about a hand surgeon. Doctors such as Dr. Stone keep me coming back to Florida Orthopaedic Institute.”
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“Dr. Zaffer is a great doctor who listens and treats you like a person, not just another medical case. I really appreciate him.”
Patient Survey
“Dr. Davison is an awesome doctor. He really takes time to make sure his patients know what is going on and treatment needed.”
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"I had surgery performed by Dr. Garcia on my hand about a year and a half ago and I remember coming into the office to get my stitches taken out and I totally fainted.  Dr. Garcia supported me and kept my airway open so I could breathe. I was so scared, but he just kept telling me it would be okay and he made me feel so much better. Dr. Garcia is my favorite doctor."
Courtney B.
"In 2016, I had both my hip and knee replaced by Dr. Steven Lyons. The outstanding care I received by Dr. Lyons and his staff is second to none. I have recommended Dr. Lyons to both family and friends! Anyone considering medical care under Dr. Lyons should rest assured they are receiving the best care available."
Barbara L.
"Dr. Yi was amazing. He is a blessing to this field of surgery. He read the MRI quickly, effectively, and intelligently. My surgery was totally streamlined and I could not believe how fast I recovered and with minimum discomfort. Wow! Wow! Wow! I highly recommend Dr. Yi and this institute."
"At a time of jaded health professionals, Dr. Saatman is the exception. Knowledgeable, caring, and with great people skills, Dr. Saatman took time to patiently listen to how my injury occurred, and even took notes as I relayed the details. After receiving her analysis, I felt empowered to make the correct choices on how to proceed. She described all my options and recommended that we start with the most conservative one, then meet again to re-evaluate. Having an injury is frustrating, but having Dr. Saatman guiding me back to health makes things so much more bearable. I trust her unconditionally with my health and have no reservations in recommending her to family and friends."
Gustavo P.
"Before I picked a Doctor for my knee replacement I did extensive research. At first I could only find reviews that talked about “I only had to wait 15 minutes to see the doctor.” That is NOT the information I needed to make a decision. I finally found reviews about people that had great results after Dr. Lyons had operated on them.  First of all Dr. Lyons and his team answered all my questions clearly so I was able to understand what to expect, they showed me the x-rays and where the damage was and why I was in such pain. Bianca and Jeannette told me exactly what I needed to do to prepare for the operation and the expectation for my recovery after the operation. The day of the operation Dr. Lyons met with me and made me feel even more comfortable with the process. The service after the operation from Dr. Lyons and his team was picture perfect. I walked almost 100 yards the day after the operation. I am walking better than I have in 5 years."
Gary T.
"I was experiencing high level pain in my lower back and shooting down my right leg. Dr. Armaghani and his office staff headed by Vanessa showed only top level professionalism and courtesy to assess and identify my medical diagnosis. Dr. Armaghani scheduled the quickest surgery available and performed a skilled and successful surgery procedure to eliminate the severe pain that I was experiencing. He has a terrific bed side manor that mirrors his medical and surgical expertise. I would highly recommend Dr. Armaghani! I stand proudly to call him my doctor."
Patti H.
"I was treated excellent by Dr. Grayson. I presented with two infected knee replacements which I had done seven yrs prior in Indiana. Dr. Grayson cleaned out both knees and replaced some parts and he treated me so kindly. I felt like family to him. He is so personable yet professional that he made me feel at ease and I trusted him fully. Thank you Dr Grayson so very much!"
Kelly M.
Dr. Clare was able to re-do a surgical procedure which was done by another doctor. The other doctor had most definitely done a poor procedure, which had caused years of pain. Dr. Clare was confident what was needed based on what I had described had occurred. Sure enough he was spot on. He is an outstanding surgeon who takes the time to discuss progression, what he expects will happen and why. Outstanding!
Nancy R.
I went into the FOI Urgent Care Center with lower back pain. After x-rays and a talk with the practitioner on duty that day, I was referred to Dr Reina, DC. I was skeptical that a chiropractor would really help me, but on my first visit I realized that my skepticism was unfounded. Dr. Reina is thorough and very knowledgeable and he helped me with the pain in my lower back and also addressed a problem that I had (that I was not aware of) with my balance. He shared exercises with me that are better for my back that I have incorporated in to the bootcamp classes that I teach. My back feels so much better! I'm so glad that I went to Dr Reina and I will call him again if I have any more back issues.
Julie W.
My 93 year old mother fell and broke her left hip. Dr. Yi recently replaced it. Mom recovered very quickly with limited pain and spent only two weeks in her rehab facility at Brighten Gardens Assisted Living facility. She was back to living and moving as well after the operation as she had been before breaking her hip. Job well done!
David B.
In December of 2011, Dr Watson and I met by accident. I had fallen at work and ruptured the tendon that attached the hamstring to my pelvis. The hamstring had retracted into my upper leg, so Dr Watson performed surgery to reattach the hamstring to my pelvis. I would refer this man to anyone. I have no side affects and the leg is just a strong as before the accident. Five and a half months after the surgery I was back to work. I felt so good I even started to go the gym. Great job Dr. Watson and god bless you and your staff!
Keith J.
Dr. Watson is the Best!!!!! I am a 54 yr old guy and I needed a total hip replacement. From the start I was at ease. It has been a year and I have never felt better. I referred a friend of mine to Dr. Watson and she had a knee replacement in September. You're the best Dr. Dave and it is always nice to see that big smile; it lets us all know we are in good hands. I cannot thank you enough!
John W.
Dr. Watson treated me in May 2013 for a right hip impingement with amazing results. I returned to Dr. Watson and had the left hip done in December of 2013. I have to say that Dr. Watson's surgery and post operative care has given me my life back. I am a very active 46 year old female who plays golf, loves yard work and walking my dogs 3 miles a day and I now have NO PAIN and increased range of motion. Dr. Watson truly has a gift for helping people. Thank you so much Dr. Watson!
Debbie T.
When I arrived at Dr. Walling's office, I had over 7 surgeries on my left ankle and it still wasn't working correctly. Pain was a constant reminder of the initial accident (falling down a wheelchair ramp), and if I did too much, I was literally down off my ankle for at least one day. After meeting with Dr. Walling, getting a new MRI done and another office visit, it was determined I needed an ankle fusion. Things just weren't working right and the pain was going to get a lot worse. I liked Dr. Walling's no non-sense approach and I knew he would not operate if it was not necessary. After the surgery, I cried and I cried because the pain was over the top, but Dr. Walling and his Associates assured me that all went well and I would soon recover. Over the next 6 months, as I healed and learned to function a different way, the staff helped this process so much. I even teased Dr. Walling about his bedside manner (matter of fact), I loved his dry sense of humor. Recently, I had to go see Dr. Walling about my right ankle because I had fractured it. I would see anyone other than Dr. Walling. Once you have been treated by the best you simply don't see anyone else. Thanks FOI, Dr. Walling and staff. I am a patient for life.
Wanda H.
I had requested to get an appointment through Dr. Small's scheuler as soon as possible due to an issue that had arose and was getting progressively worse on daily and worrying me tremendously. The staff went above and beyond in helping me to be seen by Dr. Small on Wednesday, July 3rd. They had advised me that the second week in July Dr. Small would not be in clinic. They offered to get me in on the same day if I could get to the Telecom office in the late afternoon. The staff had Dr. Small see me as an add on patient at the end of the day. The end of the day on July 3rd! I know this was not a convenient situation for all those who work in Dr. Small's clinic on the last long day before the July 4th holiday off. However every single person and of course Dr. Small were so kind and accomodating. I can't thank them all enough for seeing me and answering all my questions and relieving a huge amount of fears. I am so very thankful for all their efforts and caring enough to take the time to see me. I am truly appreciative and forever grateful. Thank you to all!
Lisa N.
I have been a patient of Dr. John Small for approximately 7 years. Aside from back issues I am an otherwise healthy individual. I underwent my first back procedure (a laminectomy/discectomy in 2008). My second surgery, a lumbar spinal fusion, was performed in mid 2013. I will never be able to thank Dr. Small enough for helping to return my quality of life. At 41 I was facing the inability to ambulate more than a few blocks at a time, becoming rapidly depressed and struggling to accomplish daily tasks. Dr. Small and his team guided me through the surgical process and jumped through hoops to obtain authorization from my insurance carrier for the fusion surgery. Ten months after surgery I am walking up to two miles in a session. I am able to walk my dog again and I walk every weekend with my girlfriends. I could have never done this without Dr. Small. I am forever grateful!
Susan C.
On December 7th I had kyphoplasty surgery at Brandon Hospital. Dr. Donna Saatman with Dr. Michael Ferentino performed the procedure. I could not have asked for the surgery to have gone any better. The doctors were both so reassuring and showed so much gentle kindness to me. My pre operation appointments went well and at 90 years of age I was quite apprehensive, but all during the time I felt a caring spirit of concern for me. I am grateful for Florida Orthopaedic Institute's commitment and dedication to their patients and kudos to Dr. Saatman and Michael Ferentino.
Helen V.
Dr. Saatman is just a wonderful doctor. She works with you to get back on track after surgery and she listens to what you say. I refuse to have anyone else take care of me for back or neck problems.
Jeanette R.
I have to give a shoutout to Dr. Donna Saatman at the Florida Orthopaedic Institute! She's very caring, kind, thorough and has a great bedside manner. She preformed Balloon Kyphoplasty on my mom's back today. We came in with the expectation of having this procedure done to only two vertebrae. During the surgery Dr. Saatman looked at each vertebrae individually to see if there were any other fractures that have occurred since the initial MRI. She found two more and repaired them at the same time. My mom keeps saying that she cannot believe her upper back isn't hurting. If you are having back issues, I'd highly recommend seeing Dr. Saatman!
I have had several knee surgeries over the past three years and since my last one two years ago; I have had numbness in my foot. After having numerous tests and seeing several doctors, including a neurologist, I was left with "the feeling might come back or it might not." No one could tell me if there was anything I could do to get the feeling back in my foot. Dr. Reina came highly recommended and I made an appointment. After a very thorough examination, Dr. Reina conducted a procedure on me that gave me feeling in my foot for the first time in two years. I am blown away at the fact something that took him a few minutes to conduct could fix something that numerous doctors and tests could not handle over several years. I am very thankful for Dr. Reina, as my quality of life will now be exponentially better than it has been.
I had heard about Dr. Reina for about a year and a half before finally deciding to schedule an appointment with him. I am so very glad I did, and wish I would have begun treatment when I first heard his name! I was diagnosed (after years of being misdiagnosed) February 2011 with Multiple Sclerosis. I feel confident that his treatment has improved my balance and walking challenges. I walked in my first appointment with a brace, which I was using all the time and had reconciled that this was going to be part of my new world. I left that appointment with the brace in hand and only use it for outings that involve lots of walking. He is a man of faith, integrity and intelligence who deeply cares about his patients. I am blessed to have him as part of my wellness team!
Donna M.
I have had a pain in what I thought was my right hip for more than 5 years. I have had x-rays taken and even an MRI and they kept saying there was nothing wrong with my hip. My doctors could not find anything but the pain kept getting worse and worse to the point where I could not walk 25 feet without having to drag my leg due to the pain. It felt like bone on bone in my hip and severely limited my mobility. My doctor recommended I go see Dr. Reina who has a chiropractic practice at the Florida Orthopaedic Institute. I had never been a big fan of chiropractors so I was hesitant but the pain was intense and I was tired of not being able to walk very far so I decided to go. I can't tell you what an idiot I have been to wait all this time to go see Dr. Reina. My brother has been telling me for years to see a chiropractor but I didn't listen. During the first visit after my examination Dr. Reina told me the problem was not in my hip. I had a lower back problem because I was walking incorrectly with my left leg and it was over stressing the right side of my lower back which was causing the severe pain. He gave me an adjustment, some stretch bands and showed me a couple of exercises to do with my feet. (At this point I should mention that I have severe COPD and pulmonary hypertension which means my feet, ankles and legs are always swollen tight as a drum.) He had me walk after the adjustment and I could not duplicate the pain no matter how much I walked. I figured it would come back for sure so I left and they scheduled an appointment for 3 or 4 days later. I told the Dr. that I bowled on Mondays and he told me to go ahead and bowl. When I went back to see him I told him I had no pain walking during the week but after bowling my back tightened up. It was not the same pain but it still hurt. He said I'm walking better now and the exercises are working so keep doing them. He told me I just strained some muscles I had not been using during bowling and then gave me a different type of adjustment and the pain went away.  I walked almost 2 miles last Saturday, pain free. I cannot thank Dr. Reina enough! All those years of pain and he corrected it so quickly I still find it hard to believe. If you are a doubter in Chiropractors, as I was, and you have pain -- go see Dr. Reina. Don't be an idiot like me and suffer unnecessarily. This guy knows what he's doing. Don't be afraid to give it a try.
Robert G.
When I was looking for a facility for my hip replacement surgeries, I knew from my experience as a registered nurse that Florida Orthopaedic Institute was my best option. When selecting a doctor, I just wanted someone caring and compassionate; I found that in Dr. Palumbo.  He was wonderful!  Very caring, understanding and personable, and was exactly what I needed. Before finding Dr. Palumbo, I battled breast cancer and dealt with months of hip pain. When I went in for my first appointment, I made my goal clear: to be able to walk around the new Wesley Chapel Mall. I was there on opening day. A few factors made my experiences at Florida Orthopaedic Institute truly exceptional. I was able to speak with Dr. Palumbo’s assistant, Aisha, whenever I needed and she always got right back to me when I would call. She is the best. Additionally, Dr. Palumbo was able to release me from the hospital just a day after my surgery, lessening my risk of infection. Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Dr. Palumbo gave me my life back.
Carmen T.
I just wanted to personally thank Dr. Miranda and express my deepest appreciation for the truly OUTSTANDING job you did with my full knee replacement on February 11, 2014! As a direct result, I was able to complete my 54th Marathon (24th Marine Marathon) on October 26, 2014. I owe it all to you and FOI! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Ron R.
I could not be happier or more relieved with my choice to visit FOI. After years of hip and leg pain, and knowing I would need a total hip replacement as some point due to a childhood injury, I'm so grateful to have learned of FOI and the highly skilled staff there. Dr. Miranda performed my THR on a Tuesday morning and I was up walking and back home the very next night. While this is probably not typical, I'm very thrilled that this was the case for me. Six weeks later and I'm headed back to work, getting stronger and better each and every day. Thank you Dr. Miranda and Florida Orthopaedic Institute!
Melissa M.
I normally do not provide feedback. In fact, I was not the patient--it was my 77 (going on 40) year old mother. But it was because of my parents' experience that I felt compelled to provide feedback. My mother needed a knee replacement after having been scoped at another institution. Given my personal past success with a few surgeons from Florida Orthopedic Institute, I selected a name from the list of knee surgeons, passed it along to my mother, and the rest is history. Dr. Miranda not only did a phenomenal job with the surgery (I would have been disappointed with anything other than a stellar performance from a Florida Ortho surgeon), he was a standout for another reason . . . he didn't treat my parents (my father is 83-going-on-40 and attended all the appointments) like they were "old people". My parents were given adequate time to communicate and Dr. Miranda "listened". In doing so, he not only gained their genuine trust and respect, he was able to quickly and proficiently address my mother's exact needs and get her on the path to almost a full recovery only three weeks after surgery. Kudos to Dr. Miranda in doing his job in a stellar manner while never forgetting that the simple act of listening is such a precious commodity.
Nancy R.
I have had RHA since I was 5 years old, I am 59 now. I have had two joint replacement surgeries on my right shoulder, and unfortunbately, I broke it again. Dr. Mighell said he would do my surgery, but was skeptical because I did not have much bone left from the other two surgeries to connect the prosthetic to. He performed the surgery with skill and expertise. I can raise my right arm high enough to use the hair blower to style my hair. It has been 12 years since my surgery and my arm is still doing great. Dr. Mighell is one of the best! I thank God for intelligent, dedicated and skilled doctors like Dr. Mighell.
Vicki B.
I have been under Dr. Jackson's care for many years and I have to say that Dr. J and all of his staff are amazing and very professional.
Clara B.
I fell and crushed my elbow and bones around the elbow, 12 years ago.  Dr Infante repaired it, I had literally no pain.  Six weeks later broke it again.  Dr. Infante again gently and kindly repaired it, only this time in such a way I would not break again. After 12 years I am  still using it like it never happened.  Thanks for a wonderful job done long ago.
Kim B.
For over 3 years I was in such pain with my right knee that it was so hard to walk, stand or sit without pain in my knee and leg. After being referred to the Florida Orthopaedic Institute, I scheduled a consulting with Dr. Grant Garlick to discuss my options. It was determined that I needed a partial knee replacement and scheduled surgery on June 30, 2014 where the procedure was performed at the Florida Hospital of Carrollwood. The care at the hospital was exceptional from the pre-op until the day I left the hospital. A followed the therapy to the letter for weeks following the surgery and I am proud to say that I am back to the gym and able to walk, stand and work-out without pain. I just completed my annual exam with Dr. Garlick and my knee looks good and feels great. I highly recommend Dr. Garlick and the Florida Orthopaedic Institute to anyone who is seeking relief of knee pain and to get back to your normal activities and enjoying life.
Jeanie C.
Dr. Garlick, his nurse and staff have been wonderful throughout a four week period of treatment on my right knee. I was almost ready for a knee replacement and had been researching stem cell therapy for the knee after three friends and neighbors had the treatment with another doctor who was not an orthopedic surgeon. My research led me to Dr. Garlick, an orthopedic surgeon who also uses stem cell therapy along with the PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections. My treatment consisted of harvesting my stem cells and injecting them into the knee followed by 3 injections of PRP which was completed last week. Although no doctor can guarantee the long term results as this is experimental, my knee is feeling better and the pain almost gone just 3 days after the final injection. Dr. Garlick, has been so gentle and understanding and the injections were almost pain free. I will and have recommended Dr. Garlick to many friends and family. He is a great doctor and has a wonderful bedside manner.
Joyce R.
I had a hip replacement with Dr. Bernasek  last year. My hip is doing very well. He, as always did a great service for me and others.
Tamara K.
After 5 months of going to other doctors & having no answer for my hip pain, I went to Dr. Yi and I was diagnosed during my first appointment. After a successful surgery for my CAM hip impingement/labrum tear, I've returned to exercising & playing sports with no pain or setbacks. Dr. Yi is the perfect example of an excellent doctor/surgeon. He listens to his patients, shows empathy towards them, does not rush through appointments, and he is very thorough when he explains information to his patients. Dr. Yi helped me get back to being the avid exerciser/athlete I am, and I beyond grateful. Also, his assistant Erin was very helpful & made herself readily available to answer any questions. Dr. Yi & Erin make a excellent team at Florida Orthopaedic Institute.
Erica R.
Dr. Watson is amazing. He is a gifted surgeon. After two hip replacements and having the second dr. fracture my femur in multiple places Dr. Watson showed such concern for the mess I was left with. After blood work and a CT the picture was clear my last surgeon didn't do the job. I actually had a bone sticking out on the X-Ray. The pain was unbelievable. Dr. Watson spent a lot of time with me and shared his concerns. CT showed it was much worse than I thought. Dr Watson did surgery in April. I do look like the bionic woman but he put me back together. Still have therapy and working hard to be able to walk again. I would never go to anyone else. This man is a trauma surgeon who fixed difficult cases. I am so grateful I found him.
Jill T.
I am alive and active because of Dr. Walling. In 1987, at the rambunctious and invincible age of 14, I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) of my tibia (lower leg bone) and I have been his patient ever since. I was not the most compliant patient; In fact, I was probably one of the most misbehaved to say the least. All the while, Dr. Walling handled me with genuine care, honesty, and compassion regardless of my antics. Dr. Walling & Dr. Bernasek did a total knee replacement with a tibia cadaver replacement one week after I turned 18. Now, I am a 40 year old registered nurse working in oncology in St. Petersburg, Florida and I am still walking on the same total knee and cadaver bone Dr. Walling and Dr. Bernasek did for me 23 years ago. Yes, 23 YEARS! Dr. Walling, to this day, has been the most frank and honest doctor I have ever known personally and professionally. I am privileged to be his patient!
Bonnie G.
The care I received at FOI by Dr. Small and Lori Luna has always been first rate.  Their first priority is treating you as a person. They are very compassionate and treat ME, not just my condition.   I have been seeing them for almost 10 years and will never trust  anyone like I trust them. Could not give a higher recommendation than I do them.  Without them, I would not be able to live my life that I am able to now. I am forever grateful!
Laurie P.
Dr. Sellman treated a nagging knee injury that was preventing my normal physical exercise. He eventually determined that it was a damaged ligament and a damaged meniscus. He patiently explained all of the options, including surgery. With his care, over time, we were able to resolve the problem with physical therapy and a special brace. I am now once again cycling, sailing and doing yoga ... without surgery. Thank you Dr. Sellman.
Carl L.
After several years of increased pain from a complex foot and ankle problem I could not find a Dr. who wanted to treat me near our home in The Villages, other than bracing. After much research I found Dr. Roy Sanders. From the first appointment he understood what the problem was and presented me with a plan as to how the pain could be eliviated. It involved a reconstruction of my foot. I've unfortunately needed to visit many Dr's offices over the past few years for other problems. I have never encountered a more efficient and competent operation. From the moment you walk into their office - from reception, X-ray and casting departments to their nursing staff and most importantly Dr's, you are treated with respect and consideration of your time, a true rarity in today's medical world. I do not hesitate in recommending Dr. Sanders and The Florida Orthopedic Institute.
Barbara L.
I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Dr. Saatman and her team, Michael and Nicole for making the most terrifying experience in my life a great one. I have never had a medical concern in my life and when I herniated my L5/S1 and was at a level 10 pain I thought life was over. I am an overly analytic person and have to ask a ton of questions to know all possible outcomes to make a decision. I am most certain that I drive Dr. Saatman and everyone else beyond crazy asking endless questions (I come in with printed lists) but they never make me feel bad or try to rush me out of the office before I am comfortable. Dr. Saatman is a brilliant surgery with amazing hands. She commands your presence when entering the room and knows exactly how to frame questions so she is able to get the proper responses from you to diagnosis and treat you. She performed a lumbar micro-discectomy on my L5/S1 in February of 2016 . They were wonderful in prepping me at the hospital and the recovery has been terrific. I am so grateful to see a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel and can't wait to dive back in to the life I love. This is the best medical team I have ever dealt with in my life for myself or others and could not imagine being treated by anyone else.
Nichole M.
Patients with knee replacements should definitely consider chiropractic as part of their rehab. I had a total knee replacement of my right knee by Dr. Bernasek. The surgery and physical therapy were great, but I was still having a few "issues" that I thought needed a chiropractor's attention so I went to see Dr. Reina, a Florida Orthopedics Institute chiropractor. He helped me and my knee rehab/recovery immensely. My hips had become slightly crooked and my balance was off. He corrected both and I was able to get greater benefit from the physical therapy for my knee. I am now stronger and can walk better because I no longer have to work at balancing myself in between steps. My overall improvement has been phenomenal. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Reina as part of your knee rehab.
Jenaay B.
In March of 2015 I was referred here by my previous orthopedic surgeon since he was at a loss at how to treat me, aside from physical therapy. At just 20 years old I had just found out that the sever knee pain and issues I had been having since I was 14 were due to birth defects and deformities. FOI scheduled me with Dr. Morse and things have been getting better ever since. I expressed my desire to continue with the physical therapy I was doing and that I wanted to try everything possible before I considered surgery. Dr. Morse and his PA Dr. Hines were completely understanding and agreed with me that a non-surgical approach was a good plan. Unfortunately I still ended up needing surgery after finding the same birth defect in my other knee. Through the entire process of scheduling surgery and an insurance change a wee prior to surgery, every single person on his staff has shown that they care. I have never had a doctor that actually cares as much as Dr. Morse does. I have had to call him multiple times during on-call hours and never expected him to personally call me each time, let alone express as much concern in his voice about me when I was at a loss on how to feel better. So far I am 8 weeks post-op from my first surgery with Dr. Morse and the work is absolutely incredible. I'll be having surgery on my other leg in the beginning of 2016 with him and although surgery is terrifying, Dr. Morse and his staff truly care about you and want to see you live up to your full potential. While the reasons why I had to come to FOI aren't the best, I am truly so grateful to have found this Institute and a staff that is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but talented, funny and caring.
Jason W.
Dr. Miranda performed my knee replacement on May 21, 2013. With lots of hard work on my part in rehab, I was walking without any kind of assistance in 16 days, and my scar was hardly noticeable, thanks to Dr. Miranda's excellent surgical skills! I must comment on his delightful staff, always so friendly and helpful, particularly Amanda who was available when I needed to have an answer to a troubling question or problem. Dr. Miranda is so easy to talk to and so understanding and listens to you ---- treats you like a person, not a chart, wonderful bedside manner. Wonderful experience, and if my other knee should need replacing or a hip, I'd be right back in Dr. Miranda's office!
Eloise L.
Dr. Mighell gave me back my arm! I had a joint replacement in my right elbow from a car accident. The surgery Dr. Mighell performed gave me back 90% of the function I had. I cannot say enough about FOI's Dr's & staff!
Candice T.
Dr Howard Jackson is top notch .. the best. He displayed genuine compassion and interest in me as a patient. I did not feel like I was part of a standard mold or that he had a certain course of action and I was plodded on the path. Kudos also to Sara Bowles for her attentiveness and agility to assist in getting all my documents in order for work. She has a stellar can do attitude and then actually does what she says, amazing! The Dr Howard Jackson office is one that I would recommend to anyone who is suffering from back pain.
Nena R.
My special needs daughter MyKayla was a patient of Dr. Infante she had a multi compound fracture in her left arm. He and his staff worked very well with her special needs and she is still talking about her favorite doctor to this day. Thank you to everyone that had a hand in her care.
Melissa D.
On September 15th, I shot myself with a .45 hollow point bullet through my left dominant hand. The damage to my palm, joint and middle finger bones, tendons and nerves was extensive. You could put a roll of quarters through the wreckage of my hand. Dr. Miranda met me at the Brandon Regional Hospital Emergency Room and after assessment contacted Dr. Hess for consultation. Dr. Miranda through surgery stabilized my hand. Six weeks later, Dr. Hess recommended a digital resection as my best option. He explained that by removing the middle finger near the wrist and moving the index finger to the middle finger position I would stand the best chance for the greatest hand functionality. The surgery was a success and through coordinated Occupational Therary at the hands of Sue Mokris today five months later I can as examples: type, tie my shoes, grasp change handed to me, thread a needle and play catch with my grandchildren, all pain free and without limitation. The team at Florida Orthopaedic Institute always addressed my concerns and met every expectation I had with reasonable explanations and options. While I hope to never need their services again, if needed I will consult the professionals at Florida Orthopaedic and highly recommend Dr. Hess and his team for hand trauma.
Scott P.
He is an excellent doctor and I plan on staying under his care for my foot/ankle.
John B.
Dr. Gustke did hip replacement surgery with bone grafting Nov. 13,1990. Yes, almost 25 years and still in great shape. I no longer live in Florida but the surgeon here is amazed by my terrific result. Words truly can't express what a difference surgery made or how grateful I am to have been a patient of Dr. Gustke. Thank you!
Rene H.
Dr. Gasser fixed my torn rotator cuff and ball joint that had rough spurs from artheritis. My shoulder was completely repaired by Dr Gasser and works just like new. Full range of motion, no pain, just perfect. Dr. Gasser showed me before and after color photos of my shoulder mechanisms and the MRI and or CT scan pictures showing his excellent work were amazing. The rough ball was polished smooth as glass, the tears were trimmed and stitched together. He sent me to therapy and within 4 to 6 weeks my shoulder was back to as new condition and swimming. I strongly recommend Dr Gasser and the Florida Orthopedic Institute to anyone that has shoulder or knee problems.
David S.
I was very nervous about my procedure, but after talking to Dr.Garcia and Rosie Johnson who answered all of my questions and listened to all of my concerns and assured me that everything would be fine and it was. My procedure turned out great. Rosie's professionalism, and listening skills are awesome. Dr. Garcia performed an awesome job and the Surgery Center Staff was awesome as well, from the reception area to the nurses and the anesthesiologist.. Thank you for a job well done!
Carol H.
Having been treated three times  by physicians of  Forida Orthopaedic Institute I must say I'm really impressed by their services.  They are GOOD at what they do and the Institute itself is fantastic!  Dr. Clare who repaired a broken ankle for me and Dr. Mighell who repaired a broken shoulder as well as Dr. Barna who relieved me from pain with my back.  Their P.A.'s are the best also.  I also must say that their physical therapy are also the best.  After having a bad 2011, I am pain free now and that is really something! Thanks to Florida Orthopaedic Institute and all its people!
Joan S.
On Ocotber 5th, 2004, I had a revised hip replacement at the Tampa General Hospital, Dr. Thomas Bernasek, performed the procedure, I could not asked for the surgery to go any better, he is the best specialist for hip replacement. I recovered fast. It was a blessing to have Dr. Bernasek as my surgeon. I'm always grateful for life with him. I'm able to walk pain free, I can do everything, go to the gym, work, remarried and have a normal life. I don't even remember that I have a hip replacement, I'm a very active individual nothing stops me. I'm a devoted patient. Thank you Dr. Bernasek for your commitment to your patients and your dedication. Grateful for life.
Ana B.
I found the Florida Orthopaedic Institute through my Primary Care Provider and was lastly seen by Dr. Steven Barna there.  The severe and painful lower back problem which I suffered with for a long time is now simply a memory.  I am currently pain-free after the minimally invasive procedure that Dr. Barna performed.  I am so grateful to him for his honesty, professionalism and especially his expertise!
Maria C.
"All the staff and doctors were friendly and professional. They took time with me, also gave me enough time to answer all of my questions. They seemed to actually care about my health problems. I really feel at ease and trust the staff and doctors when I visit the Telecom office."
Joe C.
Location Treated At:North Tampa – Temple Terrace
I have been going there 8 months now and Dr. Infante and his team are the best. I know I am in good hands when I go there.
Tricia G.
Dr. Tresser is a superstar! I underwent a two staged procedure for spinal fusion with interbody cages at 4 levels then 2 days later rod placement for spine curvature.  The surgery was very successful and I was taking Tylenol for pain after 2 weeks.   I was basically unable to walk any distance without having to sit before surgery...that pain is gone!  Thank you Dr. Tresser for your excellent care.
Lloyd B.
On June 28, 2016, I had a truly awesome experience at the Dale Mabry location. It was my first time at this location and the outstanding customer service began as soon as I set inside the building. The soothing decor and waterfall walls immediately calmed me.  I was greeted as soon as I walked in and asked if I needed help. I was directed to Dr. Garlick's location. The employees in Dr. Garlick's reception area were professional with a bit of humor, helpful and fast. They were courteous and patience when i forgot to go take my x-ray.  They made me feel like they have been knowing me for years. Each area I was treated with respect and world class customer service. I left there with a smile on my face and a great experience in my soul.  Not even the needle pain in my knee could distract from the awesome treatment. I work for a Huge federal agency where exceptional customer service is our Number one goal, therefore, I  recognize and appreciate it when I receive it.
Sharon G.
I recently underwent surgery to correct Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Trigger Fingering on my right hand. The entire staff both in the office and at the surgery center were terrific.  Dr. Nydick fully understood the issues I was experiencing and explained my options.  I chose to have the surgical release(s) performed and I am 2 weeks out and having no problems.
Melanie H.
I flew to Ohio on April 24th and my friends picked me up. When we got back to my friends house, I went to do something and stepped over a Great Dane when I fell and broke my wrist in 3 places. Off to the emergency room we went where they had to pop my wrist back in place. When I travelled back home after another week, I made an appointment with Dr. Beatty and had a complex surgery. All I can say is Dr Beatty did a great job on my wrist so I would love to say thank you so much, you are a great surgeon!
Carol P.
Dr. Maxson is a wonderful doctor to whom I would like to thank for taking care of my right knee and being an awesome doctor.
Carol P.
I recently broke my wrist and was seen by Dr. Infante who was the Orthopedic Dr. on call that night for the hospital where I was seen. I followed up with Dr. Nydick.  He took the time to listen to my questions and concerns and truly heard me.  It turned out I needed surgery.  I had my post-op follow-up yesterday and everything was healing well.  Throughout this whole ordeal (about a month now), he has been available and genuinely concerned about my comfort and well being. This entire group (Florida Orthopaedic Institute) is incredible.  Having said that, everyone I had contact with was exceptional, accommodating and professional.  Not only will I recommend them to anyone, especially family and friends, but I just recently moved about 3 hours out of Tampa and would STILL travel back to be treated by them.  They are an exceptional group of people and I could not be more pleased with my treatment (from both the medical staff and the administrative branch) or my outcome. I am very grateful for the excellent care I received.
Mary L.
On August 19, 1998, Dr. Roy Sanders did my ankle replacement, I wanted to let him know that after 18 years I am still going strong. I walk 2-3 miles every day with no pain. I am so glad I found him!
Ruth Ann R.
I've had lower back pain for the last 20 years. In the last 7 years I've gotten 4 shots in my back, the first two worked. I had two more in the beginning of the year and it didn't work. I was sent to see Dr. Tresser and he said I needed surgery (I was scared). Dr. Tresser did an anterior fusion on June 29th, I was supposed to be in the hospital for three days, I got out the day after surgery. It's been 3 months since my surgery and my back hasn't felt this good in 20 years.
Bonnie J.
I have been treated here before, and expected that I would get treated wonderfully, like I did before with Dr. Billys. I went through so many knee procedures and before meeting Dr. Steven Lyons, I was put through the most painful partial knee replacement, recovery and rehab, as well as therapy and additional scopes any one person could deal with. Once we finally met Dr. Lyons we tried injections and therapy and he saw how bad I hurt and how much pain I was in, and after how many times I complained my knee would give out and collapse and after synvasc injections and therapy to make sure my leg was strong muscle wise, Dr Lyons suggested total knee replacement. This man is a wonderful genius!!! Same day I was up walking, moving and going further then I ever did with just a partial! I went on cruise 1 week after the partial knee was done and it was a nightmare, this time same leg except it was a full knee replacement and I was riding a bike 5 days out. Full extension almost have my heel to my butt! All due to preparing my muscles for two months or more before the surgery! On top of that, it is the setup Dr. Lyons whole program he has, down to every detail.  Ask questions at the class you are set up to see. Make sure you speak to your anesthesiologist, if you do not, demand one. Dr. Lyons put all these together so patients would go and get questions answered, so the day of the procedure should be a little bit less stressful.  Trust me when I let him know things were not very smooth, he demanded answers. I am no where near the pain I was in. I truly believe FOI has a secret magic bottle of wonderful doctors with the magic touch. Thank you FOI for giving my life back!
Phyllis D.
I thought my ankle was fractured. Dr. Sellman ran more X-Rays then the hospital.  He spotted the fracture and put me in a boot. He re-checked my fracture in 6 weeks.  He has the best personality and bed side manner. I highly recommend him. He's the Best!!
Sharon M.
After I broke my shoulder, I was treated by Dr. Yi. I am very impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, empathy and warmth. He explained everything to me about my injury. The staff at Florida Orthopedic was very accommodating and everyone was so friendly and responsive. Dr. Yi s assistant, Erin, was very concerned about my pain and explained everything to me regarding my insurance. When there was a problem with my referral for physical therapy, Dr. Yi and Erin went above and beyond the call of duty. Dr. Yi called my primary care doctor to find out why I have not heard anything. I have never had a doctor do this for me before. Both Erin and Dr. Yi make a great team and both are very informative and helpful. I emphatically recommend Dr. Yi and his team of professionals to anyone needing orthopedic care.  
Sandra R.
Dr. Weinstein did surgery on my spinal cord and replaced two discs. It was totally an amazing experience from start to end. He was very caring, very on top of things, and made me feel like I was his only patient at all times. He was so on top of things ...I never had pain after or before surgery, which was a miracle in itself. No pain after is a true testament to me of his good work. I would recommend this man to anyone .... I have the utmost respect for him as a surgeon and as a person. Thanks Doc, you were great.  
Mary Ann D.
WOW The best doctor in the world,my hero.I was in a terrible hit and run ccident.Dr.Watson was able to save my leg and my arm.The arm was questionable,but Dr.Watson did it. My family and I give this credit to he lord and Dr.Watson. I will never be able to Thank you enought. Thanks again!  
Leana M.
I am a new patient who in 2 visits has experienced wonderful results in my journey to wellness. Through some unique treatments I have gotten back feeling & reflex in the foot, ankle and other joints. I can do some walking now and have reduced pain in arthritic ankle.  While I have a way to go, in 2 visits he accomplished much more than I have received from other physicians over 10 years. I look forward to what is in store for me next.
Judi F.
I cannot express all the gratitude that I have for Dr. Small, Lori Luna and Lashanda Cole. This is a remarkable team and they have been absolutely phenomenal and such a blessing in my life. They are responsive, caring and they worked together as a team to get me back on my feet. I am forever grateful for these folks!  
Adam W.
Came to see Dr. Sellman in early January because of recurring hip pain due to competitive rowing at USF. Dr. Sellman was a great listener and very understanding that not competing was not an option. He offered me multiple different options each visit including icing and physical therapy exercises, suggesting I see the athletic trainer, prescribing a compounding cream, and ultimately cortisone shots a week before States. I am happy to report because of Dr. Sellman and Angel's help in easing my hip pain, I made it through an entire season of training and my boat took second at States!! Feels so good and I couldn't have done it without them!  
Lauren A.
On October 30, 1998 I was hit on a motorcycle in NY Long Island. After many operations in NY (I beleive 6), a broken leg in 4 places, pelvis 5 places and ribs the NY doctors wanted to amputate my leg. I was not sure what to do so my sister in FL referred me to Tampa General Hospital where I met Dr. Sanders. Thank god for that! He knew just what to do. The other doctors were operating on me with bone infection. Dr. Sanders sat down and talked to me like a regular guy and told me he could put me back together. There was a trust right off the bat. He saved my leg, he is the best of the best ; the Master! I can never thank him and his staff enough. Still to this day I see him and he is still that regular guy. If you are in trouble don't walk but run to see him and his staff. Thank You Dr. Sanders, you're the Best of the BEST!  
Kevin A.
My experience with Dr. Saatman started 5 years ago thus January. I had a tragic fall at a department store. I knew I was hurt when I fell because I went numb from the waist up for a while. I contacted my that time. He blew me off and tried to tell me I was fine. I knew different. My current Dr. was able to get me in with Dr.Saatman which at that time had her own practice. After doing the necessary tests Dr. Saatman performed quite lengthy surgery on both the front if my neck and back of my neck. I will always be gratefull to her she gave me my life back. She also did surgery on me on May the 8th this year since being a Dr. at Florida Orthopedic. Dr. Saatman is a wonderful Dr. you are very blessed to have her on your team. I hope she is with you for years to come.  
Sandra G.
After many years of receiving different diagnosis from various doctors including TMJ to Cervical Dystonia and being prescribed and collection of pain / muscle relaxers, it was suggested by a fitness colleague of mine to visit Dr. Reina. With consistent headaches, neck and back ache taking a toll on my every day life, I scheduled an appointment thinking I've tried everything else, why not try another? The initial new patient consolation is worth every bit of the wait, simply because the same amount of care and time from Dr. Reina and his assistant shall be spent with you. Initially my treatments were every 3 days, then 5 days, then a week, then 2 weeks and after approximately 3 months...Care and treatment at it's very best with positive results. I have no longer have neck, back and headache issues, and continue to check in with the good Dr. periodically. He's impressive, I have referred Dr. Reina to friends whom have been thrilled with their own results. I'm going with genuine.
Kirsten B.
I dislocated my right thumb about four years ago. Dr. Pappou called it a "gameskeeper dislocation," in which the ligament was torn loose. I was tired of the constant pain in my right (my dominant) hand, so I went to see Dr. Pappou. He patiently explained my options and answered all my questions. I decided to have surgery on my thumb on March 3, 2016. Dr. Pappou came to see me before the procedure to reassure me -- he even made a mark with a pen on my thumb, which I thought was great. My procedure went smoothly, and Dr. Pappou explained my after-care to me and to my husband. My procedure was on a Friday, and I was very surprised and very pleased when the following Sunday night, Dr. Pappou called my house to check on me. He guided me through the next stages of the process (stitch removal, casting, brace, etc.) with skill and compassion (I am a big baby when it comes to surgical procedures). It has been three months since my procedure, and my hand feels wonderful. Under Dr. Pappou's excellent care, I healed quickly and thoroughly. I am very, very grateful to him -- I did not think there was anything that could be done to help my injured thumb, but he made me as good as new -- even better! He is not only a gifted surgeon, but also a very nice, kind, and compassionate man. I will recommend him to anyone I know who needs hand surgery.
Barbara B.
Dr. Palumbo went so far beyond my expectations it's hard to put into words.  I went from barely being able to walk for more than 5 minutes, to feeling like an 18 year old kid again in a matter of two short weeks.  Under Dr. Palumbo's leadership, the entire team at Florida Orthopaedic and Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel put patient care above everything else.  Only one word could explain all of this....LOVE!  
Walt K.
The doctor was very friendly as well as all the staff and nurses. They checked and rechecked everything. They reassured us and made our daughter feel very safe and calm. Thank you so much.
Marilyn G.
In my eyes, Dr.Morse is a god send and his assistant, Katie, is the best. She helped me with forms and understanding what was going to happen. I'm happy and almost pain free from the surgery! Dr. Morse truly cares and his office is the greatest. I would recommend anyone to go to Florida Orthopeadic Institute. I'm back to my life, thank you for Dr. Morse and Katie!
Mary N.
I would like to thank FOI and dr. Miranda for the best medical experience of my life. Being 62 yrs old and no major problems with my health, I was a little scared. Dr Miranda did a total hip replacement , and in 6 weeks I was released to return to work. What a great job. Thank you again  
Jack S.
On Oct. 23, 2014, I fell in my home and broke the humerus bone in my left arm. My first trip was by ambulance to a hospital in north Tampa where, after a trip to the OR, I was told that the bone was in place and I was sent home in a brace. The next morning, I was in such pain that my husband and I again called 911, requesting that I go to another hospital. My arm WAS NOT in place and the brace was cutting off circulation to my hand because of extensive swelling. Had we not gone to this hospital I believe I could have lost my arm. The sad part of what happened at the second hospital was that I was, again, told that my bones were in place and sent home. They were not. After 3 more days of excruciating pain, my husband, being a physician himself, scheduled an independent x-ray confirming what we already knew. My husband is a very well respected family practice physician in Tampa, taking care of his patients for over 25 years now and, yet, he was at a loss. As a last resort, we called Dr. William Carson who had performed surgery on an ACL tear I had many years previously. Without a moments hesitation, I was referred to Dr. Mighells. This incredible man had me in surgery within 3 days, and without doubt, saved my arm! Mine was a very complicated case involving permanent nerve damage. We are confident that I will have full function of my arm given time for the nerves to heal. Forgive me for this lengthy testimonial, but I cannot say enough in my thanks to this incredible surgeon and those that work under him. He's the best in his field. Period. If anyone interested would care to speak with me about my experience, I would be more than happy to do so.
Vicki G.
Dr. Maxson is very caring. He was very patience explaining options and the process about my shoulder injury. His assistant Marie has great customer service skill. I feel she genuinely cares about the patients. The physical therapists Shannon and Stephen in the Brandon are wonderful. They really want you to get better.  
Mrs. K
After experiencing four major knee surgeries including one prior knee replacement surgery, my encounter with Dr. Lyons was the best. From the seamless operation, to the outstanding care provided by the professionals at TGH, pain management and rehab my second knee replacement has set a new standard for me in Orthopedic care. I will no longer even consider another physician group or hospital for any subsequent care that I may need in the future. Thank you for the commitment to patient care and for the unparalleled level of service that I received from your office and from your selection of the number one hospital in Florida. Dr. Lyons straightforward approach and deep concern for his patients comfort level kept me at ease throughout the process.
Paul M.
I've been treated by Dr. Jackson for quite some time. Sometimes things come up out of our control. Appointments need to be cancelled, and spur-of-the-moment requests need to be made. I would like ito acknowledge Ms. Sara Bowle, Dr. Jackson's MA, for all she does. Numerous times Sara has shown that she goes "above & beyond" in assisting patients like myself. I had a last minute trip I needed to attend and knew I would not have enough medicine for my trip. I phoned Sara in the morning and asked if I would be able to p/u a perscription in the afternoon. Without hesitation, Sara called me back, confirming my request. Sara handled it seamlessly, no mess- no fuss. Thanks again to F.O.I. and Sara.  
Eric B.
I fell and broke my wrist while at work and was referred to Dr. Infante by workman's comp. It took some time to get the needed surgery due to some issues with the hospital and their staff but Dr. Infante was a very proactive advocate for me within the medical system. Dr. Infante and his staff was very supportive and pushed to get what ever was needed to get me schedules as quickly as possible. The surgery day, again the hospital had paperwork issues but Dr. Infante HIMSELF dealt with it and was very assuring to myself and my daughter who was caring for me that the surgery was being done THAT day. The surgery was performed without any problems and I left feeling confident. During the entire process, Dr. Infante took personal time to meet with me and my daughter as well as did Nicole his PA. I can not say enough about my POSITIVE experience with Dr. Infante and his staff. Liz his administrative assistant was also an invaluable asset to the office. She went out of her way to make sure paperwork was faxed and available during the numerous problems that arose due to the hospital. Although I NEVER plan to break another bone.....should I, I would again travel the hour plus to have Dr. Infante as my doctor and recommend him to EVERYONE that needs trauma care. Thank you to Dr. Infante, Nicole, Liz and the rest of the staff that touched my life during this surgery. Y'all are the BEST!  
Betty L.
I've been his patient since 2000 and this past year due to car wreck , I have had 5 surgery's with Dr. Hess. Because of him and his honesty and respect. I can use my arms as best as possible. I love him and his staff. Tony and Ebony are the best. They have such compassion for the patients and respect. Never had I had a better doctor.  
Patty L.
My experiences with Dr. Herscovici started 20 years ago with scope #3 on my right knee (which eventually led to a successful total knee replacement in 2002 by Dr. Thomas Bernasek). Since that time he has performed multiple procedures on that knee as well as both feet and the left ankle. I cannot begin to write a suitable testimonial that would encompass the value of his surgical & recovery knowledge nor the gratitude I feel for the continued high quality of life I experience due to his skill and compassion as a physician. My sincerest thanks to Dr. Herscovici and Julia Scaduto ARNP for keeping me in the best structural health I could possibly hope for! I am currently under his care for my left knee using physical therapy as our first option for improvement. FOI is the best!  
Susan B.
Dr. Gustke performed two total hip replacements in 2010 for me. I've had absolutely no issues since. He may be short on words but tremendous on talent, Thank you again for giving me back my life sir.
Richard G.
I dislocated my shoulder and was referred to Dr. Gasser (the shoulder guy) and am so glad that I was. Dr. Gasser and his staff were not only quick and efficient with a plan of action but followed me literally from day 1 to even now in my recovery with physical therapy. I am confident without an once of doubt that I have received the most comprehensive care that I have ever had or witnessed. Dr. Gasser always gave me the utmost concern and regard while in his care. Knowing he has done hundreds of surgeries and dealt with athletes, he never made me feel anything less than a professional athlete myself. Dr. Gasser stated that my injury was one of the worst he had seen in his many years of practice. The follow up from Dr. Gasser was nothing less than stellar and he continued to do so until he was positive that I was healing properly and was clear from any chance of infection. Dr. Gasser and the staff at Florida Orthopaedic truly define excellence in medicine and made what was already a traumatic and stressful situation manageable and a pleasant circumstance apart from the injury itself. You can rest assured that your health and best interests are being taken care of. There is no other place I would trust with our families care in the future than Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Dr. Seth Gasser.
Ronald S.
Dr. Garlick diagnosed my knee arthritis condition after detailed examinations, X-rays and MRI. He advised that my knees are deteriorated due to osteoarthritis with the left being much worse. He advised two options: total knee replacement (80% probability of pain relief) and stem cell therapy (70% probability). After more detailed discussion, I decided for stem cell therapy. I had the bone marrow aspiration from the right side of my pelvis on February 5. After centrifugation to concentrate the cells, the concentrate was injected in my left knee. I felt minor discomfort during the procedure but no pain. This was followed with three injections of platelet rich plasma, extracted from my own blood, spaced during three subsequent weeks. The PRP concentrate was similarly injected into my left knee. The third injection was administered on March 3. Although the full effect of the treatment will take about 10 to 12 weeks, I have already felt relief and I am optimistic about the final outcome. The next step will be a review with Dr. Garlick on June 5. I am very pleased with the professionalism and personal care of Dr. Garlick and his nurse, Kaileigh and highly recommend their services.
Alberto H.
I am coming up on one year after my broken wrist insident. I am an art teacher, in my 50 s. I decided to rollerskate like I was in my 20s. It was very hard to see my wrist in an "s" configuration. From the begining of my nightmare, I trusted Dr. GARCIA. One year later , I was going to send him an anniversary thank you to comemorate my injury. Celebrate my recovery. I got on here to get the address. I felt compelled to share my gratitude for this gift from God. I could not have imagined my ability to not only use my wrist again,but to be able to draw,paint, create again. I feel so appreciative I can not adequately express my gratitude. Except to say, thank you Dr.. Garcia for sharing your gift.
Mary D.
Ever since Dr. Bernasek recommended me for my hip replacement, I look no further than FOI for my many orthopedic needs. Recently I was scheduled for foot surgery with Dr. Epting. His Administrative Assistance, Brian, who, from my first encounter has emphasized what is exceptional about the staff at the Citrus Park location. All the staff there have impressed me including the Physical Therapy providers before and after my hip surgery. I worked in a medical office and spent 20 years as a practicing Perinatal RN, so I am especially cognizant of how each of the personnel set a tone for patients. Would that all medical practices could shine like the Citrus Park FOI!
Patricia S.
In my opinion Dr. Clare is the only foot and ankle doctor to see.  I have been in pain for over a year, and Dr. Clare was the sixth Doctor that I had seen for my foot. He was the only one who knew what was wrong with me, and he knew right away. No one else had a clue and the Doctors that I had seen before him were supposed to be some of the best. Now I know who the best really is!  He is extremely  committed to his patients.  He is a true doctor, if only they could all be like him.Thank God for him, he is a blessing to the medical field. Thank you Dr. Clare, you truly saved my life.
Tina L.
I am an older athlete with a left hip replacement. I developed calcium deposits in my leg muscles. My hip replacement was not performed by Dr. Bernasek however whenever I feel the calcium deposits in my muscles are bothersome, I call Dr. Bernasek. He has amazing bedside manners and greeted me with a smile and a concern for my pain regardless of the fact he did not do the surgery. He has helped me tremendously get through some painful and frustrating medical challenges with my hip. I actually saw him today and he greeted me with a smile and was thorough to explain my condition. I live approximately 200 miles round trip by car and would never think of going anywhere else again. There have been times when I have exercised too hard and have annoyed my condition. On many of these occasions I needed help quickly and have spoken with Jessica Ruth, the Medical Assistant. I have been to many medical facilities, one of the best in the country and have never had an opportunity to meet such a dedicated, and patient supportive professional as Jessica. She really cares about patients, new or existing, and I realize that as great as Dr B. is, it takes a supportive team to make the leader GREAT. Without her I am not sure Florida Orthopedic would have the stellar reputation it does and deserves. I do hope her management team of Doctors compensate her properly for all the "Herculean Efforts" she contributes to the Institute. I would also like to single out Maria Rollins. She is another amazing and talented individual who has also helped me when I was in pain and required an appointment. She is so calm, and dedicated to supporting her patients. In summary, I am blessed to be privileged to have such a reputable and state of the art medical institute just a few hours from me. Thank you Dr. Bernasek, Jessica, and Maria for all you do.  
Salvatore G.
Dr. Barna, gave me my life back.  After 5 years of constant lower back pain, and having surgery, acupuncture, and many other procedures, elsewhere, there was no relief.  Familiar with Florida Orthopaedic Instutute, giving my husband a new hip in November, Dr. Lyons,  it was now time for me to get better.  Dr. Barna, suggested lower lumbar epidural steroid injection.  A week later I was at the FOI surgical center, ready to be pain free, and Dr. Barna did not disappoint.  I am now able to do things I haven't done in 5 years, or thought I may never be able to do.   A week later I was able to take my granddaughter to the zoo and walked for five hours, pain free!!!!   Thank you from the bottom of my heart....    
Janet B.
I wanted to take a moment to express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Christopher Baker and his exemplary Administrative Assistant, Emily Oakley. In a very unexpected manner, I injured my knee which left me unable to walk. As an independent career woman, mother and spouse, at 47 the experience of such an injury can not only be physically painful, but also emotionally trying. I contacted Dr. Baker who had done a fantastic job with my ACL replacement and spoke with Emily who assisted me with getting an immediate appointment, an MRI and she also worked efficiently with my employer to ensure they received all necessary documentation before, during and after my care. Dr. Baker's staff Nina and all his front desk personnel are very friendly and provide great customer service. I was diagnosed with a (L) knee tibial plateau fracture (no operation needed) and Emily's efforts of providing my employer and insurance company with needed documentation, allowed me to focus on healing as opposed to worrying about obtaining all supportive forms. Emily also assisted me with arranging for my PT once I was able to bear weight and she followed up with me to ensure that I was doing well. I also want to thank Dr. Baker for his excellent care, direction and compassion. I'm truly grateful that the Florida Orthopaedic Institute has skilled, experienced and patient friendly doctors such as, Dr. Baker. Dr. Baker genuinely exhibits that his primary goal is for the care of his patients and his expertise will enable them to maintain if not improve their quality of life after injuries and/or surgery. I cannot express my THANK YOU enough for the phenomenal care that I received from both Dr. Baker and Emily, as their dedication to patient care has allowed me to regain my independence and not just maintain, but I've improved the quality of life for both myself and my family.  
Michelle I.
As someone who lives with extreme hyper-mobility, like Cirque de Soleil performers, I have avoided seeing a chiropractor all my life. Keeping my joints in place is a goal I work hard to achieve, so the thought of someone using brute force to manipulate them is terrifying. However, a vertebra in my neck slipped out of place and, try as I might, I couldn't get it back where it belonged. So, I went to see a chiropractor. She agreed that she needed to be careful, so she did only the minimum, which didn't work. Chiropractor #2 threw caution to the wind and not only scared me badly by very roughly manipulating my body, he conceded defeat after working on me for only three minutes. Since a close relative with hyper-mobility spent five years as a patient in the Bloomingdale PT office of FOI, I knew that I could trust the people there to help me without hurting me. After getting a prescription from Dr. Jackson, I saw Dr. Ramirez. He took the time to learn my history, looked at my x-rays, and agreed that hyper-mobility complicated my care. He spent about 45 minutes checking for nerve damage, improving blood flows, and loosening surrounding muscles. Then he very gently turned my head to the side and the vertebra (which had been out for four months), slipped back into place with no pain at all. He then checked out my posture and even my jaw and made additional adjustments, again with no pain. I followed up with PT for several weeks and then saw Dr. Ramirez again. My neck has recovered and I am extremely pleased! I highly recommend this very fine chiropractor.  
Denise P.
I refused to seek a physician despite my family saying I needed to go to the doctor and have my knees checked out. I related the knee pain to inflammation related to the car accident and my being overweight, and thought it would eventually go away with exercise. To me those were the contributing factors as to why I was having so much pain to my knees. I had already started seeing a personal trainer who assured me that the pain would go away once I started exercising more. So, I started my journey to lose weight, but the squats and lounges were too much on my knees, and we had to change the regimen to easier exercises. By August, I had enough of being in excessive pain, and wanted to see what was causing so much pain in my left regimen was failing so, I made the appointment. After making the appointment, and receiving the xray, I was diagnosed with bilateral patellofemoral pain syndrome. Dr. Echols recommended 6 weeks of physical therapy and to avoid the above mentioned exercises. My physical therapy regimen consisted of stretching to increase flexibility and mobility, strengthening exercises for legs and core, decreasing tightening around the knee cap, and exercises to strengthen quadricep muscles. I now know the importance of stretching before and after exercise. My left knee is better with mild pain, and the right knee has mild pain as well. I still cannot go up and down stairs on neither knee, because the pain is still there; however, not as much, and I can tolerate the pain if need to. I do see a big difference with the new exercises I learned, at this facility, and will continue to perform them on a daily regular basis...they really help. The staff is extra phenomenal and very knowledgeable. They really strive to give excellent treatment and care to their patients, and they work together as a team. I would highly recommend Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Thanks to everyone who helped heal my knee pain, and a special thanks to Kevin for your wonderful discharge plan and teaching the importance of continuing with the exercises taught, and wishing me well with my weight loss journey.
Annette M.
I am writing this letter to thank you for your gifted hands repairing my shoulder tears and bicep tendon. I want to thank your nurse, physician assistant, and all of the physical therapist I have had the pleasure of receiving care under. Florida Orthopedics Institute staff members were all educators, caring, kind, and attentive caregivers. Omar Abadie is a motivated and very focused on my needs with recovery. My progression to full range of motion following my shoulder surgery was done with minimal pain. He asked with every therapy if I was experiencing any pain when performing all exercises. His gentle stretching, and warming up helped with my performing the therapies. He is dedicated and an asset to your institute. I was lucky to receive care from him with the majority of my visits. Florida Orthopedics Institute is equally lucky to have him as an employee. Arthi Sainath, Jason Schoonover, and Shannon Terrell were all equally amazing therapist. They were all focused on delivering my therapy and were all professional. The Florida Orthopedics Institute secretaries are all pleasant, professional and attentive to my scheduling appointments . I was greeted every time I entered a therapy appointment, and feel like a valued patient. I injury occurred August 7, 2013. I was in constant pain and not sleeping well. The surgery was done on February 3rd, 2014. I was informed that it would be about 4 months to full recovery. I performed the exercises at home two times a day as prescribed. The therapy I received and with the home therapy my pain is down to a minimum. I do not experience constant pain and have been sleeping better. It is now 2 1/2 months ans I am working on regaining my strength.
Cathy S.
My experience with FOI has proven to be an uplifting road to recovery. The process of my shoulder replacement was a scary thought. After meeting and talking with Dr. Echols and Obourne, PA, a feeling of peace came over me. I was confident in their ability to perform surgery. I am so pleased with anyone whome I have dealt with. thank you all very much, you guys are the best!
Mary T.
I had rotator cuff surgery on 1/7/2015 by Dr Echols and the awesome staff at Florida Hospital!! Everything was flawless and the care was over the top! Special kudos to Dr Howell(anesthesiologist) and his staff for taking great care of me!! I love the extra details and explanation Dr Echols took in making sure the procedure went well! I just love, love, love how thorough and detailed he is. I'm extremely satisfied and grateful for his expertise in the area of Orthopaedics!!! Woohoo!!
Eliza T.
I have had the pleasure of receiving excellent care from Dr. Eddy Echols, he is a skilled surgeon and wonderful doctor and genuine great guy, he has a great bed side personality. Due to a fall I had 5 operations in 2014 Dr. Echols performed 2 of them. I had torn rotator cuff surgery. Dr. Echols ordered a nerve block so when I woke up from surgery I would not feel any pain. The scares are light and hardly noticeable. After therapy my movement in my shoulder has improved greatly. The second surgery he came into the hospital on a day he does not do surgery so I could get this last surgery in by the end of the year. He operated on my right elbow so he could remove scar tissue and move my nerves to get the numbness out of my arm. Dr. Echols performed cubital tunnel release on my right elbow. My right arm would only straighten to 40% before surgery and I was very limited to what I could do with my arm. After surgery it can now straighten to 18% so as you can see it improved my arm greatly. Although my arm may never be perfect again I feel Dr. Echols improved my movement of my arm which made a great impact for the rest of my life. His first assistant Kevin Osborne, is friendly and helpful, a skilled assistant. Dr. Echols and Kevin have a great working relationship. My husband says I should tell you due to Dr. Echols very friendly bed side personality we know that Dr. Echols cannot pick out which college football team is going to win. Go Wisconsin Thanks Dr. Echols and Kevin for everything you are the greatest. The experience I had with you was incredible, the surgery was painless. If you have to have surgery look these guys up they will do a great job. I promise you won' t be sorry. You can trust Dr. Echols to do his best to help you achieve your best life helping you to get active again. I am a very lucky woman because I picked the best surgeon and assistant in the Tampa area.
Janet E.
At the age of 55 on Feb. 28, 2015, I fractured my knee cap (medically diagnosed as a non-displaced surgery needed). It was very painful as I arrived to Dr. Echols on March 3. I was in tears of what was ahead. It was my first experience with a break. As soon as I entered the Florida Orthopaedic Institutes office, I was welcomed with smiles from front desk receptionists. Their concern was to make me as comfortable as possible while I filled out paperwork and waited to see the Dr. It was not long before I was back in the waiting room. They immediately took x-rays and I was soon in the presence of Kevin Osborne, PA and Dr. Eddy Echols. They gave me me great relief in knowing that I would recover completely if I followed all directions. Six weeks later I was ready for physical therapy and introduced to Lori Amaden & Omar Abadie whom were within the same building. They worked with me one on one with therapy to help strengthen and restore my range of motion. They gave me detailed exercises to continue at home. I want to thank each and everyone of these amazing professionals who helped heal me. I have fully recovered and am ever so grateful! I recommend this great team to everyone.
Sandra S.
I saw Dr. Echols and his P.A. Kevin at the Brandon office for pain in my left shoulder. After an MRI diagnosed a partial tear, I was referred to their onsite rehab center. After three months of rehab with my primary therapist, Shannon, along with Jason and Cliff, I have made remarkable strides in managing my pain. I believe if I keep up with my home program I may be able to avoid surgery altogether. I highly recommend this facility and its incredible team to anyone who has need for orthopedic care.
Nancy L.
I was in Virginia about to attend a class reunion when I looked through my bifocals missed a step and fell to the floor. I broke my ankle. I returned to Florida and I called Florida Orthopedic and they immediately scheduled me with Dr. Echols. I was very pleased with the attention he gave me. He had xrays taken of my ankle and informed me that I would need surgery. I'll admit I was scared. He immediately calmed me down and assured me that all would be good; and it was. I am now back on my own two feet and thankful that I was scheduled with Dr. Echols. During my recovery I went on vacation and scheduled my physical therapy in another state. The therapists commented on how quickly I was recovering; they said your ability to do these exercises just shows you had an excellent surgeon. He is truly an excellent, caring and skilled surgeon. I have hopes never to be in need of an ortho surgeon again BUT if I am I will certainly call Dr. Eddy Echols.
Linda D.
Incredible! Astute, articulate, empathetic, thorough, genuine are just a few of the descriptive words re: Dr Frankle. He, his associates & staff are like none I've ever encountered. Professional, punctual overlooking no detail, answering every question was routine operating procedure in both the hospital & office. As for my shoulder replacement, I went in terrified and 6 months later, I play golf, tennis, swim, workout, bike and sleep....peacefully & pain free! My surgery took place on my 67th Bday and it was the best gift I ever received.
Gregory P.
When I came to Dr. Frankle , it was after 5 surgeries and having had a shoulder implant become infected which then had to be removed Dr. Frankle was wonderful and did a reverse shoulder replacement, to replace the one that had to be removed. I am now able to do so many things, including golfing , which I had never thought would be possible, because of Dr. Frankle's care. When Dr. Frankle was recommended by my previous surgeon, I was told that " Dr. Frankle is the best" and the best surgeon around. My experiences have proven that to be true.
Chris L.
I was hit by a golf cart in 2013. The accident dislocated the right shoulder and tore the rotary cuff. Dr. Frankle did a reverse shoulder replacement in January 2015. In July, I am back to swimming, lawn bowling, eating with right hand, and able to raise my right hand above my right shoulder. I am thankful for his talent and skill to put me back together again. I highly recommend him.
Carolyn C.
I was referred by my internist in Vero Beach, FL and I traveled across the state to get a second opinion on a rotator cuff issue. Your facility is very busy but extremely well run and your staff are not only very pleasant but highly efficient. Dr. Frankle took a very conservative approach of a cortisone injection in my shoulder rather than rushing to perform an arthroscopic repair which was the orthopedic opinion I received locally. My shoulder is now fine.
Paul K.
I had a shoulder replacement procedure performed by Dr. Frankle. I was not able to sleep at night or raise my left arm above my waist. Now I am back with a new quality of life. active in golf, sleeping all night and no pain whatsoever. Dr. Frankle is an individual who was meant to be a doctor. He is thorough, considerate, friendly and takes time to explain the procedure and the follow ups and puts you at ease. I highly recommend his services.
Albert R.