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Dr. Zaffer has been a true blessing. He listened and worked with me to manage my pain after 2 Achilles reconstruction surgeries within less than a year. Highly recommend.
Latanya H.
Dr. Zaffer has a wonderful bedside manner! He has a very calm voice that makes you feel at ease! It was a wonderful experience!
Diane L.
I had meniscus repair twice (due to sports re-injury) by Dr. Yi with a very good outcome. My recovery was smooth and uneventful, with no complications or problems. The clinic, surgery center, and staff are all top-notch. Thank you, Dr. Yi, Christian Johansson, and all the staff!
Michael C.
It was my first appointment with Dr. Yi, and I was really impressed by his candid responses to my questions. His willingness to hear my concerns helped me make a confident decision based on my personal circumstances.
Mark R.
Dr. Yi was great. He provided me with his expert medical opinion, laid out several options for the next steps, but ultimately said the path we chose moving forward was entirely my decision. He really puts the patient first, which is very important to me. The wait to see the doctor was a little longer than usual, but they were very busy that day. Still, it beats my previous ortho, who I could never see! So far, I have consulted with three different orthopedic specialists at FOI for shoulder/knee issues, and all have been top-notch professionals. Highly recommended. Thank you!!
Michael B.
He made himself available for any questions I had about my daughter’s care. Would highly recommend him. He is amazing!
Serena D.
Dr. Yi was informative, listened, gave options, advised to review all options, and was very professional. Thank you.
Gerslys R.
I couldn’t have asked for a more caring Doctor. His explanation of care for my daughter’s injury went above and beyond my expectations. Will definitely be seeing him in the future!
Brian H.
Loved Dr. Yi. He was very nice and very knowledgeable. He actually took time when he came in to update himself with my referral and all of my tests. Then he asked me questions about my issue and answered any questions I had. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Rick L.
Very knowledgeable and professional. This is my second operation and would recommend Dr. Weinstein to anyone.
Phillip W.
Dr. Weinstein is very thorough and knowledgeable. He took excellent care of me; his staff is excellent.
Sandra D.
I cannot say enough about what an excellent doctor Dr. Weinstein is! He would not rest until he unturned every stone in finding a definitive diagnosis for me. I felt complete confidence in his skills and knowledge. Dr. Weinstein is highly regarded by the staff at Tampa General Hospital, and they freely told me so. Not only is he a skilled surgeon, but he also is friendly, compassionate, and has a great sense of humor. Dr. Weinstein heard that I was very anxious before my surgical procedure and came to see me before going into the OR. Dr. Weinstein was reassuring and kind. He helped to calm me down and actually had me laughing. I would absolutely recommend him to my family and friends.
Marie V.
My appt. went well with Dr. Weinstein. He patiently explained my condition and available treatment options. Everyone at Fl. Orthopaedic was courteous and friendly.
Patty J.
This was my two-year check with Dr. Weinstein, and as always, he went over all information with me, answered my questions, and offered advice. Thank you.
Sue B.
Dr. Watson is highly rated, who is very knowledgeable, and experienced. He explained the procedure I'm scheduled for in a kind manner. All the staff were exceptionally kind - at the office and staff I spoke to on the phone prior to my appointment!
Wanda R.
I am incredibly pleased with the care my son received from Dr. Watson. The entire process was so smooth — quick scheduling with Shawn, minimal wait times, and quality medical care. We appreciate all that Dr. Watson and the team at FOI did for us and recommend them to anyone seeking care for foot trauma.
Lauren R.
I have had great experiences with Dr. Watson and the entire staff. Everyone smiles and goes out of their way to help/ Dr. Watson is wonderful, skilled, caring, and thorough.
Linda J.
Two years out from my knee replacement and into the office for x-rays and a check-up. Dr. Watson, as always, was very attentive and answered all my questions. The front desk staff was very efficient, and the X-ray tech was extremely polite and precise. Dr. Watson and his staff get an A+.
Bill C.
I had my hip replaced last August. Dr. David Watson was my surgeon, and after a year from my surgery, I affirm that I was so lucky that he did it. The surgery took less than an hour and a half. I didn’t feel any pain even I was so surprised when he told me - we did the operation…The same day I walked out of Tampa General Hospital, and within a week, I was able to walk without crutches, and six weeks after surgery, I was able to walk normally. I’m very grateful to Dr. Watson and his supporting staff for bringing me back to normal. No limping, no pain!! I strongly recommend any patient who is reluctant to do a hip replacement to contact Dr. Watson and never be afraid of the operation outcome. Thank you very, very much, Dr. Watson!
Zhuljeta M.
Dr. Tresser performed brain surgery on me in April 2002, and it was metastatic cancer in the brain. He was the kindest, most involved doctor I have ever had. Surgeries for lung cancer and another brain surgery from an auto accident, and I am still enjoying my family and life. I owe a great deal to the skill and caring of Dr. Tresser. Thank you.
Herb B.
Doctor Tresser is truly outstanding in every aspect. He epitomizes what we patients seek in a specialized surgeon. He is so astronomical that he has literally reached the level of being celestial! Simply the BEST of the BEST!
Ron R.
Dr. Tresser is an excellent spine surgeon. My back has been a mess for several years, and this was a complex surgery. I'm two months post-surgery and doing very well. He has an outstanding team, and they are well organized.
Marshall B.
Dr. Tresser has performed a SI Fusion and a Lumbar Laminectomy on me, and both have had tremendous results. He is a superb surgeon. He also did a fantastic job in laying out all the options I had to help me make the decisions.
Gary H.
Dr. Tresser is very detailed and thorough when explaining everything that you need to know at your appointment.
Catherine W.
This was my first time with Dr. Stone, but he has already operated on my wife and on my youngest brother. He is great. Impressed also by his PA.
Dennis G.
Have had Dr. Stone for 13 plus years now. This doctor and his staff are awesome. He listens to what you have to say and gives his opinion on how to fix the issue. Thanks for all the hard work I have put you through.
Curtus and Missy R.
Dr. Stone is the epitome of excellence in his expertise, customer focus, and care for his patients. He did extensive surgery on my two broken wrists (bicycle accident) and had to place plates and screws in both wrists of this over 60-year-old woman, and that was four years ago. I healed completely and can use my wrists in every way, which was unexpected. Every appointment I had when the accident occurred (there were many!) Dr. Stone and the entire staff were outstanding, efficient and customer service oriented. I did not go back again until four years later to review healing and once again experienced an efficient and excellent visit.
Susan B.
I met Dr. Stone today. He made me comfortable immediately ... recommended the conservative action and convinced me it was the right solution.
Dale A.
I adore Dr. Stone. I’ve never experienced a kinder or more compassionate doc in my life! He doesn’t push surgery until it’s the last resort. He’s AMAZING!!!
Andrea B.
Dr. Stone is very knowledgeable and explained every aspect of my condition and treatment in a way I could totally understand! I would highly recommend him!
Richard K.
Dr. Smith has an easy bedside manner, relates well, and explains the x-rays and the need for ongoing physical therapy. I feel cared for and well-informed with him.
Jeffrey H.
Dr. Smith is an outstanding physician with great clinical acumen & and fantastic bedside manners. He is very thoughtful and thorough in his approach to patients. He explains to his patients their clinical condition and his treatment approach in simple, clear terms. He is very caring and compassionate. I am a retired physician. I would highly recommend him!
Srinath B.
(Updated July 14, 2022): I am now three months post hip replacement, and I can't say enough great things about Dr. Spencer Smith. As a person, he is a kind a respectful man. As a surgeon, he is kind, knowledgeable, a gentle soul, and does excellent work. I couldn't be happier with my surgery, recovery, new hip, and Dr. Spencer Smith!!! (Original Post): Just my initial appointment with Dr. Smith, but I couldn't be happier. He has a great bedside manner and is a pleasure to speak with.
Deborah B.
Dr. Spencer took time with me, which showed me that he cares about his patients. He was very friendly, kind, and informative! Just from one visit, I feel a level of trust in him for my upcoming knee replacement surgery!
Teresa D.
Very friendly staff. Dr. Smith is a great doctor. he has given me a chance to go back to living a normal life with my knee. The staff does a really good job of taking care of you.
David N.
Great bedside manner. Very knowledgeable. Helped me with a torn meniscus and Baker's Cyst knee. Steroid shot. So good. One week. Thanks, Doc.
Alicia R.
I’ve been seeing Dr. Sellman for the past five years. He is the best Orthopedic doctor. He listens to you and explains everything. He has a wonderful personality which makes it so easy to talk to him about other issues which you may have so he can address them for you in the future. His staff is extremely friendly as well. It’s so nice to go to an office where you feel welcomed! Thank you so much!!
Sandra J.
Was a great experience - very knowledgeable. He listened to my symptoms and helped by discussing solutions for my knee.
Alexander K.
I absolutely love Dr. Sellman. His energy is everything, and he’s very knowledgeable about my plan of care and has such a welcoming spirit. I would refer him to anyone who needs this service. I look forward to my doctor's visit with him.
Sherry M.
As always, very informative and likes to review any potential alternatives for treatment if available. Highly recommend Dr. Sellman!
Shawn L.
Dr. Sellman is by far the best doctor I have had the opportunity to be treated by! Dr. Sellman heals his patients with his amazing attitude - the rest is up to the patient. He is simply amazing! Great energy!
Usman B.
I'm very satisfied with Dr. Sellman. He was able to help me find relief from the knee pain that I've been having since March 2022. He took the time to walk me through and offer different options for my treatment. I would definitely recommend him 100%. This is a doctor that cares about his patients and listens to them. The office staff were great too. Check-in was fast and didn't have to wait long to be seen. The nurse was great; she seemed to enjoy her job. I live in Dover and will travel to Tampa with no problem to be seen by him in this office, even though there is an FOI office near me.
Maria L.
We saw Dr. Sellman for a follow-up on my 11-year-old son's fractured toe. He related well to my son. Spoke directly to him and made him feel comfortable. He examined the toe and explained everything. I would say friendly and relatable.
Nicole F.
Dr. Sellman was very caring and listened to my concerns and provided a care plan to treat my injury.
Phyllis G.
Dr. Sellman rocks - he is personable, friendly, knowledgeable, etc. - we had an all-around great experience. Thank you, Dr. Sellman and FOI team!
Jim L.
Truly one of the best doctors I have ever visited in 40 years. He is a pro, very relaxed, clearly listens, explains the answers to all my questions extremely well, and gives you the time you need. Bravo Doc.
Steve G.
The staff was professional, efficient, helpful (with technology), and friendly. Dr. Sellman is a great doctor!!! He honestly and directly (and with wonderful humor) treats me as the priority, in addition to my orthopedic issues.
Darlene E.
Dr. Sellman provides excellent care and eases pain with a lot of laughter. I have the utmost confidence in the guidance he offers for my healing process. 
Valerie F.
This guy is funny and phenomenal. I wish ALL doctors had a sense of humor like he does!!!! And also, very accommodating; They changed their appointment schedule to meet my needs. And get me in today.
David C.
Told me straight out what my injuries were and what my options were. Made me feel very comfortable and even made me laugh. Great doctor.
Daniel S.
Dr. Sanders is not only very intelligent, and an excellent foot surgeon, but has excellent bedside manners. His great surgical skills helped me heal very fast after the surgery he did on my ankle joint. If I could give 10 stars, I would!
Naresh K.
Still the best doctor. And his apprentice is excellent. I was in the office with an x-ray, and everything completed in less than an hour. Great job.
Sylvia B.
Dr. Sanders was an answer to my prayers. I had polio in the 1950s, and as I aged, I have always been reluctant when it comes to my foot and doctors. I am now in my sixties and had my worst nightmare and broke and dislocated my first metatarsal in my left foot, and I totally panicked! I was fortunate enough to get Dr. Sanders to do the surgery. He is amazing! I never had any pain at all from my surgery. Dr. Sanders's staff was great! I walk better now than I did 25 years ago!! Thank you so much
Debbie C.
I had an ankle replacement from Dr. Sanders in 1999. He’s the best guy ... it lasted 15 years. Without his expertise and a few different changes, he has kept me walking all these years. Have to say I do miss seeing that great staff and Nancy Torres, by far a great human. I felt I needed to share this. As of today, I am still walking, and that was all I hoped for, and I got more. Thank you, everyone, at Florida Orthopedic Institute.
De K.
Dr. Sanders has now completed successful subtalar midfoot fusion surgery on both of my feet. My first surgery was in August 2019 for my left foot. I returned in May 2022 to have Dr. Sanders perform fusion surgery on my right foot. Before surgery, I experienced pain and swelling with every step I took due to having flat feet and fallen arches, along with arthritis, no cartilage, torn ligaments, and torn tendons. Thanks to Dr. Sanders, I am now pain-free in both feet and feel like I have my life back! Many thanks to the care and support I received from Dr. Sanders, Nancy Torres, and his entire staff!
Jeff A.
Dr. Samad took time to look at my history of back pain and spinal issues other doctors had overlooked. We have a comprehensive plan, and I am excited about the future.
Roger H.
Dr. Samad is a compassionate Dr. who really cares about his patients. I am on the way to recovery thanks to him; l would recommend him very highly. He is never in a hurry and is very thorough in explaining the procedure to be done. The nurses that work for him are also great, very polite, and sweet.
Aida U.
I love Dr. Samad. He is kind and respectful. He is thorough, and he fixed my neck!
Laurel J.
This man is a king. As it pertained to my experience: Dr. Reina knew exactly what he was doing. He listened carefully to my story and cared about the little details. Once he started diagnosing me, he was able to immediately pinpoint pain, nerve, and structural issues that have been plaguing more for years. With a light touch and simple tools, he was able to guide me in terms of rehabilitation, pain management, and posture correction. I would recommend Dr. Reina to anyone. I'm VERY happy with my experience. Thank you!!!
Alex P.
Dr. David Reina, D.C., was absolutely fantastic. He explained things for me very thoroughly and answered every one of my questions. The visit was relaxed and not hurried like at some places. He gave me confidence that his advice will be a success for me.
Larry F.
I was surprised to see how he was able to get me to move my neck and body without having any pain by just pushing on certain parts of my shoulders. The fact that he also spoke about the problems that I’m having in a language that I could understand (meaning no medical terms) was a plus for me. I would highly recommend this Dr. to anyone who is suffering from pain.
Louis H.
Dr. Ramirez was great. My usual chiropractor is on vacation, so I saw Dr. Ramirez this morning for a severe headache and neck pain. He was incredibly thorough and did an awesome job alleviating my pain and explaining things. I highly recommend him, just like I'd recommend the other docs I've seen at this practice.
Jason S.
Dr. Ramirez was very thorough and detailed in the 1st session I had with him regarding my lower back pain. Thank You.
John V.
Dr. Ramirez is the most attentive chiropractor I have ever been to. His approach to getting to the root of the problem and taking a different approach versus crack and you’re off the table like others. He is very knowledgeable, and I would refer him to anyone who is searching for this service!!
Stephanie J.
Dr. Ramirez is wonderful! He was the first chiropractor I had been to and did not disappoint. I was a little hesitant about the fact of cracking, but he showed me that is not all he does! He is truly great and genuinely cares. He is the chiropractor you should trust.
Bellalise T.
My 1st appointment with Dr. Ramirez was an eye opener for my condition; he was thorough and explained every aspect of my diagnosis using my MRI and X-rays. I kept thinking during my appointment that I was so glad that I had booked an appointment with Dr. Ramirez.
Latoya P.
Dr. Ioannis Pappou is an excellent surgeon and excellent doctor. Very nice and polite. I am very happy to call him my doctor. Thank you, doctor, for your excellent work and your personality. I recommend Doctor Ioannis to all people who have problems with the shoulder. Thank you, Dr. Pappou...and friendly staff.
Blazenka K.
My 79yr. old mom visited Dr. Pappou just yesterday and absolutely loved this doctor. I am sure she would highly recommend him anytime!
Dora B.
I needed to have elbow surgery. I had never had surgery before, and Dr. Pappou and his team were absolutely great. Everything went very, very smoothly, and my recovery is going well. I highly recommend him and his team
James B.
Very knowledgeable, straightforward doctor, which I appreciate since I see several specialists a year. Thank you.
Crystal C.
Dr. Pappou is a very talented surgeon. He fixed my clavicle correctly, which a previous surgeon had botched. He is also a great communicator. He is very thorough during post-op examinations, showing a huge care factor. You can tell that his mind works quickly, but he still takes time to explain things clearly, gives you various options, and listens carefully to what you have to say. Obviously, I cannot say enough good things about him.
Dave D.
This was my first visit at the request of my Neurologist. Dr. Pappou ensured the time with him was well spent and efficient. X-Rays were done before he saw me and were ready for him in the exam room. He reviewed them with me, explained what he saw, and then did the physical exam of my hands. Very direct and formulated a plan that appears to be the right course of action. I highly recommend him and the team in his office.
Bob L.
I like appointments first in the morning. The office visit went quickly, from an x-ray to waiting to be seen by the doctor. He asked and answered my questions, and for my issue, surgery was the answer. He said it is very fixable and told me what I will be able to do immediately after. Very pleased. Thank you.
Mary R.
Dr. Pappou is very nice and smart. Trying to help with the pain with everything he’s got. Very compassionate doctor, and I give him 5 stars! Highly recommend.
Huss A.
My husband has had several shoulder and hand issues, and Dr. Pappou has fixed them all! He's been very generous with his time and patience, explaining details to both of us!
Benetta P.
Dr. Pappou, M.D. Very professional, knowledgeable & helpful. His communication is impeccable. Highly recommended.
Denise P.
Wait time while in the actual patient room was early. Very attentive and explained everything in detail. And great bedside manner.
Martina L.
I appreciate his honesty in explaining everything to me and for showing it to me on the MRI. I appreciate it.
Sadie R.
I recently had surgery on my wrist to repair the ulnar/distal radius. He performed an ulnar shortening osteotomy for the distal radius in my wrist. Not only did the surgery go well, but the healing process was also without issues, and the pain has diminished 100%. The scar is barely visible. Not only is Dr. Pappou an excellent surgeon, but he's also an active listener, explains the process in detail, and is a kind and professional doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Pappou for your orthopedic needs. Additionally, his staff is courteous, and efficient, and wait time is minimal. Thank you so much for your care!
Daneen S.
I connected well with Dr. Pappou. Not only was he very knowledgeable about my condition, but he was also a good listener and able to diagnose my condition instantly.
Michael R.
Great experience! It's run like a well-oiled machine. Very efficient & respect your time. Dr. Pappou was excellent! Very friendly & knowledgeable. Top-of-the-line experience. Thanks to everyone for making my afternoon at a doctor’s office so nice.
Michelle D.
I went to see Dr. Pappou for shoulder and wrist problems after being in treatment with another doctor. Dr. Pappou requested all tests that I needed. He is very knowledgeable!! His staff is courteous, and there’s minimal wait.
Lourdes T.
Dr. Pappou was great! Extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with! He and the staff at the Palm Harbor office made my wife’s several-month recovery as easy as it could be!
Michael W.
I recommend Dr. Ioannis Pappou to anyone I know. He is awesome and great with his patients. He took really good care of my elbow.
Alicia R.
Always a pleasure to interact with stellar staff and an amazingly talented doctor. Dr. Pappou did a reverse total shoulder replacement. The results and the care have been impeccable. Highly recommend the practice.
Terri A.
I had a knee revision by Dr. Palumbo at the end of February 2022. I was lucky he was able to replace just some of the parts. My first replacement was done in 2018, and never right. Because it didn't look loose on x-rays, the previous surgeon felt it was fine. I could feel it pull apart like the bottom of my leg was coming off, with constant pain and swelling. Dr. Palumbo listened to what I was saying. He said he thought he might be able to replace some parts and not have to do the full revision. I even heard him explain to a physician in training how important it was to listen to a patient like me, where imaging and physical exam show nothing remarkable. I'm so thankful he felt he could help. He did an amazing job! I was pain-free quickly, walking without assistance that night, and it's just improved. That pesky 20 pounds I gained from being unable to walk has even gone away since I'm mobile again, lol. I haven't had one problem with my new knee. Thank you, Dr. Palumbo! I'll be seeing you when my right knee revision is due.
Lori O.
I'm a general contractor by trade and a horse enthusiast on the weekends. My condition was such that I could do neither without great pain. Dr. Palumbo and the staff at Florida Orthopaedic Institute not only fixed me but did so in a most professional and friendly manner. I was made to feel comfortable thru the entire prosses and had all my questions answered along the way. They gave me my active life back, and for that, I can't thank them enough.
Kip B.
Dr. Palumbo is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. He is very thorough and explains things clearly. He performed my Conformis left knee replacement last October '21. My recovery was quick, and overall, very happy with the results. I have referred him to lots of my friends. I have scheduled my right knee replacement with him this October. If I could give Dr. Palumbo and his staff more than 5 stars, I would. I am grateful to all.
Barbara J.
The doctor was thorough and made me feel at ease. My husband used him first, and I like the way he handled him because he has Alzheimer’s.
Barbara A.
I had a total hip replacement of my right hip on July 28, 2022. It could not have gone any better. Walking with a walker within 2 hours. Walking with a cane the day after surgery - walking without a cane the next day. Now one month later going thru physical therapy with no issues or pain. Two more months and I am back on the golf course. The office staff at both locations are friendly and cheerful. I used the patient portal to ask questions and received answers within 20 minutes. Could not be happier with my results, the staff, and the doctors at Florida Orthopaedic. I recommend Dr. Palumbo to anyone looking at orthopedic surgery.
Don C.
This doctor and team resemble a factory — in a good way! Very efficient getting an appointment, then check-in, X-rays, and seeing the PA. A few minutes later, Dr. O. came in. Nice, friendly Midwesterner. A great people person. He was thorough in the X-ray review and treatment options. They often say if you go to a surgeon, they’ll say you need surgery. He didn’t. He offered up several options to relieve my back pain. If six weeks doesn’t resolve it, we’ll return for a review. Loved this place and this doctor.
Brent J.
Very informative and professional. Took time to explain my options moving forward. I highly recommend him.
Mike G.
Great doctor. Takes the time to explain every step of the process regarding your health. From dealing with back pain for years, Dr. Osburn made me feel comfortable as he explained my options to get me on course to live life again.
Leon C.
Dr. Osburn was knowledgeable, professional, kind, and caring. I am a retired critical care nurse and highly recommend his expertise. All staff members were great, including Hansel P.A., Chelsea, front desk, and x-ray. Thanks for your care.
Katrina H.
Dr. Osburn is very thorough and patient. He answers all my questions even when I'm interrupting him with more questions. He listens to my concerns and explains things in a way I understand. He seems very knowledgeable, and I highly recommend him.
Deborah J.
I highly recommend Dr. Nydick. He is very friendly & in my view, has done an exceptional, successful reverse shoulder replacement surgery. My pain was minimal. He & his staff were all helpful & genuinely concerned for my well-being. He should be your first choice if you need an ortho doctor! Thank you, kind sir!
Cheryl T.
Dr. Nydick has a good rapport with my son, who has seen him twice for hand-related fractures. He's patient and explains things in a way that both myself and my young son can understand. We asked for him each time we have needed services, and he was available with openings on his schedule.
LaToya L.
The doctor took the time to explain everything to me. The wait time was only a few minutes. The staff, from the women who put on my cast to the front desk people, were all great!! I hope I never have to use them again but would highly recommend them. 
Michele D.
Dr. Nydick was wonderful, and his staff was caring and attentive. After putting off a small surgery for a year, I was ready to have it behind me. I was able to make an appointment, have the surgery, and be cleared in my post-op, all within a month! I’m so happy I trusted my hand to him!
Gina F.
I always feel comfortable with Dr. Nydick and staff. We actually talk when I'm there. Highly recommend.
Mark B.
He did a great job repairing a very old injury to my finger. The office is very organized, and the staff is friendly.
Steven C.
Dr. Nydick is a wonderful person and surgeon. He has some great support staff in his office that are wonderful as well. He has performed two separate surgeries on me, and we are scheduled for a third. I highly recommend FOI!
Jimmy B.
Dr. Nydick was excellent. I was able to resume normal activity after a wrist injury from a fall and three weeks in a cast. I'm glad to have such a caring, competent hand Dr. for any future needs.
Patti E.
Dr. Nydick and staff were excellent. Everything happened just as he explained, and the results were better than I had imagined.
JoAnn S.
Great for recovering baseball players! He walked us through every step of the way, from physical therapy, then a strategic throwing plan to back out on the field. Thanks!!
Nicole B.
Went in for a torn calf muscle. He and the staff were great. Didn't wait long, and they attended to my needs, Were courteous and polite. Will definitely recommend.
Travis W.
Wonder personally and bedside manor! Very impressed with him and feel very comfortable with my upcoming surgery.
Tami C.
Great doctor. The procedure and Medication were great. I was good in 3 days. Thank you very much, Dr. Adam Morse.
Julio M.
Very knowledgeable and personable doctor and office staff. Thoroughly enjoyed my appointment this morning with Dr. Morse.
Stephen S.
Great care, great surgeon. Went the extra distance. As an RN of over forty years and a patient of his, I wholeheartedly recommend him. Morty B. I absolutely love Dr. Morse. He’s quick, knowledgeable, very helpful, and has a great sense of humor. He did my Achilles repair surgery four years ago, and I felt so comfortable with him that I’ve returned now for my knee problems. I’m so glad I did too.
Jennifer McD. 
Dr. Morse seems to be a nice, caring doctor that listens to you. He is my fav doctor so far, and I'm 50. Did I say he is a Jedi surgery master? Thanks, sir.
Farmer J.
Excellent joint-specific knowledge. Spent enough time to thoroughly explain things. Was very pleased with the visit.
Greg S.
Dr. Michael Miranda is an excellent doctor, kind, professional, and truly concerned and caring for his patients. He is always seeking and educating himself on the latest, best, and most effective innovations in surgical procedures to give his patients the best and most effective results in correcting their hip and knee problems. His P.A. Kelly Cornell is simply amazing as well! She is thorough, extremely informative, does not rush you out, and spends as much time as necessary, educating us, the patient, visually showing us the radiology results, what exactly your condition is and what needs to be done to correct it! They are an excellent team! I had Total Hip Replacements on both of my right and left hips by Dr. Michael Miranda and even some complications (not anything he had control of or as a result of anything he did, just my body’s reaction), and he completely took care of them, with Excellent results! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to anyone for their knee or hip issues!
Vicki C.
I absolutely enjoyed my visit. After being treated so poorly at my last doctor’s office, it was a welcoming experience. I love the cleanliness of the building. So brightly lit. I know I made a good choice.
Brenda M.
Excellent doctor. He takes very good care of all of his patients. I recommend this doctor very highly in the field of orthopedic and orthopedic surgery.
Sandra I.
Dr. Miranda and others were very helpful and patient with us. Taking time to explain all things to us. Thanks to everyone.
Hughey D.
Reasonable wait time, and Dr. Miranda has a great personality. Very attentive and not rushed. Enjoyed very much dealing with him.
Jeffrey W.
Thank you, Dr. Miranda, for making my pain go away with a partial knee replacement. You are awesome!
Sophia B.
Dr. Miranda has done a full hip replacement on both of my hips over a 2-year period. I highly recommend him and his practice as I have had excellent outcomes from both surgeries.
Jim B.
Dr. Miranda and his assistant Kelly are great. They are patient, knowledgeable, and understanding, and these qualities are very important to me. I’m confident that he is the right doctor to replace my hip and, later, my knees.
Moni T.
Facility was nice and clean. Dr. Miranda was very thorough and had a great bedside manner. He explained the entire procedure before, during, and after. He is a good friend, and I wouldn't choose anyone else! Would 100% recommend to friends and family.
Jacqui K.
The best experience with an experienced doctor that gives it to you straight and lets you know the best options for your short and long term. Thanks for being good at what you do and treating me like I am important. Dr. Miranda is simply the best!
Ben G.
This was my 3 yr. post-op visit. Didn't get the chance to see Dr. Miranda but saw another Dr. He took the time and went over the x-rays with me. The entire staff, from the receptionist to the x-ray tech to the doctor, was great. I would highly recommend FOI to anyone who would benefit from their services.
Robert C.
Dr. Miranda is excellent, as is his surgical staff!!! Don’t let the lengthy waiting room experience dissuade you from experiencing his expertise.
David H.
Dr. Miranda is great. He listens. He compares previous x-rays with today's. He is professional and thorough. Very glad he's my ortho doctor!!
Cindy H.
Being in the over 70 age group, experiencing frequent falls and injuries, with osteoarthritis, I was referred to FOI and Dr. Miranda. His immediate diagnosis of the bone-on-bone right hip, and remedy with an anterior total right hip replacement, was a surprise. But ten weeks post-surgery, I am delighted to share that it has been a success in many ways. The pain was minimal and leveled off to a current nonexistent status. And mobility is getting better daily. Highly recommend Dr. Miranda and his Staff.
Caring and concerned. He was professional, approachable, and made me feel 100% comfortable in his knowledge and his field of expertise!
Terry D.
Dr. Miranda did some orthopedic surgery for my spouse. He is a great doctor not only with the surgery but with his attentiveness to her needs. I would highly recommend Dr. Miranda and Florida Orthopaedic.
Dennis H.
He’s a great surgeon, and if we need to get in to see if they get you in to see him at his office as soon as possible. Great bedside manner. Excellent knowledge. He fixed my ankle and my tibia. It was totally fractured. He’s an outrageous surgeon. Very thoughtful and respectful of your needs. His clinical assistant Jennifer is another professional person. I was very fortunate to have him as my surgeon. He shines extra bright in so many ways. Thank you, Dr. Mir, for saving my leg.
Linda C.
I saw him. He guided me thru my knee pain, and I am now 100 percent. Explains everything. Gentle. Didn’t feel rushed. Great office. Nice guy.
Imran C.
Dr. Mir is a top orthopedic trauma specialist. He did my surgery after a bad fall, and I am thankful for his expert help. Because of his knowledge and skills, I am expecting to make a full recovery.
Pat J.
He performed an amazing surgery on my 16 YO son in 2011 when he was working at Vanderbilt Medical Center. I believe he is the best ortho trauma surgeon in the country!
Kathy M.
Dr. Mighell was very straightforward and professional yet empathetic and fully understanding of the little details of the challenges I was facing. He instantly inspired total confidence in his knowledge and his ability to articulate it in understandable terms.
Duane B.
Dr. Mighell is an incredibly talented surgeon and a wonderful person. I highly recommend him to anyone with an orthopedic issue in his area of specialty.
William B.
I would give 10 stars if I could. Dr. Mighell was able to accommodate my unplanned shoulder surgery (a bad break that needed a plate) after Christmas and at a time when many are overbooked or out for a holiday. I am now five months postop and almost at 100% use of my shoulder - confident that I will get to 100%. He brings not only expertise but also takes the time to explain in a gentle & caring style. I HIGHLY recommend him.
Barbara P.
Dr. Mighell is very knowledgeable and also very personable. Listens to his patients and cares. Highly recommend him.
Vandan K.
Dr. Mighell is truly an amazing surgeon! So wonderful to have someone with such a great caring personality and such great knowledge and experience! The whole team is WORKING TOGETHER above and beyond to make me feel so much better every single time!
Jo C.
Amazing surgeon who listens to you and treats you like a person and not a number. Highly recommend him!
Kayla B.
Very nice guy. Was very polite and the staff are nice too!! Willing to go the extra step (no pun) ... These people actually seem like they care, unlike many places out there!! Two thumbs up (also no pun)
Stuart M.
I had a wonderful experience with the whole team at Florida Orthopedic. I fell and needed a shoulder replacement after just moving to Florida. Dr. Mighell was very easy to converse with and did a wonderful job with my shoulder replacement.
Jane A.
Very, very pleased with Dr. Mighell, such a caring and compassionate doctor. Overall, the staff is just great.
Paulett T.
I am four months post-surgery-3rd within one year for elbow plate removal. Extension ROM is in a good place, but flexion is taking its time, and progress is being made (slowly). Dr. Mighell and staff are very encouraging, and it is going to take time.
Regina K.
Dr. Mighell is exceptional. Remembered my husband from 11 years prior. He is gifted with healing and is professional, kind, and caring. He is the BEST!!!!
Cinde L.
Thanks to Dr. Mighell, the surgeon at Florida Orthopaedic! It’s been one year since I had my left shoulder replaced, and it is working just fine. I just completed a one-mile open water swim at Clearwater. A beautiful day for a swim! 57 years ago, I initially hurt it during practice for a wrestling tournament at Overlea High School. In 1978 I had a large screw emplaced to stabilize the shoulder. That finally wore out, and last August, I had a reverse replacement. Again, thanks to Dr. Mighell
Bill K.
Tore my bicep tendon, and Dr. Mighell performed the operation. I had absolutely no post-surgery pain and didn't have to take any pain meds. His support staff is top-notch! Highly recommend him!
I have had several orthopedic surgeries, but Dr. Maxson made sure the knee replacement he performed was the easiest to recover from. Dr. Maxson was very friendly and professional. He made sure I understood the procedure, and recovery was almost painless and very swift. Wonderful bedside manner too!
Elaine V.
I went back to Florida Ortho to see Dr. Maxon for my 2nd follow-up after knee arthroscopy. I applaud the office staff and Dr. Maxon himself for the great care, the great communication, and the time Dr. Maxon takes to answer questions.
Jan T.
I had surgery on June 16. I am in my pool already. If there were more stars, I would add them. His whole staff was excellent there. I went to South Bay, and they did the surgery. That whole staff there is a five star also.
Mark K.
Always great service and care. Was a little disappointed I didn't get to see Dr. Maxson on my 1st recheck. However, I really liked his PA that I saw. She is amazing and very caring.
Virginia L.
Scheduling my appointment was easy, and I was able to get scheduled in two weeks. I arrived early for my appointment and the staff had me x-rayed and prepared to see the doctor before my appointment time. Very quick and efficient. Dr. Maxon and his PA are very pleasant. I left my appointment feeling hopeful and excited to get started on addressing and treating my ailing hips. I'm tired of being crippled at 50(ish).
Kevin C. 
Dr. Maxson is a great doctor. Very patient and will take time to explain things, and he addresses your concerns. He does not rush your visit. The staff is great, especially Maria.
Loreen B.
Excellent doctor. Very professional. He operated on my left knee a month ago, and I am already walking without help and have recovered very well.
Teresita M.
First time to have an appointment with Dr. Maxson very pleased and impressed with the information and treatment provided. Excellent.
Bernard M.
I have used this practice many times for different body parts. Each doctor I have had has been great - Dr. Maxson is no exception. He was professional, kind, caring, and informative, and he listened to my concerns, forming a cohesive plan of treatment with me, NOT for me. Would recommend Dr. Maxson and other practitioners working there. The physical therapy program and therapists are excellent as well.
L. M.
I have been seeing Dr. Maxson for over one year, and I am very pleased that I am able to walk without pain after a total knee replacement. It seems that recovery takes a bit longer to recover after a knee replacement.
Maurice L.
My trust goes a long way with Dr. Lyons. Always gives me accurate straight information, so I understand the process. Top two doctors at this facility are Dr. John Small and Dr. Steven Lyons in my book.
Tim F.
I was seen by Dr. Lyons this morning about the pain in my hips. After reading my x-rays and MRI, I believe he was thorough and competent. I left the office feeling I had been given good advice and feeling good about the office visit. Thank you, Dr. Lyons,
Sandra V.
I had a bad flare-up on my knee this past weekend. Called today and was given a same-day appointment. I feel that I was blessed to get in today to get relief. Dr. Lyons is very compassionate and willing to go that extra mile for you. His nurse and staff were extremely helpful too. I highly recommend Dr. Lyons.
Marina O.
One of the best. Dr. Lyons did my first knee replacement in 2016, and now I'm scheduled for my other knee. And if this goes as good as the last one, I should have no problems. I trust Dr. Lyons and his excellent skills.
Rene B.
It was great to meet Dr. Lyons. His secretary/medical assistant is so very efficient. I met a young doctor by the name of Dr. Johnson, a fellow. He explained a lot of what I needed to know and answered my questions. I'm pretty sure that I spent more time with him than Dr. Lyons. When I left the office, it was all kind of a blur. There is a lot of information to take in. A friend of mine had a fairly complicated knee replacement last year. She highly recommended Dr. Lyons. Just last week, I saw an old friend quite unexpectedly. Remembering that she had a replacement, we talked about her experience. I was surprised to learn that Dr. Lyons also did her surgery, and she will have the other knee done on the first of next year. Her leg is now straight, which it definitely was not before surgery. Saying all of that, I feel comfortable in my choice of Dr. Lyons as my surgeon.
Sandy G.
I was pleasantly surprised at all the information that was shared with me from both Dr. Lyons and his assistant.
Lori S.
This was an excellent experience, as always. He is very personable and treats my medical concerns with good medical advice. I would refer him to anyone who needs his type of services.
Linda L.
Dr. Lyons & staff are wonderful. He is patient & answered all my questions. He offered several options & didn't just force me into surgery. Although I will require surgery in the future, for now, we are working together to provide me with pain relief & added mobility until that day comes.
Tracy K.
Dr. Lopez, PA Tatiana, and the Riverview office staff are absolutely the BEST orthopedic group in Florida. I have had numerous issues resolved, with a 100% success rate, over 25 years! I would never consider going to anyone else for orthopedic treatment.
Gary Y.
He was very detailed and professional and had a wonderful bedside manner. He understood my issues and worked with me to figure out what was going on.
Teresa R.
As usual, Dr. Lopez was great. Cares about his patients and is always helpful. Wouldn’t go to anyone else. 
Ron M.
Very friendly and professional. Understood the issues I'm having with my knee. A very good listener. Gave me confidence concerning what to expect during my healing and recovery. Highest possible recommendations.
Stephen S.
The nurse was very kind today and very thorough. Good experience with the x-ray technician too. After my blood work, I will see Dr. Lopez in person.
Peggy C.
Dr. Lopez is a warm, nice, professional doctor. I would recommend him to anyone. You will be in great hands with Dr. Lopez. He treated me with the utmost respect.
Tia L.
Dr. Lopez is a pro. Always has been and always will be. God bless him, his family, and his team. They were all professional. This was a great place for me. Everyone was a team and treated patients with respect. Awesome. Like I said, Dr. Lopez is a pro.
Pablo H.
Dr. Lopez and his staff are very thorough, and he takes the time to listen and come up with a plan of care using effective communication!! Thank you!!
Natasha M.
I would recommend Dr. Peter Lopez to everyone. He is very lovely and addresses your issues. He doesn't jump in and say you need surgery. Physical therapy first and see what happens. Another doctor said I would end up with surgery, and my hand is great - no surgery whatsoever. Thank you, Dr. Lopez!! A++
Teresa W.
I'm very impressed with the skills of Dr. Loewy. He did a superb job of ankle replacement surgery for me. Promised to get me back on the ballroom dance floor in 6 months, and I'm tentatively there in 3! It feels wonderful. His attending staff also supports him well and will do a good job for you, too. Feel confident in putting your foot problems in his hands.
Karen D.
Dr. Loewy and his staff are fantastic. They were caring and helped me through a tough time. Dr. Loewy spent a lot of time explaining the procedure and healing process. I tore my Achilles a little over a year ago, and the reattachment and shaving off my bone spurs was a huge success, thanks to him. I am able to run full speed again after just one year is just blowing my mind. Thanks, Dr. Loewy!
Khang T.
Dr. Loewy is very professional. He showed me X-rays of surgery that was completed on my ankle. My questions were answered, and I felt assured that all is progressing nicely. Staff was very cordial. All made me feel comfortable.
Gayle O.
Everyone was very nice, and the doctor was very good and professional. Also, the facility was very clean.
Emilio P.
A great doctor really, really takes the time out to talk to his patients and listens to their concerns and gives positive feedback.
Trina S.
Dr. Lowey is nothing less than amazing. I’ve been battling infections and deformation from 2 botched foot surgeries on the same foot and honestly have some doctor PTSD going on. Unfortunately, the pain I was in finally superseded my anxiety over finding once who could actually help me, as I needed a full reconstruction now. I am currently two weeks post-op, and my foot already looks better but, most importantly, feels better. I'm a hairstylist and stand on my legs some days as much as 16 hours. Dr. Lowey is a fixer and in tune with more modern procedures. He is highly educated, which is impressive for a younger doctor and extremely explanatory in terms I can understand, my healing process has been easy, and I’m not in excruciating pain. Going to their offices is easy and quick too. I love they have their own radiology/imaging at most of their locations and physical therapy. It’s like Walmart for orthopedics, where you get everything done in one place. I would refer anyone with foot and ankle issues to Dr. Lowey. And one more quick mention the receptionist in the x-ray area that was checking me in was delivered flowers from one of their patients for being so helpful and kind to her. That speaks volumes to me. Big thanks to Dr. Lowey and his support staff.
Lam M.
Everything was fantastic - the service and employees were fantastic. The building on its own on the inside was spotless clean - bathrooms clean. I didn't wait long, and everyone was helpful since I was in a wheelchair. I will recommend this place. Thank you, and you all have a blessed day.
Ana C.
Perfect. Everything went smoothly, professionally, and I felt very confident with my doctor and staff. Florida Orthopedics is a very well-oiled machine.
I tore my ACL back in November and was previously seeing Dr. G. to treat it. I was sent to physical therapy with ibuprofen and given an ACL brace. After my month's follow-up, I expressed concerns about continued pain even with physical therapy, and I didn’t feel like anything was getting better. He belittled me and offered no other options except for physical therapy and ibuprofen. After a few months of this vicious cycle, I became very frustrated and expressed these frustrations to my wonderful physical therapist, who referred me to Dr. Kumar. This was the best decision I have ever made. I had an appointment with his PA, Rachel, who was absolutely wonderful and walked me through the MRI results and explained everything to me. By the end of the appointment, I was scheduled for surgery in less than a month and was given direct contact information for any questions I had. Rachel and Dr. Kumar listened to my concerns and gave me solutions as well as options. They talked to me like a person and validated all of the feelings and concerns I had. I just got home from my post-op appointment, and even though it sucks and the road to recovery is very long, I would still choose them. I have felt supported and safe throughout the entire process. I can’t speak for everyone, but my experience with Dr. Kumar was one of the best by far, and I would recommend him and his staff to anyone and everyone I know! Great job and thank you for all you do!
Lexy F.
I had an amazing experience with Dr. Kumar today. His bedside manner is impeccable. The entire staff was friendly, and I didn't feel like just another patient. Thank you!
Curves For Me
Dr. Kumar is the absolute best. He explained my condition in great detail and gave me different options that allowed me to make the best decision moving forward.
Micah B.
Dr. Kumar is probably one of the best specialists I have been to. He’s down to earth, real, didn’t rush me, and listened. Medicine the way it should be. The staff was excellent as well.
Andrew A.
The doctor is young and into all the latest studies & research for my issue. I loved that he was super informative about my injury as well as the treatment.
Kaynah L.
Skilled and knowledgeable physician. Takes time to answer questions and explain goals and options for treatment. Great experience.
Wallace W.
He fully explained what was going on with me in great detail. He put it in terms so that I could understand every word. Seems like a man with great character.
Frederick G.
Dr. Kannen was very reassuring of my recovery from this injury. He made me feel at ease. Thank you.
Michael B.
Dr. Kannen was great. I was seen within 3 minutes of walking through the door, and he took all the time needed to explain what my issue was and also walked me through the ultrasound on my heel. The x-ray tech Rene was super nice too.
Cote C.
Got in on time. Dr. Kannen was very attentive and took the time to listen to my problem. Explained everything and allowed my input. If I have any more problems would definitely see him again. Also, the office staff and nurses were top-notch.
Bob H.
I had an appointment with orthopedic Dr. Jeffrey Kannen for pain in both knees when I walked. I thought Dr. Kannen was excellent. All office staff were wearing face masks which I really appreciated, and they require all patients to wear them. The waiting room is very large with lots of seating, which gives you the opportunity to sit far away from others if you choose to. The forms I had to fill out online I felt were asking repetitive and redundant questions. The forms seemed overly lengthy. However, when I got to Dr. Kannen's office, the check-in was very fast. The office staff and medical assistants were extremely organized. About a half dozen x-rays were taken of my knees. All staff members and Dr. Kannen were very friendly and professional, which I really appreciated. I was able to see Dr. Kannen very quickly after the x-rays were taken. He showed me some exercises I could do to help strengthen my knees. He also prescribed medical knee support braces for when I walk. An assistant showed me different knee braces and helped me pick out the correct size. I actually walked out wearing my new support braces. Because I received a professional fitting, the knee support braces were very comfortable, and I could feel tremendous support exactly where I needed it on the inside part of each knee. I only had a $5 copay, and Dr. Kannen's staff confirmed that my insurance paid 100% of the knee support braces, so there was no cost to me. I feel it would be nice if they would streamline the online check-in forms. But overall, I thought Dr. Kannen and his staff at the Florida Orthopaedic Institute were excellent. I would highly recommend Dr. Kannen.
Don S.
Dr. Jackson and his team have set an example of excellence in medical professional integrity and manner! I exclaim the triple bravo to Florida orthopedic for expressing sincere care, concern, and compassion for their patients through their staff and doctors!
M. B.
I got in quickly, but I don't mind waiting. I was with a new person that works for Dr. Jackson; his name was Larry H. He was so nice and caring. I like everyone there. I have been a patient of Dr. Jackson for about fifteen years. He has helped me immensely!
Elizabeth W.
Dr. Jackson and his staff are wonderful. My low back pain has improved greatly, and I am so thankful for Dr. Jackson's help. The employees in Dr. Jackson's office are great too. 
Cynthia B.
Didn't see Dr. Jackson but saw his associate Deborah. She did an excellent job with helping me to get my back into shape with P.T. and the correct meds.
Mary Ann S.
Dr. Jackson, Deborah, ARNP, Sara, and the whole staff go above and beyond expectations. They are knowledgeable, caring, and above all, truly want the best for the patients. I highly recommend Dr. Jackson.
Kathleen R.
The gang at FOI Telecom is the best! I've never had a bad experience and definitely recommend them.
Jeanne C.
My operation was great -- no problems and no pain. The office visits went very well, and my healing was exceptional! Would recommend him highly.
Reen M.
Everyone was very professional and pleasant. Every question was answered in terms that were easy to understand, and everything was well managed and scheduled to make the best use of my time and the staff’s time.
Paul N.
Dr. Infante is Aces! He always takes care of me! The staff at the Sun City Center office is terrific also! Bravo!!!
Kennedy Y.
Complex trauma ankle surgery at Blake Hospital. This was a follow-up visit, and Dr. Infante was kind and professional.
Robert M.
Dr. Infante is the Best Doctor in town! Very personable, knowledgeable, and easy to get hold of with questions - even better than going through the nursing staff. My Daughter had the best experience under Dr. Infante's care. Thank you, Dr. Infante!
Joy N.
Dr. Infante is a very good doctor. He is sociable, professional, and caring, and much, much more. He sits down and explains x-rays, tells you the good as well as the possible problems behind all procedures. He is very patient and enjoys a good joke now and then.
Joel D.
Friendly staff, very helpful, and knowledgeable in response to my questions. I am having great results from my knee replacement and would recommend Dr. Infante highly.
Benny B.
Had an initial consultation with Dr. Infante today. He was extremely helpful, knowledgeable of my current situation, was friendly, and answered all of our questions. I am grateful for the time he spent with me today. I have a clear picture of what my case holds. I felt as though my case was the most important thing to him while I was in my consultation. Great visit!
Penny H.
Infante, as he's affectionately known in our family, is caring, kind, skilled, and professional. Thankful he is my knee doctor!
Anita B.
Dr. Infante is both a skilled surgeon and a doctor who listens. Great knee replacement results and patient care. The post-op process was organized in advance by his staff, including all medical equipment and post-op in-home therapy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. I wholeheartedly.
Carol P.
Dr. Infante did an amazing job with my father Armando Morales's knee replacement. The office staff was extremely courteous, and I can’t say enough great things about nurse Brad and the rest of the staff. Highly recommend Dr. Infante.
Joshua M.
I had an appointment with Dr. Infante regarding my knee. He was very cordial but to the point. He explained all of my treatment options, went over my X-rays, and even told me what I could expect going forward. Totally recommend. He will be part of my healthcare team.
Lucy G.
Very happy with the care I receive at this office. Dr. Infante is a great doctor, and all of the staff are kind and efficient. Jenn took good care of me, helpful and considerate.
Jeanne V.
Dr. Infante has been amazing. My 94-year-old mother broke her hip, and he patiently explained things to both of us. He is very thoughtful and obviously a skilled surgeon, as she is pretty much moving around just as good as before the fall.
Leda M.
The staff at FOI is very kind and professional, and Dr. Infante is an awesome Dr. I highly recommend him!
Bobby C.
What a great Dr. Mr. Infante was very friendly, full of joy, and a delight to be around. Not too many doctors are so jovial with his patients and staff.
Iris S.
Everyone there is very friendly, and they do their job well. Dr. Hess always has a nice smile. He makes me smile too, even if I’ve had a hard day.
Ellen D.
This was my first visit to Dr. Hess's office. Everyone was very professional. Dr. Hess went over all of my options for my condition. I would highly recommend him.
Karen C.
Dr. Hess was great. He diagnosed the problem, gave me a solution, did the surgery, and all went as planned. I'm still healing; it's only been four weeks since the surgery, but I'm at 98% with mobility/agility already, about 80% of strength is back, and I can do just about anything I need (get dressed, work, workout, etc.), and only feel slight pain when I hit my hand by accident or forget it's still healing and do too much.
Dee A.
Dr. Hess is pleasant, knowledgeable, and excellent at administering treatment. Also, just a nice guy!!
Gary S.
Dr. Hess and his entire office staff were very efficient and kind and caring. I didn't have to wait long to be seen upon arriving for my appointment. Dr. Hess and his associate Dr. Levine reviewed everything regarding my injury and all options for treatment. Their caring and compassion truly made me feel good that I chose to be treated by Dr. Hess and his great staff at his office.
Phyllis G.
Explained my treatment in detail and answered all my questions. Very knowledgeable and professional.
Debbie F.
Dr. Hess and the team are a pleasure to see. It is run very efficiently. Once I sat down, I was called in and seen within 5 minutes. My appointment was at 11:00 am, and I had everything taken care of by 12:00 pm.
Sue B.
My recent surgery went perfectly. I felt informed through the entire process, and Dr. Hess, his associates, and the surgery staff were wonderful. Thank you, Dr. Hess.
Susan M.
The best of the BEST!! What an amazing Doctor...would refer Dr. Hess to you with the highest of ratings.
Deanna A.
Dr. Hess is a godsend. He is such a great surgeon. He was able to take care of my joint surgery when all others said no. Always takes the time to listen and is very caring. Highly recommended.
Steve T.
Excellent experience!!! Prompt and efficient service. Dr. Gustke and the staff were very personable. Took the time to explain my options for my knee.
Tom T.
Had both hips replaced by Dr. Gustke and his staff. Everyone was knowledgeable and nice! Everything went like clockwork!
Lynn E.
Doctor Gustke is an absolute pro. I am from New York and had one hip replaced at Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC - he is better!! I would trust him completely for total hip replacement!
Connie G.
Excellent professional, excellent human treatment, his explanations regarding my case were easy to understand. He performed the surgical operation to place implants in both knees in 2003, with a fantastic result. In these almost twenty years, I returned to enjoy my normal life without any discomfort or pain and without taking any medication.
Miguel H.
I was blown away at the exceptional service provided to me today with Dr. Grayson! His staff was knowledgeable and professional! I wish I would have found them sooner; the process and results exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be a lifetime patient for ANY of my orthopedic needs! Thanks so much, Dr. Grayson!
Donna D.
Dr. Grayson is very focused on the patient needs and concerns. After reviewing my X-Rays, he took time to explain his assessment and worked to develop a plan to improve my condition. I highly recommend Dr. Grayson.
Bob L.
Dr. Grayson and his staff are awesome. I had a total knee replacement in early May and am extremely satisfied with the progress of my knee. I've been suffering with knee problems since my teens. He and his staff have gone above and beyond with their care. Thank you, and may God keep blessing you guys with your practice and expertise.
Jose C.
Dr. Grayson was recommended by his colleagues. Before visiting Dr. Grayson, my hip was bone on bone, and I couldn't walk. I was in a lot of pain putting any weight on my right hip and trying to walk. Dr. Grayson said I wouldn't be in any pain, and I'm not. I have full use of my right hip and leg and am no longer a cripple. I had no complications. I will now live the rest of my life being pain-free and able to walk. I believe Dr. Grayson is committed to his patients and is an outstanding and skilled surgeon. I will thank him every time I stand on my right leg.
Meredith E.
The visit was very pleasant and quite enlightening. I feel the doctor thoroughly understands my problem and is working to resolve it.
Martin L.
I saw Dr. Grayson and was very happy with everything from beginning to end. His staff was great. He is amazing! I highly recommend him to anyone.
Patricia A.
He is an amazing surgeon. I had a failed knee replacement done by another doctor, and he was the only doctor I spoke to that agreed to replace it. I am on the younger side to have the need for a knee replacement, and now I will have a better quality of life thanks to Dr. Grayson. I am forever grateful and feel blessed to have found him.
Sylvia S.
Dr. Gasser is very professional and took extra time to show and explain knee issues/surgery outcomes. Great surgical results. Would highly recommend him.
Susan B.
Everyone was extremely patient and kind. Dr. Gasser was also very patient, kind, and knowledgeable. Very happy to have gone to him for my knee. Great doctor. He came highly recommended, and now I see why.
Cheryl F.
We really appreciate and respect Dr. Gasser. My husband was able to see him for both visits. Dr. Gasser took as much time as we needed and answered all of our questions. He referred my husband for a reverse shoulder replacement since the injury was severe and could not be repaired. He is very compassionate and caring. We love Gabby too:) Very helpful assisting with an appointment with Dr. Frankle.
Lisa T.
Excellent Dr. with gifted precise surgical hands. Compassionate and personal too. My knee is recovering well with a rare surgical procedure in adults that Dr. Gasser meticulously and successfully performed. As a nurse myself, I would highly recommend!
Diane T.
Dr. Gasser is outstanding. He diagnosed my problem in seconds and was thorough in the explanation and treatment options. Highly recommend him for anyone with an orthopedic injury.
Mike C.
Great overall experience. Would recommend to anyone who has any knee issues. The surgery went very smoothly. All my questions were answered, and truly felt comfortable both pre- and post-operation.
Alexander K.
If I could give 10 stars, I would. Both Dr. Gasser and Elio are world-class professionals. I tore my ACL, LCL, MCL, and meniscus, and I cannot believe how good of a job they did! I wouldn’t go anywhere else or trust anyone else besides them. They made an impossible situation and made it perfect!
Very professional and caring. He took the time to answer all my questions and showed genuine concern for my wellbeing.
Christina M.
If you’re looking for a Knee Specialist who truly listens, cares, takes time with you, affirms and validates you as a patient, all while demonstrating the most proficient knowledge in terms you can understand, then look no further! Dr. Garlick is all that and more! Also, he has a fantastic staff and office space! They are kind, friendly, patient, and helpful, and they put you at ease quickly. From scheduling to check-in, to diagnostic testing, to the exam room, efficiency for their patients is their number one priority. I call it one-stop shopping! No need to run around struggling to schedule appointments for multiple tests at different locations because they do it all in-house. And no more paper forms, clipboards, and long, uncomfortable waiting areas. Technology and design have merged to create a space any patient would want to wait in! From a check-in process that is quick, easy, worry-free, and hassle-free - to a spaciously designed inviting waiting area, Florida Orthopaedic has it all! Trust me, once you go here, you’ll never want to go anywhere else! Thank you, Dr. Garlick, and thank you, Florida Orthopaedic, for exceptional treatment and service!!!
Susan H.
Very professional & thorough. A great listener and is very caring. I highly recommend Dr. Garlick for your orthopedic needs. Also provides the best option for your orthopedic needs.
Janice C.
Dr. Garlick was amazing! His bedside manner and willingness to spend time with me answering any question I had was refreshing! I didn’t feel like just another number or that he was trying to hurry through - he really cares!
Melani T.
Dr. Garlick was interested in me and helped me with the pain I’ve been dealing with. He also helped me with my new financial situation. Great doctor, great person. Had many laughs with Dr. Garlick and staff. This is the second time in 12 years I’ve been in contact with the doctor, and that is why I went back. See y’all in November. Thank you all!!!
Timothy W.
Dr. Grant Garlick is one of the best!!! 14 years ago, I was referred to an orthopedic doctor for a swollen knee. He spent about 10 minutes with me, and I walked out of his office with a date for surgery...a complete knee replacement. At 50 years old, I was petrified. I had to get a second opinion, and Dr. Garlick came highly recommended from a coworker. He is never in a hurry, has excellent bedside manners, and makes me feel 100% comfortable on each visit...after all these years, I now feel like a part of his family, and I have yet to do surgery. Thank you, Dr. Garlick, and your staff for the excellent service you provide daily. I am a very satisfied patient.
Dr. Joan R.
DR. GARLICK IS OUTSTANDING. I have been seeing him for a while now. He has always been caring and very informative, and willing to answer any questions. I recently had a total knee replacement and could not have asked for any better results. I had outstanding care from Dr. Garlick and his staff. If there were a higher review, I would have given it to him. You will not find any better.
Earl D.
Great doctor. Had my diagnosis in just a matter of a few minutes. Friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. I would recommend this doctor to anyone with shoulder pain.
Jeff B.
Dr. Garcia did a great job with my arm. He was very informative and friendly. He's all business when it comes to healing bones, but he was encouraging with my progress. I highly recommend him. Hopefully, I will not break any bones in the future and therefore won't need his services; but if I do, he will be my first choice.
Joanie S.
Doctor Garcia is a great wonderful, pleasant doctor. He has a wonderful staff. I've been to three of his offices, and each time I went, I received the best treatment. I recommend Dr. Garcia to anyone. Thank you, Dr. Garcia, and staff.
Renee J.
Dr. Garcia is outstanding. He is thorough, thoughtful, and friendly. Has a great bedside manner and, as we say in NY, is on top of his game. I am blessed to find and be under the care of such an awesome doctor!
Maggie L.
I broke my elbow (olecranon) and had a plate and eight screws in it. Dr. Garcia and his staff have done an excellent job of being thorough and following up with any concerns. The elbow is healing well, and very little pain was experienced overall. The scar looks amazing. Thank you all for your dedication to helping people!
Anna C.
I have never been to a specialist office like this before! Not only were they efficient, but professional as well as compassionate. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing an orthopedist.
Robin I.
Dr. Garcia performed my carpal tunnel surgery! I’m grateful he was my physician. Dr. explained everything as we progressed through treatment. I must share my experience extended throughout his practice. I was treated with respect by anyone I came in contact with. I’ve been to many medical offices in my days, and this practice has been the best. Happy to be associated with everyone affiliated here.
Bonnie G.
Dr. Garcia has been wonderful. He addresses my concerns and explains all my treatments. It is very hard to be nervous around him because he is always in a good mood and has a great sense of humor. His whole demeanor is that of a caring person who really wants to help you.
Maureen P.
He is a wonderful doctor. I’m glad I met him. I recommend him to other people.
Irenea C.
Great. Professional. He listens to patients and cares about their concerns. The office staff is very friendly and customer service oriented.
Tammy O.
Dr. Garcia and his PA, Meagan, have amazing bedside manners. Since the first time I met them, I felt like I was a family member. That is a rare quality for doctors and PAs. I always feel like I am in the best of care. It's a blessing and an honor to be a patient of theirs. They continue to give me the utmost best care! Kudos to both of them!
Maggie L.
Great practice and great doctor! Dr. Garcia and his staff have been a pleasure to work with and have left no questions or concerns unanswered.
John D.
I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Frankle. He has helped to dramatically improve my life. I had severe shoulder osteoarthritis and had lost a lot of functionality and mobility of my arms due to severe pain. The shoulder replacements were almost completely painless. The pain is now all gone. My range of motion is returning. My quality of life has improved drastically. Thank you, Dr. Frankle. Amazing doctor. Genius. Inventor.
Dwight D.
I just came home from a follow-up appointment, and I was talking to my partner about my visit. Dr. Frankle was really nice and really cool. Very easy to talk to, thorough, explains things so you can understand, doesn’t talk down to you. He’s a special type of doctor. Everybody at the front desk is cool too. Nice and smiley. 5/5 would go again
Leslie J.
Six months since my Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery, and I couldn't be happier. I have way more range of motion and use of my Shoulder than I was told I might have! It's no wonder Dr. Frankle came so highly recommended. He is the best!!!!!
Jim E.
Staff is very friendly and helpful, very courteous, and very professional! I have been seeing Dr. Frankle for five years, and I would recommend him to anyone with shoulder problems!
June B.
Dr. Frankle communicates with a lot of knowledge, professionalism, and kindness. He made it easy for me to understand my health situation. His assistant was also very professional, kind, and easy to comprehend. After my office visit, I felt better and equipped with new knowledge, which I can implement to improve my condition. Thank you so much!
Deepa M.
I have had two surgeries by Doctor Frankel. He is the best at what he does. He is a very accomplished surgeon. He is clear and listens to both symptoms and follow-up questions. I am getting ready to have another surgery, and I will only use him.
Elk M.
Most professional, caring, and helpful experience from any medical professional I have ever seen! I have been here multiple times over many years. Always the same great experience.
R. C.
Both Jeff, the PA, and Dr. Frankle were outstanding! They thoroughly explained the issue with my shoulder and eased my anxiety over the injection they gave me. I highly recommend Dr. Frankle and his staff!
Marc L.
I love talking with Dr. Frankle. His expertise speaks so much about his presence, his candidness, and his humility (which I admire the most). Thank you, Dr. Frankle. Keep up the good work.
Stanley H.
Dr. Epting is extremely thorough. She does not waste any time, and she is straightforward to the point, which I love. I was experiencing back pain for over three months and was denied MRIs multiple times by the insurance company. Doctor Epting and her team quickly got me in for an MRI. After physical therapy, trigger point injections, and a couple of different rounds of steroids from ER doctors and primary care, she suggested doing an epidural injection. Her bedside manner is fantastic. She listens and follows through with an action plan. She comes into every visit prepared and has notes of things we discussed and things that worked for me or didn't. The day following the epidural injection, I felt the best I had felt in months and back to my usual self. I was going from not being able to pick up a carton of milk to being able to proceed with my normal activities. I would recommend Doctor Epstein to anybody, and I am grateful for her excellent bedside manner and knowledge. It's hard to find good providers with good office staff, and Florida Orthopedic seems to be figuring out how to keep the excellent staff.
Giana S.
An excellent medical evaluation with a very attentive and helpful staff. Very grateful to all. Also, in the area of physical therapies in both Citrus and Cypress, it has been a great experience. They are all really professional. I would recommend someone who needs their attention. Thank you.
Alma D.
Dr. Epting was very upbeat and positive, and sure of her diagnosis for a spinal injection. I felt very comfortable with her ability.
William B.
My 22-year-old son shattered multiple bones in his foot/ankle, and when we searched for the best surgeon, Dr. Epting was recommended to us by several people. It was worth the hour Drive as we have been extremely impressed by Dr. Epting and his entire staff. Even though this is what they deal with every day, they still made us feel very valued and cared for. They addressed all our concerns, and communication was always quick and easy, which is a rarity in the medical profession. I highly recommend Dr. Epting and his team.
Michelle M.
Doctor Timothy C. Epting did a fantastic job with my foot (surgery and after surgery). I strongly recommend Doctor Timothy.
Ella L.
Very professional from check-in to exam and checkout. Diagnosis and recommended treatment were thorough and explained in understandable language, and I feel very confident that I am being treated properly! Highly recommend this orthopedic group!
Bob B.
I always have a great experience with FOI employees, and Dr. Epting is wonderful. He is very thorough and takes his time to explain my issues and recommendations for improvements.
John V.
Dr. Epting was very familiar with my toe issue & thoroughly discussed three options with me. I opted for the fusion & was amazed at how quickly the surgery was scheduled. It's been only two weeks since surgery & I feel I was well prepared by him & his staff for the recovery process. I highly recommend Dr. Epting!
Susan B.
He is a very good doctor. He explains everything to the patients. Very polite, kind, intelligent, and very professional. My experience is excellent.
Yanara G.
First appointment with the doctor, and I was impressed with his manner and knowledge. Would highly recommend.
John M.
Dr. Epting was incredibly attentive, caring, and efficient! Truly appreciated his care and would definitely recommend him!
Shubhangi J.
Awesome doctor. I completely trust his diagnosis; he gives you the facts and explains my options. He did the surgery on my foot, where I had broken three metatarsal bones and dislocated a fourth. He patched me up. All the bones have healed nicely. Now I just have a painful bunion left.
Mumtaz K.
Dr. Epting is very honest and knowledgeable. He did not push any certain treatment plan on me, and his staff was great!
William W.
Phenomenal surgeon that took on my unique ankle surgery that my previous ankle surgeon politely passed on. Dr. Epting is easy to talk to and explains the surgery/recovery/healing process very well. I highly recommend!!
Cindy W.
Dr. Echols was fantastic! He was attentive and professional and most of all funny!! He listened, reviewed x-rays, and explained the problem, process, and options. I am very pleased with him and the service that I received. Thank you!!
Dawn M.
Top-of-the-line doctor. Detailed and down to earth. That’s probably why it’s so hard to get an appointment with him. Highly recommend Doctor Echols. He has a clear understanding of how military service can play a role in Orthopedic health. Veteran friendly. Great guy!
Terrance L.
Dr. Echols is a great surgeon. That's all that matters. Beyond that, he is conversant, pleasant, and always answers all my questions. My torn rotator cuff was a disaster, and he made it right. He outlined what I can expect in therapy, and I am looking forward to a complete recovery. I recommend him and Florida Orthopaedic Institute highly.
Shrine C.
Great attitude. Made the info clear and understandable. Hopefully soon, I can say a successful surgery also.
Ryan C.
Doctor Eddy Echols is a very good surgeon. He got my knee better and is good at what he does. He explained everything that you need to know after surgery.
Delia T.
Dr. Echols is the best! He is vastly knowledgeable, professional, and a gifted surgeon with a warm manner…I recommend him without hesitation!
Dana B.
Dr. Eddy Echols is an awesome surgeon. He is meticulous about his treatment plans, physical therapy, etc. He is a very kind and compassionate doctor who actively listens in full detail, answers questions, and gives detailed plans for treatment.
Terrie M.
Friendly, thorough, and great bedside manner. Wait time was a little aggressive, but his congeniality made up for it. The office staff was very nice as well.
Jessica E.
Resolved my left shoulder issues with care and professionalism. Great bedside manner, including his staff.
Orlinda B.
Service is great, and he explains everything in detail. The waiting time is not great, but what doctor's office visit is on time? 5 stars from me!
Doris B.
Dr. Echols is the best of the best. Professionalism, intellect, genuine caring, he has it all. Not only is he the greatest, but his PA is as good as it gets.
Sharon B.
I am so grateful for Dr. Donohue and his staff. I suffered from arthritis in my hip (46 years young) and worked with Dr. D for a number of years to treat it. I wanted to avoid hip replacement for as long as I could. Once we exhausted all other options, a replacement was inevitable. Dr. Donohue was very thorough in his explanation of the procedure and made sure I was set up for a successful healing process. Although I had a few bumps in the journey post-op, Dr. Donohue and his staff were there for me 100%! I am forever grateful that he has provided me with the ability to have a great quality of life and the ability to spend time doing things with my family again that I had missed out on prior to surgery!
Sherri V.
Dr. Donahue is very professional and at the same time, one of the most caring and understanding physicians I have ever known. I'm very grateful for his expertise!
Linda S.
Great experience. Dr. Donohue was awesome, and he took the time to listen to my concerns and to give me feedback and education on what was going on with me. Very friendly. The staff is awesome as well. Very nice and easy to talk to.
Dr. Donahue is a professional and very knowledgeable surgeon. He did work on my knee, and it feels brand new. Don’t hesitate to see him.
Doug B.
I've had several appointments with at the South Tampa location. I feel like I get the best care from them. They listen to me and seem to genuinely be concerned with my medical issues. I recently made a mistake and arrived at the facility on the wrong day. Since I traveled over 45 minutes, three of the ladies in the front office were instrumental in making sure that I got to see Jordan that day, even though my appt. was the following week. Thank you to Karisma, Qiana, and Kierra at the South Tampa location. Your customer service was above and beyond. What a great group of women!
Lori G.
Dr. Donohue is awesome. Patient, thorough and kind. Two other orthopedic surgeons that I needed surgery, and that was the end of that. Dr. Donahue took a conservative approach, and I am healed with no surgery. His assistant April is efficient, kind, and thorough. They make an excellent team! I lived in Florida for seven years, and he's the best doctor I've ever encountered.
Susan T.
Dr. Donohue is an excellent surgeon with great bedside manner. He repaired my leg in the emergency room after a scary trauma from a saw. Thanks to his skill, we expect to have a full recovery despite severing two tendons in a very difficult-to-suture location.
Jason M.
I love every single person that works there!! They are all so nice and on time. I would highly recommend this doctor and his staff!!
Rachel I.
Dr. Donahue is kind, compassionate, and patient. After my surgery, the pain medicine made me drowsy, and I fell and busted my wound open. I underwent another knee surgery within days. He helped me throughout. Now I can walk, stand, and even bend my knees. He is very competent, and I recommend him to everyone who needs knee surgery.
Rokhia F.
Dr. Doarn is always professional, friendly, and pleasant. He takes the time to listen and answer questions.
Tammy G.
Florida Orthopaedic is the best. Dr. Doran is the best. Very caring, compassionate, and understanding. He explains everything to me exactly the way you want him to. Today, I saw his associate, Doctor Mesa. I explained to him my concerns that maybe it's time I have surgery for my arthritis instead of more shots. He consulted with Doctor Doran. They both came in to talk to me. I was happy with the outcome, so Doctor Mesa gave me the shots. I was very happy with my visit. I would like to add that everybody at Florida Orthopaedic Institute is wonderful. As soon as you walk in the door, you are greeted with a smile by the girls at the front who sign you in - so pleasant. Eileen is my go-to girl for my physical therapy appointment. She is the sweetest. So are all the other girls. I'm very happy with my physical therapist, Sara. I could not ask for a better person to take care of me. I would also like to say all of those people doing physical therapy in the back are such pleasant people. Florida Orthopaedic has the best therapists from what I can see.
Patty B.
Dr. Doarn and his whole staff are very professional and courteous, straight to the point no wait time very well-run practice
Janice C.
Had a UCL tear. The surgery wasn't necessary for day-to-day life but was needed for athletics. Dr. Doarn was understanding, and the surgery went great. He was super easy to communicate with, and I have had no complications since.
Laurence G.
He is an amazing doctor. I will not see anyone else but Dr. Michael Doarn. He is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. His whole staff is the best also. It was such a pleasure to be in a doctor’s office that is so professional and kind.
Judy Y.
I was very happy with everything. Each individual I encountered was professional, courteous, and friendly. Very happy with the wait time.
Jackie H.
Arrived early to my appointment and was accommodated quickly and didn’t have to wait more than a few minutes. Was pleasantly surprised.
Michel N.
Very nice surgeon. Explains everything he will be doing and listens. Would definitely recommend him to other people in Tampa!
Tisha R.
Dr. Doran is the absolute best doctor EVER!! Very kind, very articulate, and most importantly, he listens to you. I'm a workman's comp patient; however, his concern about my injury shows the same if I were a regular patient. His staff is so awesome!! Very professional and kind. I highly recommend Dr. Doran. He's the best!!
Angelita M.
Dr. Doarn did a wonderful job helping me get rid of the pain in my wrist due to carpal tunnel. He has a great staff, and all of them made me feel comfortable and kept me informed during my visits to his office. I will definitely recommend Dr. Doarn to everyone seeking help for the same issues I had, just like my neighbors recommended him to me.
Ismael S.
Dr. Cronin is great. Excellent work, Great with patients. Highly recommend. Pretty cool guy too. Hope you don't need him, but if you do, you will be glad you reached out to him. I am getting better each day, and my shoulder was a mess before we met.
Brian S.
Excellent care! Outstanding staff - friendly, professional, and thorough! Dr. Cronin is patient and caring and explains medical diagnoses in easy-to-understand terms. The facility is clean and well-maintained. A very pleasant experience. Will recommend to friends and family.
Robert H.
Kevin is a cool cat. It feels like I’m visiting a friend when I’m in his office. (A really smart friend.)
Michael S.
Doctor Cronin was very professional, Easy to talk to, and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions. He has a warm spirit. Showed me my x-rays and explained my condition. Very seldom do you meet a doctor who is kindhearted. I'll tell my family and friends about the kindness and care I received from his office and staff. I am very pleased with him being my doctor.
Edwina A.
Dr. Cronin is great. He takes his time and listens to me. He explains everything with a lot of patience. He is the first doctor that doesn't rush me through a visit. He makes me feel comfortable, and I feel that he cares.
Judy S.
Had my surgery with James Creighton, and he did a fantastic job. Very little scar tissue, just a fine line! Everything with surgery and appointments when very smoothly. When looking at MRIs and x-rays, he would go into detail to make sure you understood what he was showing you. Very pleased.
Sherman I.
Dr. Creighton was punctual, friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. He performed a thorough exam and explained his findings in easy-to-understand terms. I would highly recommend him to others.
Terry D.
The office was spotless, with multiple hand sanitizers around for use. Everyone I came into contact with was professional and friendly. I did not feel rushed, nor did the staff present as being rushed or stressed. Most importantly, however, was that Dr. Creighton did not appear rushed. He spent the time necessary for me to understand my condition. Showing me images of my condition was a great help as well. I highly recommend him and his staff.
Donna W.
I have visited Florida Ortho on three different occasions for three different issues, and each time the staff is incredibly cordial. They get you seen in a timely manner, and most importantly, they successfully treated my ortho issues.
Tammy R.
The entire office was awesome, from the intake to my exit receptionist out front. The staff was great and very compassionate and caring. The office was legitimately interested in my pain.
Linda L.
Very gentle! Treated my daughter well. Spoke to her like she was an adult and let her answer the questions. It really boosted her confidence that she was treated with respect. Highly recommend!
Samantha G.
Friendly, professional and excellent doctor. Thoroughly explained the issue with my finger. Laid out a treatment plan and arranged the next appointment. Within an hour, a summary of my visit was on the patient portal. Great experience from check-in to check-out.
Carol W.
On time, M.D. takes time and explains well. Had great discussions regarding surgery. Very good bedside manner.
Pat D.
Quickest office visit I have ever had. If every office were run like this one, there would probably be a lot more happy patients out there. But aside from that, Dr. Creighton is the best. He is thorough with his explanations and is personable.
Sara H.
Very satisfied with my Dr. Creighton...he is the best of the best. Very knowledgeable and takes time to listen to me. Answers any and all questions with expertise, and his staff are very accommodating. Thank you, Dr. Creighton, for being you.
Scheryl L.
I was delighted and impressed with Dr. Creighton. He is professional. He explained everything in a way that was understandable. I would recommend him to anyone who needs his services.
Ava K.
Doctor Chaudhry and his staff, especially his assistant Ashley, are very much helpful, friendly, and professional. All my calls are returned promptly and professionally. She and the girls go above and beyond for their patients! Best staff anyone could ask for. Doctor Chaudhry shows compassion, and his bedside matters are amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Chaudhry. He has been helping me deal with extreme lower back pain as well as traumatic permanent nerve damage with a spinal cord stimulator implant. He talks to me so I can understand my problems and gives me options if available. Also, he is always willing to listen, takes the time, and provides thoughtful feedback. I believe that Dr. Chaudhry is extraordinary in his field.
Darlene H.
Dr. Chaudhry is one of the best physicians I have ever seen. He listens...explains everything clearly (without talking down to you) ...and answers questions very well. Really can't ask for better than that. I know this is a review for Dr. Chaudhry, but his assistant Ashley is absolutely amazing. Without a doubt, she is a huge asset to his practice.
David G.
Dr. Chaudhry is very concerned with finding the best, least invasive answer to my back pain. He takes time to clearly explain the course of treatment that best suits my needs. His office staff is outstanding. Really focused on your healthcare needs and always friendly.
Eileen D.
My wife Bonnie has been a patient of Dr. Chaudry for about nine months. His recommendations for treatments have been on the mark. The open dialogue we’ve had leaves me feeling positive. He is open to my suggestions as well.
Thomas D.
Dr. Chaudhry is knowledgeable, warm, patient, and experienced. He provided information that was new to me, and he laid out a plan for my treatment. I couldn't ask for anything more.
Anita M.
Dr. Chaudhry listened to all my concerns, and he came up with a plan of action that I am happy with. I made my procedure appointment and my follow-up with no problems. Everyone in the office was nice and super helpful.
Mike D.
Dr. Bolos was very professional, thorough, and friendly. Diagnosed my broken ankle and prescribed a walking boot. So pleased with the outcome of my visit. Dr. Bolos and her staff were excellent.
Rose I.
Dr. Bolos is very professional and helpful. I left the office with a new foot/ankle brace that really seemed to correct the way I walk! She answered my questions and took her time with me. I didn't feel rushed like most of the doctors I have seen. Thank you very much, Dr. Bolos, for a wonderful and successful office visit.
Mike P.
This was my first time meeting Dr. Bolos, and I felt very well taken care of. She was very attentive as I explained my injuries and concerns. Dr. B. thoroughly explained why I was experiencing my pain and how to alleviate it. I am a military veteran and have been in pain since 2004. Thank you, Dr. Bolos, and staff!
Digital Dragon
The best in Tampa Bay! Dr. Bolos had the best customer service and took her time. She puts her patient first and really cares. I would recommend her to everyone. 100/100. I’m super impressed. Thank you for making my little one feel comfortable and helping her.
Ashlee C.
She is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Our concerns were addressed in a timely fashion, and she did it all with a smile. She even offered my son (the patient) some wonderful advice. I highly recommend her and this office.
Yolanda B.
The staff is friendly, and she is a wonderful doctor. Really takes her time with you, which is rare in today's world.
Tarie M.
Dr. Bolos provided an excellent analysis of my ailment, and she provided multiple remedies besides surgery. She has an excellent staff as well!
Douglas C.
The staff was extremely friendly and explained everything to me very well. Dr. Bolos is an amazing podiatrist. I was so impressed at how she listened to me and explained my feet issues. I would definitely recommend her.
Jo H.
She really listens to the issues you have. She explains and discusses the best treatment options. She is the nicest doctor I have seen, and will recommend her to everyone!
Betty K.
Dr. Bolos took her time to answer all of my concerns. Nurse Georgia was very helpful as well. This was my first visit, and they both made me feel very comfortable.
Mike S.
Dr. Youstina Bolos has been very nice and patient throughout my visit and has taken good care of me. I would highly recommend her. Nurse Georgia was sweet, too 😀
Anusha G.
Terrific. Rare combo of a great doctor and a great human. My wife is going to have him do her hips, so that's a pretty strong referral.
Dr. Tom H.
Dr. Bernasek is a top-notch orthopedic surgeon, and he has a delightful and engaging personality. He always listens intently and provides insightful feedback. I had a total hip replacement in 2008 as a relatively young patient and had an excellent recovery thereafter. When I have flare-ups, he provides an injection that is truly magical in relieving my hip bursitis.
Karla A.
His expertise, dedication, and passion to his profession and patients are the # 1 reason he ranks as one of the best orthopedic surgeons here in the Tampa Bay Area.
Diane B.
Very kind and engaging - I truly felt like I was the only patient he was taking care of today. Very professional, very bright, thorough, and just a very nice man. I am a nurse practitioner, and his advice was personalized to me. If you cannot tell, I highly recommend Dr. Bernasek!
Dawn B.
Every time I visit the doctor, the outcome is always positive. Very professional and also very caring about what is going on with me and my knee. Looking forward to my next visit.
Al D.
Service was good. The hang-up was in x-ray. The lobby was extremely full…was told it’s like that on Wednesdays. Otherwise, very professional. Thank you all for your service.
Annette M.
Dr. Bernasek and Dr. Workman were professional and efficient and listened carefully to everything I discussed. Their action plan was everything I expected and more. The office staff was helpful, friendly, and quite efficient.
Olga O.
The staff was polite, courteous, and seemed happy. The service I received was very important to me. Dr. Bernasek explained my X-rays to me in a way that I clearly understood what I was looking at. Also, his promptness was noted, and he answered any questions I had. I was very pleased with the care I received today.
Phyllis B.
Dr. Bernasek gave me a very positive outlook for my coming surgery. I would like to thank Kathy for supplying me with the necessary products for home use. I would highly recommend this team. Looking forward to a better quality of life.
Rosalie B.
He does great work. He is always very professional. He did work on my left knee in the past, and he is currently helping me with issues on my right knee.
John D.
The staff was courteous and professional. Dr. Christopher Baker is definitely a person who investigates the root cause of pain for optimum diagnosis. Highly recommend Dr. Baker.
Leroy B.
This is where you go if you are looking for a remedy to your pain. Staff is fast and friendly, and Dr. Baker is incredible. I thank you for relieving my painful shoulders and for always being awesome.
Curtiss P.
Dr. Baker is special. He fixed my husband's rotator cuff and did a darned good job. He hardly felt any pain, and it’s working like it had been. It’s just six months, and his shoulder is feeling great. Thank you again, Dr. Baker. You are amazing - keep up the good work.
Cordelia S.
Dr. Christopher Baker is very pleasant and knowledgeable. He tried every avenue before doing surgery. Great doctor!
Colleen S.
My first visit. Expecting doc to say reverse shoulder replacement!!! Nope. Instead, he suggested cortisone. Never had it. And guess what? It worked! Never has my husband and I met a more dedicated Doctor and staff that went above and beyond their job description. He also referred me to a pain Doc for my back! Have an appointment their Monday. If you’re contemplating anything with your shoulder, see Doc Baker. What do you have to lose but a co-payment? Maybe it’s a little bit of a drive, but if he’s able to help you… isn’t it worth it? Thank you, Doc Baker, Emily, and staff…. You’re the best. God sent you to me.
Carla C.
Best doctor I’ve been to by far when it comes to physical therapy and helping me with all the issues that I’ve faced. I highly recommend Dr. Baker for anyone needing good physical therapy. Wesley Chapel is amazing.
Hatim A.
Dr. Baker is the best orthopedist I have ever been to. He did a wonderful job when he did my reverse shoulder Replacement. If the other one ever has to be done, I hope he will be able to do it.
Betsy R.
Over the years, Dr. Baker has always been sympathetic to my concerns and provided guidance and information to help me make good decisions. Currently, he is treating my left knee for damage and pain, and I am following his very helpful advice on what to do and what not to do, so my life is pain-free.
Hilary L.
I did my research and found Dr. Baker to be genuine to his ratings. He is a real person and easy to talk to. I am referring my sister-in-law to him and would not hesitate to recommend anyone to him. His staff is also very good to work with.
Scott R.
Outstanding experience at this office and with Dr. Baker, who treated my grandma. We were in and out in 20 mins.
Nicholas P.
Dr. Baker is a fantastic orthopedic specialist. His knowledge and experience help create a truly authentic doctor-patient experience. I personally appreciate his conservative approach toward surgical necessity. His staff is both professional and kind, making the unfortunate visits all the more palatable.
Sean A.
I trust Dr. Baker completely. The office staff, the nurses, etc., are all wonderful and professional.
Kimberly W.
Dr. Christopher E. Baker is a highly trained Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in shoulder injury and shoulder reconstruction. In May 2022, I consulted with Dr. Baker for my dislocated shoulder. Prior to my appointment, in my mind, I was thinking this would require surgery. With Dr. Baker's conservative approach, after a few office visits and Physical Therapy, I'm on my way to full recovery without surgical intervention. I now have the mobility of my shoulder (thanks to you, Dr. Baker) but am still careful of my movements. Dr. Baker is not only an expert in his field but also a kind person, very professional, good bedside manner, and he listens to his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Baker, and you'll be thankful you consulted with him because in my humble opinion, he's the best Orthopedic Surgeon-Shoulder Specialist in the area!! Many thanks, Dr. Christopher E. Baker; I cannot thank you enough. I feel whole again!!!
Yolanda C.
Quick, straight to the point, and walked out with a plan of recovery. Staff was ah-amazing, and Dr. Baker was beyond helpful and knowledgeable.
Tasha F.
I liked that she was direct and very informative with my treatment to get back to being the best version of myself.
April E.
Dr. Bagen is a fellow triathlete and very knowledgeable about sports injuries which were very helpful with my injury! She was very thorough and took her time as well as a pleasure to talk to regarding my condition!!! She provided tremendous insight into how to deal with this with my training. I would highly recommend her and was especially appreciative that she is a fellow Florida Gator grad!!! It's nice to run across a fellow Gator in Tampa since the Gator Nation is everywhere!!! I have experienced great care at the Florida Orthopedic Institute, and she is an asset to FOI.
Frank C.
If you have any back problems, this is the only place to go!!! They have all the highest technology and can do anything from an MRI to rehabilitation there!!! It’s also beautiful and clean! I loved it! GREAT EXPERIENCE!
Kimberly T.
Dr. Bagen Sonnanstine is a very caring physician who listens very carefully to my concerns and never makes me feel as if she is in a rush. She works to conservatively resolve the issue.
Karla A.
Dr. Tara Bagen Sonnanstine is an excellent orthopedic specialist. She is very kind and very professional in her specialty. Always very concerned with the discomfort of her patients. Her nurse Jennifer is excellent. I highly recommend Tara Bagen Sonnanstine, M.D. and her team as orthopedic specialists, and The Florida Orthopaedic Institute at 6117 Gunn Hwy in Tampa, Fl 33625, as well as their therapists Mario (very, very professional. He loves and enjoys his job as a therapist and is always in a very good mood). Also, Heily, Gina, and others in the Therapy Department - they are very professional, and they all are very prepared with great knowledge of their profession. Also, Maria at the Therapy front desk is very helpful with her talent to help people doesn't speak English. She always with a smile on her face. Makes your day when you visit them. Thanks to all the personnel at Florida Orthopaedic Institute for being there!
Magalys R.
I was pleasantly surprised and the promptness of the Dr. even though I had a late afternoon appointment. She was very friendly and gave me confidence that she could relieve my issues.
Erin R.
Dr. Sonnanstine was very professional and kind. She took the time to explain the results too what the x-ray showed.
Elvira G.
Dr. Bagen Sonnanstine is outstanding. Very good listening skills, professional, friendly, knowledgeable, understanding, etc. Everything you want in a doctor, especially when you’re in pain or not feeling well.
Anthony C.
Pleased with her explanation and time spent answering questions. Her listening skills and empathy were above and beyond others I have experienced previously. I would recommend her to others.
Donna M.
My visit was great. No long time waiting. My doctor was very caring and made sure she met my concerns. The staff was nice and polite.
Rose W.
Dr. Alavi is so kind and really cares about the patient. I went in for my knee. He explained the prognosis, plan, and follow-up. Could not be happier.
Melissa K.
Treated By:Reza Alavi, M.D.
This location, staff, and doctor were nothing short of exceptional. Got there for my appointment and was called in within 5 minutes. The doctor came in immediately and did the initial exam. He then sent me to get an X-ray within the same building. The whole process lasted 10 minutes if that. Went back to the doctor to review the x-ray. Was out shortly thereafter. Start to finish was about 30 minutes tops. Best service I’ve ever received in the medical industry. Well done.
Lou P.
Treated By:Reza Alavi, M.D.
Dr. Alavi treated me with high expertise and knowledge. He made my visit feel comfortable as he treated me with a cortisone injection using an ultrasound. This was very helpful, and I'm grateful!
Treated By:Reza Alavi, M.D.
Dr. Alavi was very helpful in resolving my pain and restoring strength and mobility. I would highly recommend him
Joseph F.
Treated By:Reza Alavi, M.D.
FOI at Dale Mabry and Spruce. I went to this center this morning for an appointment and experienced the best services. As soon as I arrived, I was checked in, only two minutes after that, they sent me for an x-ray, and only two minutes later, the doctor came to see me and continued with the treatment. Very satisfied with all.
Alexander A.
Treated By:Reza Alavi, M.D.
Upon arrival, I was greeted by the office staff. The facility was clean and comfortable. My wait time was less than 10 minutes to see Dr. Alavi. He was very professional and very pleasant. He took the time to listen and made me feel at ease. Highly recommended.
Georgia B.
Treated By:Reza Alavi, M.D.
When I came to you for help, I couldn't walk because of my back pain. You took the time to explain the surgery, what I would be going though and simplified things for me, and held my hand. Three years later my back is doing well. You and your team are the best. Thank you for healing me!
Dorothy N.
I was very impressed with the treatment I received from Dr. Alavi and I would definitely recommend him to friends and family. I saw him for shoulder and elbow injuries and he was very knowledgeable in both areas. He recommended exercises for me to do at home and answered all my questions with patience and understanding. He has great expertise in sports related injuries.
Debra W.
Treated By:Reza Alavi, M.D.
Dr. Alavi and his nurse are amazing! I cannot put into words how nice and professional they are. They have gone above and beyond for me and I am extremely grateful. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for an orthopedic physician!
Jenel E.
Treated By:Reza Alavi, M.D.
Dr. Garlick is great and I dare say cured me! The overall experience was simply world class. FOI runs a very smooth and classy operation and I can see why you’re top 15 in the US. With gratitude and respect.
Guilherme Oliveira, MD, MBA, Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, USF, TGH
My sincere gratitude is extended to Dr. Weinstein and his administrative assistant, Staci, for their caring approach in assisting me with my current back/nerve related conditions.
Terry S.
The steroid shot I was given for my shoulder has helped me tremendously. I feel so much better. I wanted to let you know this as well as thank you for taking the time with me and actually listening to me. This is a rare commodity in this day and age. I have been to numerous doctors in my life and you are heads above them all. I had two other special doctors for many years that have retired but you even beat them out. I know you are an extremely busy physician and I wanted to express my appreciation to you. Maybe you don't hear it enough is another reason I wanted to let you know. Take care and I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Linda P.
I truly want to thank Dr. Palumbo and his staff from the bottom of my heart. About two years ago, I started getting serious pain in my hip and still had to support my family with the everyday grind. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my left hip. The pain got to be too much (my choice to still work on it). I set a date for surgery with Dr. Palumbo. He and his staff were amazing through this whole experience of my hip replacement; from visits to surgery and therapy. Today, I feel amazing and wish I was able to do this sooner. Thank you so much and I appreciate everything you did for me.
Although he may be a man of few words, he is a physician of great skill and knowledge. I can honestly say that in the 30+ years and 3 prior back surgeries, I have never been this free of chronic back pain. I can walk further than in the weeks prior to and leading up to surgery. Thank you FOI and Dr. Tresser for the care you have provided. I hope to continue on this positive road to recovery.
Anthony M.
Having done 6,000, it's probably not possible to remember me, but I thought I'd send you this note to go back down memory lane with my story and your successful treatment. Visiting you and your great staff uncovered the fact that my left shoulder was so shredded [after a vehicle accident] that the tendons couldn't be reattached but, fortunate for me, you could perform a reverse shoulder replacement. The prescribed physical therapy afterwards was a well-organized, challenging struggle. But, before I knew it, I was gaining strength and motion. Four years later, my shoulder is so comfortable that I hardly remember how torn up I made it. Thank you for everything!
Leonard M.
I went to see Dr. Doarn with severe pain in left wrist, hand & fingers with numbness & tingling. I was very pleased with the treatment. I would recommend Dr. Doarn to anyone that has a need for treatment in the hand area. Thank you Dr. Doarn!
Brenda D.
Seeing Dr. Doarn was a truly wonderful experience. He listened to my concerns and needs and assured me that I was making the right decision.
Patti W.
A note of thanks regarding my surgery. My ankle seems to be healing well and I am already walking better than I have in years. I will be able to walk to my grandson’s house very soon and that thrills my heart and brightens my life immeasurably. Thank you for all you do to help people heal.    
Karen A.
Two years ago I had a multi-level cervical spine laminectomy and fusion. Dr. Weinstein did a wonderful job with a very difficult surgery. Within six months I was back to my normal exercise routines, and now two years on, I carry on doing the things I enjoy like hiking in Yellowstone National Park as well as the Badlands South Dakota! Thank you so much, Dr. Weinstein!
Laura S.
My experience with Dr. Mighell, including arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery at the end of July, has been superb. Was particularly amazed that I never suffered even hint of post-surgical pain, which totally surprised me!!
Steven V.
Y'all have been great to work with and I appreciate everything!
Connie R.
I had a really good experience. Six months before my surgery, I woke up one morning in a great deal of pain. It came on all of a sudden. I went to a rheumatory doctor to be referred to Dr. Donohue. He explained I had torn my meniscus. After therapy, we decided to go ahead and fix the little tear. Not only was he so supportive in answering all my concerns, his staff was also fantastic. They even called a few days later to check on how I was feeling. I highly recommend Dr. Donohue and I do refer him to all my friends in need of this surgery.
Dennie A.
I have to say, Dr. Garcia is one of the greatest doctors I have had the privilege of treating me and I appreciate all he has done.
Angela F.
Thank you for allowing me to use this means of communication to give special kudos to you and your wonderful staff during and after my hip replacement surgery. Since I know everyone needs to feel that they are appreciated and doing a good job, I just wanted to put this in writing. Your patience, courtesy and compassion toward your patients was highly appreciated by me. As a surgeon, you get five stars!
Lucy M.
I began walking in earnest at the end of July and since then, I have walked 90 miles (something I had not been able to do for 3 years). The only pain I have experienced since the surgery has been the pain associated with healing. Now, I will work hard to strengthen all relevant muscles, make every effort not to do anything stupid and continue to enjoy the success of the surgery.
William S.
Thank you for giving me hope and a second chance. A special thanks to Dr. Gasser and the Florida Orthopaedic Institute staff. You're much appreciated for all you do every day!
Tommy H.
Thank you so much for fixing my knee! I'm doing so good. It's hard to believe that I tried to walk around for 9 months. You are in my prayers always.
Nancy P.
"Thanks" is such a little word not near expressing the extraordinary skill and care you have shown toward me. This truly has been the hardest, but God has far exceeded his grace and I'm feeling amazing! I pray he gives you good health and more days on this earth making people well.
Connie T.
Thank you to all the staff and Dr. Seth Gasser who made my recent knee surgery such a great experience. Be well, be safe!
Jeffrey R.
Thank you for providing excellent care to me during my recent surgery at Mease Countryside Hospital. You are certainly an expert in your field and I am the fortunate recipient of this. Your entire team has been exceptionally helpful and caring during this process. I am planning on a quicker than normal recovery. I fortunate to have an excellent physical therapist in the hospital get me on the right rack immediately so hoping for the best. I cannot thank you enough and wish you the very best. Five stars!
Kathleen M.
Dr. Alavi is always personable, caring and very knowledgeable about my mom's condition. He always gives us 100% attention and goes above and beyond to ease her concerns. His understanding of his patients is a great quality. I'm in the medical field and I know it's very hard nowadays to find a good doctor. I will highly recommend him.
Tarik A.
Treated By:Reza Alavi, M.D.
If you need a knee replacement, Florida Orthopaedic Institute is a great place to have your knee replacement done. On May 26, I just had my second knee done, working hard at physical therapy and the knee is responding really well. I had bone on bone and was icing my knee at night to ease the pain. No more of that! Dr. Miranda did both of my knee replacements and I had them done at Brandon Hospital. This is one of the hospitals that has the robotic system, less invasion and the scar on my right knee is barely visible. I can walk without pain and my knees don't look like a war zone. The staff at Dr. Miranda's office in Brandon are all friendly, competent and professional. I'm very happy with my results and I'm glad I went to Florida Orthopaedic Institute.
Tim L.
I wanted to take a minute and tell you how appreciative I am for all of your help in treating my ACL injury from helping me get a brace to undergoing surgery during the challenges of COVID. He is a superstar of a surgeon and you and Eleo are the glue that keeps his program running.
Kristin K.
The staff has done a great job adjusting to the times. Everyone was friendly. polite and I was in the exam room in five minutes once I checked in. Dr. Yi is always friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and current on the latest treatments and their pros and cons. I recommend him highly.
Andra D.
Most organized, expedited health care experience I've ever had. All staff were very helpful, professional and friendly. In and out including initial paperwork, x-rays and 1 on 1 with the Nurse Practitioner and Doctor in less than an hour.
Martin M.
I love Dr. Sellman. He is always a delight. He is very professional and excellent at what he does!
Kelley D.
Today, I went in for a minimally invasive bunionectomy at the Temple Terrace location. Ironically, I wasn't scared about the procedure itself. I have a phobia of hospital needles and injections so having to have the IV put in me and a few nerve blockers in my leg was terrible for me. I vocalized this concern to the nurses and physicians who were taking care of me and I honestly could not have been treated better. They made the two things I was dreading the most swift and as easy as it could be. They talked me through everything and wiped my tears when I couldn't do it myself. I grew up seeing my mom in the hospital so I can't say that I have had a good relationship with it. I have seen hundred of different nurses tend to my mom so I know how to identify the ones that care. Every single encounter I had was so pleasant and kind. Thank you to everyone for making this experience such a pleasant one.
Maria V.
I recently had a total shoulder replacement. Dr. Mark Mighell is wonderful. He has a great bedside manner and takes the time to answer any questions I had. His nurse Rita McKnight is outstanding. I called her cell phone several times after my surgery with some problems I was having and she called me right back even late at night. What a terrific person. He couldn't have a more concerned nurse for his patients than her. I would highly recommend this staff and this institute for anyone needing shoulder surgery. FABULOUS!
Patricia D.
I have to just tell you that from the moment I tried to make an appointment with you all, to having my surgery, the entire experience was absolutely perfect. You guys do such an amazing job from every angle! Thank you so much for getting me in so quickly and getting me on the road to recovery. You ALL are a real blessing!
Karla B.
In January, my husband had a terrible accident and was airlifted to TGH. His leg was severed and the staff and team attempted to save it. Without success, his leg was amputated. As you can imagine, myself, my husband and our entire family were set into a world spin. Throughout the entire trauma, Dr. Watson and his staff were and are nothing but miraculous. The team works so good together. Every time we go to see the doctor, the team is professional and extremely helpful especially Kerry who is always so pleasant and acts like we are family. I cannot say enough about how the team including Dr. Watson and Kerry has and have helped us make a tragedy to be bearable. They mean the world to us.
Kathy C.
Thank you again for making time to see me on such unusual notice and in such unusual times. Your team was wonderful and I am very grateful for their and your expertise.
Danielle J.
Dr. Palumbo repaired a ruptured tendon in my hip that I had suffered with for over two years. From my first visit, I found him to be knowledgeable, thorough and above all, he listened to me. After my surgery, even with post surgery discomfort, I had less pain than I'd had the two years prior to surgery. Within a few days, I stopped taking any pain meds and began my 'at home' therapy. I am so happy with how well I have healed. I would refer anyone to Dr. Palumbo without hesitation. His staff and PA were amazing and so helpful through the whole process. It was truly a blessing to have Dr. Palumbo as my surgeon.
Debbie H.
Dr. Pappou did carpal surgery on both of my arms a few years ago. I recently saw him for a hand injury (still in progress). Dr. Pappou hasn't changed a bit. Still best doctor ever! Skilled, knowledgeable, but most all, he answers and explained all my questions perfectly. Highly recommended. Staff very helpful and professional.
Kathryn N.
Dr. Pappou is the best! I have a shoulder tear and a wrist tear. His treatment plan is conservative and he doesn't push surgery until other options have been exhausted.
Jane S.
I couldn't believe it. I had an appointment today for my first visit and I was taken in for x-rays on time and the experience was very good. Doctor saw me after and with all that, I left 30 minutes after my appointment. Great people, excellent service and Dr. Echols was very good and took the time to explain what was going on along with his assistant. I am so glad I came here. If I could give 10 stars, I would!
Zo M.
Dr. Reina is the first chiropractor I've ever seen and I'll never see anyone else! He helped with years of bilateral wrist pain in less than 30 minutes! He is funny, personable and extremely knowledgeable. I can't wait to go back.
Sara S.
From the initial visit through the pre-consultations, the knee replacement surgery, the follow-ups and assisted physical therapy. I cannot say enough about Dr. Palumbo and all the folks at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. My experience has been nothing short of spectacular. I normally do not write reviews because I feel like I deserve a high standard of care, but Dr. Palumbo is much better than just a high standard of care. If I could give him and his staff more stars, I would. I highly recommend him for any orthopedic needs you may have.
David T.
I went to see Dr. Nydick after my usual doctor switched to a new practice. I have had a fantastic experience in the past year with him helping me out with my hand. I had 2 shots that I knew would just be a temporary fix. Finally, when my work allowed for me to take a little time off, I scheduled my surgery for my right hand with tendonitis. Every office visit was fast! Everything was explained to me at each visit. I had my surgery 2 weeks ago with absolutely no pain and no use of pain medication except Aleve. Went for my follow-up today and was taken in 15 minutes ahead of my scheduled appointment and out five minutes later. Great staff as well! Would definitely recommend him to anyone and he will now be my new doctor for any hand issues I may have in the future. Thank you to you and your staff. Great job. I am very happy and no pain anymore!
AnnMarie C.
After trying shots for my knee pain, I decided to proceed with surgery. Dr. Palumbo has a soothing personality which is rare for a doctor and he actually listened to me. His P.A., Brian Wicker is wonderful too. He listened and wanted to make sure you were comfortable with their recommendations. After surgery, I actually walked immediately upon getting to my room and had no pain. However, after 3 days, I did feel it. With home care, I was bending my knee 1110 degrees within 2 weeks and only used a cane after about a week. I have recommended them to several people. I am very happy with the results and minimum down time.
Vitals Review
Florida Orthopaedic Institute is the best. I have used them for a knee problem and back problems. I have had a positive experience every time. I highly recommend them for all your orthopedic needs.
Mike S.
Location Treated At:Bloomingdale
Everyone is courteous, professional and helpful. I was very impressed with Dr. Pappou. He explained my problem and treatment with clarity as we moved forward. I would highly recommend this orthopedic group.
Ann F.
Dr. Pappou is the best! I have a shoulder tear and a wrist tear. His treatment plan is conservative and he doesn't push surgery until other options have been exhausted.
Jane S.
I've been a patient of Dr. Pappou for three years and he's done a fantastic job treating my torn rotator cuff and keeping me from having surgery. He is caring and concerned about his patients well-being and I would highly recommend his services.
Lenny M.
Everyone was friendly and seemed genuinely concerned about my problem. They even have an orthopedic urgent care. I was able to do most of the check-in process online and that reduced my time in the office. I was called to x-ray as soon as I did a little paperwork on a tablet. X-ray was quick and then was taken to exam room. Short wait for Dr. Garlick who explained my treatment options. The problem was treated quickly and professionally. Would definitely recommend and will visit again.
William B.
Dr. Palumbo and all his staff are fantastic. Always professional and never rushed. They take the time to discuss and explain options and treatments. I have already recommended him to many people I know and some have seen him and feel the same way. Dr. Palumbo is a godsend!
Michelle P.
Compassionate physicians providing the best medical care. The staff is polite, helpful and attentive to their patients. Dr. Infante is my physician and his personality and knowledge far exceed my expectations!
Cheryl L.
Dr. Hess is a spectacular doctor. He has done wonders with an old injury to my right hand and he has made me very pleased with the job he has done for me. The staff is wonderful and the service is very friendly and great.
Thomas H.
I have been going to Florida Orthopaedic Institute for YEARS. I've helped my husband through a knee replacement. Through Dr. Miranda and his fellows, I've been treated for my chronic bursa. I found THE person who gives me my shot and nails it. Her name is Kelly! Thank you, girl! Living with pain is tough. I have had pain every day since I was in third grade. My bones were not made correctly. So I rely on Florida Orthopaedic Institute to keep me steady.
Cindy H.
I have had several procedures done at this location and every time I have been treated with the best possible care by everyone at the location. I would highly recommend anyone that needs a procedure to visit the Florida Orthopaedic Institute on Telecom. I greatly appreciate their kindness and understanding of my condition and their ability to always go above and beyond my expectations. I will return to them if needed without question in the future.
Randy S.
Location Treated At:North Tampa
I have suffered with numbness in my legs for over 15 years and I decided to see Dr. Samad to see what he recommended. He said that he could perform surgery which would correct my lumbar difficulties. After much thought and a severe fall, I decided to let him perform the surgery. He did the surgery two weeks ago and I can walk without numbness now. He is a very caring individual and I recommended that any one who has lumbar issues should consult with him.
Dr. Michael Miranda and his staff definitely changed my quality of life. When I saw Dr. Miranda in the spring of 2019, I was definitely disabled because both knees were bone on bone and very knock kneed. Dr. Miranda performed a knee replacement on my right knee in August and left knee in December. Due to a lot of hard work and excellent physical therapy, I am walking better than I have in over 10 years with no pain. Thank you to Dr. Miranda and Kelly.
Carolyn S.
Dr. Tresser, Chuck and Tasha are the best. I ended up having to have a spinal fusion, but Dr. Tresser tried to avoid it. Great surgery, no issues afterwards. Can't say enough about them. If you ever have a spinal problem, go to them and don't delay.
Matt J.
1st visit with Dr. Epting for ankle concerns. It was great to have alternative options!
Karen E.
Dr. Chaudhry was my pain management doctor in Pennsylvania. I not only needed pain medicine, but I needed injections also. I was brokenhearted when I found out his office was closing. I have not been able to find a pain management doctor that is as wonderful as he is. I would give anything in the world to have him as my doctor again. Dr. Chaudhry, I just want to let you know that I miss you very much. Thank you for everything you did for me. You are definitely the best!
Keturah A.
I like the way I was treated. The entire staff made me feel very comfortable and was very nice. The doctors were very professional. I would recommend them.
Zeyda H.
Location Treated At:North Tampa
I had a great experience at the Physical Therapy unit at Florida Orthopaedic Institute after my reverse shoulder replacement with Dr. Mighell. Everyone from the front desk to my physical therapist, Jeff, was outstanding. The staff was friendly, caring and always attentive. I was given exercises to do on my own after treatment was completed. Highly recommend the South Tampa PT unit. Outstanding staff and lots of equipment to work with.
Dolores H.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
Always a pleasure to see Dr. Mighell and Nurse Rita, they both make you feel like cherished family members. They also take the time to hear your questions and listen to your concerns.
Elizabeth T.
I went to see Dr. Ramirez after an auto accident with neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Ramirez reviewed all my x-rays and explained to me what was causing my pain and what was the best treatment to help me get back feeling great again. I was having headaches that days and he relieved me of them that first visit and showed me what to do when I get another one. He was gentle and compassionate and listened to all my concerns. I'm glad to know that I will get the care I need. Thank you, for the being the best chiropractor in Tampa.
Patricia W.
My experience has been great! The staff is so friendly and helpful from the front to the back of the facility. My therapist is so kind and caring. He set goals for me to accomplish. We work every minute that I am with him. He pushes the patient to reach their goals. I really feel great and relieved each time I leave. My back pain has really improved. I am challenged to work on exercises outside of the facility at home. There is little or no wait time to see the therapist.
Treasea B.
Location Treated At:North Tampa
I went to Dr. Mighell after I had gone to five other places and many x-rays taken to see why my elbow had a open wound on it that was leaking fluid. Some had no clue and gave me antibiotics. Others said to go to the hospital. After four months of trying to get a diagnosis, I made an appointment with Florida Orthopaedic Institute's Dr. Mighell. Within 10 minutes, he found I had torn my tricep and scheduled me for surgery the next week. He did a great job and I had no pain at all. He is very easy going and easy to talk with. He definitely knows what he is doing and I would not go to anyone else for an arm injury. In fact, I have an appointment with him next week for the other arm.
Connie J.
An amazingly skilled surgeon who is not afraid to take on other doctors' mistakes! No challenge is too difficult for this experienced surgeon as he thrives on repairing and restoring lives! I met Dr. Sanders after over three months of improper care by another surgeon in Fort Myers which resulted in a non-union of my compound ankle fracture. My care required six surgeries which included a bone graft to replace over two inches of degraded tibia, caused by infection from three soil-based bacteria. At one point, when we were exhausted from treatment and considering amputation, Dr. Sanders pleaded not to give up as he refused to give up on me. 14 months after my fall, I was restriction free on my way to restored life thanks to Dr. Sanders. Dr. Sanders strives to achieve perfection from day one, but that does not mean it will be quick. He does things the right way which requires time and patience. Dr. Sanders is an amazing doctor whom I now call a friend. Thank you so much for restoring my life!
Neal P.
Had left and right hand carpal tunnel release procedures with Dr. Nydick at the Citrus Park facility in December. He is a GREAT DOCTOR! His bedside manner is excellent and his concern for my comfort was never-ending through both operations. His assistants in the O.R. and staff at check-in/checkout were very accommodating. All very caring people. Pain in both hands is completely gone since both surgeries. Highly recommend Dr. Nydick, all of his assistants and staff to anyone considering procedures that he specializes in. Thank you, Doctor, for doing your homework.
Dennis M.
He has helped me through two different back issues. Will always take his time with you. He is very knowledgeable. He tells you like it is and what he can do for you. He does all his own procedures to include injections. Love him and will always recommend him.
Healthgrades Review
Dr. Pappou did carpal surgery on both my arms a few years ago. I recently saw him for a hand injury. Dr. Pappou hasn't changed a bit...still the best doctor ever! Skilled, knowledgeable, but most of all, he answers and explains all my questions perfectly! Highly recommended. Staff very helpful and professional.
Kathryn N.
I recently saw Dr. Zaffer for an NCS and EMG. Dr. Zaffer explained both of these tests to me and was very courteous and asked how I was doing throughout. Dr. Zaffer's staff was polite and friendly and my visit was a positive one.
Madelyn K.
Upon my fourth week of recovery from hip replacement surgery, I am thrilled to share that my experience has been nothing less than amazing with Dr. Watson. His surgical assistant, Stephanie and office staff, Kerry and Shawn, and the physical therapy staff were all wonderful. Thank you all for caring and clearly demonstrating your knowledge, skills and professionalism resulting in life changing happiness for me! I am grateful Dr. Watson was referred to me by a friend after his surgery experience was a success. I would not hesitate choosing Dr. Watson again if I needed his service in the future and I do not hesitate referring him to anyone else now. He is awesome and he is busy. Be patient! Thank you, Dr. Watson! Shout out to Debbie, the operator. Your help was greatly appreciated and FOI is fortunate to have you.
Kathy R.
After living with near constant debilitating pain and accompanying depression bouts for seven years, I finally had enough. Dr. Garlick did a partial right knee replacement in September. Wow! Pain afterward was minimal. I was walking with a cane within days and walking unassisted within a week. Physical Therapy was great at the Bloomingdale location (Tim and Tara ROCK!) I was back at work in two weeks. It went so well that I just had my left knee done also. Back to work and released from therapy. Pretty much pain free already! I'm looking forward to dancing and walking trails again! My knees feel 20 years younger!!! Thank you, Dr. Garlick and team!
Susan W.
I would like to express that Dr. Epting did a marvelous job on my left foot. I had a bunionectomy and I am almost one year out from having the procedure. I have had a full recovery and my foot is perfect. I feel better than I have felt in 10 years. Dr. Epting took excellent care of me and I am very grateful for his precision and great follow up care.
Ellen W.
Was outstanding in every area. Dr. Michael Miranda, his secretary Amanda, and the entire staff were simply the best! Couldn't have chose a better place for my knee replacement -- for the second time. Had the first knee replaced 6 years ago. Thanks everyone, for a job well-done!
Ron R.
Dr. Donohue was so compassionate with my sweet mom. She was challenged by requiring a total hip, after having a busy life without much necessary medical intervention. Surgery went well. Recovery was easy. She developed an infection, but Dr. Donohue and his fellows were phenomenal! They encouraged her and got her through everything. He is an anomaly. A surgeon with warm bedside manner. My mom was scared and tearful with not having faced anything like this. She felt comfortably safe under his care. My family was thankful for his compassion.
Ida D.
We first met Dr. Maxson in early summer of 2018 for a schedule appointment for my right knee replacement. My husband and I had many questions for him related to his experience in knee replacements as well as the product he was going to use. He listened and answered all of our questions with as much detail as possible. By the end of our session, we felt confident in his knowledge and genuine regard for his patients. I've just had my left knee done with no problems. Surgery lasted about two hours and Dr. Maxson called my husband immediately after surgery to inform him of the outcome. I am home now and doing well. Thank you, Dr. Maxson and staff for a job well done.
Rosa A.
I saw Dr. Palumbo for a bad knee pain. He was truly fantastic. A very professional and caring young man. He tried several procedures before he was finally able to help me convince myself that the knee replacement was the best procedure for me. He was absolutely right. A few months later, after physical therapy, I can finally walk again without pain. I highly recommend this physician.
Daphne P.
Dr. Epting is the best! Great bedside manner. He explains everything very clear so is easy to understand! Also, the MA's and the front desk girls are very nice!
Vanessa L.
Location Treated At:Wesley Chapel
I had a left hip replacement by Dr. Donohue. It was a great experience. I had very little pain and two weeks into it, I am walking without any assistance. No cane or anything! I did not need to take any strong pain relievers. I had my right hip replaced in St. Louis and it was a hard experience with considerable pain. There is no comparison with this time. I am so happy with Dr. Donohue and St. Joeseph's Hospital.
Levi R.
I am now 5 weeks post partial knee replacement surgery. When Dr. Garlick told me that this surgery would change my life, I certainly did not expect it to be so true or so soon! I had bone on bone in my knee and my life had slowed to a near halt. The pain kept me from enjoying many of the activities I so enjoyed and I had become much less active and unable to even toss a football with my son or take the dogs for a walk. I was very anxious about having such a serious surgery, but Dr. Garlick was extremely reassuring and helpful in my decision to move forward. The surgery could not have gone better and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Garlick and the entire staff and Physical Therapy team at FOI. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to again pursue my passions!
Greg J.
I have had both rotator cuffs repaired over the last 22 months by Dr. Christopher Baker. Both were major tears. RT one is good and LT one is coming along. I highly recommend Dr. Baker if you need surgery on a rotator cuff.
Tom L.
Outstanding staff. Outstanding Dr. Brian Palumbo and his PA-C, Brian. Went in thinking I needed a hip replacement. Got a cortisone shot in my hip and I am pain free after two long years of suffering. Thank you FOI.
Kathy T.
I have had 2 complete hip surgeries both done by Dr. Miranda. He and his staff were excellent, especially Kelly Cornell & Amanda! The entire staff at Florida Orthopaedic Institute are friendly & helpful. I would definitely recommend Dr. Miranda to anyone who needs hip replacement surgery!
Janice D.
Location Treated At:Brandon
He was very patient with me. He listened to my concerns. He made me better. His staff is beyond amazing, Jackie and Erica.
Aida S.
Professional, skilled doctors and nurses. They explain options with you clearly, but in an adult manner. the PT/OT department is tops. PS, they do have a walk-in clinic. That is where I went when I broke my hand.
Angela M.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
Very nice and polite staff and doctors. Went to see Dr. Baker. Awesome and knowledgeable.
Michael A.
Location Treated At:Wesley Chapel
Thank you, Dr. Pappou for fixing my broken wrist! 4 years now and going strong. This doctor is a very good listener and he made my surgery process run smooth as possible. He is extremely bright! True hero.
Mike M.
Dr. Garlick performed a partial replacement surgery on my left knee one year ago. I cannot say enough about Dr. Garlick and his staff. He did a fabulous job and frankly he changed my life. I highly recommend Dr. Garlick and Florida Orthopaedic Institute.
Tracie F.
Professional and wonderful staff in the PT Dept. Lori is WONDERFUL! The attention to patients is second to none. Thanks!
Luis L.
Location Treated At:Brandon
Dr. Samad is everything you want in a doctor. He tells you what you need to know and what is and isn't a problem. He answers your questions. After my hemi-laminectomy was performed, I have had zero leg pain. Truly a miracle. I would highly recommend him!
Colleen A.
Wow! Love this office. Broke my wrist in a car accident and Dr. Nydick took care of it. Great service and follow up. Highly recommend these guys at Florida Orthopaedic Institute.
Jerry B.
The staff was amazing and kind. The doctor I saw was so helpful and they made a plan just for me around my insurance. I appreciate their knowledge of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which I suffer from. I recommend coming here! I never leave reviews for places but I had to express how much I loved this place.
Kennedy K.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
The staff at the Sun City Center Florida Orthopaedic Institute has been great throughout my entire injury and treatment. Dr. Echols is very informative and helpful in explaining my injury to me. George, in Physical Therapy, truly cares for his patients and their treatment. Let's not forget the front office staff that keeps the practice moving without hiccups. Great company with some awesome employees.
Cody T.
Location Treated At:Sun City Center
Doctor Grayson and all of the staff have been extremely great to me. Thank you all!
Michael A.
Dr. Palumbo replaced my knee on December 5th and I couldn't be any happier. He and his PA are fantastic! Love them both!
Marcia M.
The visit I had with Dr. Samad was great. the office personnel was professional, caring and friendly. Dr. Samad was very informative as to the reason for my visit. Would recommend him to family and all.
James B.
I received two new hips through Florida Orthopaedic Institute with Dr. David Watson. From start to finish, the entire process was seamless! So when I started having problems with my neck, Florida Orthopaedic Institute was my natural go-to for relief. My pain management doctor is now Dr. Howard Jackson. His front desk staff is great, very friendly and competent and checking in on the tablet is quick and easy. You can even make your copayment on the tablet! His P.A. Elizabeth is great too. Personable, caring and more than competent to take care of my needs when I don't see Dr. Jackson himself. I've had five neck injections so far at the surgery center which is also quick and super professional. They always call me afterwards to check in after a procedure too. I was with a different medical group for awhile and I gladly returned to the FOI family.
Dianne G.
Always a great experience with wonderful staff. I never feel like I'm being rushed through. They really take the time to make sure that I'm truly informed. I've never been in the waiting room for more than 10 to 15 minutes. My wife has the same experience for many years. My doctor is Dr. Mark A. Mighell. Very thankful for my care.
Lori F.
Receptionist Kristen went above and beyond to help me today! What a great experience. Dr. Garlick was very nice and professional.
E. S.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
Dr. Miranda is incredible. He did a great makoplasty on my left knee and it feels brand new. Great bedside manner and staff.
Peter A.
I'm two years post-op from a lumbar fusion doing fantastic. Dr. Small did my fifth and hopefully last back surgery. After my being around a number of spine surgeons, he truly impressed me with his knowledge, ability with interpreting my problems, ability to explain and show the procedure and the surgery execution as well. He has made a tremendous positive impact in my life by removing my pain and the need for pain meds. LIFE CHANGING for the better! The follow up visits were always efficient and confirming of my status improvements. I do highly recommend Dr. Small to any of my friends who have had a fun, albeit, hard life related to the spine.
Kevin P.
Absolutely the best doctor to which I have ever been. He truly listens to your problem and determines the best solution. He seems to really care about his patients and answers your questions.
Pamela S.
My son had a skiing accident over Christmas. I called for an appointment the day that we got back and they were able to see us the next day. Florida Orthopaedic Institute is very efficient with their systems. I liked the online check in and that there is no paper work. Everything is completed on the iPad that they wipe down with sanitizer prior to handing over to the patient. The first visit, we did not have to wait and we were sent over to get x-rays before meeting with the doctor. After meeting with the doctor, we had to follow up with an MRI. The staff was friendly, helpful and able to get our authorization relatively quickly so that we could schedule the MRI and a follow up appointment to review with the doctor. I like that they had all the services we needed under one roof. When we received the prognosis we were even able to get the brace at Florida Orthopaedic Institute.
Kristen B.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
I had an excellent experience at Florida Orthopaedic Institute, Physical Therapy in Palm Harbor. Everyone is kind and compassionate and they listen. 5 stars!
Anita D.
Location Treated At:Palm Harbor
Absolutely wonderful doctor. Complete compassion for his patients and willing to do whatever it takes to keep you going. Like starting an operation on you at 9:30pm. Highly recommend.
Don G.
I was introduced to Florida Orthopaedic Institute on Christmas Eve in 2018 when I was in a car accident. Dr. Anthony Infante did two major operations on my leg. He did an amazing job, and his partner Austin are both the best orthopedic doctors in the world. The staff are some of the best. Nurses, receptionist, x-ray tech and casting are all totally amazing. Dr. Infante's administrative assistant Liz and Teresa are truly the BEST in the field. Thank you, Florida Orthopaedic Institute!
June B.
Location Treated At:Brandon
Dr. Garlick and his staff are terrific. My appointments are always on time and Dr. Garlick spends whatever time I need to discuss my concerns with him. Today, they injected cortisone in my knee to relieve the swelling and discomfort. Caitlin was the assistant who handled the injection and she was terrific. I have been seeing Dr. Garlick since 2010 and think he is the best. He agrees with me to put off a knee replacement as long as possible, which I appreciate.
Paul R.
From surgery to retrieving of pins in my teen daughter, Dr. Shah has been more than great! No words to explain. His expertise comes out in his soothing voice, that transmits total confidence. My teen suffers high anxiety and Dr. Shah dealt with her patiently, but firm, explaining the procedure and coming forth always with the truth. My girl afterwards kept giving thanks to Dr. Shah! We love Dr. Shah.
Andrea Z.
I had a wonderful experience with Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Dr. Nydick. My appointments were on time and my surgery went very smoothly. My wrist is recovering nicely. It feels normal again. Great job! Thank you to Dr. Nydick and his team.
Lee G.
I received promptness attending me, having x-rays and seeing a provider for a strong pain in my left knee because of a fall. I am grateful I had such service starting with the front desk employees and ending with the provider. I always recommend Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Orthopaedic Urgent Care.
Elsa C.
Location Treated At:Brandon
I found that Elizabeth Davis, PT, who was responsible for a high majority of my therapy sessions, was an outstanding therapist. In the beginning, she asked me what my goals were and by the end of our therapy, I was in a position, because of her dedications and determination, to succeed in my physical rehabilitation. I found Ms. Davis' protocol to be very challenging and rewarding on a personal level. Throughout the process, I had many questions about the recovery process and she was able to satisfy my queries with in-depth answers. I think Florida Orthopaedic Institute is a much better organization with Ms. Davis as an employee.
Ronald D.
Location Treated At:Sun City Center
These people, this facility has literally been nothing but fantastic, professional, funny, wonderful mannerisms and go the extra mile and then some. Ask to get an appointment with Dr. Weinstein and nurse practitioner Tram. Amazing crew!
Diondria C.
I've been a patient of Dr. Reina for several years now.  When he does his chiropractic techniques, I always walk away like new. He's amazing! I've been to many chiropractors over the years and find him the very best of the best.
Linda B.
I've been a patient of Dr. Tresser's for about 10 days. To date, the Institute has performed 2 MRI's, X-rays and I've had two conversations with Dr. Tresser. Everything has gone very well so far. The reception staff, the technicians, and the doctor have been excellent. The facility is nice and wait times have been very reasonable. Dr. Tresser is very empathetic, knowledgeable and easy to talk to.
Roger G.
Thank you Dr. Sanders and team. I am over 80 and have been bothered with major pain in both ankles for a number of years. I destroyed the cartilage in both ankles playing sports and other extreme activities. Dr. Sanders fused both ankles over a period of several years and I can now walk pain free. His diagnoses and surgery skills were even better than I was told when he was recommended. His personal attention to detail and his kind and gentle approach to my concerns were outstanding. His staff, especially Nancy Torres, was always available to answer my questions and help with my needs. Thank you all for making my remaining years enjoyable as I can now walk pain free.
Don B.
Great experience. Super friendly staff from check-in (my first visit here) to x-ray, to the wonderful PA, Amanda who paid great attention to my condition and is really professional. My highest compliments and thanks.
Mark G.
Location Treated At:Brandon
Dr. Jackson's staff is extremely awesome! They answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable with the health care that's provided. Surgery Center staff is helpful and pleasant as well. I would highly recommend this place!
Cassie H.
Dr. Hess and his assistants have always provided the best possible patient care. By far the best I have ever had.
Alan F.
Thank you for everything you have done for me and my shoulder. Most of all, thank you for using the God given talent you have. Your staff is outstanding. Jeff Hamelin is a real asset, as well as Laura. I can't remember the names of the girls at the front desk and the nurse, but oh so professional. Then there is Jason, what a doll. He did everything for me before I thought about it. Even now, that I'm home and doing great, I can call on him for anything. You are a very talented person and again, you share openly and willingly with others that want to learn. Thank you again.
Julie G.
Great experience for a doctor's office. Staff was efficient, friendly and helpful. The doctor was very nice and friendly, not rushing to get to the next patient. The nurse practitioner was very informative and very thorough. Highly recommend this orthopedic practice.
J. T.
I was able to make an appointment on short notice and it fit my schedule. The people on the phone were professional and helpful. I did not have to spend much time in the waiting room. The intake forms were on a tablet with easy to follow instructions. I was there to have a broken ankle x-rayed. The tech staff was professional. I liked my doctors a lot. They were thorough in their explanations and did not rush me out the door.
Eve F.
Location Treated At:North Tampa
My experience with Florida Orthopaedic Institute was excellent. At my initial consult, Dr. Christopher Grayson was very thorough in explaining my hip condition and gave me options that I could try to delay surgery but felt ultimately that surgery would be necessary. He was 100% correct. I opted for corticosteroid shots, but they didn't work and I had to wait 90 days for my body to rid itself of the steroids before surgery could commence. All of this was explained at my initial consultation. I had a full hip replacement in Oct. of 2019. I was given the opportunity to use a new procedure using guided robotics which was less intrusive. The staff at FOI was able to make all the arrangements with the hospital, my insurance company and ensured anyone who had anything to do with my surgical procedure and follow up care was a preferred provider contracted with my insurance. This kept my costs down significantly. My surgery went well. I was up within an hour or two after waking and was walking with a walker. I was able to go home the same day. The following day a home healthcare rehab nurse came to the house to change bandages and start rehab. Within a week, I was taking short strolls down the street with a walker. In 2 weeks, I was walking with a cane and taking longer strolls around my neighborhood. At 4-6 weeks, I continued my exercises and still experienced weakness and numbness, but all was considered normal. At 12 weeks, I'm back at the gym and getting around well. The entire staff at FOI has been very supportive. The PA-C, Ms. Anderson, did my follow up checkups. She is as supportive and pleasant a person you will ever meet and took the time needed to discuss my progress. She explained everything in detail the post surgery recovery expectations and assured me everything was OK and would improve within a specific time frame. Her advice has been spot on and was helpful in alleviating any fears I had about the progress I was making. She is a very valuable asset to Dr. Grayson's team and he is very fortunate to have her on his team. I can't say enough wonderful things about her. I've since run into three other people who have had hip replacements performed by Dr. Grayson, one being my neighbor and their stories are all similar to mine. Their surgeries were successful and within 8-12 weeks, they were basically back to normal functioning. I highly recommend Dr. Grayson and Ms. Anderson if you have a need for hip surgery. They are an awesome team and will be my choice again if I need orthopedic care.
Richard N.
For about two and a half years, I've been conservatively treating a chronic knee condition with Dr. Garlick. Unfortunately, the time came where there was only one remaining option. Dr. Garlick recently performed the knee replacement. The day of the operation, Dr. Garlick's explanations of the operation and what to expect the next few days afterwards had a reassuring and calming effect - especially for my wife. Throughout the process, Dr. Garlick has been incredibly informative. No question that we had, and we had many, went without a thorough explanation. I am just about one month post-op and my results thus far have been fantastic. I have been very attentive to the physical therapy goals set by Dr. Garlick. Each day, I'm seeing incremental improvements which is exciting and encouraging. A few days ago, the tape over the incision was removed. Having seen the scars on others, I was prepared to see one of those Frankenstein scars. When the tape was removed I could not believe my eyes! There was literally minimal scarring and with time that will lessen more. I appreciate Dr. Garlick's attention to every facet of the operation. At this point, the final results of the strength and mobility of the knee are up to me. I hope I can do my part as brilliantly as Dr. Garlick has done his.
Will be getting a total hip replacement for my left hip after undergoing a similar procedure in December 2018 for my right. Cartilage is gone and bone-on-bone makes me a good imitation of Chester on Gunsmoke. Dr. Gustke will again be my surgeon. He replaced my wife's right hip in 2012 as well as my right last year. Florida Orthopaedic Institute is our home for orthopedic care. Very professional and knowledgeable with specialists for different joints from your neck to your foot.
Peter T.
I have been a patient of FOI since 2007. I have had 5 surgeries with different surgeons. Dr. Mighell repaired my left rotator cuff. Dr. Gustke replaced both of my knees. Dr. Small replaced my neck fusion, removed a battery pack for a bone growth stimulator and will add to my lumbar fusion. These three surgeons are the best in my opinion and Florida Orthopaedic Institute is the only place I will go for orthopaedic problems. Actually, FOI was recommended to me by a surgeon in Virginia. Keep up the good work. Thank you all, from appointment desk to front desk of doctors' areas to the doctors.
Lynette D.
Location Treated At:North Tampa
Best place on earth for orthopedic surgical assistance. One shoulder replaced and could not be happier. No lining up for the other shoulder and the process is now even easier on patients due to innovative improvements created by Mark Mighell, M.D. I am looking forward to my new bionic car lifting arm I can show off to all my friends after recovery. Hey doc, I hope you get to see this!
Taz M.
I have had two hips and a left knee replaced by Dr. Miranda within the last two years. I was in constant pain and at times gave up hope of ever walking without pain. Enter Dr. Miranda. Set a plan and replaced the right hip first. Then left hip. Then left knee. I was walking next day without walker or any assistance. Dr. Miranda and his team are experts in their field and the physical therapy team in Sun City worked me to the point of walking pain free. I am walking over 6 miles a day. If you seek the best, you found it in FOI and Dr. Miranda. Also had my left shoulder replaced by Dr. Frankle. Another successful story. Pain free and full motion. Thank you, FOI. My angels.
Michael N.
Location Treated At:Brandon
The office staff are helpful and courteous. The RN's are kind, patient and helpful. The wait time was reasonable. The physician assistant, Brian, is amazing. He makes you feel that you are the only patient that he is seeing. He takes his time explaining things. He is genuinely concerned for your pain. Dr. Palumbo took his time with me, gave me two injections, sat down to explain the benefits of knee replacement surgery and I feel gave me his honest opinion, which I appreciate. I would recommend this practice to anyone that has knee pain. They are caring and concerned starting when you walk through the front door.
Jude K.
Location Treated At:Wesley Chapel
I have been going to Dr. Nydick for almost a year now. It began with wrist pain, trigger thumb and just recently, shoulder pain. I had tendon swelling in various places on my wrist, thumb and forearm due to overuse from changing gears on my bike. Dr. Nydick injected corticosteroids which subsided the pain and I returned once more for additional treatment. That was nine months ago and still doing great! Recently, I had shoulder pain while swimming and he injected my shoulder as well. Shoulder is feeling better too. Dr. Nydick figures out the best treatment for his patient, their activity level and provides excellent compassionate care. Thank you!
Brenda L.
After years of suffering with chronic back and leg pain, and being told by other doctors that my wife had a hip problem, it was Dr. Samad that correctly diagnosed her with disc problems. He performed my wife's surgery and it has greatly relieved her pain and discomfort. Dr. Samad was extremely caring and took the time to call to check up on my wife after she was discharged from the hospital. We have been very pleased with the care she has received from Dr. Samad and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
Earl H.
Wait time is minimal. All of the staff, including the front desk receptionist, is very kind, patient, professional and understanding. Am getting good results, too, as a result of the therapists' care plans and attention.
Location Treated At:Sun City Center
I really enjoyed the experience at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Once I made an appointment, it was a smooth process. The online health history check was really slick. Once I got into the facility, everything was smooth. Online check-in via iPad with credit card swipe, 5 minute x-rays then right in with the doctor. I was in and out in less than an hour which would take forever. I really appreciate the ease of use at this facility. I highly recommend Florida Orthopaedic Institute to anyone who needs help!
Ryan R.
Location Treated At:Brandon
Erin is awesome and so informative! Love going here!
Jennifer C.
Location Treated At:Bloomingdale
I was very satisfied with the explanation of Dr. Steven Tresser regarding the problem of my wife and her operation. He is a very good doctor.
Natu P.
I have used this practice within the last 6-9 months for three broken (fractured bones) and the staff is always friendly and helpful. The doctors are amazing! Very quick to respond to any concerns! Would recommend and use again in the future if needed!
Daysha J.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
I almost cut my foot off in a childhood accident and had several corrective surgeries later. I have had problems with this foot for over 50 years. Dr. Sanders did corrective surgery on my deformed foot including severe hammer toes. Dr. Sanders helped get me through my problems and was always there when I needed him. He is a hero to me.
Sam S.
I had a partial knee replacement with Dr. Grayson. From the diagnosis to the actual surgery and beyond, the process has been clearly defined and the recovery has been swift. Dr. Grayson has a specific process with Physical Therapy personnel, equipment, icing and other exercises which make the recovery process much easier and quicker. After two weeks, I have been able to get back to normal walking without a cane or walker and the exercises are becoming much easier to perform. I high recommend Dr. Grayson for his ability to not only perform the replacement, but the process after the replacement to get you back to your normal quality of life.
Healthgrades Review
This is my third surgery this year with Dr. Nydick. I've had two carpal tunnel surgeries and a wrist fracture repair. My surgeries were done at both outpatient centers and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this practice! From scheduling, to visits, to the outpatient surgery, follow up and therapy (at the Telecom location) I wouldn't go anywhere else! Dr. Nydick and his staff are very knowledgeable and professional while being kind and compassionate.
Stephanie F.
Total knee replacement and two weeks later I am walking virtually pain free. First time in years! The surgery is absolutely life changing. Dr. Shah and his staff, and all the staff at Brandon Regional, are simply amazing!
Mat D.
FOI is always very professional and on time. Dr. Morse is awesome and I have all the trust in the world in him. Thank you.
Joyce O.
Really great doctor. I would recommend Dr. Epting to everyone. He truly is easily one of the most competent and honest doctors I have ever had. I would give him 10 stars if I could. He took me from a pain level I could not tolerate, to a zero pain level, and I am so grateful. Thank you to Dr. Epting and Mandy. Amazing team.
Francesca M.
I had a total knee replacement with Dr. Garlick in October. I have been very impressed with him and his staff. I am a retired surgical nurse and had my other knee replaced four years ago. I would recommend Dr. Garlick to anyone. My recovery has been awesome and the rehab has gone smoothly. Even my therapist has been impressed.
Rebecca S.
I met with Dr. Loewy and he showed me that I had not broken any bones which I was concerned that I had done. Then he took the time to find where in my foot I was receiving the pain and recommended what I could do to help the foot heal. He was very polite and professional. I would definitely go back to him.
Walter M.
Check-in was terrific using the electronic pad. Receptionists were cheerful, kind and very helpful. X-ray techs were very professional and fast. Dr. Pappou was great, understood where the pain was an recommended therapy. He was highly recommended by TGH Medical staff. All in all, a very quick and efficient operation. I'm glad I will be taking my physical therapy with these professionals. Thank you!
Robert P.
Little wait. Excellent staff. Fast x-rays. No wait time. Very professional. Dr. Grayson took one look at my x-rays and diagnosed my problems quickly (other doctors haven't been able to tell me for two years.) Surgery already scheduled after one visit. I'm looking forward to not hurting anymore.
Chuck C.
My treatment at was at the Urgent Care. I was so impressed with the friendly and attentive attitude of the front desk staff including the lady sitting at the reception desk as you walk in. Amanda Porter was very thorough, caring and also a good listener. She gave me the time I needed. Amanda's treatment, considering my expectation of the pain that I might receive, was virtually painless. Thank you Amanda!
Tom D.
Location Treated At:Brandon
I met with Dr. Lee, a Fellow of Dr. Frankle's. He is excellent and I have seen him several times and he explains my shoulder pains and what I have causing these pains. He reviewed my MRI's today and then showed me what the surgery procedure entailed and it really put me at ease. I feel very comfortable with both Dr. Frankle and Dr. Lee when my 3 month injections stop working on both my shoulders, I will not hesitate having them schedule my shoulder surgery one at a time.
Liz A.
I was sent by my surgeon to this particular location for an EMG Test. I was scheduled to see Dr. Zaffer for this procedure. Dr. Zaffer was great and explained everything as he went along.
Laura M.
Thank you so much for my new knees. Have been waiting years and you made that experience awesome!! It is so nice to be able to walk again without hurting. You and Brian are amazing! Will truly miss you all. Thanks again for giving my life back to me!
Donald W.
At my first appointment with Dr. Mighell, I knew that I was in good hands. He is a brilliant, gifted surgeon and a compassionate, caring person. Dr. Mighell gave me back my right shoulder. My life! If I had not had the reverse shoulder implant surgery, I would have had a lifeless, useless shoulder. My shoulder range of motion post-op is not perfect, but I am able to do the things I need to do for this phase of my life. The surgery requires a long recovery process, but I would do it all over again. I thank God for Dr. Mighell every day. He also has an outstanding team working with him. I am especially grateful for Rita, APRN to Dr. Mighell. She was always there for me - answering my questions. She is truly a professional!
Cathy M.
Dr. Frankle and everyone we dealt with at FOI were incredible. Both Dr. Frankle and his PA were wonderful. They talk to you in a calm and reassuring way, discussing the problem in a way you can understand and ask questions. Dr. Frankle repeatedly encourages you to ask questions and express concerns. A true professional who still cares about his patients and their concerns. Can't say enough good things. Would recommend anyone with a shoulder issue to go see him, especially if a replacement is in your future.
John P.
Amazing staff that were friendly, helpful and attentive. They all had a positive and happy attitude. It was extremely comforting. Look no further, Dr. Grayson is the absolute best surgeon! May God continue to bless you all!
Sandra C.
Everyone was very courteous and professional. I didn't have to wait long. I would recommend Florida Orthopaedic Institute to anyone having orthopedic problems.
Nancy B.
Location Treated At:North Tampa
Dr. Gasser is the most knowledgeable and a patient-oriented surgeon I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His dedication to his practice gives comfort to patients knowing their surgical outcome will be successful. Thank you Dr. Gasser!
Nicole A.
Great bedside manner. He was able to relate to me and took time explaining to me what he would do and how it would affect me. My surgery was a success and my recovery was quick. His staff are professional and caring. Thanks!
Cade D.
I've been going to Dr. Hess and his team for many years now for hand related issues. They are truly the best and I would highly recommend them! If you really want to get experienced professional help, you need to call them! So much improvement!
Terri H.
Dr. Donohue displayed professionalism and genuine concern from my first visit. He knew exactly what I needed and assured me that I would benefit from a total hip replacement. The surgery went great and the recovery is also going great. I appreciate the care and one on one attention I received from Dr. Donohue. I will highly recommend him to anyone I come in contact with that has hip, thigh, knee or leg issues. In my book, he's the best around!
Steve C.
Dr. Nydick is one of the most caring doctors I have had. Both times, he called my wife to check on me after I've gone home. To me, that's way beyond the call of duty.
Dana D.
I work in healthcare and, as such, I'm able to ask surgeons who myself and my family should go to. Every time I ask about Sports Medicine doctors, Dr. Gasser is one of the first names I'm given. My experience with him backs that up. Surgery is a last resort for him and I really appreciate that as it's not always the case. Five stars!
Mike T.
I had surgery in August by Dr. Palumbo. My follow up has been awesome. Tony and the crew in casting are beyond friendly and professional. They make you feel like you are part of their family. Brian Wicker is so patient and takes time to hear any and all of your concerns and fears. He is very reassuring and professional. The PT staff is awesome. Erica, who works with Dr. Palumbo is so sweet and caring. She is an asset to the practice. Dr. Palumbo has been fantastic. I am amazed at how much better I can already get around from pre-op. He is a miracle worker. I have already recommended him to other friends and family.
M. Patterson
Location Treated At:Wesley Chapel
From my arrival, I was addressed and assisted immediately. There wasn't much paperwork to fill out - and although there was some - filling out the electronic paperwork on their service tablet was easy and enjoyable. I waited 5-8 minutes before being called for my x-ray. Not long at all. Then, I reported back to the waiting room to be seen by Dr. Gasser to review my results. He was very professional and proficient and determined treatment. A+ service!
Uzziah S.
The staff and the doctors were very pleasant and professional. I went due to pain in my left knee. They did the x-ray on site and then removed fluid from knee. I was in and out of there in under an hour! Awesome!
Jorge B.
Location Treated At:Citrus Park
I was in tremendous pain and hesitant at first to visit a chiropractor. All I can say is 'Why on Earth did I wait so long?' Dr. Ramirez listened to my concerns and discussed my options. He has a very caring manner and explained exactly what he was doing. He is knowledgeable, personable and alleviated the excruciating pain I was in. Thank you for your compassion, skills and for making me whole again.
Vickie G.
Have been a client with Florida Orthopaedic Institute for 25 years now. I have not met a person yet that does not treat his or her with the upmost professionalism. Every doctor I have met has been professional and upfront in discussing my specific issue.
Rick R.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
This was my first visit with Dr. Sellman. The office was extremely efficient and the appointment started timely. The visit required an X-ray which I was able to have completed onsite and in little time. I anticipated a wait after returning to the waiting room. Not the case, I was called back before I had time to be seated. Dr. Sellman was quick to see me and explain the next steps. I also have to compliment him on his bedside manner. He was so energetic, funny and overall made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Sellman.
Arlie S.
After sixteen years of military service and thirty years of Law Enforcement, my right shoulder was a very painful mess. Dr. Mighell was very straight forward in the treatment plan, but allowed me to make the decision for the treatment. I finally decided to have the shoulder replacement surgery for the right shoulder. It has been one year since the surgery. I can now actually throw a ball with my grandchildren, I have no pain at all and can do my normal daily chores. I am so happy to have the surgery and thankful for my doctor providing the best treatment plan for me.
Richard G.
Dr. Zaffer was in his element as he exercised his expertise in addressing my situation. He communicated with me and explained the process and what to expect. He made sure I was comfortable asking sporadically if I was okay. As always FOI continues to demonstrate total and complete professionalism.
Lascelles D.
I went to Dr. Palumbo because he uses the Conformis Knee. I went for the knee and stayed for the doctor. Dr. Palumbo and his P.A. Brian are awesome. I highly recommend him.
G. D.
Dr. Grayson is an excellent surgeon. It's going on a week after my right hip replacement surgery and I have no pain like I had before.
Sandra C.
I am grateful for Dr. Mighell's outstanding, professional care for my shoulder. I had the opportunity to meet with him again today. He communicates thoughtfully and clearly about not only the condition of my shoulder but what treatment would be of most help. It has been a blessing to be his patient.
John T.
Great doctor, very professional, knowledgeable, patient, good listener, approachable.
Galo A.
Both of my knees were replaced by Dr. Brian Palumbo of Tampa in 2019. What a relief to have no bone-on-bone pain anymore. Dr. Palumbo did a fine job on both legs. I'm grateful to have found him -- a Harvard trained medical fellow who specialized in adult joint reconstructive surgery. He got me off crutches and riding a bicycle again. A++ P.S. I'm 63!
Smiling L.
On April 30, 2019, I had a full knee replacement of my right knee. Unfortunately, I developed a problem and my doctor sent me to see Dr. Grayson for his opinion. On Oct. 2, Dr. Grayson did a knee revision. And that was the beginning of my recovery. He is so very caring. I can't thank him enough. After having 2 operations on my knee, PT was difficult at the beginning. Everyone in PT work so hard on your rehab. Due to their great treatment, I have made so much improvement. I know I wouldn't have made it without them. Thanks to all of you!
Jerry B.
Location Treated At:Palm Harbor
Dr. Donohue had to replace my aunt's knee replacement after it broke and fractured her femur. He's fabulous and I highly recommend. Great bed side manner and is great with the elderly.
Melinda A.
The people that work there are so friendly, but more important is that they know their jobs and do them well, putting clients at ease through the pain.
Mildred G.
Location Treated At:Sun City Center
The front desk was nice and the iPad was easy to use. X-ray tech took me in and was very friendly. Then, I waited in another room. A nurse came in to say hello. Very nice and then Dr. Baker's PA came in and we talked. Emily is very good and very easy to talk to. Easy to ask questions to. Dr. Baker came in and he did not move quickly. He went over my MRI and x-rays and talked with me not at me. He gave me a cortisone shot in my shoulder and I did not feel a thing. Dr. Baker's meeting was very comfortable and I'm an anxious person! I left with a good feeling and hope. I also left educated.
Jim J.
Very considerate and professional and a pleasure to work with.
Richard H.
Location Treated At:Palm Harbor
I had my right hip replaced by another doctor in August 2017 due to bone on bone arthritis. From the start, I knew something was wrong, however I had the first doctor and another tell me that nothing was wrong. My issue was getting worse so I started looking for a doctor in Tampa. I saw great recommendations for Florida Orthopaedic Institute. I called and set up an appointment with Dr. Watson. He informed me that the hip cup was extremely introverted. He performed a revision and I could tell from the start that it was correct. Dr. Watson and Stephanie Cooke saved my life basically because it was to the point where I could barely walk. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a hip replacement or revision.
Becky Z.
One of the best hospitals I've ever been to. Amazing staff that were friendly, helpful and attentive. They all had a positive and a very happy attitude that was extremely comforting. They provided a wealth of information and explained every step of the way. I had my right hip replaced on Dec. 11. The nurses would bring my pain meds every four hours. I didn't even have to ask. They were always ready to make me comfortable. All the rooms are private and I was extremely impressed with the overall. I'd like to thank Sarah, Sam, Laura, Stacy, Sara, Josh, Erick, Jess and the PT Titi and Renato. From the moment you arrive you are made felt right at home. I researched and went to several consultations but look no further. Dr. Grayson is the absolute best surgeon and did what I was looking for. Anterior Robotics using MAKO. The minute I woke up, the pain was gone. My husband and I drove back to Miami pain free free and grateful. Thank you to all the wonderful staff that made this possible. May God continue to bless you all!
Sandra C.
I want to thank Dr. Small sincerely for looking beyond my neck when I was in to see him and sharing what had happened to him. Again, thanks for having the concern to look at the whole person in front of you and taking the time to make sound recommendations that are consistent with all of the symptoms presented.
Steven A.
The best day of my life was when I walked through your doors. I was living in pain and Dr. Small gave me my life back. I am so grateful to all of you.
George I.
Florida Orthopaedic Institute Physical Therapy has provided outstanding service in my recovery from knee replacement surgery. Physical therapists Trish, Nick and Amy were exceptional in the personal treatment and rehabilitation services they provided. Thanks!
Roger M.
Location Treated At:Brandon
Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and take care to provide a superior level of care in the rehab process.
Mike C.
Location Treated At:Wesley Chapel
I am very pleased with my hip replacement. I was up and walking the first day. I walked about 50 yards the first day and about 100 yards the second day, both times while using a walker. By the 8th day I was walking freely without any assistance at all and with very little discomfort. I found Dr. Donohue to be knowledgeable, skilled and a very pleasant doctor to work with. I would highly recommend Dr. Donohue to anyone in need of a hip replacement.
Erik E.
Overall, an excellent experience with a positive outcome. Surgeon and staff are very skilled, knowledgeable, courteous and caring. Would highly recommend to anyone requiring orthopedic spine surgery.
Chuck D.
Dr. Palumbo replaced both of my husband's knees, three months apart. He is an excellent surgeon with great outcomes! The hospital nurses all state that he is one of the best at knee replacements! I highly recommend him to anyone needing knee replacement surgery!
Mary M.
I had a total knee replacement on 11/6. Dr. Garlick and his staff did a fantastic job. He listened to my concerns and addressed them. I would highly recommend if you need an orthopedic surgeon to call Dr. Garlick.
Zuella P.
I came to see Dr. Mighell a number of years ago for issues with my rotator cuffs. I was immediately struck by the friendliness, courtesy, knowledge and compassion of this man. He has taken me through four surgeries, the last one being a total shoulder replacement because of arthritis and injury. Dr. Mighell personally came in and did an emergency surgery on a holiday weekend. He was kind and concerned at what was going on. He was not in the slightest annoyed that this was a holiday weekend, but showed genuine concern for me and my condition. He always has treated both my husband and me with the utmost concern, respect and compassion. He always made sure Jeff was informed about what was going on as well. I do not understand the process by which his physicians in their fellowship are picked, but every single one of them is exactly like he is in terms of care, compassion and competence. Dr. Mighell is apparently doing a great job teaching them this as well. His personal office staff is the same way. A lot of times, I feel like I am just a number and a credit card when I visit a doctor's office. I have always picked my physicians on the basis of their compassion and caring as well as competence. I have had a number of physicians that I only had to visit once to see they were not what I wanted. I am not a religious person, but I thank whatever deity is out there that Dr. Mighell is my physician. He gives me hope for change to the broken, dysfunctional medical system that I currently see. I wish he could be cloned.
Jerold C.
Dr. Weinstein's caring, competent and proactive in diagnosing and treating my back condition. His assigned rehab was helpful in reducing pain and now he is taking aggressive action to help restore my health and mobility.
Jay W.
The staff and Dr. Jackson were very professional, kind and did excellent injections and asked me questions the whole time I was there. I have had no pain since getting the injections on November 17. Doing fantastic. Florida Orthopaedic Institute is number 1 for me and I tell friends to go see these incredible doctors. A million thanks to the incredible staff.
Ed O.
I am extremely grateful I listened to a good friend of mine that recommended Dr. Reina. I was in extreme pain. I must say that I was quite skeptical as I had seen my primary, an ortho, a podiatrist and a chiropractor with no help or relief from any. All I can say is that Dr. Reina is amazing. It brought me to tears. I have had sciatic pain since 2012-13 and have just lived with it. I began to have extreme right foot, heel, leg and back pain with no relief from my previous doctors. stretching or anti-inflammatory meds. After my first visit from Dr. Reina, all my pain went away and today, I am pain free without any medication. His knowledge is beyond belief and yet so real and am so thankful and grateful for his care and would highly recommend him a million times over. Dr. Reina gets an A++ in my book.
Debra M.
The staff is amazing and friendly. My doctor listens to all my questions and he explained everything to me in detail. I just have to say: Amazing! I have to mention Dr. Mighell's nurse Rita. She is the best. Thank you!
Bettina R.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
People come from all over to see Dr. Palumbo because he's the best. He's a no nonsense professional that works very hard to help a lot of people. Brian Wicker, his PA is incredibly helpful and was a pleasure to work with as well. My hip is brand spankin new and works better than ever. Nothing short of a miracle!
Karen L.
After years of pain and limping around, I finally decided to have a full hip replacement. I did a lot of research and chose Dr. Brian Palumbo based upon the recommendations from his prior patients. Even though his office was further away from me than most others. It was well worth it. It's now been 3 weeks since my surgery and my physical therapist is amazed at how well I am doing and she has released me early. After just three weeks I am very close to being back to normal and for the first time in five years I am not limping! Thanks so much to Dr. Palumbo for his great work! I would recommend him highly!
U. D.
Dr. Mighell has been my surgeon at Florida Orthopaedic Institute for over ten years. He did an amazing shoulder replacement on my left shoulder and now he completed my right shoulder. I am so very thankful and blessed to have Dr. Mighell as my surgeon. Thanks to his skills, the quality of my life has drastically improved. Thank you so much, Dr. Mighell.
Sandra G.
I've been dealing with knee and upper thigh pain for 3 years. I've been to other facilities that advised me there was nothing I could do. I came to Florida Orthopaedic Institute for a second opinion and within five minutes of handing my MRI results to Dr. Morse, he advised that I need surgery. He was able to give me an anti inflammatory medicine that helped me cope until my surgery. I was scared out of my mind! The staff at FOI could see it on my face. I have such a new profound respect for what they do. They all took great care of me from the moment I stepped in the surgery center at 5 a.m. The receptionist knew what I was going through and was awesome. They took me back and my anxiety shot through the roof! The nurse Kierston was so amazing in calming me down. The anesthesia doctor was professional. His assistant Charlene is a saint and an Angel from above! My biggest fears were being put down/asleep. Before she administered the anesthesia, she was talking to me and walked behind me so I really did not know what was happening. I felt a little burn for a split second and next thing I knew I was waking up. For surgery, it was the most pleasant it could have possibly been! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I hope I someday will be in a position to help all of you! P.S. All my pain is gone! I was walking on my knee the same day. Unbelievable. Great job everyone!
Brian A.
I had total hip replacement on my left side at the end of October. I started PT 2 weeks later at the Brandon facility. My PT team consists of Nishit Patel, Tricia Kelly and Haley Todaro. I can't give them more than enough praise! They have truly given me the best personalized treatment possible. They take the time to listen to my concerns, discuss what my work and recreation lifestyle is like and how best to create a PT plan that fits me. They have also evolved my personal PT routine due to a new discovery with my left femur. I feel so much more confident in my recovery process and already see positive progress in my strength and balance! They're also helping me create a post-PT workout regime for the gym which I can do by myself to continue my strength and recovery plan. If you have any say in where you go for PT, go straight to FL Ortho in Brandon. You won't be disappointed.
Laurie G.
Location Treated At:Brandon
I went to Dr. Garcia based on a recommendation from a friend who's familiar with the Tampa Bay doctors. It was a good tip. Dr. Garcia is conservative in treatment suggestions. He has good bedside manner and is a likeable person. I had a shoulder issue and was interested in non-invasive therapy. I was not interested in cortisone shots. He was on the same page with me so I ended up going for PT sessions. End result is shoulder is back to 100%!
F. B.
Dr. Reina is amazing! Along with alleviating the pain in my lower back. Dr. Reina took the time to explain why is happens and how to prevent it in the future. Excellent doctor, excellent care, excellent facility! Highly recommend!
Lisa C.
We have been seeing Dr. Garcia for my daughter's shattered arm for around eight months. Every visit, he is always so friendly, informative and helped her avoid surgery with a bone simulator treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Garcia, he is the best!
Alisa M.
Dr. Miranda is in my opinion an excellent surgeon. his anterior approach for my hip replacement allowed me to heal in remarkable time with limited pain. His P.A. Kelly took plenty of time to answer my questions and explain everything. I highly recommend.
Dan S.
Dr. Sellman is an excellent doctor. He is so good at putting me at ease before my procedure injecting my knee. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs this type of procedure.
Sandra C.
Dr. Donohue is phenomenal! This was my first surgery/bone fracture and he made it the best experience it could be considering the circumstances. Underpromised and over delivered in every aspect of the process. If you are in need of an orthopedic surgeon, he should be your go to.
Tim L.
Very friendly staff every step of the way. I am sure they see many patients every day, but all staff were pleasant and helpful. Clean and very modern facility. Highly recommend.
Cynthia S.
Location Treated At:Brandon
Dr. Frankle and the staff are outstanding. I couldn't ask for better care.
Robert B.
Should you ever need anyone to take care of your orthopedic needs, I highly recommend that you call Dr. Steven Tresser at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. He also has the very best assistant, Chuck, who is an outstanding individual and is a very nice complement to Dr. Tresser. We drove all the way over to Tampa from Clearwater Beach and looked forward to every visit to see both Dr. Tresser and Chuck.
Teresa J.
Outstanding visit with Dr. Miranda in every respect. He and his superb support staff are the epitome of what is sought for in a medical doctor. Exemplary in all areas!
Ron R.
Experiencing a harrowing tragedy that required two emergency surgeries, I was quite fortunate to have the competent and compassionate Dr. David Donohue as my surgeon. Arriving in an ambulance, Dr. Donohue surgically repaired my dislocated right femur and complicated right acetabular fracture. Three months after my surgery, I continue to work on regaining my mobility, but I am forever grateful that I had an experienced, intelligent surgeon like Dr. Donohue performing this challenging and risky procedure.
Beth C.
If you are looking for a brilliant and kind doctor to replace your aching knees, then Dr. Brian Palumbo is the one to call. He has done extensive training, earning the superior fellow designation in adult joint reconstruction at Harvard University in Cambridge. In May and October of 2019, Dr. Palumbo did total knee replacement surgeries for me using the state-of-the-art, tailor-made Conformis knee joints. Under his expert care, and despite having heart and weight issues, I sailed easily through his surgeries. He is very adept at adjusting medications to minimize post-surgery pain. I didn't even need opiate pain pills for pain after one-week. It is wonderful to be free of the prior agonizing bone pain. I found Dr. Palumbo to be compassionate and kind. I am in total gratitude to him for bringing my legs back to normalcy. Hey, I swim, ride my bicycle and walk. I am thrilled and looking forward to 2020. Thank you, sir!
All the personnel at this clinic are fantastic, friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Echols is an amazing surgeon and Afonso is the best therapist. I highly recommend this Institute.
Dr. Baker has miracle hands. He performed my left shoulder surgery and I did very well. Just 8 weeks post-op and I have almost full mobility. There is still a little pain, but if you follow his instructions, you should heal well. His staff is always there. Your phone calls are returned immediately and the office staff is very friendly. The PT Staff are also very kind. From front office lady to Michelle, Tori and Matt. My team therapists. They are all wonderful and it feels like you are with friends when you're there to work out.
Minerva T.
My knees had needed to be replaced for approximately 20 years, but because of my age, all the surgeons said I was too young. Instead, I was getting injections, pain meds and surgeries that would 'buy me time' until I was old enough. Between both knees, that was 13 surgeries. Dr. Bernasek instead looked at the quality of my life. I couldn't walk long distances. I had almost been severely injured several times by the knees giving out. After he replaced both knees, and I was diligent in my physical therapy, I can say that he gave me my life back. He is kind, caring and a great surgeon. I haven't had any trouble at all with them. Thank you, Dr. Bernasek and Brian!
Carrie R.
Dr. Weinstein was honest with me and didn't promise an improvement because my spine was partially fused in that position, but said he'd do his very best. He also discovered that the head of one of the screws had fallen off (it was of a type he does not recommend). I trusted him and he performed a miracle. I will never be 100%, but after a few months of recovery, I have greatly reduced the pain medication, I'm resuming some of my hobbies and I'm loving life again. Dr. Weinstein truly gave me back my hope and my life. Trust him!
I had an extremely positive experience with everyone I interacted with at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. The check in process was fast and the facility is very well maintained. I'm more than pleased with the experience and would highly recommend them.
Paul S.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
I was at physical therapy for four weeks and three days. Today was my graduation! Everyone there was great! I had Lori and her team! They worked me hard each time and it paid off! Thanks for everything!
JoAnne D.
Location Treated At:Brandon
The check in and x-ray process are very timely and smooth. The wait to see Dr. Mighell was short today. I first saw Dr. Neeley who has never seen me and was helpful with the changes in my shoulders since my last visit two years ago. Dr. Mighell came in after and reviewed my case and recommendations. I got shots in both shoulders by Dr. Neeley and there was minimal discomfort. Anyone who has had cortisone shots knows it can be painful, but never in this office.
Paul W.
Location Treated At:North Tampa
Dr. Grayson made the whole experience easy and without stress. I had a full hip replacement and 10 days later went back to work. I have the utmost respect and trust in this fine surgeon.
I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with my entire experience with Dr. Miranda and his staff. Amanda's attention to detail, as his assistant is unmatched. Dr. Miranda demonstrates the greatest of bedside manor and professionalism. As a high school biology teacher, recovery from a partial knee replacement during the middle of the semester was quite concerning. I missed only eight days of school; healing surpassed my greatest expectations. Dr. Miranda will be performing a partial knee replacement on my remaining knee in less than 12 weeks following my first. I am looking forward to a fabulous 2020 where walking and running are again part of my everyday life.
I fractured my shoulder and was referred to physical therapy at the South Tampa location. I have been primarily seeing two therapists, Jeff Young and Debbie Reigner. I am completely blown away by the skill, knowledge, patience and caring displayed by those two. I am met (on time, every time) with a smile and a regimen that has brought me from no use at all with my arm, to being able to do things that I had previously taken for granted -- like blowing my nose with both hands and washing my hair with both hands. They have given me strengthening training, both at the facility and exercises to do at home that have increased my mobility tremendously. With a broken shoulder, sleeping is difficult, but they have gave me suggestions that have helped to provide the much needed rest that I had been missing. At the end of every workout session, I get a professional massage and manipulation that greatly reduces the pain and stiffness. This requires much skills as they move my shoulder around since I am unable to move it completely (you do NOT want frozen shoulder!). I continue to work with both these two awesome individuals and I look forward to gaining my full mobility. I owe every inch of my mobility to these two therapists and would highly recommend Jeff Young and Debbie Reigner to anyone seeking to regain mobility and strength after an injury. Oh! And the front desk staff at the physical therapy office is fabulous! Always pleasant and helpful!
Sharon A.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
My experience at the doctor's office was exceptional. The whole staff: secretaries, nurses, Brian the physician assistant and Dr. Palumbo were very caring and professional. Dr. Palumbo told me of the options I had for my total knee replacement. One of the options was a total knee implant that is custom made to fit each patient's unique anatomy. They do this by having a 3D CT-SCAN done to your knee and later create an implant to fit your size and anatomy. That's the one I chose. One week before the surgery, I had an orientation at the hospital regarding how to prepare for surgery and what to expect after surgery, which I found very helpful. I had my surgery at AdventHealth Tampa and in the afternoon, I was able to walk with the assistance of a physical therapist. The next day, I had physical therapy at the hospital and walked the whole ward twice with my therapist. Later, I was discharged from the hospital. During my short stay at the hospital, all the personnel were courteous and caring. For two weeks, I had physical therapy at home. Then, twice a week for four weeks at Dr. Palumbo's physical therapy facilities in Wesley Chapel. I can fully extend my leg and I can bed it 120 degrees. Right now, I am walking without pain and I only use a cane to feel secured. I feel a minor discomfort when I am laying down on my bed, but the doctor said that it should go away soon. I am happy that my recovery was quick and with minimal pain. I can resume my normal life thanks to Dr. Brian Palumbo and all the people involved in the process. God bless them all!
In 2005, I had a failed fusion of my left subtalar joint. I had gone through a failed fusion of my talus joint, as well as many other surgeries to this post-trauma foot and ankle. I couldn't take the pain anymore and was ready to submit to a below-knee amputation when I was referred to Dr. Roy Sanders, who was described to me as the world's leading authority on foot and ankle reconstructions. Dr. Sanders successfully fused my left subtalus. He also performed a tarsal tunnel release of my entrapped nerve. Then, in 2016, my right subtalar joint failed. I was not able to have the surgery done because I was a full-time caregiver for my wife at the time. In November of 2019, Dr. Sanders performed a complex reconstruction of my right foot. He is an orthopedic superstar in my book, and something of a legend in his profession, having developed many of the procedures now used for foot reconstructions. I highly recommend Dr. Roy Sanders and his orthopedic team at FOI.
Mark C.
Florida Orthopaedic Institute is the best complete source for all your orthopedic needs. Dr. Samad is my personal physician. He and his staff are the very best. Caring, compassionate and very understanding. Dr. Samad is the best surgeon I have seen and I have had many surgeries. He listens to you at the office as if you were a family member. This is also true for all of his staff. If I move away from Brandon, my plans are to keep Dr. Samad as my orthopedic doctor when or if the need should arise.
Ronnie B.
I have known Dr. Garlick for eight years and he is an amazing doctor and surgeon. He has been treating my knees and has gone above and beyond to find treatments to easy my pain. Four weeks ago, he performed a total knee replacement on both my knees and I'm so glad I went for it. His demeanor and bedside manners are excellent and I can't praise him high enough as a surgeon!
Unni S.
No one in Tallahassee would touch my 2005 right knee replacement. Dr. Grayson agreed to help me with all the pain I was having. When he replaced my knee again he found that my tibia had come out of the cement used in the prior surgery. My knee is without all the pain now. Thanks to Dr. Grayson for caring enough to find out what was wrong.
Sheryl L.
Great doctor!!! Super knowledgeable, friendly and listened to my complaints!! Would recommend him 100%!!
Linda H.
Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Dr. Tresser are outstanding. Dr. Tresser is a highly competent surgeon. He listened and made competent decisions on how to treat my back problems. He is not quick to cut when there are other options to solve the issue. I found him online and he is rated as a top ortho and neuro surgeon in the Tampa Bay area. I trust him with my spine.
Fowler B.
You not only saved my right arm, but also the remaining ten years of my career. My bone breakage was so severe that there was the real possibility that I would lose it. In fact, where the primary surgeon gave up and no other local surgeon would take on the task, I was sent to you. All the way across the state in Tampa from Stuart! Thank you!
Dave A.
An excellent organization. Knowledgeable staff. It's my second time I was treated (for two unrelated problems) and if needed in the future, I will be back. This time, my physical therapist was Stephen. He really knows his field. Anyway, I got a problem, I was treated, and now I feel much better. The whole process was efficient and conducted by pleasant people who knew what they are doing. What else would one need or want?
Aidas N.
Location Treated At:Brandon
Dr. Miranda is a great doctor. He made my left hip replacement perfectly. I don't have words to say thanks. I had a problem with my hip since I was a child. Thanks, Dr. Miranda.
Carmita J.
I visited with Dr. Frankle about shoulder pain I was having. The office was run very efficiently, with x-rays being taken shortly after my arrival. I did not have to wait long to see the doctor. He was thorough and I felt he took plenty of time with me. He was clear and honest about surgery being an option, but not the best option for me. For my issue, we are going to try rest and physical therapy.
Hodge T.
Location Treated At:North Tampa
Nerve conduction studies can be a shocking experience, but Dr. Zaffer made it pleasant and easy. Thank you.
Kendall D.
The PT's, Mike and Morgan, are very helpful. They are very detailed in their evaluations before starting therapy and give you the best exercises.
Carlos G.
Location Treated At:Palm Harbor
I had a reverse right shoulder replacement with Dr. Mighell in September. His whole team was fantastic! I have minimal scarring and no pain. Dr. Mighell is an exceptional doctor at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. He picks the best team because he is the best. He is a triple A+ doctor. I also loved that he offered Saturday appointments!
Patricia P.
Dr. Marc Weinstein and his staff are exceptional!!! My husband is playing golf, pickle ball and tennis after his back surgery 10 years ago! Loving being active and enjoying the Florida lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Weinstein!
Donna M.
From the first visit, through surgery and beyond, my experience with Florida Orthopaedic Institute has been nothing but positive. Even the billing department!!! Everyone was friendly, professional and great to work with. If I ever break another bone I am going to FOI!
Don B.
Location Treated At:Wesley Chapel
Dr. Epting and staff are just simply fabulous. They answer all my questions no matter how off the wall they seem. They're patient and friendly. I've always understood everything with what I was going through as Dr. Epting always took the time to explain everything thoroughly. I would highly recommend him to everyone I know!
Dalilah Gonzalez
I began my experience with Florida Orthopaedic Institute some five years ago, getting a referral from a friend for my bad shoulders. I saw Dr. Mighell then and the problem with some shots was fixed. Then, I had some very painful arthritis in my back and could barely walk. I went back to Florida Orthopaedic Institute and got a Saturday appointment with Dr. Jackson. He is very knowledgeable of the spine and ordered a new MRI and set a plan of action. I had some shots at the surgery center where the staff is amazing. I can walk and am now ready for physical therapy to work on the core. I could not be happier. Florida Orthopaedic Institute is a wonderful facility for all my ortho needs. I'm only 51, but was an avid runner for many years and worked 80 or 100 hours per week for about 20 years. It all takes a toll on the body. I'm very thankful that I got Dr. Jackson and let his expertise try and help you get back to enjoying life. Florida Orthopaedic Institute has my undying gratitude for all they have done over the years!
Danielle McCown
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
I find the staff very friendly and professional. I had my appointment with Austin and he is awesome!
Brenda W.
Location Treated At:Sun City Center
A very caring doctor. Wonderful bedside manner. Explains things in language that anyone can understand. My cervical surgery went well with full recovery. I would definitely recommend Dr. Samad and his staff.
Healthgrades Review
I have been visiting FOI at their South Tampa office for nearly two months now. I am very impressed with their therapists and their administrative staff. I have worked with four or five therapists and all of them have done a fantastic job. Their dedication to getting their patients back on the path to good health is very evident in their day to day routine. The attitudes of not only the therapists but also the admin staff will keep me returning in the future. I have visited many physical therapy care centers and I am happy to say this is one of the finest!
Russell R.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
Dr. Watson was great! Straight and upfront. Surgery was as planned. Very small scar compared to most encounters from other comparisons.
Matt C.
Been going here for years, multiple problems and have seen a variety of specialists. All are, in my opinion, extremely professional and caring. Would not consider any other orthopedic practice!
Chick M.
Location Treated At:Wesley Chapel
I saw Dr. Garlick today and was greeted with his warm smile. He's taken care of my left knee for the last three years. What I was most impressed with was his taking the time with me about an unrelated and recent injury to my right hip. He was willing to explain some possible concerns and remedies. He didn't have to talk with me regarding this issue as it wasn't my reason for seeing him. I appreciated his patience and listening to my rambling thoughts. Thanks, Doc!
Patti Y.
Dr. Mighell replaced my shoulder over a year ago and I have no trouble with it. Good job, Doc! I would recommend him and his staff if you have shoulder problems.
Don B.
It was a very nice experience. The friendly and affectionate treatment of all the staff, the professionalism of all their therapists was perfect. I felt very well and they helped me to return to my daily activities. I would always go to that place. Thank you all!
Elizabeth Z.
Location Treated At:Citrus Park
I spent over one year of my life with excruciating pain in my upper right leg. After spending that year in Pain Management (with 9 failed procedures) and have a failed surgery, I was referred to Dr. Adil Samad. After reviewing my MRI and CT scans, he stated, "I can fix this." He repaired the ruptured disc and performed a triple spinal fusion. I was up walking with PT the next day. Recovery was very swift. After three weeks I was completely off all my pain medications. I highly recommend Dr. Samad to anyone having spinal related issues.
Philip B.
My right knee had already been replaced, but due to a fall a bone was out of position. Dr. Grayson replaced the prosthesis that was out of place. Truly, I tell you, my new knee is better than my old one ever hoped to be. There was a minimum of pain/discomfort. He kept careful tabs on me and had my PT start right away. My bending percentage is now more than it ever was. I will not hesitate to have him replace my other knee when the time comes!
Niki R.
I highly recommend Dr. Palumbo! He customized my hip to fit me. My surgery was 6 weeks ago and I feel great. I can do many activities that I couldn't do six weeks ago. If your're thinking about hip or knee surgery you should consider talking to him.
Dr. Mighell saved my arm. After numerous failed surgeries, a year of IV medications, Dr. Mighell properly diagnosed and treated my arm in the nick of time. It was the worst year of my life and it finally came to a conclusion after Dr. Mighell stepped in. Thanks. Excellent rapport and spent a lot of time with me.
Mitchell F.
I went to Florida Orthopaedic Institute as a walk-in for Urgent Care. I had severe pain in my hand from from an injury months ago and it had made my whole right thumb swollen. I came in on a Tuesday about 8am and there was no one in the Urgent Care Unit. The service I received from the assistant at the counter was exceptional! I completed my initial paperwork within 10 minutes. Nothing too complicated or annoying. They got me to x-rays fairly quickly. Right after I was taken to my room where I met the nurse and answered a few questions and then saw the provider. Amanda Porter did a great job of listening to me and explaining to me what was going on with my hand as well as clarifying my options. My nurse even held my hand as I received my uncomfortable treatment! I was prepared to wait hours but everything went so smoothly! Everyone who assisted me from the time I walked in to seeing the provider was very polite and genuinely seemed to care about their job. The facility was comfortable and inviting. I was in and out within the hour! I was very pleased with my whole experience here!
Location Treated At:Brandon
Had six PT sessions for my shoulder at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Friendly and professional staff. The therapists took their time with me working on various shoulder exercises, also helping me develop a routine that I could continue at home. They were prompt in answering any questions I had following the completion of my therapy as well.
Alex N.
Location Treated At:Northdale
Dr. Donohue recently did both of my Total Knee Replacement surgeries this year and I couldn't be happier! He is very professional, yet kind and friendly. He explained everything to me and to my family members before and after my surgery. I am so very thankful and grateful that I found Dr. Donohue at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. He has given me my life back! I can walk again without pain!
Sharon H.
Very satisfied with my first visit with Dr. Jackson. Spent an appropriate amount of time and was very pleasant. He went over the diagnosis and treatment with me.
Gerald M.
A 35+ year in career in pro-wrestling is tough on the back. I could no longer take the excruciating pain, so my primary physician recommended Dr. Steven Tresser. Thank God! Dr. Tresser, Chuck and staff have done an exemplary job! After 3 months, I feel like a new person. Don't worry doc, I'll stay planted until you say otherwise. I sure hope others trust and choose you. Thanks again!
Brian B.
Since I started my rehab four weeks ago, all of the folks working with me have been wonderful. I worked with Mike. He has a wonderful bedside manner, patience and gives me the confidence that what I'm doing is going to make a difference and make me better. I'm very glad I picked Florida Orthopaedic Institute in Palm Harbor to do my rehab.
Dee E.
Location Treated At:Palm Harbor
Dr. Watson is very professional and serious about his work and patients. Staff is nice and keeps the office moving. This doctor is enjoyable to visit!
Debbie H.
Five stars is not high enough. I was having problems with my right leg. Extreme pain in my thigh. He said it was due to my hip being bone on bone and suggested a total hip replacement to alleviate it. I was scared and kept putting it off as I had never had major surgery. Waiting would make it worse and it did. Broke down and had it done. What a relief. No pain! He is a miracle worker. Was up and walking that day and the next day when I went home.
Lauren F.
Dr. Samad is fantastic!! He is smart, caring and kind. He took the time needed to clearly explain my situation and discuss my options. I would totally trust him if ever I need surgery. The entire staff at Wesley Chapel is phenomenal!!!
Dr. Mighell is a gifted surgeon and more importantly, a very good person! He is a throwback. In a day and age where doctors just want to rush you into surgery, get you in and out, and get paid, he takes the time to exchange pleasantries and explain options and procedures very clearly. Dr. Mighell repaired my ruptured triceps tendon several years ago and has earned my trust and respect. I highly recommend him. The best doctor I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.
Jim D.
Sharp guy, quick to the point, thorough, knowledgeable, easy to relay concerns to and listened. Hard to find these days!
Gary V.
My experience with both the office staff and therapists has been outstanding. I actually look forward to my time there. The therapists are encouraging, knowledgeable and friendly as well as the office staff.
Andre D.
Location Treated At:Bloomingdale
Dr. Nydick was very clear and professional in explaining my situation and treatment. Also, he has a great support staff for information intake, scheduling and brace consultations. I would highly recommend Dr. Nydick for your orthopedic needs in his specialty.
Gil V.
I have known Dr. Grant Garlick for a number of years back to when he first came to town. As an OR nurse at TGH, I know how he works, his expertise in surgery and the way he treats his team and his patients and their families. This is why there was no question when it came to selecting my surgeon. Just as I expected, I was welcomed into his practice. My examinations, x-ray and MRI were thorough and explained in detail. My options were presented and I was given time to select which treatment I chose. I tried several minimalistic options first. I finally opted for total knee arthoplasty. The preparation for surgery, the surgery itself and post-op expectations were explained including possible complications to my satisfaction so the decision was easy. The pre-op visit at Memorial Hospital was also a complete and pleasant experience. My experience with all facets of my care was extraordinary! Caitlin, Dr. Garlick's administrative assistant, was my go-to-girl. She answered all my questions promptly. I am now 5 weeks post-op and my pain level is very low. My incision looks great and I am able to climb stairs already. My range of motion far exceeds our expectations. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Garlick, the staff and all aspects of my experience. I highly recommend them. May God bless all of you as you have blessed me.
Connie T.
Dr. Lyons is a caring and thoughtful professional. He discussed all options to relieve my knee problems. He took the time to explain all the pros and cons with each options. Then he let me make a decision as to which way to go, without any pressure. I chose a total right knee replacement. The surgery went perfect. He even took care in the placement and closing incision so that it would minimize scar shape and size. I had absolutely no post-op issues. Dr. Lyons took the time to explain each phase of recovery and how I was progressing through physical therapy. I am so happy with the first surgery, that I have just scheduled to have the left knee repaired. I would recommend Dr. Lyons to anyone who needs orthopedic surgery. Five stars!
Josefina V.
Dr. Echols is very informative and a great doctor. He made me feel very comfortable about the surgery that's needed. Dr. Echols is a doctor that I highly recommend.
Jeneria S.
My doctor is Dr. John Small. He and his staff are a godsend and truly care about their patients and they show it! It truly has been a long road, but they stayed by my side fighting and I've grown to love so many people at that office! Thank you for all you've done and are doing. They are the greatest and I could not have made a better decision about choosing Dr. Small and Christian Cruz. Thank you everyone!
Jessica G.
This is my review for my surgery! This is my second knee replacement in three years. I met Dr. Garlick a year ago just looking for a good orthopedic doctor. Dr. Garlick is the best. I live in Manatee County and I traveled to Tampa. If I had to do it again, I would. This doctor found my problem and fixed me right on up. I am overwhelmed with happiness because Dr. Garlick gave me a second chance to go on with my life and not being afraid to walk. Anyone that needs a second chance...Dr. Grant Garlick is the answer!
Brenda R.
When I viewed the doctors' profiles on the FOI website, Dr. Garlick's said his focus/interest was on the knee. I decided to schedule an appointment with him. I had a total knee replacement in July and would highly recommend him. His nurse, Stephanie, assistant Caitlin and P.A. Elizabeth make a great team!
Tracy K.
They treat you with respect and are very concerned to help with your condition. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Feel very relieved after seeing the doctor. Great treatment.
Reina E.
After dealing with pain for over six months, Dr. Morse was able to diagnose the problem in the first five minutes of the visit and refer me to a chiropractor to begin working on my issue. After more than six months, thanks to Dr. Morse and his team, who were able to fit me in the same day, I am being released from an everyday pain.
Linoska Suarez
Had full knee replacement a year ago. Fantastic results. Walking same day. Minimal pain. Stopped any pain meds after a few days. Walking normally in a month. Did the 10K Skyway walk six months after the surgery with no discomfort. Dr. Garlick was easy to talk to. He listened and was totally professional. His staff is wonderful.
Wayne E.
Fantastic group of therapists at this location!
Anton K.
Location Treated At:Sun City Center
Dr. Garlick performed my first left total knee replacement surgery three years ago and my right total knee replacement surgery in 2019. Within five weeks, after each surgery, I was able to return to my daily activities, especially daily exercise at the local YMCA, free from any pain or discomfort. I was able to fully use the stair master, stationary bike and walk the treadmill without any discomfort or range of motion restrictions. Thanks to Dr. Garlick's outstanding surgery skills and his excellent post-surgery physical therapy programs, at age 70, I am enjoying the blessing and gift of pain free active living. I highly recommend and commend Dr. Garlick not only for his gifted surgery skills, but also as a caring physician who sincerely cares for his patients and their return to full mobility. By the way, Dr. Garlick is assisted by an excellent staff of caring professionals.
John F.
Excellent! Dr. Pappou is outstanding. Highly intelligent, informative and effective. He provided multiple options, explained pros and cons and allowed us to make the decision.
Angela H.
Dr. Palumbo and his entire staff are outstanding. The office is busy, but you still get your time with the doctor. He has done knee replacements on me two times this year and I couldn't be happier. A true professional who I wholeheartedly recommend. You will not be sorry.
Jeff K.
I came to be a patient of Dr. Stone's at FOI because of a work related accident. Dr. Stone and his team were easy to work with. They helped me navigate through the process of healing a borken hand and by no means was it easy (my bones didn't want to cooperate), but Dr. Stone assured and encouraged me along the way that I would heal but would take a little more time to get there (which it did.)
Tammy B.
Your new facility is awesome! It's almost like a mini Mayo Clinic. Very impressive! It was my pleasure to meet Dr. Miranda, not only because he was good-looking, but I had been referred to him by the best. He had previously replaced my son's knee successfully. Also, just to be on the safe side, I asked my primary doctor for a second opinion and he told me that Dr. Miranda is the best. Surgery successful. No problems.
Ann H.
Dr. Nydick has been treating both my hands, for awhile. When my condition advanced to the point surgery was needed, Dr. Nydick was able to explain the procedure, what to expect before, during and after. I'm well on the road to a complete recovery and I can't thank him enough!
E. C.
Amazing job on a complicated back surgery. I couldn't walk, sit or sleep. I now have my life back, pain free. Thank you, Dr. Weinstein and your staff!
Dianne M.
I had a rotator cuff repair surgery in August 2019. The Florida Orthopaedic Institute is the place to have any orthopedic procedures done. They have several locations throughout the Tampa Bay area. They even have their own surgery centers. The Sun City Center office has its own imaging, so there is no need to have x-rays done in another facility. My procedure was explained to me in simple terms. The doctors make sure that you have a full understanding of the procedure. Following the surgery, I needed physical therapy. FOI has a PT Department attached to their orthopedic office in Sun City Center. Making appointments for PT is easy. There is a policy that a patient shall not wait more than five minutes to be treated in the PT department. I must say, they do keep this promise. I have been in PT for approximately four weeks and my recovery is going just great with the help from the PT staff. The entire staff at Florida Orthopaedic Institute has great customer service. I would 100% recommend Florida Orthopaedic Institute for any orthopedic issues.
Kevin C.
Location Treated At:Sun City Center
I've had two knee replacements in two years. Both operations were done by Dr. Garlick. Two people I know have used him based on my recommendation and successful recuperation. I would not hesitate to send more people his way. He is excellent.
Vicki K.
Dr. Palumbo and his staff are outstanding. I have had two knee replacements this year by Dr. Palumbo and prior to, his staff made the process as easy as possible and both surgeries went well. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Palumbo for your needs. It will be the right decision you make.
Jeffrey K.
Five stars for outstanding caring and service. MJ was awesome. She made me feel like a valued patient. Dr. Grayson was fantastic. Compared to my previous doctor who was clueless. I was given shots that took away my pain. Dr. Grayson took time to explain what I needed to do to move forward in terms that I understood. He took his time with me and I felt that he really  cared. If you are looking for an orthopedic doctor, Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Dr. Grayson is the only way to go. I highly recommend him and the staff.
Danny M.
The physical therapists at Florida Orthopaedic Institute customize a plan for each individual that will take the patient from where they are to full functionality. They are supportive, encouraging and always a pleasure to work with.
Lisa C.
Location Treated At:Brandon
I have already referred several people to Dr. Lyons. It has been a year since my total hip and I am very happy with the results. This is the best!
Healthgrades Review
After a serious break and repair of acetabelum, my pain was so intense that for over a year I could not walk. I was referred to Dr. Grayson and he suggested I have a hip replacement. While I didn't think this would alleviate the problem, I went ahead. After surgery, I woke up for the first time in 17 months with no pain. My recovery has been wonderful. I am walking and moving in ways I never imagined. Everyone on staff has been wonderful and I cannot recommend Dr. Grayson enough. I also wanted to give a five star rating to Christina, his assistant. She is so sweet, returns phone calls promptly and has integrity in all she does. She went out of her way to accommodate my schedule, got me in for my surgery 12 days early and moved up my second surgery as well. She deserves a medal and a raise for being the very best at her job.
Claire L.
Dr. David T. Watson is excellent! I knew I was in good hands and he prescribed the right course to restore my active lifestyle. The staff is amazing. I highly recommend.
Theo P.
Dr. Yi did a great job with my knee and I would recommend him to anyone!
Leroy L.
Chad (at the front desk) was wonderful. He was so personable and conscientious. Bailey (at the front desk) also helped us and she, too, was great.
I recommend Dr. Reina to everyone I meet! I am in the health field and have never seen a better knowledge of the human body in relation to muscle and nerves along with chiropractic care. I've seen several other chiropractors along with having nerve ablation surgery from a car accident prior to meeting him. He can listen to a problem and diagnose and treat on the spot. He has helped me with car accident/nerve pain, concussion symptoms and teaching me ways to correct body position at home in order to correct the problem and not fix it temporarily. Thank you, Dr. Reina!
Heather M.

Dr. Miranda and staff are absolutely terrific! I have a great experience every appointment I have with him and any phone calls made to the facility. He is a huge help in trying to get my knee back on track and improved. He's very knowledgeable, takes the time to make sure I understand what the place of action is and to answer any questions or concerns I have. This is the place to go for your knees! A++!

Mama B.
The physical therapists Jason and Ashley at the Brandon location were absolutely amazing! Not only were they kind and patient but they were supportive and always looking out for what was best!
Rhiannon R.
Location Treated At:Brandon
Dr. Hess performed surgery on my left hand for carpal tunnel in January. My condition was severe and will take some time to heal completely. I have scheduled surgery for my right hand this upcoming November. One of my visits was with Tony Hudson, PA-C. He helped me with a very painful shoulder due to arthritis. Tony injected Cortisone in the right shoulder. I was pain free by the time I left the office. I am very happy with this FOI team. Thank you all!
Diane W.
Very impressed with the dedicated people who work there. Great personalities always make the rehab easier.
Jeff S.
Location Treated At:Sun City Center
Dr. Weinstein had a positive attitude. A great sense of humor and excellent bedside manner. I felt very comfortable with him.
Roger R.
We were extremely pleased with Dr. Yi's attentiveness, but more importantly his skills. My 89 year old Mom had a complete shoulder replacement with outstanding results. My mom felt well informed and well taken care of throughout the entire process. Trust is extremely important when considering surgery and Dr. Yi's skills and caring will carry you through a tough procedure. We also can't say enough about the outstanding PT Department! Mike, Levett and Sandra were so sweet to my Mom! Thank you all!
I had both knees replaced by Dr. Grayson. I would recommend him and his staff for any orthopedic surgery. From start to finish, it has been a pleasure to work with him and his staff. Any questions about my treatment or about insurance, he and his staff are more than willing to help. I had both knees replaced and now three months later, I am back to almost 100%. I am back to my bowling and enjoying retirement. We travel from Crystal River over an hour and a half away. Thank you, Dr. Grayson and the staff at Florida Orthopaedic Institute Palm Harbor. You're truly the best. I would also like to thank Christina for all the help you have given us through this process. You're a real asset to the office.
William B.
Dr. Samad has the professional knowledge and expertise I expected. He always speaks to me in a language that I can understand. He answers any questions I ask. I have seen him at every visit. I saw him before I had my surgery and he came to my room after surgery. He really seems to care about his patients. His bedside manner is to be commended.
Barbara S.
Florida Orthopaedic Institute is a well run organization. If you have shoulder issues, Dr. Mighell is the physician to see. He is one of the best shoulder surgeons in the world.
Keith W.
I always have a pleasant experience in Dr. Nydick's office. He and his staff are excellent. Special kudos goes out to Erica. Five stars to everyone.
Ernest R.
Excellent. Very competent. Thorough and absolutely a capable doctor. I have had the best experience with my hip surgery in every way. If I ever need any other orthopedic surgery, Dr. David Watson will do it! I highly recommend him.
Felicia J.
My regular orthopedic doctor referred me to Dr. Pappou for a shoulder issue that he was unsure how to proceed with. Dr. Pappou did a procedure on my shoulder two weeks later and I feel great. Five years of shoulder issues gone with no rehab. Needless to say, Dr. Pappou is now my regular orthopedic doctor.
David B.
I can't say enough about Dr. Mighell and his staff of talented doctors. I had broken my arm on the Fourth of July while on vacation. I hat it repaired in Minnesota and thought all was well, but after getting home and seeing my local orthopedist, he felt I needed to see someone who only takes care of elbows and arms. He recommended Dr. Mighell. We met and he ordered a bone scan and when all was done, I needed more surgery. I had a bone infection and needed a lot more work done on my arm. Everyone was very kind to me. I would also like to thank Rita for getting things done. If you have any orthopedic problems, please give them a call no matter what part of your body is bothering you! Thank you, Dr. Mighell and everyone else. It's been a pleasure.
Donna M.
Dr. John Small is the best spinal surgeon I know. In 1990, at the age of 24, I ruptured five discs in the lumbar sacral area. Had a couple surgeries from other surgeons. We've been working together for over 20 years. At this time, I am fused from T6 to S1. Also C6-7. He ALWAYS spends the time with me explaining things to me. I recommend him to all my friends. He's one of the leading surgeons in Tampa. I am and always will be eternally grateful for his truth. His bedside manner is awesome as is his staff. Anita is his right hand girl. I could say so much more, but I don't want to bore you. Thank you, Dr. Small, for being there!
Meghan M.
Great all the way around. My surgeon, Dr. Pappou, is amazing! The aftercare provided by FOI in Palm Harbor was spot on. The PT department knows their stuff! They pushed me just enough to get me going but not enough to cause discomfort. The perfect blend. My primary was Erin. She and Morgan were on duty in my time frame. Two outstanding women. Professional, knowledgeable, kind, personable and great teachers. I looked forward to going to PT! I also had Greg a couple of times and he was great. Amanda at the front is the perfect fit. She is friendly and efficient. Love this place. Thank you all so much for helping me get my mobility and my life back!
Deb G.
Location Treated At:Palm Harbor
The staff is amazing! The doctor is so very nice and caring! I would definitely recommend you coming here. A great experience!
Janell W.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
I have a particular kind of nerve pain that is hard to treat. Dr. Reina has always been able to help me feel better. He is very knowledgeable and genuinely compassionate.
Karen K.
Dr. Yi is the best orthopedic surgeon I have known or ever heard of. I had a total knee replacement and a reverse shoulder. Both times, the surgery, with his therapy recommendations, resulted in me being up and around in a month with almost full function. This is totally unlike my friends who had similar surgeries and were out of commission for months into years! He is great and I am grateful to him! I would recommend him any day!
Donna B.
Dr. Nydick is the best. He diagnosed my problem in 5 minutes when another doctor told me nothing was wrong. My surgery went well. Dr. Nydick is a great doctor and if I have any more hand problems I will definitely come back.
Healthgrades Review
Dr. Grayson is a step above and in a class by himself. He recently facilitated my hip replacement and it has been a truly remarkable pleasure. From point A to point B, and every step along the way, Dr. Grayson has been a god send. Extremely bright, articulate, but most of all, a caring and dedicated surgeon. My hat is off to Dr. Grayson, his assistant Christina, and the entire staff at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. A truly wonderful and dedicated organization.
John P.
I went here to see Dr. Maxson because of a sore hip. He recommended a hip replacement and my wife and I agreed it was the best option. All my appointments have had little wait time and Dr. Maxson was awesome through this whole procedure. I had never been to a hospital and he set me at ease and everything went perfect. Two months later and I'm playing basketball. We had few issues and my wife called his PA. She helped us usually within a few hours. Everyone we met during this procedure was very friendly and helpful. The physical therapy team was also great. Don was my main therapist, but I saw many others. They all were professional and very helpful getting me back to a regular life. I can walk again without a constant pain and the whole process was perfect for me. They taught me exercises to take home and I am very happy with the results. Being able to walk again is definitely worth the five stars. Thank you, thank you!
Alan C.
Dr. Watson and his APRN listened to my symptoms, reviewed the X-rays taken and examined the area of my complaint. I have always been satisfied with their diagnosis and prescribed treatments. I have referred him to several of my friends as I respect his ability to diagnose and treat.
Betty B.
This was my third medical issue. My first was a knee revision. I went to several doctors. The doctors I saw could not figure out my problem. Finally, my aunt's orthopedic doctor referred me to Dr. Grayson. I am pain free for two years and am grateful he was recommended to me. My last two procedures consisted of releasing a band on each side near my hip. To go from excruciating to pain free is wonderful. I have referred to Dr. Grayson several times. Not only is he a great surgeon, he is kind and caring. His entire staff from Christina to the front desk are all wonderful. Unlike many doctors, Dr. Grayson takes his time. He really cares about his patients. I am so grateful I was referred to him.
Cherry H.
I found the entire experience of my total knee replacement with Dr. Grayson, Christina and the entire staff to be very pleasant. Dr. Grayson is an excellent surgeon that makes you feel very comfortable with the procedure. I highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Dr. Grayson!
Roland R.
Had a great experience with my treatment by Dr. Yi at the Citrus Park office! I came in there limping on my right leg due to an injury at work and after several weeks of physical therapy and an injection in my hip, I am no longer limping! Now I can walk as far as I want with no limping or pain whatsoever! I hope I will not ever need to return with an injury again, but if I do, I will insist on Dr. Yi! He is a kind and very personable. A true professional! Thank you, Dr. Yi!
Philip B.
Excellent service and Dr. Maxson explained all my options for future consideration. Very satisfied with my experience with Dr. Maxson and his associates.
Walter W.
He was very attentive to my discomfort and listened to my concerns. He took his time with me and I didn't feel rushed. He is surrounded by great staff too! I had a very successful surgery! I highly recommend him.
Paula L.
I had a total right hip replacement and asked Dr. Grayson if he could do anything to even my legs out. A different surgeon did a total left hip replacement, almost six years ago, and I needed a 3/4 inch lift for my right leg. Thanks to Dr. Grayson, my legs are more in line than they have been for the past six years. Dr. Grayson did a wonderful job on my total hip replacement and I did not have the pain or problems that I had previously. He and his staff continued to call and check up on me. I would recommend Dr. Grayson for future patients.
Mary L.
Dr. Palumbo is an awesome surgeon. Confident, but not arrogant. My hip replacement in 2018 was smooth as silk. Had my 1 year follow-up visit and everything looks good and feels great. I have already recommended him to a couple friends of mine.
Scott B.
Dr. Nydick and his team did an excellent job repairing two fingers on my right hand that were locking up. His approach to surgery is far better and less traumatic than I have had from similar surgeries with other physicians. He and his team certainly understand what causes your symptoms and how best to alleviate them.
John D.
Appointment was quick, online sign-in, check in was fast, all the staff I was involved with were friendly, efficient and professional. I can't say enough about Dr. Baker's proficiency. My shoulder was much worse than I thought. When the procedure started, Dr. Baker spent the time needed to do all the extra repair work and ten days after the surgery, I'm recovering very nicely. Had a small scare when a massive bruise showed on day seven, called his assistant, timely response from her assured me that this is normal. Sure enough, three days later and it's mostly dissipated. Thank you all!
John G.
Jeff and Debbie in therapy at FOI are absolutely the best! They go out of their way to make sure I am getting back to 'totally operational'! Highly recommended!
Nancy D.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
I had such a wonderful, above and beyond visit today! I want to send some kudos for them!
Debra M.
I went to Dr. Pappou for a problem with my shoulder. He is a very straight to the point doctor and does not push for surgery. In the end, I had to undergo surgery for rotator cuff repair on my right shoulder. I have obtained 90% recovery and Dr. Pappou told me that after one year from surgery, I should be totally recovered (all this with minimal therapy I did at home). I appreciate his no nonsense approach and would recommend him to anyone needing care.
Yvette P.
Dr. Miranda is completely and utterly AWESOME. He performed a robotic right knee joint and four hours after surgery, I walked out of the hospital on crutches. I returned to Motorsports and, this race season, won 2 Series Championships here in Florida. Dr. Miranda and his assistant Amanda have been great to me and my wife since day one. Being there when we had questions or needed something. I bragged about Dr. Miranda to everyone here in America and abroad. He is a great surgeon and a great human being. If your knees are giving you problems, make a pit stop to see him.
Jonathon S.
I have been having severe pain in my knees. Dr. Sellman wasted no time to get x-rays of not just my knees, but my hips and spine. His thoroughness found a few issues, not all that extraordinary, but issues nonetheless. He was very outgoing and friendly. He put me at ease right away. He had options to help relieve the pain and improve the issues that are just inherent with my age. I highly recommend this group of doctors for any orthopedic needs.
Cindy R.
It is a rare occasion that you visit an urgent care in pain, come back for a follow up and the physician asks in detail how have you been since the visit. Dr. Sellman also gave me options for my care, sat eye to eye and waited to see if I had additional questions or concerns. The compassion and care was a rare find!
Maine M.
My experience with Florida Orthopaedic Institute and especially Dr. Grayson and his attentive staff, has been nothing but a five star experience. Dr. Grayson replaced my hip robotically and I was climbing stairs and running errands two days later. Dr. Grayson is not only extremely well educated in his field, but a caring and dedicated surgeon. There is no concern he won't address. I would recommend Dr. Grayson to anyone. A gem to say the least, a truly remarkable and caring human being.
John P.
My visit to Dr. Donohue exceeded my expectations! From front office to exam room to CT and back to exam room -- exceptional, friendly and kind interactions. I wish all my orthopedic problems involved my hips.
Rebecca B.
I saw Dr. Lyons, Bianca and Jeanette. The entire staff, from the front office to physical therapy, Jason in Brandon and his team, for my knees and they were all top notch. Kind and immediately responded to questions and concerns. They were very patient and reassuring. They calmed me down, listened to me and genuinely cared. Go see them. You will be seeing the best!
Pamela S.
Dr. Tresser is very professional. He helped me with a lot of my back pain. I am so happy he's the one who operated on me. Now I am almost pain free. Thank you! You are the best!
Andrzej S.
It's a fact. Shoulder replacement surgery is one of the toughest orthopedic surgeries in which to recover. There, now that the obvious truth is out there, I can tell you my experience. My replacement surgery was life changing. I now can sleep through the night. I don't have chronic pain that used to shoot through my arm. I can reach to a top shelf and stretch without discomfort. I got back to the gym and I am participating in activities that I had put off for years. No regrets. Dr. Mighell was my surgeon. When I met him, I was made to feel at ease and this erased any fears I might have had. Fast forward. Today, at my follow-up (one year) we discussed the future of my inevitable other shoulder replacement. In other words, I trust Dr. Mighell and FOI staff to schedule my next surgery. Thanks, Dr. Mighell. See you in 2020.
Randy P.
I would like to tell you how happy I am with your entire organization. It starts with the great parking to the greeter up front who always smiles and says hello. Then, the outstanding women at the desk that are just wonderful. My P/A and her assistant are both just great and painless.
Lenny H.
I saw Dr. Pappou for a second opinion and am very happy I did! Excellent office and staff! Dr. Pappou was able to explain my options and answer every question I had. Very grateful!
Kurt M.
Dr. Loewy is one of the nicest surgeons you will ever come in contact with. He is caring, compassionate, thorough and a definite PLUS to the institute. If you have an orthopedic issue that needs to be addressed, he is the guy. He is always smiling, young, conservative and extremely knowledgeable about his specialty. My opinion, BEST IN THE BUSINESS. Go see him, you will not be disappointed.
Kelley R.
Dr. Lyons is a calm, patient and professional MD. He doesn't rush you and gives you the feeling that you are the only one he has to take care of, regardless of how many people wait for him outside the office. He explains everything quietly and gives you a picture of the future treatments. I will highly recommend Dr. Lyons to my family and friends.
Etty S.
The best surgeon! Brian Yates, his PA, is absolutely great. The two of them have gotten me through both knees, hip revision and broken femur recovery. They are both compassionate and highly skilled. I would trust them both with my life!!!
Bonnie K.
He did a hip replacement for me about five years ago. I go back next week for a consult for right total knee replacement and steroid shot until I can be scheduled. I would not trust another doctor. Dr. Miranda is the best.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Donohue is a wonderful and dedicated surgeon! From my first visit, prior to a diagnosis, he listened to me and offered a thorough explanation to my husband and I about what to expect with hip replacement surgery. He explained the difference between anterior and posterior hip replacement and made his suggestion based on my x-rays. I followed his suggestion and could not be more pleased! My surgery was on July 30 and today I am without pain and walking better than I did last year! I highly recommend Dr. Donohue! He is truly the real thing!
Thanks for the exceptional treatment you've provided. Even during my recovery and rehab, your caring and reassuring manner has relieved my worries and consequently enhanced my healing. Thank you so much for helping this 71 year old, former athlete.
Jimmie T.
Extremely professional. Dr. Mighell does great work. His staff is very friendly and helpful.
Steve B.
I have known Dr. Anjan Shah for the past several years at Brandon Regional Hospital. As a former Surgical Technologist who worked at the same hospital, I assigned students to work alongside his team as part of their training. When my condition deteriorated to the point I required a total hip replacement, there was no doubt that I would select Dr. Shah. The care and compassion of his entire team during pre-op through post-op was outstanding. In the future, I will require a procedure on the opposite side, no question I will call on Dr. Shah again. Thanks for helping me return to normal activities. I highly recommend you contact FOI and Dr. Shah for your orthopedic care, outstanding results.
Graham D.
I'm no fan of hospitals and I'm deathly afraid of needles. After a rear-end auto accident, my spine was a mess. Dr. Samad is an absolute angel. He performed an ALIF surgery to repair and fuse at the L4-L5 level. As soon as I woke up from surgery, I knew I was fixed. Before surgery, I couldn't walk 100 feet without stopping twice and bending over in agony. Pain in the back; radiating pain down my leg; and pain in the hip area. Now, I walk up to eight miles a day and I'm 100% pain free. I take no medication at all. I'm happy again, which makes my family happy. I highly recommend Dr. Samad! A talented surgeon and a genuinely nice guy with an amazing staff.
James G.
Dr. Pappou was amazing. He is professional and provides detailed information and communicates very well. I would have never dreamed that having a plate repair broken leg could go so seamlessly. My experience with Dr. Pappou far exceeded my most optimistic expectations.
Pam M.
Dr. Donohue is the best orthopedic surgeon! I had a hip replacement surgery on July 30 and six weeks later, I am pain free! He is a caring, knowledgeable doctor who explained everything prior to my surgery! He took time to answer any questions and as important, he listen to his patients! Thank you, Dr. Donohue, for getting me back to normal!
Nuri A.
Highly recommend the Urgent Care at Florida Orthopaedic Institute on Dale Mabry in Tampa. Walked into the Urgent Care and received the best care from the admission front desk, to Wendy the nurse and Michael Ferentino PA-C. From walking into the clinic, exam and xrays with a follow-up MRI appointment, it was a total of 2 and a half hours. I really appreciate Michael Ferentino and Wendy his assistant. Thank you for making my emergency visit comfortable and giving me peace of mind. I had hesitation about going to this Urgent Care but glad I did. Thank you!
Sheryl H.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
I always have a good experience when I come to Florida Orthopaedic Institute and see Christian Cruz! I have seen him many times for lower back issues including ruptured disks. Christian shows knowledge and skill. He is a fine young man. He takes the time to build wonderful rapport with his patients and I am very thankful for him. Also, I am always able to get in and be seen very quickly.
Carolyn L.
Dr. Gustke is an incredible surgeon. He performed my total hip replacement on an outpatient basis! I walked (using a walker) out of the hospital just hours after surgery. I had minimal swelling and my pain was extremely well managed. It's weird to say, but my experience was fabulous. I had my other hip replaced previously and did NOT have the same experience. I was in extreme pain, had massive welling and still have muscle weakness years later. Dr. Gustke is truly phenomenal. One year on and I cannot tell that I had surgery. It just feels like a normal hip. I'm so grateful.
Kieren O.
I had a right hip total replacement. It's been 17 days and I am in a very good recovery process. I moved very fast from walker to cane and from cane to not using anything to walk and to do my physical therapy. Dr. Lyons is very careful before and after the surgery. He prevents any post-surgery complications. I recommend him very highly. He is an excellent orthopedic doctor. Bianca, his administrative assistant, has been excellent too. Very helpful all the time and very patient with the patients. She is a nice and warm person.
Alfonso A.
I never had any hip problem until I fell in rehab after a heart attack and broke my left hip. I was taken to TGH and told that I would never walk without a complete hip replacement. Very blessed I got the right doctor and had little pain.
Marie S.
I had a total right hip replacement and was walking one and a half hours after surgery. Dr. Grayson was fantastic and I am doing great. I never had any major pain and took very little of the pain medication prescribed. I am totally satisfied with his work.
Ruben R.
Dr. Zaffer was very professional. Two very important factors about Dr. Zaffer were that he was on time and during my procedure, he was very thorough with explaining exactly what he was doing and what I would be experiencing in a way I could easily comprehend. Was very impressed with both the office and especially the doctor. Thank you, Florida Orthopaedic Institute, for all the professionals you hire, not just the doctors, but also the office staff, etc.
Regina C.
Dr. Pappou is an extremely talented medical physician. This legend in the making is skilled at providing strategic medical solutions that alleviates his patients from severe pain. Whether he is identifying your medical problem or performing the best necessary treatments and/or surgeries, you can trust him. His explanation of your medical conditions are shared in laymen terms for your understanding. Tampa Bay is blessed to have such a gifted and caring medical doctor practicing here locally. I highly recommend him.
Antoinette C.
The best! Dr. Mighell listens, explains and gets you motivated by his kindness. He was referred to me by another orthopedic doctor as the guy you want to go to for this. He was right. My healing is spot on and I had very little pain the entire process.
Ana L.
Dr. Yi did an excellent job reconstructing my ACL. I was able to return to sports quickly. I highly recommend Dr. Yi.
Salvatore U.
I went to see Dr. Mighell on 9/6 about my left arm. Rita and his staff were professional and easy to work with researching my history. This wasn't my first time seeing Dr. Mighell and his staff. I tore my right rotator cuff 10 years ago. After researching my options at Florida Orthopaedic Institute, Dr. Mighell was hands down the best doctor for my surgery. I had the surgery and was able to recover four weeks early. Dr. Mighell is an excellent doctor. He listens attentively, addresses and answered all my questions and concerns thoroughly. He has a great sense of humor and makes his patients feel special. I would highly recommend Dr. Mighell at Florida Orthopaedic Institute.
Richard J.
Dr. Palumbo is a rock star as well as his PA Brian Wicker. The staff is on the ball with your needs quickly and correctly. My second major surgery with Dr. Palumbo and I couldn't be more relaxed less than a week away from my next surgery. He's your guy if you have orthopedic issues.
Jeffrey K.
I find the staff is very friendly and helpful. I am very pleased with Dr. Brian T. Palumbo and his treatment for my knees. He was happy to answer questions and he gave me suggestions to minimize the discomfort I was having in the future. I went to him because my husband had used him before and I like his manner and skill.
Mary E.
In January, Dr. Frankle replaced my shoulder. He restored my life to me and I will always be grateful to him and his talented support team. The operation was pain free, my recovery amazing. I was golfing within five months and feel fully healed now (September). I was frightened at first at the thought of a complete replacement shoulder, I had nothing to fear. Dr. Frankle, thank you so very much.
Thunder V.
Attended physical therapy for the second time. First, for a torn labrum in my left shoulder and now for my right hip. Worked with Leslie and Kelley. They are professional, friendly, patient and accommodating. Also very effective! Love them!
Jacqueline S.
Location Treated At:Sun City Center
I broke my shoulder and rotator cuff. Dr. Baker was awesome. Staff and front desk people were very helpful. I would recommend everyone here.
Janet S.
Location Treated At:Wesley Chapel
Dr. Pappou is very professional, yet he talks to you comfortably. He did surgery on my right hand to repair tendons that I severed. Had two fingers with no movement. Thank you, Dr. Pappou!
Mike P.
The staff and therapists are knowledgeable and encouraging. The facility is clean and comfortable. I've never had a bad day there.
Melissa A.
Location Treated At:Bloomingdale
I have had a problem with trigger finger for the past few years, on the only hand I'm able to use. As I suffered a stroke in 2006 and have very limited movement and use of my left arm and hand. I have nothing but good things to say about Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Dr. Pappou. I've already recommended them to several people. I'm still going through therapy for my finger and my therapist Jessica is amazing.
Tina J.
Location Treated At:Palm Harbor
Dr. Baker was awesome! He gave me more mobility and less pain in my shoulder. I would recommend Dr. Baker if you have any problems with your shoulder.
George H.
I had both of my knees replaced by Dr. Bernasek at the same time quite a few years ago. He was wonderful. Great bedside manner. Showed concern and appreciated my concerns. I had no pain whatsoever following the surgery. His whole staff is truly an asset to FOI and my appreciation goes out to everyone involved. Thanks, Dr. B for a great surgery!
Veronica B.
My orthopedic doctor diagnosed my lower back pain and ordered physical therapy sessions. I went twice a week for a month and was so helped by Annie, the rehab therapist. I felt relief after the third visit. She was very thorough with getting me through the different stretched and exercises at the facility. She even printed some of the exercises out so that I could do them at home in between appointments. The Northdale location is close to my home and that is where I chose to go. The staff there is helpful and cordial.
Carole K.
Location Treated At:Northdale
I experienced an unfortunate accident at home where my ankle was dislocated and several bones fractured. Dr. Pappou was on duty at the hospital that evening in the emergency room. Dr. Pappou could not have been more honest explaining the severity of my injury and how it was going to be repaired. He explained the procedures and gave me realistic time line to the recovery. I am now recovering as expected. The surgeries went extremely well. I had no idea how long it takes for an injury like I had. The entire staff from Dr. Pappou to Jennifer, his assistant, to Steve fitting me in the correct support device. From X-ray to front desk, the professional service was delivered. Physical therapy is right there at the office location. this injury was unexpected as any accident would be. Florida Orthopaedic Institute, as a team, made the healing process as comfortable as possible. I always knew what to expect and given a timeline to the next step. Thank you, Dr. Pappou for being on duty that evening of my accident. I am working on getting back my mobility and walking on my own now. There is still more recovery time but knowing what to expect is the key to getting active again!
Madeline R.
Excellent doctor. Replaced my wife's knee with great results. Walking and dancing with no pain now.
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My husband went to see Dr. Lyons because of issues and tremendous pain and discomfort with a recent knee replacement surgery. We found him to be very professional, knowledgeable and at the top of his field, especially in doing revision surgeries. It took a few months to get his surgery scheduled due to his very busy schedule, but it was well worth it. We feel, thus far, that we made an excellent choice and are very grateful to Dr. Lyons. He spent time with us and he explained what was needed to fix and stabilize his knee. The recovery is going much quicker this time and we are confident in a complete and satisfactory recovery this time.
Healthgrades Review
My son just had surgery on his femur by Dr. Shah. He was a fantastic doctor! Highly recommend him!
Nikki G.
I was referred to Dr. Mighell after a fall which resulted in a massive tear of the right rotator cuff for which surgery was performed. After surgery I was told that I would need a long period for recovery, first with immobilization in a sling for several months followed by long term physical therapy. Although recovery was slow, nonetheless it was progressive. Follow up care was excellent. With time, strength and shoulder mobility improved as well as function. Complementing Dr. Mighell's excellent treatment of this injury, Dr. Mighell also impressed me as a sincerely caring physician with his ability to relate to the patient. On a scale of one to five, I think Dr. Mighell gets a five without question!
Robert W.
I am a 68 year old man and after suffering for more than 20 years, I finally got a full knee replacement. Dr. Palumbo and his staff were exceptional and explained in detail the procedure, recovery time, pros and cons of a total replacement. My expectations were exceeded. I can walk comfortably again. I would recommend Dr. Palumbo and his assistant Brian Wicker and his office wholeheartedly.
Silvio C.
I first started getting some pain that I thought was my sciatica. I decided it's time for an x-ray and went to visit Florida Orthopaedic Institute since they accepted my insurance. They do x-rays right on site and review them with you while you sit with the doctor. I scheduled a full hip replacement with Dr. Brian Palumbo. What an outstanding surgeon and a great guy. My full hip replacement went very well. I am now 90 days post-op and walking extremely well with a new hip. I've also seen Brian Wicker, who is the PA. He is also a caring, understanding and easy to get along with person. Nurses and staff run a very organized office. Come in, sign in, get your x-rays, consult with the doctors and then discuss treatment. The office runs well on time and I've always been able to see a doctor or the physician's assistant. I'm bringing my mom here as well. She is 89 years old and also has hip concerns. Great staff and fantastic doctor, Dr. Brian Palumbo.
Deanna F.
In high school, I played varsity football. When I dislocated my right arm in two places and broke a shard of bone off my elbow, the people there were really helpful. Dr. Yi was fantastic and, with their help, I was able to recover much faster than most people with my type of injury. This place is great at what they do!
Jonathan B.
Simply the best! Referred from another doctor who could not fix the problem after a rotator cuff and shoulder replacement gone wrong. Dr. Mighell is caring and takes the time to fully explain his diagnosis and treatment. We traveled from Naples for his expertise and care.
Gary G.
Dr. Nydick and his staff are so professional, friendly and always a pleasure to see at every visit. Due to the traumatic injury I had to my left hand/forearm, Dr. Nydick and team did an outstanding job! It was a great learning experience for me as well as the students. Dr. Nydick discussed every procedure with me in detail. Extremely grateful for everything he did to make me whole again. Will refer him for his specialty on shoulder to finger tips. He's an amazing hand surgeon!
Sheila P.
Dr. Mighell and his staff have been great to me. Dr. Mighell was highly recommended to me by my primary care physician to repair my torn right bicep muscle. Additionally, he was recommended to me by several friends who had been patients of Dr. Mighell. I had complete confidence in his ability. In addition to being a terrific doctor, I was very impressed by Dr. Mighell and his staff's willingness to work with my schedule. I am a school teacher and they were very accommodating in scheduling my surgery and appointments. It was very kind of them. I do not like missing classroom time and they really worked with me so that I did not miss teaching any of my classes. Thank you!
Jim G.
I have seen Dr. Sellman (sports medicine) many times for separate problems with my knee, hip and shoulder. The thoroughness of his hands on examinations is amazing. I seek alternatives to surgery and, with his direction, have avoided at least two surgeries through the use of braces and physical therapy. It is great to work with a doctor that does more than write prescriptions and referrals.
Carl L.
Dr. Pappou recently transformed my index finger into a brand new one! He cleaned out the joint which was crooked and terribly painful and inserted a wire and the entire experience was excellent. The follow up is excellent and I would certainly recommend him to anyone considering hand surgery.
Healthgrades Review
During three meetings throughout 20 years, Dr. Mighell was consistent with his examination of me and his recommendations to replace both shoulders. When the pain became unacceptable and the loss of motion prevented daily routine items, I returned to Dr. Mighell after my extensive shoulder replacement research and had my left shoulder replaced in 2018 and my right shoulder replaced in 2019. His team of fellows, nurses and rehab staff were all helpful with any question or event that came up during the months I was under his care. WOW. Woke up from both surgeries with no pain and have been pain free for months. My pain free range of motion returned with my rehab. Today, I am pain free and my range of motion is more than acceptable to me. Only question I have now is: 'Why did I wait 20 years for a pain free life?' Thank you to the whole Dr. Mighell team. After more than 1600 shoulder replacements, they had the tools, experience and team concept well tuned to handle any questions I had.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Nydick and his associate Dr. Merimee were prompt and efficient at the emergency room in Tampa. The operation on the left hand was great. He performed wonderfully. The recovery has been 100%. Will highly recommend him.
Michele F.
Dr. Palumbo replaced my knee two years ago. I feel wonderful! Five years prior, I had my other knee replaced at a world renowned hospital. No comparison to the outstanding surgery performed by Dr. Palumbo. He is by far, the best surgeon ever! Last year, Dr. Palumbo replaced my husband's hip. Another resounding success. Thank you, Doc. Your care and compassion is only exceeded by your tremendous talent as a physician.
MaryJo M.
After experiencing a major surgery on my ankle from a dislocation and multiple fractures, I am finally in physical therapy. Even though the process is uncomfortable, it is totally necessary to regain mobility. The staff could not be more helpful and professional. I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs physical therapy.
Madeline R.
Location Treated At:Palm Harbor
My mom had a hip replacement two years ago which left her with one leg an inch longer than the other and 3/4 inches offset, so she was in constant pain. She went to see several doctors to fix this problem and no one wanted to repair her hip. Dr. Grayson said he felt he could help. He performed a corrective surgery and she is now able to walk without a lift added to her shoe. Her legs are even and she is on her way to a full recovery.
Lisa B.
Since the moment you walk in, is an excellent place where the employees make you feel at home. Nina and Tamar, it was so great meeting you. Extremely professional and organized. No waiting time at all. Thank you, Dr. Adil Samad for your time and courteous attitude. I will highly recommend you all.
Guillermo B.
Location Treated At:Wesley Chapel
I am appreciative that their appointments run on time. The therapists are caring, sociable and efficient.
Sandra T.
Location Treated At:Sun City Center
I sit here post-surgical. I am so thankful for finding him. He diagnosed my issue on my first visit after viewing my MRI. He operated and prevented serious damage. He's a rock star and I'm so thankful for him and his entire staff.
Theresa J.
I had a total hip replacement surgery with Dr. Donohue and I am very impressed by Dr. D and the results. Although I am in my early seventies, I was able to walk without any support within 48 hours after surgery and had only minor discomfort. In addition to being a skilled surgeon, he has excellent people and communication skills. His nursing and administrative support are also caring and highly competent.
Gerry G.
I was in a car accident on Christmas Eve. My knee and two places in my tibia were fractures and my ankle was shattered. Dr. Infante was the orthopedic doctor on call that particular day and I thank God that he was the doctor on call. He came to my hospital room to introduce himself and his team to me. He explained everything about my knee, tibia and my ankle. He explained everything he had to do in surgery. I had two major operations. When the final cast came scars were barely visible. Dr. Infante is an artist when it comes to making an incision on your body. The rest of the staff was absolutely amazing. Liz and Teresa, his administrative assistants were fabulous. These ladies went out of their way to help me. Dr. Infante and Austin PA-C are so caring for each and every patient. They really take the time with you so you understand your healing process. Florida Orthopaedic Institute at 560 S Lakewood in Brandon is the best in the world. Thank you Dr. Infante and your staff!
June B.
He is one gifted doctor. This is the surgeon you want to do you hip or knee. My husband is a living testimony!
Kim and Anthony
Dr. Gasser is the most skilled, intelligent and absolutely the most caring and compassionate orthopedic and medical doctor my husband and I have ever experienced. He has taken me and my husband, from not being able to walk without a cane due to being bone on bone with our knees, and put us on Euflexxa gel injections for the past several years. My new x-rays shows that since the first round of injections, there is no further decline in bone on bone in my knees. He has ensured through persistence with his medical knowledge that this particular gel was imperative for my well-being. My husband and I have a great quality of life due to Dr. Gasser. Thank God both Medicare and my BCBS Federal Plan approves Euflexxa. His assistant Kathy always ensures that she returns my phone calls and gives me truthful guidance and assistance. While she is truly taxied with helping all of Dr. Gasser's patients, she always does it with her beautiful smile. His staff always gives professional and caring help by always being right there to help. Director of Quality Assurance, Kathy Denemark, oversees injections and truly does her best to help and answer my questions. Dr. Gasser is to the point, in medical care, because he knows what he is doing. We trust him with our knees and if surgery was ever required, we would trust him with our lives. Thank you Dr. Gasser and Kathy for being our medical team.
Patricia D.
Everyone was very polite and very helpful and skilled at what they did! Dr. Pappou was very interested in my issues and took appropriate time with me. Excellent bedside manner!!
Sharon W.
I've been going to Dr. Mighell for about three years and I have found him and his staff to be exceptionally caring and professional. Most importantly, they don't just 'whip out the knife' to solve your problem. They are very thoughtful about what needs to be done and I have avoided surgery so far. I also try to avoid cortisone shots, but on two occasions when I needed help at short notice, they were there for me and squeezed me in. Can't thanks them enough. Dr. Mighell, Rita and Elise - you are my heroes!
Deborah E.
Had a total hip replacement on July 10, 2019. Dr. Grayson did a wonderful job. He is so personable and easy to talk to. Very satisfied! Would definitely recommend him to anyone needing surgery.
Linda B.
My knee has had tendinitis for twelve years which has kept me inactive for the past few years. It is painful even after going up a flight of stairs. I've had hundreds of hours of physical therapy for it, stretching and pain meds, but nothing helped me get back to a normal routine let alone exercising four times a week. I came to FOI and saw Dr. Morse and he ordered an MRI on my knee. I was in and out of FOI for the MRI in only twenty minutes. I came back the next week and Dr. Morse went over all of the options. He shot my knee with cortisone and my knee hasn't felt this great since high school! Very professional staff! Highly recommend FOI!
William S.
Have been seen at FOI Bloomingdale on and off since 2006. Every time the staff was professional, courteous, friendly and very knowledgeable. I have always received excellent physical therapy and concern for my continued well-being. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Patty C.
Location Treated At:Bloomingdale
My family cannot say enough words of appreciation or excellence to describe Dr. Mark Mighell and staff. We traveled from NW Florida to have Dr. Mighell perform a reverse shoulder surgery on each shoulder on my mother when she was in her early to mid 80's in poor health. She also had the worst shoulder infection they had seen to date at the time. She will be 88 in November and has seen a granddaughter marry, a grandson enter college and two more great grandchildren born in the years Dr. Mighell and his team miraculously gifted my mother. Our thanks and recommendations are unending.
Julee R.
Great people and great attitudes truly care about the patients.
Stephen H.
Location Treated At:Wesley Chapel
Dr. Samad has performed both an anterior cervical and lateral infusion surgery for my husband. My husband had double vision, was light headed with dizziness and headaches, neck and upper back aches - these problems were corrected with the anterior cervical. The lateral infusion is only seven weeks old, but there has been improvement in movement for my husband. We have the utmost respect and confidence in Dr. Samad and would highly recommend him.
Gloria W.
The staff has been very helpful. Dr. Grayson was very helpful all through the surgery. My new hip is great. I can walk again without any assistance of a cane. It was only about six weeks when I did not need a cane. I really feel like a whole new person.
Shirley W.
Once I started my physical therapy, I was on a good road to recovery. My therapist, Roman, has been excellent and made me feel comfortable about my knee recovery. Theresa, Justin, Fadi and everyone at the front desk always are helpful and smiling! I love it. Not gonna skateboard for a while...
Zage G.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
Dr. Barna has been a Godsend to me. I have a Grade II Spondylolysthesis at L5-S1. I wanted to postpone surgery as long as possible. Dr. Barna has been amazingly instrumental in helping me to do this and keeping me pain free. He seems to genuinely care about my well-being and my quality of life. He listens to my concerns and takes my questions seriously. He always takes the time to address any issues I may have and has always made me completely comfortable with our treatment plan. I have had epidural injections and an RFA with him. Both were successful. I had amazing long lasting results with the RFA. I can not reccomend Dr. Barna enough!
Sandi S.
Treated By:
Love Dr. Hess. He's very pleasant and he makes you feel at home!
Sabrina K.
This is a very efficient and professional organization. I am very pleased with the attention and the care I have received. Everything from the imaging, to the doctors, to the physical therapy. My husband also had a knee replacement surgery at the same time that I broke my ankle and Florida Orthopaedic Institute has helped us both to bounce back and heal. Great organization.
Amy H.
Location Treated At:North Tampa
Completely professional and always courteous. Most importantly, he listens to the patient and he prefers less aggressive forms of treatment first.
Roger W.
Dr. Baker did a great job on my right shoulder considering the damage that was done when I slipped and fell down on my job. I will refer him to anyone that needs this kind of care. He did a great job on my Grandmother after she broke her hip. She is walking now, which is great for an older person in her eighties.
Sabrina M.
I was very impressed by his office staff and Dr. Lyons. Dr. Lyons wasn't pushy for me to have surgery. He left it up to me. He wasn't rushed and answered any questions I had. I scheduled surgery.
Tammy G.
Very knowledgeable and friendly. Explains in detail. Understanding and the staff is really friendly as well. I would recommend Dr. Infante in a heartbeat.
RateMDs Review
I selected Dr. Lyons to perform my hip replacement surgery because he claims to treat his patients like family. Well he lives by his word! He is a consummate professional, assures you have all the information you need, his staff is incredibly organized and all the nurses and staff at the hospital (Advent) know what he expects of them to assure you are taken care of. I highly recommend this doctor as well as AdventHealth on Dale Mabry. I couldn't say enough about how well I was treated! Thank you to all of you!
Gene B.
As usual, great experience. I am a retired physician and have had surgeries, injections and complete testing of my joints. I believe FOI has the edge in all of the Southeast United States. What many patients do not realize is it is a teaching institute for international doctors and allied health care professionals. Their staff continues to grow with additions of outstanding doctors from across the states. Really no better place to go. Dr. Gasser is at the top of this wonderful staff.
William L.
Three months ago, I had a right shoulder replacement performed by Dr. Frankle. I was skeptical about the operation as I had read online that a shoulder replacement was more difficult to perform than a knee or hip replacement. Also, I had known several people who had had to have the procedure done twice without totally satisfactory results. Well, I have only praise for Dr. Frankle. I have suffered minimal pain from the operation and have experienced marvelous results. I have complete mobility in my right shoulder. I can swim again, blow dry my hair and attend yoga, palates, zumba, barre and even weight classes. I should add that I am 87 years old. Dr. Frankle is a superb surgeon and we are all so lucky to have him in the Tampa Bay area.
Sara D.
Great doctor and supporting cast!
Nick B.
I had an amazing experience with Dr. Donohue for a knee scope procedure in May. He was very attentive, thoughtful and carefully explained the procedure. The entire process was smooth from the check in procedures all the way through the surgery. I never experienced any level of significant pain and within weeks, I was back to normal, wishing I would have scheduled the repair work sooner. Dr. Donohue was terrific and I highly recommend his services.
Steve P.
Dr. Epting and the entire support staff were friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and professional! Dr. Epting made me feel totally at ease and explained my foot problem in layman terms; used my foot x-rays to ensure I fully understood my problem; and explained short and long term solutions. He and his support staff emphasized to call them if I had any further questions. This was an extremely pleasurable patient experience. Florida Orthopaedic Institute sets the standard for patient care. I highly recommend Dr. Epting and Florida Orthopaedic Institute.
Frank W.
Dr. Grayson advised me of what we can do next and some options going forward. He listens to my questions and answers them in a manner that I can understand. He is very personable.
Gary R.
Words cannot express Dr. Donohue's caring and kindness. He would have done well in any field he chose. I am very grateful that our paths have crossed.
Healthgrades Review
I have had seven orthopedic surgeries of which five were shoulder. The fifth of my shoulder surgeries was a masterpiece. The oddest thing is that there was very little pain. Very little! The shoulder feels tight and secure, unlike two decades ago. Dr. Baker is indeed a master of his craft. I am so impressed that I had to write about this. Thank you, Dr. Baker.
Richard S.
My primary sent me for a follow-up visit with Dr. Mighell because of a recent MRI of my shoulder. It was my first visit and I found him to be very helpful and personable. I would highly recommend him.
Julie A.
Very personable. Straight forward assessment and answers. Options discussed. Dr. Mighell has been taking care of me for over 15 years. Great service and surgeon.
It's always a thrilling visit to the doctor's office or the hospital as we plan for surgery. We all want to be well. Dr. Grayson's office visits make you comfortable and relaxed. I recommend!
Healthgrades Review
Far above my the expectations that I had about a total hip replacement.
Healthgrades Review
I've seen Dr. Pappou for multiple problems with shoulder, elbow and hands. His expertise in diagnosis and treatment is extraordinary. He shows much concern and compassion for the patient. Dr. Pappou is non-aggressive in his approach and doesn't pressure patients into any unnecessary treatment or diagnostic testing. I'm very comfortable in this office as I have a fear of needles. The cortisone shots were quick and painless. I highly recommend Dr. Pappou.
Leonard M.
He was very helpful in explaining everything that had to be done.
Martha A.
Dr. Frankle took sufficient time and dialogue to explain to me a difficult process required to diagnose/isolate and then treat my shoulder. It feels much better after this last treatment. Thank you!
Randal W.
Had a labrum tear in my hip joint, as well as severe ITB inflammation coupled with Greater Trochanteric Bursitis. Dr. Watson performed surgery. The whole office visit, subsequent surgery and post-op visit went very well. Dr. Watson and Stephanie went through everything in great detail. I have full faith.
Sunil Bandarupalli
Outstanding doctor!
Healthgrades Review
I had arthroscopic knee surgery one and a half years ago to fix a meniscus tear and potentially have a partial knee. I was not a candidate for the partial knee at the time due to too much arthritis and will eventually need a total knee. Dr. Infante addressed my issues so well that I know that my total knee surgery will be many years down the road! I have been able to get out and move much more than before and have dropped quite a bit of weight because of it. Thank you, Dr. Infante!
Helen B.
Dr. Palumbo gave me a partial right knee replacement. Others had recommended the total knee, but I was excited to find him and did the partial with great results. I was able to do it as an outpatient at FOI's facility which couldn't have been better. Quality people and care. I am eight weeks out from surgery and no more hobbling!
Linda B.
Dr. Mighell was recommended to me from another doctor who said "see him and no other" as I was in intense pain from a rotator cuff repair years ago. Dr. Mighell performed a full reverse shoulder replacement a year ago and my pain is gone and I can lift my arm up over my head. I am so elated with my results and highly recommend him! His medical assistant, Rita was wonderful and helpful.
Cynthia G.
Dr. Grayson was very professional, caring and informative. He took the time to answer my questions and show me the x-rays. I appreciated his directness and honesty. I work in the medical profession as well.
S. Daughn
I had a total hip replacement done by Dr. Grayson. He and the entire staff did an excellent job and I was discharged from the hospital the same day. I was walking unassisted the following day and back to walking the dog after three days. It's only been three weeks but the pain I had before is gone and the surgical pain is nothing compared to what it was like before and this will go away in a few more weeks. Highly recommend this surgeon and all of the staff that interacted with me during the surgery and release process. There were a lot of them!
Chris B.
Dr. Gustke replaced both my knees and one hip. His professionalism is number one in my book.
RateMDs Review
Folks, trust me. Dr. Palumbo is a physician of the finest kind! His knowledge and bedside manner are second to none. This is my fourth knee procedure and he has performed the last three of these and there is no comparison. His attention to detail and true attentiveness and concern cannot be matched. Not to mention his exemplary experience and training. In this chaotic world and industry of medical care, he is a true anomaly and the best of the best! On top of his professional demeanor, he also epitomizes the caring and concern of a true human being and friend. This is a man of utmost integrity and passion for the well being of all he helps. A true family man and great steward of his expertise and abilities for the benefit of all. God bless you Dr. Palumbo!
Brian G.
Dr. Yi recently did a partial hip replacement. I feel the surgery was perfect!
Karl F.
Best ever!! I was walking unassisted within one week after a full knee replacement. A year later and all is still great. Kind, considerate, polite and great staff. Superb knee! You want a fantastic doctor? This is it!
RateMDs Review
My appointment with Christian Cruz (Dr. Small's APRN) at the Telecom office was certainly worthwhile. We viewed the new x-rays together and confirmed that physical therapy would be most beneficial considering a change in circumstance for me. My husband has some peripheral neuropathy and I'm doing most of the driving which results in neck pain. Also, Christian provided a list of medical massage centers to receive some therapeutic massage after I complete PT at the South Tampa location. My husband and I really appreciated his support!
Kathleen M.
Dr. Miranda did a hip replacement on me five years ago. It went perfectly. I only needed three weeks of home PT and three weeks outpatient. I am going for a shot and consultation this month for my knee. I was told 13 years ago I would need a replacement one day. I wouldn't consider anyone other than Dr. Miranda to perform the surgery. He is a talented and compassionate surgeon. Amanda is wonderful and I was fully informed as to what my costs would be and how my PT would be handled.
Sandra M.
Dr. Frankle and staff did an excellent job of diagnosing and treating my problem in one visit. It was a tremendous relief off my mind. It wasn't rushed and he did a great job of explaining. I would highly recommend.
Randy G.
My first visit last week, very impressed. The lady office manager is so professional. She keeps all of the younger ones in line. Docs, nurses, staff...all great. The facilities are so nice too. They can do everything there.
Mark L.
Location Treated At:Brandon
Thank you, FOI and Dr. Baker, for seeing me today! It was a very positive experience. Huge sigh of relief after his PA's examination and his explanation and diagnosis of my knee. The brace he recommended has already made a huge improvement in functionality of the knee and tons of relief from the horrible pain I was feeling when I first arrived there. THANK YOU so much!
My experience at FOI - South Tampa has been enjoyable. I've been attending FOI for the past few months to rehabilitate my knee and I'm very satisfied with the services and people at this location. The staff at the physical therapy front desk (Theresa, Janette, Justin and Fadi) are attentive, personal and professional. My PT, Tarik Church, challenges me every session and has invested himself in my recovery; he's knowledgeable and mindful about the limitations of my knee. Theresa has assisted me with insurance conflicts/payments and always seems to make me laugh. She and her staff are deserving of a pickle to symbolize the outstanding customer service they provide on a daily basis.
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Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
I was referred to Dr. Mighell by my local doctor because my injury was very complicated. To make a long story short, 90 days later and I can't believe how good my recovery has been. More importantly, Dr. Mighell personally called me to discuss my surgery beforehand and was immediately available at all times post-operation to answer questions. My experience (while painful) was nothing less than stellar. If you need help, please see him!
Andrew I.
I had emergency surgery to save my left leg in 2010 from a serious accident. This resulted in a large screw in my hip joint and screws in a plate connecting to my femur. My leg was three-quarters shorter requiring a shoe lift to walk correctly. For about the last three years I had extreme trouble walking any distance without pain. Dr. Grayson, after looking at me, said he could fix my issues with a total hip replacement and a bonus lengthening my leg to normal length. I agreed and had MAKO assisted robotic surgery. All went well. After a few months of rehab at home, I'm now walking normally again! It used to take me four to five rest periods to mow my lawn, but now I can do it all at once without pain! I can now walk completely free of pain and complete all my activities while wearing normal shoes! Dr. Grayson is the man to see for hip problems. He is an excellent doctor and surgeon. I am so thankful for his follow-up care.
Robert W.
Excellent care. I had a partial right knee replacement and I am five weeks post surgery. My knee has not felt this good in over ten years. The care I received at each visit was great. The entire staff from check-in to seeing the doctor. Special kudos to Dr. Garlick, Elizabeth and Caitlin. They all made me feel like a real person versus just a number.
Brian B.
I had a reverse shoulder replacement surgery performed by Dr. Mighell in April 2019. The surgery came off without a hitch and I am virtually pain free in my right shoulder for the first time in two years. Dr. Mighell and, without exception, his entire staff were absolutely great. They made me feel right from my first visit that my well-being was job one and then followed through to make sure that it was true. Thanks for helping to give me my life back.
Richard G.
Very bright. Very knowledgeable and current. Genuine listener.
I am so pleased to meet and work with Dr. Samad. I had a back injury from an accident a few years ago and sought treatment. Dr. Samad listened to my incident, complaint and concerns. His conservative approach was, in fact, in my best interest. I was ready for surgery. Since the surgery was elective, Dr. Samad wanted to make sure that all interventional treatments were at least tried and exhausted before surgery. His conservative approach to surgery relieved my mind knowing that we did all we could to prevent surgery. I needed surgery. From the initial visit through follow-up visits, Dr. Samad was thorough, kind, compassionate and treated me like a family member. There was a trust that developed and I am so glad that the procedure was minimal compared to the maximum as planned. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Samad and his staff. Five star treatment and care!
Andy L.
Dr. Baker is friendly and he takes the time to explain your options so that you can make the best decision regarding your health going forward.
I had my first rotator cuff surgery 15 years ago and have been largely debilitated since. I was barely able to lift my hand above my head and had very limited lateral mobility. Dr. Mighell did a full reverse shoulder replacement in Decemeber. It's been, literally, unbelievable. I never thought I would ever have the range of motion I am experiencing. Can't recommend Dr. Mighell HIGHLY ENOUGH!
Jay A.
Been here twice in a week and both experiences were great. First, I went into the urgent care as a walk-in. From check in to leaving, my visit was about 35 minutes. The girls up front were extremely nice, answered all my questions and showed compassion when they heard my story. My next visit was a follow up that was scheduled before my walk-in. Same thing, girls up front were great. My appointment was scheduled at 9:45 and they told me to arrive 30 minutes early for paper work (I was a new patient). I arrived at 8:57 by my scheduled appointment time. I already went over my x-rays with Jessica. She checked my other issue (the one that I walked in for prior). I had more x-rays done and I was meeting her again to discuss a treatment plan! Jessica was so informative, she made sure I knew what I was looking at and spoke to me in understandable medical language! She answered all my questions and had me scheduled for a procedure the very next day. She told me what to expect and went over in great detail what will be done. Dr. Shah did my procedure and upon meeting him for the very first time, WOW! He introduced himself to me and my family and kept contact with us as he was going over what will be done and how it will be done! He assured me that I will be fine! He answered all my questions and made me feel better because I was freaking out. After the procedure was done, he made sure that he went out to my family and again told them what was done, how it was done and how well it went! Dr. Shah stood close by while I was waking up to see how I was feeling and answer any additional questions!
Iris F.
Dr. Mighell and staff are outstanding. I had a severe shoulder injury that ended up requiring 12 screws and a plate. I never expected that I would have the mobility in my right arm (dominant) that I have regained. So far the limitations that I have are my own due to age and fear of falling again. From coming in as an emergency appointment, surgery, testing and recommended physical therapy -- this group knows what they are doing! Highly recommend!!!
Really knowledgeable and go the extra mile. I went to another place before for physical therapy, only 10 minutes from home and yes, their equipment was brand new, the staff was nice, friendly, know their stuff HOWEVER I much prefer driving a little extra to be treated by professionals who really understand my body and needs.
Christine R.
Location Treated At:Bloomingdale
I had bilateral knee replacement 2 years ago. Dr Bernasek and his staff were amazing and very informative. I had an excellent outcome and am so grateful I found this doctor. I live in Punta Gorda but this doctor is worth the drive.
Dr. Mighell repaired my torn rotator cuff. I can't say enough good things about this surgeon. He is very personable and caring. His explanations are thorough and he answers all questions. His staff is very helpful as well. I love that the clinic runs on time.
Suzette F.
Dr. Baker did a great job rebuilding my right shoulder with the amount of damage that I had done to it.
Tim L.
My experience with Dr. Baker and his staff FAR EXCEEDS any experience I've ever had at a doctor's office! From the friendly office staff that checked me in to the awesome X-ray tech to the super sweet staffer that checked me out with a smile, Dr. Baker's staff was amazing! I waited less than 10 minutes (may have been like 5?) to see Dr. Baker. He spent time with me and listened intently...something you rarely see nowadays...and treated me promptly. My knee is already feeling better and I have no doubts that it will be in tip top shape in a day or so. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Baker if you're in search of a great experience with an ortho doc!
Dr. Samad is fantastic! Professional, caring and skilled. Dr. Samad cares about his patients and responds in their best interests. Intervention (alternative treatment methods) was stressed first. When no other options worked, surgery was agreed upon to repair the damaged area. I am so glad to have Dr. Samad looking out for me. Surgery was a great experience. I highly recommend Dr. Samad! Thank you!!
Andre L.
What I appreciated the most is that what Dr. Sanders said was going to be the outcome actually happened exactly as he predicted. He determined I was a surgical candidate and completed the ankle fusion surgery. He told me what to expect at the outcome and how long the recovery would take. It was almost exactly six months to the day of the surgery. I appreciated his honesty and candor. I was very pleased with the outcome and especially the amount of mobility I have now. Great job. Keep up the good work!
Anthony G.
I had flown into Clearwater, FL for a two week family visit. I shortly after had a near death accident in their sun room which resulted in several severely broken bones and a head injury. While in Meese Countryside Hospital, I was referred to Dr. Pappou because of his expertise and the severity of injury. Dr. Pappou was straightforward about his plan (to put me back together again) and just how much function I would have at the end. It took a year, four MAJOR surgeries and seven months in inpatient rehabilitation. It was brutal, but through each step, Dr. Pappou and his staff gave me the encouragement and love to survive. I respect his talent, expertise, compassion, friendship and professionalism.
Deborah L.
Dr. Palumbo did a full hip replacement for me in May 2019. He was attentive to my questions. He is a very composed, organized and precise surgeon who gave me great care and a good surgery experience. He knew how to orchestrate the care of his patients very well in the hospital and his office. No question that I would be back in the future for another hip or maybe a knee!
Deanna F.
I went to Dr. Maxson after suffering a fractured arm and wrist. He was kind, professional and took the time to clearly explain my injuries and follow-up. He helped me make the best of a tough situation.
The excellent staff at Dr. Frankle's office makes each visit, for injections, pre-op, post-op appointments, very enjoyable and reassuring. Two employees who are particularly knowledgeable, friendly and perfect at their jobs are Amy Egan and Jeff Hamelin. They always make you feel that you are in good hands and are receiving the best possible care. Five stars.
Susan P.
Dr. Sellman treated my knee when I was injured. He is very professional and funny at the same time. He wants you to be out of pain as fast as he can. The wait time is short. X-rays, MRIs and therapy are located in the same building which is very convenient. The staff is friendly and professional too.
Carmen E.
I have had seven surgeries already including a total knee replacement from athletic injuries. I was having a lot of problems and every orthopedic surgeon in my area wouldn't touch me. They all recommended Dr. Lyons hands down. They were correct! He did another TKA and I am doing great. Bianca, thanks for all your help! Recommend him 100%.
Debbie S.
Dr. Watson and Stephanie Cooke, APRN, make a tremendous medical/surgical team. Dr. Watson is very personable and professional. Dr. Watson and Stephanie are very engaging and demonstrate a true investment in me as a person and patient. I am ten days post-op and I have great range of motion and zero pain after a total hip replacement! Unfortunately, I will need a total hip replacement for my right hip soon. Without any hesitation, I will be going to Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Dr. Watson will be my surgeon.
Mickey T.
From the moment you enter the building and follow the 'zones', you are whisked into an efficient and caring environment. My first visit included efficient paperwork completion, direction to x-rays with no waiting time, then back to my doctor. Elizabeth, Dr. Garlick's PA, was funny, helpful and a delight. Benzena was so helpful and kind and loves what she does. Kayleigh at the front desk was attentive and able to make things happen quickly. Dr. Garlick is a gem. His love of life, affection for his team and deep desire to solve the issues for his patients is outstanding. He made me feel relaxed, we explored many options and we finally decided on a 'non-surgical' procedure. You can imagine my delight. From being told initially that I'd need surgery and two months on crutches instead to a crazy big injection (I chose the injection). If you want to work with a team who is highly skilled, professional and also cares about each person who enters the building, check out Dr. Garlick and his talented team at the N. Dale Mabry clinic.
Neen J.
He listens to issues and actually takes the time to answer questions and explain the reasoning for his decisions.
Mary S.
From start to finish, everyone was very kind, helpful and informative.
Rebecca W.
Excellent doctor. Concerned and helpful.
Chuck H.
I was referred to Dr. Mighell due to problems developing from a rotator cuff repair 40 years ago. I had developed osteoarthritis and bone spurs and some impingement of shoulder movement. After reviewing the MRI and CT of my shoulder along with his new x-ray, we determined surgery was the option for relief from the pain. My operation was scheduled on a timely basis. Dr. Mighell's medical assistant, Rita, explained the process and what the next steps were that would need to be completed before surgery. I followed all the directions and never felt any pain at any time in the last six weeks. I no longer have to wear a sling and my shoulder already feels better before even starting therapy. I would recommend Dr. Mighell and his team to anyone considering having their shoulder be evaluated due to pain and certainly for surgery.
Randall L.
Their PT department is excellent. You are welcomed and treated with respect. The physical therapist seemed determined to help you. I have nothing but kind things to say about this organization.
Pamela W.
Location Treated At:Palm Harbor
Check-in was easy. Everything was done on time per the appointment schedule and staff were thorough in their instructions both prior to and the day of for the MRA of my shoulder. Was happy to get in and get out as scheduled. Thanks!
Michael D.
Location Treated At:North Tampa
Dr. Zaffer has been amazing. I came to him two years ago. He isolated the multiple issues with my foot and referred me for post trauma surgery on my foot. I have had two surgeries and am now being treated for neuropathy. He has been encouraging throughout all the pain and long recovery. If not for his patience and care I would still be struggling with chronic pain syndrome which I have had for four years.
Cheryl H.
The best doctor. Three years ago, he took care of my two knees without surgery and so far I feel perfect!. Thank you!
Belkys D.
Being my first time visiting FOI, I felt at home. I had a knee replacement elsewhere and am here visiting Dr. Lyons to have it corrected. I was told that he is THE doctor. Shout out to Dr. Lyons' staff. The amazing Jeanette, Bianca and Heather. I left today with a huge sigh of relief. I highly recommend. Thank you.
Joe G.
Quite simply, he is the best physician I have. I actually look forward to seeing Mark. He not only treats me with 100% success, he spends time with me and treats me like a family member!!
Earl G.
Florida Orthopaedic Institute is the absolute best. I won't go to any other practice. The doctors and the staff in all areas are awesome, kind and caring.
Eva M.
Location Treated At:North Tampa
Such a wonderful and professional doctor. Soft spoken and so effective. makes you feel so comfortable and well informed. I highly recommend Dr. Lyons.
Cozy S.
Torn peroneal tendon on my right ankle. Or as Dr. Sanders put it, shredded it twice! This was torn on a hike the first time and an on-the-job injury the second in exactly the same place. Dr. Sanders handled both injuries tenderly and professionally. He painted a grim picture of my ankle if I did this again. His advanced repair skills were greatly appreciated in the second surgery. He was thoughtful in his approach with me, gave me options and weighed the risks and consequences of each suggestion. He and his support staff are wonderful. It's worth the drive from another county to see him. The facilities are top-notch!
Mark M.
Dr. Infante was very nice and informative. We discussed options that I had tried and results I have had.
Healthgrades Review
Dr. Bernasek is a great surgeon. He did a hip replacement some years ago and I have been able to walk normally ever since. Never had any problems at all.
Mario C.
Excellent doctor. Very knowledgeable. Takes time to speak with you and listens.
Jayne S.
Highly recommend. Excellent doctor and very personable. Couldn't ask for more.
Charles M.
I just saw Dr. Samad for the first time last month. He listened to me, explained things to me and didn't try to dismiss my pain and issues. I ended up needing surgery and he fit me in as soon as possible. He personally called me and explained things and also personally checked up on me after. I would highly suggest him for anyone that needs a spine orthopedist or surgeon. His staff is also very kind and quick to get back to you.
This was my first visit to Dr. Grayson. He was so informative and explained exactly what I needed to have done to my hip. I feel very confident and comfortable having him as my surgeon.
Peter T.
I am leaving this gratitude for Dr. Michael Garcia. He is phenomenal in his practice to our community. He performed surgery on my right elbow in 2015 and is an outstanding surgeon. He takes time to explain and answers all questions. He is a super doc!
Catherine H.
Awesome doctor! Very kind and listens. He understands your concerns.
Healthgrades Review
Dr. Garcia and the entire staff have their act together! I went there to find out if I have a broken bone in my hand and everything went seamlessly throughout my appointment. All of my questions were addressed and I received guidance to care for my arthritis (as it turned out there was no broken bone). Strongly recommend Dr. Garcia and his entire staff!
I am very pleased with my knee replacement performed by Dr. Yi. The scar is minimal and my mobility was returned quickly.
Mary T.
Dr. Infante has always been professional and truthful with me about whatever orthopedic problem I've had. I've had several different joints that required his attention. I see him now for injections in my shoulder. His assistants are nice and knowledgeable as well. They even try to laugh at my bad jokes! I recommend him to anyone with an orthopedic problem.
Dr. Maxson is an excellent doctor. he cares about his patients' well-being and is always there for your questions and more than willing to spend as much time as it takes to answer your questions and to help you understand.
After two previous back surgeries, I did not get relief from my back pain. I was  in a walker and could not be the active person I once was. Finally, Dr. Small performed an ALIF (Anterior Lumbar Innerbody Fusion). This is the same one Tiger Woods had! After the surgery, I was able to walk with no more leg pain and a straighter torso. I am back to working out, taking long walks and sleeping well! He truly is an amazing surgeon. I have recommended him to many of my friends. Thank you, Dr. Small!
Mary C.
I recommend Dr. Small. He is an excellent surgeon. He listens to you and always wants the best for his patients.
Carol P.
Dr. Frankle was very straight forward with us about my surgery to repair my rotator cuff. My recovery was smooth and I would not only recommend him to anyone needing this surgery, but I would look to him for a recommendation should I ever need surgery on another joint.
Healthgrades Review
I want to start by saying Dr. Weinstein and his staff are phenomenal and I want to thank them! Dr. Weinstein has a way about him. I have learned that he is straight to the point. He is not going to sugar coat anything and if that is what you want then you need to go elsewhere. He is going to tell you what needs to be done, what is expected of his patients and other options if there are any. Dr. Weinstein is extremely knowledgeable and went through the steps that surgery and post surgery would consist of. His staff, as well, was and is extremely helpful. Staci, his secretary, was a blessing to us. She was always there to help anyway that she could and also made the whole situation less traumatic. My husband had a two-part surgery and each of them went well. He did not rush in to do any surgeries and ultimately we had the final say. My husband is still healing from the procedures and doing well. We cannot praise and thank Dr. Weinstein and his staff enough for the wonderful experience. The skilled hands of this doctor helped my husband have a better quality of life. He is not living with the pain and numbness he once experienced before the surgeries. We highly recommend Dr. Weinstein to anyone who is in need of a wonderful orthopedic surgeon.
RateMDs Review
I am very satisfied with the orthopedic services provided by Dr. Lyons and his team.
Healthgrades Review
Could not have been treated in a more professional manner. I needed a quick visit with the Doctor. They returned my call in a timely manner on Thursday and set an appointment for the next morning. I left the office with my problems and medical needs resolved. This has been my experience with Dr. Gustke and his staff.
Richard S.
Dr. Samad did surgery on my back in December 2018. I have found him to be understanding, caring and very patient. He tried every possible treatment before recommending the surgery.
Judith W.
Had 'bone on bone' shoulder as well as missing a rotator cuff in the left shoulder. Dr. Mighell performed a reverse shoulder replacement and the surgery left me with no pain. I was actually shocked at how easy the recovery has been to date. I would recommend, with highest regard, Dr. Mark Mighell as well as Rita and Dr. Frankle to anyone in need of shoulder surgery. He is my hero.
Jack and Martha S.
Very professional and friendly. Answers and clarifies all questions. It goes to the point of the problem of my hand and she always asks if I have doubts. She makes sure that I have understood everything that she explains.
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My neighbor suggested that I see Dr. Baker after I had complained to her about my knee pain. I work out 3-4 times a week and one day a week with a trainer. I was very concerned that I would have to lay off the gym. Dr. Baker determined the reason for the pain, gave the knee a shot and told me to take it easy over the weekend. He sent me back to the gym on Monday with a few modifications. I am extremely satisfied with the care and professionalism of Dr. Baker and his assistants. Thank you. See you in six weeks!
Bev S.
Excellent service, questions were answered! Very professional and friendly.
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A year ago, my husband had a total right shoulder replacement performed by Dr. Mighell. Not every procedure goes smoothly and his surgery required a great deal of follow up care. It is always easy to give 5 stars when there are no complications but much harder to do when there are difficulties. Not only is Dr. Mighell an excellent surgeon, but he is an even better human being. The coordination between the doctor and the physical therapy team fixed up this 70 year old man and a year later, he is well on his way to a better life. Thank you, Dr. Mighell.
Healthgrades Review
Dr. Marc Weinstein is very, very thorough, spends as much time as needed and has given my husband the ability to play golf, pickle ball and tennis in our retirement here in Florida. His office staff is very efficient. Dr. Weinstein ordered not one, but two CT scans to identify and clarify the surgery needed for my husband's back issues. He has been very good in managing the ongoing comfort with epidural injections that take away all pain for my husband. Thank you, Dr. Weinstein for giving the many hours and dedication to your patients. We are blessed to know you and recommend you as often as possible!
RateMDs Review
Words cannot tell you what a difference my new knee has made in my life! I'm just sorry I waited this long to do it. Thank you!
Patty B.
Dr. Yi and his assistant Shay were both very nice. Dr. Yi is very knowledgeable and professional. I'll DEFINITELY recommend Dr. Yi to anyone with hip problems.
Healthgrades Review
The staff was very kind, caring and patient. Front desk representative, Pooja was most helpful and was concerned about helping with my issues. I also appreciate Jessica, the medical assistant, for her caring attitude. It was a pleasure to have all these skilled medical personnel with a caring concern helping me out. Thank you, Dr. Bernasek. Your staff is second to none.
Healthgrades Review
Dr. Grayson made the quality of my life so much better with two knee replacements. His assistant rocks. I now have the same problems in my shoulders and am going to Dr. Pappou and he, too, is very nice. I am looking at arthroscopic shoulder surgery and I'm scared, but I trust him as much as I trust Dr. Grayson. Jennifer who works for Dr. Pappou also rocks and is very patient.
Lisa T.
Location Treated At:Palm Harbor
My husband and I have nothing but praise for his knowledge, bedside manner and follow ups. He takes time to explain everything, even the amount of pain that you will experience and healing time.
Healthgrades Review
Dr. Yi is wonderful. I'm a little nervous when I go, but he seems to have a way of calming my nerves.
Jill B.
Dr. Christopher Grayson gave me my life back. I will be forever grateful to him. I am a 62 year old female in otherwise excellent health. I was using a cane constantly and had stopped all shopping. I did not walk unless it was necessary. My pain was a constant 8-10. I could not sleep for more than two hours at a time. Dr. Grayson performed the Robotic Hip Replacement surgery on my left hip. I woke up with zero pain. I walked the halls within several hours after my surgery. I have yet to have any pain in my left hip. I look forward to my right hip surgery later this year. Dr. Grayson deserves 10 stars. There is no one better. He is INCREDIBLE! His assistant Christina is AWESOME. She will answer all of your questions. She is very efficient and on point with all paperwork. The entire process was very smooth.
Lorene M.
I have been very pleased with my experience with Dr. Gustke. From consultation through three month post-op check up, I have always had positive interactions at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Procedures are explained thoroughly and all my questions are answered.
Healthgrades Review
I had a partial left knee replacement surgery. After suffering with bone on bone for the last eight months, it was an incredibly immediate relief not to have an aching pain with each step I took. Dr. Palumbo explained the entire procedure and what to expect. Everything played out just as he described. I am now totally pain free. I have full movement and looking forward to getting back to the activities I've missed.
Bob E.
He takes his time to listen, explain and I have been very pleased in all my appointments and results in my situations with him!
Healthgrades Review
I had a very complicated lumbar case. I saw one neurosurgeon who couldn't do my surgery and one that recused to because of the risk for complications. I had no quality of life and at the age of 54, I was not willing to give up. I saw Dr. Weinstein and he ordered multiple tests to make sure the surgery was as safe as we could make it. He was honest and warned me of the risks and guarded prognosis even with the surgery. I am one year post-surgery and have exceeded not only my expectations but his as well. Thanks to Dr. Garlick for referring me to Dr. Weinstein. Thanks from my husband for giving him his wife back. Thanks to this talented surgeon!
Jeff H.
I am a 72 year old obsessed tournament racquetball player. I have been playing a minimum of four times per week since 1972. Both knees have been bone on bone for around 20 years. Dr. Palumbo replaced one in April and the other in November. In both cases, I was back on the court in eight weeks. Several of my racquetball buddies that have had the same knee replacement with different surgeons did not have as good a result as myself.
Leo M.
Dr. Palumbo receives my strongest endorsement. I recommend FOI and Dr. Palumbo to everyone. I trust FOI overall and I trust Dr. Palumbo implicitly. He did a total hip replacement two years ago and now it is time for my left hip. Dr. Palumbo gave my life back two years ago. he uses an anterior approach. I will not see any other physician even though my medical insurance wants to direct me to someone else that isn't at FOI. I've seen other FOI doctors who are also very good, however Dr. Palumbo and his supporting staff are exceptional. Overall, my experiences with FOI are superb.
Dr. Lyons is the best in his field and I believe that he is a person who cares about his patients and gives his all to them. His staff and other physicians whom work with him are caring and take their time answering any questions or concerns that you may have. I have been seeing his staff since 2014 and I have been treated as family. My wife enjoys talking to him because he always answers her questions without any surprises. The staff who works with him are so cool and caring. When my wife and I come with our grandkids, the staff always treats them with friendly and caring attitudes of kindness. I am very happy with the care I receive.
Healthgrades Review
Dr. Garlick is an amazing orthopedist because he surrounds himself with amazing people. His ARNP, Elizabeth Peirano, is probably one of the best that I have ever dealt with. I look forward to coming in and seeing Liz and all of the staff at FOI. Truly, they are concerned about my welfare. You won't go wrong seeing Dr. Garlick or any member of his team.
Thomas C.
Dr. Morse is one of the best orthopedic physicians and surgeons that I have met and been a patient of. He has great bedside manner and he truly listens to your concerns, regardless of how small they may be. I recommend Dr. Morse for all those who need surgery and want to return to an active lifestyle!
Healthgrades Review
My wife, who has advancing Alzheimer's. fell at home and broke her hip. As the attending orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Yi came to us by luck. We could not be more pleased. He met with us a day prior to surgery, clearly explaining the hip condition, the options available and the reasoning for each. The day of surgery, he spoke to me and told me her condition changed and that a partial replacement was needed. He said it would take 60 minutes. He reappeared in 50 and explained a successful procedure. He communicates perfectly and is obviously extremely competent. He is very pleasant and friendly.
Healthgrades Review
Everything was wonderful and professional! I have no pain or numbness. It was a miracle and I hope it lasts forever and ever.
Pamela Z.
Dr. Hess is a great surgeon.  After using my hands so often when I was working, I developed severe pain over time.  Dr. Hess performed surgery and my hands are back to normal.  He, along with his team, are great people who communicate your condition and treatment plan well.  Dr. Hess has very good bedside manner.
Luther H.
Dr. Samad is an incredible surgeon. He took care of me and my daughter.  We appreciate his bedside manner and that he communicated well to us.  He is a great person and surgeon!
Luther H.
Dr. Pappou was very nice and took the time to explain my options going forward which cleared up any questions I had. I felt confident in his knowledge and will definitely go to him when my issue requires surgical intervention.
Healthgrades Review
I had a knee replacement with Dr. Lyons last year and now I just had a hip replacement and both surgeries have been great. He is the kind of doctor that you can trust and knowing he is such a good doctor makes you feel very peaceful and secure. His office staff is great. Bianca and Jeanette are very helpful and kind. Surgeries are very easy to set up. As soon as you are in the pre-op room, you feel a great sense of peace and tranquility. He is amazing!
Healthgrades Review
Dr. Ramirez is very thorough and helpful. He is my top two of chiropractic physicians that I have seen, which number 10 or more. He is very interest and concerned with the success of the treatments he does. I couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Ramirez.
Healthgrades Review
So thankful to have found Dr. Samad. He is the kindest doctor I have ever met. He is also the best spine surgeon you could find. After putting off surgery for way too long, I have my life back, can go for long walks again and stand in the kitchen long enough to make a decent meal. For the first time in years I am pain free. I never dreamed that surgery would be the answer. I cannot say enough good things about Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Dr. Samad!
I've used this group to rehab after shoulder surgery and now for lower back issues. They've got a terrific group of therapists who really know how to help you get back on your feet.  Excellent staff and service.
Karen W.
Location Treated At:Wesley Chapel
Dr. Baker is a godsend. He's personable and you can tell he truly cares for his patients. I'd been dealing with extreme shoulder pain for six months and was told by another physician that I'd need surgery to fix the issue. Dr. Baker advised against it, saying I had 'frozen shoulder' and opted for cortisone shots and physical therapy instead. The shots and PT have helped immensely. I now have more range of motion my with right arm and can raise it above my head. That is something I couldn't do for half a year!
Healthgrades Review
Excellent surgeon and amazing bedside manners. Very respectful towards patients and gives you all the time you want. He performed a very complicated back surgery on me. I am happy to report I'm doing 110% better. Great doctor. I recommend him to everyone!
Rick M.
Very intelligent surgeon! He gives a personal touch to all his patients and their treatment plans. I've never seen a doctor go so much out of his way for his patients. He takes the time to constantly follow up with you post surgery. He is very dedicated, kind, considerate and the list goes on! I highly recommend him! Best spine doctor you'll ever meet!
Mahmood S.
Thank you for taking care of our daughter's broken femur. We really appreciate the fast and well done work after this big car accident. Thank you to all the team and St. Joseph Hospital staff.
Osmany A.
I was so fortunate to have Dr. Small perform my spine surgery. After five spine surgeries, I now feel marvelous! I am forever grateful to him.
Debbie S.
All I can say is that I was completely satisfied with my hip replacement. He is informative, compassionate and, most of all, an excellent surgeon.
Cubano A.
By far the finest orthopedic surgeon in Tampa. He has operated on me several times for injuries I have suffered over the years and I have had excellent outcomes each time. He is a skilled clinician and surgeon. I would recommend him to any of my friends and family.
Scott B.
I have had nothing but courtesy, respect and compassion from Dr. Pappou's schedulers. Especially Amber! Thank you, team! Keep up the good work!
Danielle P.
Dr. Small is both kind and compassionate. He is an excellent surgeon. The face that he has two PA's working for him is a tribute to how popular and busy he is every day. Several of the specialists I see also commented about how excellent a doctor I had for my back surgery. My back is pain free now after my surgery! Thank you, Dr. Small!
Healthgrades Review
I can not say enough positive things about Dr. Bernasek. He replaced my hip and everything went great. His bedside manner is just wonderful. His PA's are great too.
Healthgrades Review
Dr. Ramirez has helped me considerably with my lower back pain. He provides excellent guidance and understanding into my condition as well as adjustments that help me feel better. I trust Dr. Ramirez and respect his opinion.
Bob T.
Avid runner my entire adult life. Completed seven marathons, but in the last few years have been experiencing increasing pain in my right knee. Finally went to a doctor, got some x-rays and was referred to Dr. Palumbo. He and his outstanding staff quickly diagnosed a need for a right hip replacement. Dr. Palumbo performed the surgery about a month ago. The entire experience was outstanding. Back to working out every day and my right leg is already in way better shape than it was prior to the surgery.
David W.
Dr. Zaffer is a great doctor. He takes his time and answers all questions we might have. So far, there has not been much of a wait time to be seen. We are usually in and out within an hour.
Healthgrades Review
My experience with Dr. Watson was excellent. He listened to my issues and we came to a mutual decision regarding the problem. I didn't feel rushed even though I knew he was running behind that day. He explained the pros and cons of the surgery well. I would highly recommend him.
Dr. Watson took on my 82 year old mom after another physician tried to repair her broken hip. When we found that she had been trying rehab on a broken femur for two weeks, we knew we had to find another doctor. Dr. Watson was on call at TGH and was able to completely redo my mom's hip for the second time in two weeks. My mom was a healthy active senior and Dr. Watson's plan was to return her to that same lifestyle. He always greets us with a smile and a handshake. Well worth any wait in a busy office.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Small diagnosed my cervical spine issue and, after studying the situation and explaining in detail the suggested surgery, I agreed that surgery was necessary and we proceeded. I can't say enough good things about the way Dr. Small treated me and my family. He was gracious, kind, courteous and always open to questions. After the surgery and recovery, Dr. Small came to my room to check on me and answer any questions or concerns that I might have had. He is a very caring and true professional. Thank you.
Healthgrades Review
As always, Dr. Lyons is the very best doctor. He never rushes you even though he is very busy.
Healthgrades Review
The best doctor ever. He took great care of me and because of Dr. Sanders, I can walk again perfectly!
Ellen S.
Dr. Bernasek takes time to listen and understands my issues, which are somewhat complex. Jessica Ruth, his assistant is outstanding at providing customer service. Would recommend highly.
Michael H.
Dr. Donohue was very nice, helpful and explained a complicated injury in a way that I could understand. Excellent bedside manner and just a genuinely nice guy.
Healthgrades Review
Splendid outcome for emergency femur fracture of a 96 year old patient. Great surgeon, wonderful bedside manner. Outstanding follow-up. Highly recommend him.
RateMDs Review
I came to the ER in lots of pain due to tripping on a curb. I was so fortunate to have Dr. Donohue, who I never knew previous to the ER. He did emergency trauma surgery, but fully explained everything to me that I could understand. His demeanor of friendliness, caring, listening and patience was my first encounter and then he put my mind at ease with his professionalism and knowledge to give my consent to emergency surgery. He actually pulled up a stool to sit next to me in pre-op to explain my surgery.
Healthgrades Review
Very informative, professional and personable.
Healthgrades Review
I have had back and sciatica issues for a while. After an informative visit to see Dr. Barna and discuss my options, we came up with steroid injections in the back. Dr. Barna was professional and caring. He suggested a plan of action that I agreed with and we proceeded. I have had all the pain in one side gone and working on the other.
Donnie B.
Treated By:
Dr. Barna literally saved my life. I was left in horrific pain for almost four months from a surgeon's mishandling of my pain issue after surgery. They even refused to do another diagnostic MRI. I went to Dr. Barna who immediately ordered the MRI, then got me into his treatment for steroid injections. I have been absolutely pain free for the last three years and back to my normal active life!
Bridget F.
Treated By:
Dr. Palumbo operated on my bone on bone knee in January. The knee replacement healed quickly and relatively pain free. I have my other knee on the calendar for surgery in May and can not wait to dance again pain free!! He and his staff are the best!
RateMDs Review
I have had Dr. Mark Mighell perform two separate surgeries on me. First, was on my left elbow. In a short period of time I had full use of my left arm. Second, Dr. Mighell repaired a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder. I chose Dr. Mighell to perform this surgery based on the excellent results I achieved from my first surgery. He along with his professional staff are very personable and listen to all your concerns. I have never left his office with any unanswered questions I presented to him and never felt like I was being "rushed" out of the office. I highly recommend Dr. Mighell to anyone requiring his services.
Craig G.
I had my first appointment with Dr. Baker yesterday. He and his PA, Emily, were so clear and explicit in what is going on in my right knee. They let me know what I can do to help it and avoid pain. All my fears and nightmares disappeared and with care, I will be able to ski again! I am so very grateful for all your wonderful care of me.
Hilary L.
Dr. Reina is knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend him to anyone with complete confidence.
Healthgrades Review
My hip was so painful that I struggled to walk any distance without a cane. If I accompanied our family and grandchildren to Disney World, someone had to push me in a wheelchair. Dr. Grayson told me that I was a good candidate for a total hip replacement. He was so right. I had the replacement done in April 2017 and could not be happier. Today, I can walk anywhere I like without a cane. We went to Disney and Epcot last year and walked over five miles in one day without a cane or wheelchair. I had my two year follow up visit with Dr. Grayson at the Citrus Park facility. X-rays show that everything is in place exactly where it should be. I am so thankful and happy that I chose Dr. Grayson for my surgery. He gave me my life back.
James W.
After suffering for more than 20 years, I finally got a full knee replacement. Dr. Palumbo and his staff were wonderful. Appointment times, cost, explaining all. Never did I expect to have such a great result. Best thing for me and my family. I can walk comfortably again. I would recommend this doctor and his office wholeheartedly.
Barbara A.
I would highly recommend Dr. Frankle. Just six weeks ago, my 80 year old father had shoulder replacement surgery and his recovery time was minimal. He doesn't even need physical therapy. Words just can't express how grateful we are for having a doctor that took such good care of him. The pain he was having before the dreaded surgery impacted his quality of life. He's always been very active. Now, he can proceed with all the activities that he enjoys so much! Many thanks to Dr. Frankle and his staff an excellent job done! We couldn't be more thankful and grateful. If I could rate 10 stars, I would.
Darlene E.
A tremendous doctor. He fixed my husband's issue totally. Highly recommend!
Vitals Review
I found Dr. Weinstein to be a highly competent, knowledgeable and patient-friendly physician. His pre and post surgical care was, in a single word, outstanding. Needless to say, I am very pleased with my surgical result. Dr. Weinstein engenders a patient's trust and confidence through his thorough and meticulous explanation of care options. I would highly recommend Dr. Weinstein to both family and friends.
Vitals Review
I saw Dr. Grayson last week and my wait time was not much. They took my info, then took x-rays and then the PA came in and talked to me. She explained my x-rays to me and was very knowledgeable. Dr. Grayson then came in. This was all done very efficiently. I found him to be very nice - he listened to what I had to say and did not try to rush me into surgery. I start physical therapy this afternoon and am hoping that I can get away without having knee surgery.
Toni T.
Location Treated At:Palm Harbor
Dr. Yi was extremely friendly, compassionate and helpful with my shoulder arthritis and resulting degeneration. He remarked early on that surgery would probably be required at some point, but was always willing to try steroid injections until I felt that I was ready for surgery. After surgery, the results have been amazing. I am still working on rebuilding strength, but my range of motion without pain has increased dramatically. I'd recommend Dr. Yi to anyone without hesitation.
Healthgrades Review
Fabulous orthopedic specialist! Especially if you are hurting. He will help you!
Healthgrades Review
Dr. Palumbo changed my life! After being turned down by other orthopedic surgeons for hip replacement surgery due to my age, only Dr. Palumbo approved me. He is very knowledgeable and very understanding. He only wants what  is best for his patients and after having surgery, I feel like a whole new person. I am forever grateful to him for having helped me through my pre and post operative surgery. Thank you so much, Dr. Palumbo!
As a snowbird in Florida, I was experiencing leg pain and thought it was a shin splint. I chose Dr. Grayson because he was listed as treating sports injuries. Dr. Grayson took an x-ray, examined my leg and thought it may be a muscle strain. I was prescribed an anti-inflammatory for two weeks. I feel that Dr. Grayson went the extra mile as he also sent me for an ultrasound to make sure I did not have a blood clot. Nothing was found and in two weeks, my leg pain was no better. Dr. Grayson sent me for an ABI test and that when when we found that I had PAD. I am now being referred to a vascular surgeon. I am thankful that Dr. Grayson did not just think about orthopedics. He also thought outside the box to find out why I was having leg pain. Thank you, Dr. Grayson!
Richard G.
MJ at Dr. Grayson's Palm Harbor office is a ray of sunlight. She is the person who will take you from the waiting room to an exam room. She is cheerful with the patients in the waiting room, joking and interacting with those waiting to see the doctor. I asked her if she was this cheerful every day and she said 'Yes!' MJ is a wonderful addition to Dr. Grayson's staff and I felt happier just being around her.
Gail G.
Location Treated At:Palm Harbor
I experienced pain in my shoulder for years and when it moved on down into my arm, I went to see Dr. Samad. Best decision I have ever made. After neck surgery, I am pain free. He kept me informed every step of the way as to what the tests were for and what to expect. I can't say enough good things about the treatment I received. I highly recommend this doctor. He has changed my life.
Martha C.
I spent years experiencing shoulder pain. I then started experiencing pain and numbness in my arm as well. I was referred to Dr. Samad and developed a trust immediately. He kept me informed of exactly what every test was for and how it would proceed. After trying physical therapy, it became obvious that I would need surgery. Still informed of everything to expect, I felt confident that I was in very good hands. Surgery results were far more than I had expected. I would highly recommend him!
Martha C.
Well run. Efficient and they have the experience to take care of more serious injuries. Good service from everyone!
Rob R.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
All I can say is that it was amazing. Very little pain and I am walking a million times better!
Lorraine D.
Dr. Palumbo performed a right lateral partial knee replacement on me in December. Now, I am pain-free and walking and riding my bicycle again without difficulty. The final hurdle is to get back on the ice and rejoin my hockey team.
Fred G.
Dr. Palumbo is a wonderful surgeon and a very understanding doctor. He is not in a hurry and he listens to all your complaints, answering all your questions. I will recommend him to everyone.
Healthgrades Review
Being a frequent visitor to Dr. Barna for my back issues, the experience is positive due to the staff and Dr. Barna himself. He responds to my questions and gives adequate time to discuss my situation thoroughly. It's a good experience to go to a well run doctor's office.
Manny M.
Treated By:
Dr. Barna allowed me to have one of the better doctor experiences that I have had since moving to Florida. Appointments are on time and he takes the time to answer all of my questions. The staff look at you when responding to questions and are very pleasant and easy to talk to.
RateMDs Review
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Dr. Watson repaired and replaced my mother's hip after another surgeon made a mess of it two weeks prior. The other surgeon said my mother may never walk again. Dr. Watson had her walking 12 hours after the second hip replacement. We can't thank him enough. Would give 10 stars if I could.
Vitals Review
Excellent treatment and consideration of all questions I ask during my appointment with Dr. Maxson. I would definitely recommend Dr. Maxson to all of my friends who may need orthopedic services.
Walter W.
I saw Dr. Epting about a year and a half ago for pain in my right foot, which was extremely painful with every step I took. I had been to several orthopedists before and none of them could help me or even diagnose why I was having pain, despite taking x-rays. One doctor sent me to an orthotics office and the man there said he didn't think orthotics would help me. I finally saw Dr. Epting. He took x-rays and upon examining me and listening carefully as I described the pain, he diagnoses me with arthritis in my foot. He suggested I buy a carbon fiber foot plate shoe insert, which I purchased online. After putting the insert into my shoe, I had immediate relief when I walked! It was like a miracle. For the first time in months, I was finally able to walk pain-free! I ordered several more inserts so I could put them in all my shoes. Now, after about a year and a half, I no longer need the inserts. I am now walking pain-free, in any kind of shoes and even barefoot! Thank you, Dr. Epting. You are truly a miracle worker! I hope I never need an orthopedist again, but if I do, you can be sure that Dr. Epting will be my choice!
JoAnn W.
After suffering from severe knee pain for several years, I finally decided to do something about it. My older brother had a partial knee replacement about a year before mine and strongly recommended Dr. Grant Garlick. Dr. Garlick performed a partial knee replacement on my right leg. After a very short recovery time, I was back to walking every day with my wife, riding a bike, hunting, fishing and enjoying a pain-free life. It's been a little over a year since my surgery and I can't thank Dr. Garlick and his staff enough for the excellent care they provided.
Kris H.
Dr. Pappou is the perfect example of excellence in the areas of surgery and patient care. I had shoulder surgery and within two weeks I had made great progress. At six weeks out, my range of motion was equal to or more than the shoulder that did not have anything done to it. I've gone to Dr. Pappou for several years for various issues and he has always been kind and so good to explain exactly what the problem was and how to deal with it. I have recommended him to several people over the years!
Sherry D.
Very efficient and friendly office. Dr. Stone is very pleasant and clearly explains the diagnosis and treatment options.
Healthgrades Review
Dr. Palumbo and his staff are the best! Truly awesome people to deal with and a great experience! I highly recommend them. Thank you for everything.
Ricardo B.
I got a successful right wrist endoscopy back in October. The experience was wonderful. The staff was very pleasant and polite. My recovery was fast and, to this day, I'm so thankful for the procedure. No scars and no pain! Thanks Dr. Nydick and all the staff.
Wilmarie F.
Dr. Donohue is great. He took the time to explain everything to me. I will recommend him if you are having any orthopaedic issues.
Healthgrades Review
Great job! I recommend Dr. Nydick. He gave me a titanium plate in my wrist for a broken distal radius fracture.
Healthgrades Review
Dr. Morse gave me the short term and long term diagnosis for my treatment. He was patient with me while I made my decision for my care. Thank you for your professionalism and honest diagnosis.
Healthgrades Review
In my opinion, there is not a better place to have therapy after an injury or surgery than Florida Orthopaedic Institute. The treatment and respect from everyone at the facility is exceptional, not to mention the advance in technology. I felt much better just after the third visit after hand surgery. I recommend them! If you are looking for excellence, look no further. Thank you Florida Orthopaedic Institute, for the great experience!
Maritza M.
Location Treated At:Brandon
Dr. Baker is a caring and knowledgeable physician. He has a wonderful bedside manner. I trust him and his surgical expertise. I highly recommend him.
Paula T.
I already have recommended to others. I am so glad I had the carpal tunnel release done. Dr. Nydick and staff made the experience as pleasurable as possible. Very pleased with the results!
Healthgrades Review
Had both shoulder replacement surgeries and am well pleased with what I'm able to do now. Great staff and Dr. Frankle is easy to talk to and understand.
Healthgrades Review
Florida Orthopaedic Institute in Wesley Chapel and their Physical Therapy department provides excellent service. Their facility is clean and well run. Their staff is truly professional in their field. Very caring and patience. I highly recommend them.
Orlando N.
Location Treated At:Wesley Chapel
I think Dr. Sellman is a great doctor. Wonderful sense of humor and always willing to listen.
Luz R.
Dr. Gustke is the best. He and his staff answer all of your questions. They care about your concerns. They check everything. He is the best doctor I have ever been to.
Healthgrades Review
Excellent bedside manor. Spent upwards of an hour discussing my case. I have had many surgeries and never did a surgeon show so much interest in making sure I was sure about my decision and did not have unrealistic expectations. The best!
Healthgrades Review
Five stars just isn't enough. My husband has been seeing Dr. Barna since 2016. After several appointments with surrounding spine institutes, we made an appointment with Dr. Barna. He is outstanding! His specialty is Interventional Spine and Regenerative Medicine. His interventional procedures have kept my husband from having recommended spine surgery. A car accident in 2016 left him with bulging, herniated and ruptured discs. He was in constant pain and unable to function. Dr. Barna came to the rescue. His bedside manner is impeccable. He sits and listens and recommends a course of action. He thoroughly explains the procedure and answers any questions or concerns. His assistant, Carlos, is an added bonus. He is friendly, helpful and so thorough. He constantly works for you with scheduling and insurance approval. I highly recommend Dr. Barna.
Caron W.
Treated By:
Dr. Barna was wonderful. He listened and answered all my questions very well. I found him to be kind, considerate and understanding. He was careful to show me my MRI and explain the details of my herniated disc. I know I am in very good hands.
Karen M.
Treated By:
He is a caring and compassionate doctor. He always takes his time to answer my questions and to explain any needed procedures. He has done surgery on me twice and I never had an infection or other complications post op. I highly recommend Dr. Baker as an orthopedic surgeon.
Healthgrades Review
I was very happy with the service I received from Dr. Hess. His staff and assistants were also very helpful. I just had my second rotator cuff repaired this week. Dr. Hess communicated with me very well and took time to answer all my questions. I would recommend Dr. Hess to anyone needing his services.
David C.
I have been going to Florida Orthopaedic Institute in Citrus Park for over a year now and I have never waited more than 10 minutes in the waiting room. Dr. Maxson has been a great doctor. He did a double knee replacement on me in the beginning of January. I was back to work in a month feeling great. The therapy really helps!
Gary H.
Incredible. He was fast, super knowledgeable and fun to talk to. Perfect experience from start to finish. I'll be having all of my friends and family visit him if needed. One of the best!
Brian Y.
The complete care and listening to my concerns was awesome!
Healthgrades Review
Dr. Mighell did my left shoulder replacement one year ago and I am extremely happy with the result. I have full range of motion and no pain. The doctors and physical therapists at Florida Orthopaedic Institute are the best!
Donna B.
Amazing, amazing and amazing! I feel so fortunate that I found him! He's the third doctor that I met. I wasted a year and a half with other doctors. He was amazing from the first consultation. He felt my foot and asked numerous questions to get a real understanding of my issue. He did more than the previous doctors. After surgery, I've healed wonderful. His instructions were precise and the entire office and surgery staff were so friendly. I am so grateful that I found Florida Orthopaedic Institute off a recommendation.
Erika G.
Dr. Weinstein spent a lot of time with me, discussing my problem, possible causes and potential resolutions. I can tell he really cares about what is best for his patients. Sometimes that means doing everything you can to avoid surgery and often it means changing your lifestyle. I went to him for the truth and I got it. I was looking for a well educated doctor who puts my health before his pocket and that's what I got! I am very happy with Dr. Weinstein and his staff and I would recommend them to anyone!
Vitals Review
Dr. Weinstein and his staff were fantastic! They all spent a lot of time with me, despite how busy the office seemed. Dr. Weinstein went over my symptoms and pain, sent me for an x-ray and showed me the results. He told me what he believes the issue is and we discussed treatment and next steps. I appreciate this honesty and advice. I would recommend him to anyone!
Healthgrades Review
Excellent physician. Caring and thorough. The highest recommendation for anyone with a shoulder issue.
Healthgrades Review
I have been a grateful patient of Dr. Morse since 2015 and he has never disappointed me. Dr. Morse is an excellent doctor and the quality of care he provides for his patients is unparalleled. He is attentive, caring and understanding. He makes the patient feel that they are the most important person in the office. He is patient and takes the time to answer my questions. He never rushes to his next appointment and always gives me enough time. Furthermore, he always listens to my needs. Dr. Morse is very thoughtful and compassionate with his recommendations. Thank you so much for being my rock, Dr. Morse.
Manju B.
Dr. Donohue was kind, caring and knowledgeable.
Healthgrades Review
Staff was amazing!
Healthgrades Review
Selecting Dr. Gustke and his carefully selected team was, without reservation, the most appropriate decision for my circumstances. My local physician, with whom I hold in great regard recommended Dr. Gustke. You know you are with the best when the demand far exceeds availability, the administration is carried out efficiently and the staff are the very, very best. Dr. Gustke, my thanks are certainly not enough for the gift you have given to me. I cannot express how grateful I am that we have men and women of such quality and dedication leading the orthopedic profession of our society in this country and are still continuing to grow, to learn, to contribute and share your skills with others in your profession. Thank you!
John L.
I have had both knees replaced. The right knee is 14 weeks old and the left is less than six. With therapy, the recovery has been quick. The return to normal living with little to no pain is less than three weeks away! He is high energy and attentive. He explained his use of equipment and the reason for using visionary knee prosthetic.
Doug B.
I had a partial knee replacement a year ago. I can not say enough about the care and compassion of Dr. Garlick and his staff. I can honestly say that he gave my life back to me. I was in so much pain that I did not want to do anything. Now, a year later, I am doing great!
B. Courtney
My experience with Dr. Yi was excellent. I had pain in my knee for a while. I found Dr. Yi based on reviews, qualifications and his patient care philosophy. He looked at my x-rays and felt the knee indicated torn ligaments and arthritis, which was news to me. He drained the knee and injected cortisone which helped immediately. After three weeks at a follow-up appointment, my knee is doing much better. If it acts up again, I told him that I would be back!
S. Gilbert
Thank you! My ankle is pain free. I destroyed the ankle cartilage over the years with sports injuries and a final injury on a hike. I continued on with my ankle until the pain was unbearable. I found Dr. Sanders through several recommendations. One was a patient who had a great experience with Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Another was from a doctor who worked at Hospital of Special Surgery in NYC. Dr. Sanders explained my ankle issues and gave me the options for corrective surgery. I chose an ankle fusion. The operation went smoothly and the post-operative period went quickly as I was able to resume normal activities thereafter. Dr. Sanders and his team were great throughout. If you have a question, just call the office and Nancy gets back to you promptly. The Orthopedic Wing at Tampa General Hospital provided excellent care during my stay there. Thank you again, Dr. Sanders and your team.
Woodrow F.
I was extremely happy with the results of my surgery. Dr. Pappou is an excellent surgeon. He shared with me exactly what he was going to do surgically. I would highly recommend Dr. Pappou.
Cherryln H.
My first procedure was successful. I had a knee revision. Dr. Grayson was the fourth doctor I had visited. He was highly recommended by another orthopedic surgeon. During my first visit, he diagnosed my problem. As a result of my surgery, I am completely pain free. I also have bursitis in each hip. I did not need surgery for that. He suggested physical therapy. I was hesitant. Now, I am following his suggestions and going to PT, along with injections in each hip. Thank you for your patience with me. I am pain free.
Cherryln H.
I love the new building! I went to the urgent care to be seen for my ankle, which I thought I had broken. I was seen by Annette Frechette Lynn P.A., who read my x-rays and reassured me that it was just a bad sprain and was given a brace. From start to finish the whole experience was smooth, efficient and the entire staff was extremely nice and helpful. Thank you, Florida Orthopaedic Institute!
Gertrude S.
Location Treated At:Brandon
My mother and I always enjoy seeing Dr. Maxson. He's so good at what he does, but he also makes it fun to see him. He also takes our pain away.
Healthgrades Review
I absolutely love this office, starting with the front desk to the nurses. Dr. Samad is a kind and caring doctor. He takes his time to explain everything in detail. His bedside manner is impeccable. I would like to give a shout out to Jackie who does all the insurance paperwork. She is awesome. Thank you, Dr. Samad for all your help with my surgery.
C. Ramnauth
I'm not good at writing reviews and I am not a fan of doctors due to prior bad experiences, but after dealing with Dr. Garlick and his great staff, I felt the need to write this review. Thank you for allowing me to see that not all doctors are bad. I was never pushed or rushed into surgery making me feel like I was just another dollar sign. Dr. Garlick and his staff feel like family and I am so grateful for professionalism, compassion and friendship. I had a right knee partial replacement and I am feeling great! Thank you so much for everything! I would highly recommend Dr. Garlick and company. You won't regret it!
Tony M.
Thank you for taking my hardware out of my leg yesterday and being an overall great doctor. Wish you much happiness and success.
Jay E.
Excellent surgeon and staff. I was pain free the day after surgery. I was able to get an appointment within two weeks where I would have had to wait three months before being able to get a follow-up appointment with other recommended surgeons. I am a senior citizen patient and highly recommend Dr. Miranda. Can't say enough.
Pete G.
I have been seeing Dr. Sellman for three years. I have had nothing but wonderful treatment from him. He is always kind and takes plenty of time with me. Most of all, he has helped me tremendously. I go with terrible pain and leave with the ability to walk. Thank you for all you have done. You're the best!
Mary W.
Dr. Baker is awesome and very thorough. Emily explained to me why Dr. Baker was taking long to see me and used the time to clarify doubts. Rhonda is fantastic. I have no regrets on choosing this facility. It is the best.
Aileen O.
Excellent and caring doctor. Took the time to talk about my back issues and listened to me. He is a very thorough doctor and I would highly recommend him to family and friends!
P. G.
I could barely walk in the front door Monday morning at 8 a.m. My back had seized up overnight. Before I could even get out of my vehicle, I was being asked by the staff if I needed assistance. The Urgent Care staff, especially one nurse and Amanda Porter, the P.A., were amazing. I received treatment and was feeling a lot better by the afternoon of that day. I was able to go back to work a day later. Thank you!
Kevin J.
Location Treated At:Brandon
One of the best orthopedic doctors ever. Very nice!
RateMDs Review
Dr. Eddy Echols was heaven sent! He performed my mother's shoulder surgery and his etiquette and knowledge was very impressive. Thank God for him and the whole Florida Orthopaedic Institute. You guys rock!
Taishay R.
Dr. Lyons is totally awesome! He not only straightened my husband's bow legged left leg, but also replaced his knee. It was perfect on his most recent X-ray and now it is time for the right knee. We have no hesitation about going back to Dr. Lyons. We have referred several friends as a result of his work.
Debbie R.
I had the misfortune of breaking both my arms in an accident and Dr. Pappou operated in November. It's now February and I am completely healed! The physical therapy staff, Morgan and Greg, were beyond terrific -- very compassionate, knowledgeable and positive attitudes. If you want the best care I highly recommend Dr. Pappou and his staff!
W. Woods
Dr. Garlick has treated my advanced osteoarthritis in both knees for several years, mainly with shots. He recently performed a total knee replacement on my left knee, which I am in physical therapy for. After one month, the repaired left knee is already functioning to the extent that I can walk fairly normally and return to basic activities. Surgery went very well and pain management was effective!
George G.
Two months ago, I had knee replacement surgery. I am so happy with my results. I was pleased with how quickly I was able to walk. My knee bend is 130 degrees after physical therapy. Dr. Palumbo and his PA are the best. They improved my life greatly. I highly recommend them!
Liz A.
Dr. Morse was very straight forward and took great care of me. Also, with me being young, he gave me great detail on my diagnosis which other doctors did not do.
I would highly recommend Dr. Stone as he took exceptional care of me in my emergency situation. He treated me with kindness and compassion as I had a lot of unknowns happening all at once and he assured me we would tackle them one step at a time.
He did carpal tunnel releases, endoscopically, on both wrists about three weeks apart. The outcome has been excellent. I have full use of my hands!
Charles G.
Dr. Garlick is without peer. I've had other orthopedic surgeries and physicians, none of which come close to his knowledge, individualized treatment and procedures. I would recommend that friends and family travel here to Tampa for a knee replacement. If I need surgery on the other knee, Dr. Garlick is the only surgeon I would even consider.
Dr. Grayson is awesome! I finally found an orthopedist that took the time to really explain what I wanted to know concerning my total knee replacement. I became a major fan of Florida Orthopaedic Institute because of the professional standards they maintain as well as the compassion and patience. Dr. Grayson made sure that I fully understood the procedure. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for an orthopedic surgeon.
Healthgrades Review
Dr. Shah is a very kind and caring doctor! I had never met him before I fell and broke my femur. I broke it in more than one place and he put it all back together! I met him for the first time the morning of my surgery. He came and talked to me and my daughter and put us at ease to know he could fix it. Every time I have had a follow up appointment he's just as kind, caring and gentle as he was the first time I met him. I would highly recommend Dr. Anjan Shah!
Lisa R.
Dr. Shah is an artist when it comes to his work. I shattered my tibia/fibula last week and it's healing up nicely. Thank you, Dr. Shah!
Kathy H.
Dr. Zaffer has been my pain management physician for about two years. I have had two back surgeries and a full shoulder replacement reversal surgery. I absolutely could not have gotten through these surgeries without his help and expertise. He is professional, listens to his patients' situations and gives them encouragement and hope to be able to live a better way of life through his knowledge and treatment. I truly value and recommend Dr. Zaffer.
Evalon B.
Dr. Tresser and his surgical team did an amazing job. We are only a month since my husband's surgery and he has gone from barely walking to walking more than five miles a day. The entire experience at the hospital from pre-op to post-op was exceptional to say the least. Dr. Tresser was recommended by several doctors as the best neurosurgeon.
Kristen N.
Dr. Grayson performed a total hip replacement surgery on me and literally gave me my life back. Horrible bone on bone pain had ended my days on the golf course, walking, sitting and standing. Pain can rob you of the activities you enjoy doing. Prior to surgery, my pain level was eight to nine. Following surgery, I couldn't believe it was only one to two. And even then, it was just surgical soreness. I began walking with a walker that afternoon and by week two, it was with a cane. Thank you Dr. Grayson! You are the best!
Mary Ann B.
I had a motorcycle accident and separated my ankle. I had two other doctors tell me I needed surgery to fix it. I went to Dr. Maxson after a coworker recommended him. He said we could fix it without having unnecessary surgery. Four months later, I'm walking as though nothing ever happened. On top of that, even though he has a lot of patients. he cares about you as an individual. Thank you, Dr. Maxson!
Vitals Review
After spending two years in a wheelchair due to a fall that fractured a lumbar vertebrae, causing severe leg pain when walking or standing, I can now walk without pain using only a walker. I tried pain injections and nerve ablations with little success. Dr. Small did a spinal fusion surgery on my lumbar spine three months ago and I am no longer in constant pain and can walk standing straight and tall. It is amazing what a difference in my life Dr. Small made. I would highly recommend his services!
Debra C.
I had back surgery by Dr. Small in November of 2018 for my sciatica which went all the way down my right leg and into my foot. After trying many things including chiropractors and epidurals, I finally went to Dr. Small. I could not be happier with the results of the surgery! I was in constant pain for about a year and a half prior to doing to Dr. Small. Immediately, after the surgery I felt much better. I was able to go for short walks around our neighborhood the very next day! They said it would take about three months for it to go away completely, which it did. I can now walk around stores or theme parks which I was not able to do prior to the surgery. I'm even able to ride a bicycle again at the age of 71! Thanks so much to Dr. Small and Ann Gowski, ANRP, for all their help. I would highly recommend Dr. Small and this surgery for anyone going through the same pain.
Ron C.
It has been exactly two weeks since Dr. Samad operated on my spine and I am doing so much better. My back and leg pain is  gone. My balance is greatly improved and I am now walking without the assistance of a walker. Prior to the surgery, I had pain that fluctuated from one to ten and my poor balance caused several falls. I would recommend Dr. Samad to anyone with back problems.
Manu T.
He changed my life with shoulder surgery!
Alex C.
Dr. Pappou and his team are wonderful! After a fracture of my wrist, the first orthopedist I saw did not feel confident to do the surgery. Thankfully, Dr. Pappou specializes in hand/wrist surgery and happened to be at the Citrus Park location the same day and was able to see me. He explained the procedure well and I was scheduled for surgery in two days, which was much appreciated given the severity of my pain. His office staff was great to work with. Everything was handled quickly and efficiently. It's been three months since my surgery and I am extremely happy with the results and the care I received. I couldn't recommend him enough. Thanks, Dr. Pappou!
Jessica L.
It is nice to finally have a doctor who takes the time to listen to you and explain what he needs to do. He went out of his way to help me and I can finally walk without any pain.
Richard L.
Dr. Morse was kind and gentle. He explained everything to my understanding.
Highly recommend Dr. Bernasek for knee and hip replacements! I had a bilateral knee replacement and just had my annual follow up! I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to live life again! Also a big shout out to PA Brian Yates! Love the boots!
Shawn D.
Dr. Epting is soft-spoken, kind, listens, explains, is not arrogant or in a hurry. I couldn't be happier about the decision I made. I knew he was an excellent choice. I am four weeks out of surgery and progressing nicely. I know the rehab process will take time, but I have no doubts about my surgeon and his treatment plan for my recovery. I would highly recommend Dr. Epting to family and friends because I know they would have the same experience. Thank you, Dr. Epting, for being in the right place at the right time. You are a blessing!
Donna Silagi
It has been three months since I had my hip replacement surgery and what a difference this has made in my life. I am walking daily and loving it. If you are reading this, you are probably in pain or have lost your mobility. Your quality of life may have deteriorated and you just want your life back. This was my experience before my surgery and I knew that I had to do something. My experience with Dr. Grayson and his staff has been very positive. He explained my condition and made sure I understood why surgery was being recommended. He wanted me to be comfortable moving forward. He listened to me and took time to answer all of my questions. His staff is helpful and courteous. If you are considering hip or knee replacement surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Grayson. I believe you will be very happy with your decision.
Jennifer H.
I was recommended to go to Dr. Tresser by another doctor. I have to say that this man must be the finest of the finest neurosurgeons ever. He is a very talented and successful minimalist. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! I had no more sciatic pain in my legs when I woke up from anesthesia. I could hardly believe it. I was walking down the hallways without assistance and continued to improve steadily over the next few weeks. I feel just terrific. Thank you, Dr. Tresser!
Dr. Samad recently performed an anterior cervical surgery on me and I am very satisfied with the results. I'm feeling better each day and so many of the problems I was having the neck and head area have been resolved. He is a very caring doctor, explains procedures very well and came to check on me every day that I was in the hospital. He was in contact regularly with the nurses as to my care and condition. I would highly recommend Dr. Adil Samad. He is the best!
George W.
I have been a patient of Florida Orthopaedic Institute for many years with different issues due to a very physical career. Dr. Jackson was my first doctor at FOI and was excellent. He went above and beyond to care for my back issues. I have since seen and had back surgery in 2015 with Dr. Tresser which went fantastic. I have fully recovered and am back to riding my horses and all activities. I also have seen Dr. Small for consultation for my back surgery. He was amazing! The doctor I continue to see is Dr. Reina. He is absolutely the best doctor. He was my doctor prior to back surgery and post surgery. I have visited both his locations and want to thank his staff in the Northdale Office. Tamie and Darnell are fantastic! They are so professional and work so hard to get you a convenient appointment. They make sure you get the correct information when they schedule an appointment. Dr. Reina takes his time and makes sure he has covered any of your issues. He has always given me excellent care. Just yesterday, I was there for a treatment and I feel 100 percent better. My husband, who just pushes his body to the limit, also sees Dr. Reina who always fixes him up. I have recommended Dr. Reina to friends that thought they needed surgery due to their pain and after seeing Dr. Reina, ended up with a few treatments and exercises. Thank you to Florida Orthopaedic Institute for your outstanding staff of doctors.
Mystik M.
Location Treated At:South Tampa – Dale Mabry
I have had two shoulder surgeries within the past six months. Dr. Baker and his staff have been amazing. My physical therapist has even been amazed at how quick my recovery has been as well as my range of motion. I highly recommend Dr. Baker!
Sandy G.
I had arthritis of the shoulder from an old injury. I put up with it for years and was referred to Dr. Mighell by another orthopedic surgeon. He recommended a shoulder arthroplasty. Post operation care was great at Florida Hospital for one day and I had negligible pain. Now, four months later, I have no discomfort and full range of motion. Two months after surgery, I went biking in Morocco and rode a camel in the Sahara Desert. As good an experience as one could ask for.
Healthgrades Review
Thanks to you and your team, I am back to 100% with my right shoulder. I am so grateful my dear friend referred me to you for the impingement in my right shoulder. Wishing you and your family a beautiful 2019!
Robert K.
From the office staff to Dr. Garlick, I cannot tell you how nice and caring these people are. I had both my knees replaced by Dr. Garlick. The first one I had done in October and the second one was a week before Christmas. I am out and about doing my normal everyday things. He is the best, he listens and gives you his opinions. If he had to, I am sure he could perform the surgery in his sleep. From Kaleigh, Kaitlyn, Elizabeth to Dr. Garlick, I thank you all for taking good care of me.
I was born with clubfoot and began experiencing some major complications which made me unable to put any type of weight on my right foot for five months before my surgery in Mary 2018. I went to five different doctors and no one was able to help me until Dr. Sanders. He was the only one who truly cared about my condition and was confident in performing the surgery. I went from being unable to walk without crutches to hiking in Colorado five months post-operation and walking 20 miles on a three day Disney trip six months post-operation. Thank you, Dr. Sanders for giving me my life back. The same goes to Nancy, his Administrative Assistant, and the entire staff. After this whole experience, I have been inspired to also continue my schooling to become an orthopedic surgeon to help others like me.
I have suffered three orthopedic injuries within the last nine years with two requiring corrective surgery. Dr. Morse repaired my left rotator cuff in in 2011 and right bicep tendon in 2018. I've had successful outcomes with both surgeries resulting in full strength and mobility. In all phases on my care, Dr. Morse and his staff, including Millie (Administrative Assistance) and Shea (Clinical Assistant), have shown outstanding customer service. Dr. Morse is very knowledgeable, personable and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend Dr. Morse at Florida Orthopaedic Institute for all orthopedic needs.
Ricky R.
Extremely grateful for the accuracy of assessment and execution of my procedure. Positive results such as steadiness when walking were immediately evident after the laminoplasty performed. Recovery, though challenging, is hopeful and eagerly anticipated thanks to the skill and confidence of this healthcare professional. Thank you Dr. Tresser!
Steven B.
Dr. Garlick and his staff are very professional, down to earth and easy to talk to. He answered all my questions and made me feel at ease about my surgery. He did an excellent job repairing my patella tendon. I highly recommend him to anyone needing orthopedic surgery. He is the BEST at what he does. I am grateful that I had him as my doctor.
R. Hawkins
Highly recommend FOI, Dr. Gasser, APRN Elio Hernandez and my PT Team, Joel and Net. This was my first major injury (torn meniscus, MCL and ACL) resulting in surgery and I was so nervous. Dr. Gasser and Elio Hernandez got me in that morning. The office staff worked quickly to get my referral that morning from my Primary Care Provider. They recommended PT for four weeks to strengthen the muscles around and wait for the MCL to possibly heal itself. This made my recovery and surgery so much better. Because of their expertise to wait, the MCL healed and only needed surgery on my ACL and meniscus. I am now six months out and have started to run a little bit in PT and feel almost back to 'normal'. The FOI PT office staff and therapists at the Telecom location were great too! Their office staff was always friendly and greeted my by name. Hilary always checked in with me and helped me with insurance and scheduling. Gerrica helped with lots of insurance and PCP questions and referrals too! Joel and Net were great. They knew exactly how to help me move through the steps needed to accomplish the goals I wanted. It will be bitter sweet when the time has come to not go anymore because they all have been a major impact in my life and part of my every day routine. I can't say it enough. I highly recommend FOI!
Stacy R.
Location Treated At:North Tampa
Great experience with Dr. Yi! He drained my knee and it felt 100 percent better. I felt little to no pain during the procedure.
I had, unfortunately, hurt my knee at work and, being new to Florida, I didn't have any doctors. I was sent here and, boy, am I glad I was. Dr. Grayson and his staff are simply amazing. They made a very difficult time better. Very friendly and kind. I would recommend this practice to anyone. Keep up the good work. Thank you.
William W.
Dr. Reina is superb -- he listens, explains and answers to any questions. Most importantly, he works magic! I have seen him for issues with headaches and back pain. My issues were resolved very quickly with one or two simple exercises, some adjustments, icing and kinesiology tape. I am so very grateful for Dr. Reina.
Jill C.
I was in a great deal of pain and Florida Orthopaedic Institute was able to figure out why. I started with steroid shots that didn't last long for me. Dr. Barna did nerve ablations and it worked great for me. I was comfortable during the procedure. I was sore for the first few weeks and I took it slow, but the pain, that had made me not want to get out of bed, was gone. It's a tremendous relief to be out of pain. Dr. Barna is an amazing doctor.
Treated By:
Dr. Maxson provided excellent treatment with compassion.
Kathleen H.
I could not believe how quickly I recovered from my first hip replacement 20 months ago. I was in excruciating pain before surgery and awoke after surgery pain free. I was back to full activity in eight weeks. I just had my second hip replacement and recovery was even faster due to the use of new robotic techniques. He is not only a talented surgeon, but he is attentive to patient needs and has a friendly and caring staff who go above and beyond to assist with scheduling or insurance needs.
Elsa T.
It's been one year since Dr. Lyon's fixed my wife's first knee. I want to thank you for giving me my wife back! We've been able to go on walks again and take our bikes for a ride together. Your work and that of your team makes a difference in my life every single day. I can't thank you enough! She is so much happier too!
Paul C.
I feel very fortunate to have had Dr. Yi as my surgeon and follow-up physician. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
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Dr. Sanders has always been the most courteous and professional physician I have had the pleasure to see.
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I really enjoy Dr. Palumbo. He is very efficient and this is the second hip replacement that he has done for me. He is very friendly and I have total confidence in him.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Mighell is a living legend. A rock star of the medical field. Everyone I know that knows Dr. Mighell loves him.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Infante and his P.A., Austin Thompson talk with me and hear my concerns. I was delighted that I qualify for the less invasive hip replacement surgery. Tricia, Dr. Infante's surgical scheduler is also terrific. She has worked with me over the phone and in-person. All of the pre-appointments are being made in a timely manner and surgery will be a month from this last consult appointment. I highly recommend this team!
RateMDs Review
Dr. Ramirez is a genuine caring listener. He takes time with me every visit. He shares his knowledge and does his best to get me healthy. He stands out as an EXCELLENT doctor.
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Dr. Reina is absolutely fantastic and has an incredible knowledge of the human body as a whole. Not only does he take the time to give his thoughts about your medical condition or area of discomfort, but he takes the time to educate you on "why" you are feeling that way. His insight and vision to overall body movement is refreshing. He has been a big key for me in dealing with major back pain after having a total knee replacement six months ago. As a former pro athlete and head coach now for the last 14 years at a university, he is the best I have seen in providing a clear pathway to body wellness and movement.
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I would only trust Dr. Reina with my care and the care of family and friends. Dr. Reina knows exactly the issues, causes and treatment for his patients.
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I just made arrangements for my remaining knee replacement during my 6-week conference following the replacement of my left knee. I am totally pleased with the facility, physicians, assistants, nurses, office staff and X-ray staff.
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Dr. Maxson did an excellent job throughout the process of diagnosing and treating my knee.
Drew L.
Best doctor at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. He spent a lot of time with me and made sure my needs were met. Now I am healed!
Erin D.
I spoke to Dr. Palumbo about my hip pain. He did a right hip replacement. I was walking two hours after surgery. No pain, no limp! Remarkable! After one week, I was walking on my own. No walker or cane. God blessed this man with a remarkable gift!
In April of this year, I had a shoulder surgery performed by Dr. Maxson. He exceeded all my expectations. In every visit he took time to explain to me what the next step was and he made sure that I understood. The day of surgery, he spent time with me reassuring me and answering questions. Surgery was successful and after 12 weeks I am doing great. The pain that brought me in is gone! Dr. Maxson was friendly, professional and punctual. I would also like to mention the great work of his assistant Maria Iglesias. She took care of my disability papers efficiently and promptly. I never had to ask twice for anything. I definitely recommend Dr. Maxson. Not only is he professionally and technically outstanding, but he never forgets the human aspect of his practice. Thank you very much!
Alex A.
Truly an amazing job. I would recommend Dr. Grayson. I am pain free. Thanks!
Bill H.
I had a very good experience. The staff was so friendly and helpful. Dr. Morse has made everything easy and he was very professional.
Eduardo F.
I injured my hand by severing the tendons for my right index finger. After excellent emergency care at Tampa General Hospital that evening, I was referred to and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Nydick at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. The next morning, surgery was performed on my hand and my healing began. I'm so grateful to say that my last physical therapy appointment is scheduled for this Friday, a mere five weeks post-surgery. Because of Dr. Nydick's skill and the assigned post-surgery therapy, I now have a complete recovery. Thank you to all medical teams who contributed to my treatment and recovery. I couldn't have asked for better.
Rebecca T.
I am a patient of Dr. Lyons at the South Tampa location. At first, I was skeptical about doing my right knee replacement, but his professionalism and caring attitude made me feel that I was in excellent hands. My doctor first gave me different options of medical care and treatments before making final decisions on the operation. On the day of the operation, I felt more confident with the excellent hospital care and Dr. Lyons' explanation of the procedure demonstrating that I was in good hands. My follow-up therapy was at the Citrus Park location. The quality service of the therapy center was beyond expectations, not to mention the care of my therapist Drew Tharaldson. He helped me acquire confidence in myself that I did not have being able to accomplish my goal of walking normally again. Thank you Dr. Lyons, Florida Orthopaedic Institute and both therapy departments for your extraordinary service.
Helen O.
When I first went to see Dr. Sellman, I couldn't walk an eighth of a mile without severe pain in my left knee. I had been under a pain management physician for about 8 months. Dr. Sellman got me a brace and sent me to a great PT place. I am not spinning 5 times a week, golfing 16 holes every Monday and walking much longer. My dog is so much happier, too. I have a ways to go, but I feel so good being able to exercise at the YMCA with my friends and not having such pain. I have recommended him to friends. I feel so lucky that he was recommended to me from the office of Dr. Hess. Thanks!
Phyllis M.
Dr. Small is the best around! Caring, compassionate, definitely knowledgeable and confident. I trust his opinion and skills to be the best in the Tampa area.
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Dr. Sellman has a great sense of humor and he provides sensible and understandable explanations.
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You have a great training program and each person is courteous, concerned, kind, considerate and compassionate. I pray this is contagious and every medical facility contracts this bug. Thank you!
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Dr. Baker really knows his stuff. I have a follow up in two weeks. He's great!
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Dr. Samad is excellent. He is always professional and interested in my well-being.
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Dr. Grayson is an excellent surgeon. He is professional, friendly and explains procedures thoroughly in an easy to understand manner. Christine is very efficient and quick to follow up on all phone calls and questions. All the staff at the FOI Citrus Park was very friendly, professional and thorough. Recommend the facility highly.
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Dr. Reina was able to figure out the source of my problem and treat it for relief. I refer everyone I know who could benefit from his competent practice and profession and caring manner.
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Love Dr. Bernasek and end everyone that I met. Dr. Bernasek explained everything to me and did not rush through anything. He made sure I knew everything that was wrong.
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Dr. Garlick was thorough and explained the underlying condition well. Lindsey went beyond what was expected and took time to personally communicate and follow up with me.
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I was looking for a surgeon who would perform a hip replacement. Dr. Christopher Grayson listened to me to what was happening to me. I had been in pain for over a year and a half and really needed help. From the time i met him I knew he would help me. It was all an amazing journey from start to finish. Dr. Grayson is awesome. There are just no other words. Dr. Grayson, you are the best and I will tell anyone that they should go to you for their needs. I am always in your debt.
Lois L.
Our son had surgery by Dr. Mighell. From the first meeting with him we felt confident that we were in good hands. He and his team did an exceptional job at explaining everything from start to finish. It's been a couple of months now and from surgery, recovery, follow-up visits to physical therapy, we have been treated with superb professionalism. Thank you Florida Orthopaedic Institute, Dr. Mighell and all involved with our son's recovery.
Sherry F.
I am finishing my recovery time and resumed a healthy, pain-free life style. I am able to go back to teaching, golfing and working in my yard. Living my life. Thank you very much. God bless you.
Donald S.
Treated By:
I am 67 years old and have been under Dr. Morse's medical care for my arthritic knees for approximately one and a half years now. I find Dr. Morse is a quite knowledgeable and caring physician. One of his endearing qualities is that he listens intently to his patients as he allows them to explain their physical conditions and their concerns of how they can heal. He offers them his full plan of treatments, one treatment at a time. Every treatment I have received from him has always resulted in less pain.
Jose A.
Dr. Palumbo gave me a great new knee. I was playing golf in four weeks. I would recommend him to anyone needed a knee.
William H.
Dr. Hess and his entire team did a great job. I had immediate pain relief after the surgery. The entire process from the first visit to the last post-op visit was excellent.
Donald S.
I've been seeing Dr. Palumbo for knee injections for a few years now. He's an excellent doctor who gives great advice and listens to his patients' thoughts and concerns. If I eventually need knee surgery, he'll be my doctor for that too. Highly recommended.
Barb A.
This has been the best experience since being treated for the pain in my knee. I have had a full knee replacement and now I am able to walk, lose weight and start enjoying my life again. Dr. Garlick is wonderful and thorough. I was fully prepared for what to expect. His techniques and surgical abilities are the reason for my success as a patient. I cannot say enough about him and his entire staff. It has been a pleasure getting to know all of them. The physical therapy is key to your recovery!
Marty M.
There is no other doctor that I would go to after having Dr. Mighell as my shoulder surgeon. He is a brilliant doctor and gifted surgeon. He also has an outstanding team working with him. Dr. Mighell performed a reverse shoulder replacement on my right shoulder after years of trauma, injections and suffering with extreme pain. While the surgery was painful with a long recovery process - I would not change my decision. I am free and back to performing all the activities I enjoy doing.
Richard A.
A blessing to have Dr. Zaffer as part of my team of doctors at Florida Orthopaedic Institute for the last two years. Thanks!
K. Orthner
Dr. Watson is very personable, professional and thorough. He doesn't hurry and listens to your concerns and responds appropriately. A very professional and easy to talk to Doctor.
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Dr. Stone is absolutely the best. I would highly recommend him and his staff. They were kind, patient and knowledgeable. Very successful surgery on my wrist and hand.
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Dr. Lyons is an excellent physician.
UCompareHealthcare Review
I was returning for my one year check up on an ankle fusion. My pain went from unbearable to minor. I have increased ankle mobility. I'm back to bowling, bicycling and walked 9 holes of golf the past weekend. It's such a blessing to be active again after years of limited mobility and major pain/discomfort. Dr. Sanders and his staff through the entire process were outstanding. I highly recommend Dr. Sanders and his staff to other ankle sufferers.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Reina is one of the best doctors I have ever had. I laugh during my visits as he fixes my problems with such ease. It is amazing what he can do. If you are in pain or have back problems, Dr. Reina can heal them all.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Yi was very professional and easy to talk to and performed the injections in a caring manner to make me comfortable with the procedure. This is the second year I've dealt with him and if there had been anything that concerned me I would have changed doctors. I also appreciate the efforts of any of the staff that helped me with the paperwork for the handicap permit. They processed the paperwork in a very timely manner and explained how to finish the process.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Mighell took his time. He introduced his fellow who also took time with me. The staff was great. Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Thank you.
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Friendly, courteous and attentive.
UCompareHealthcare Review
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I was looking for a second opinion on my right knee. Dr. Lyons was thorough looking at my knee and records I provided. I look forward to a second visit to get my results of testing.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Miranda is extremely patient and listens closely.
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Dr. Ramirez has great beside manner and is a very soft spoken and kind gentleman who listened intently to what I said and did not appear to judge me when I was complaining about hurting. He's an excellent chiropractor.
RateMDs Review
Amazing doctor. There aren't enough words in the English language to accurately describe my satisfaction with Dr. Reina. The time he takes to listen and research and understand the various ailments I have is unlike nearly every other doctor I have seen. He's truly helped me and I've already sung his praises to anyone that will listen!
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I have great respect and confidence in Dr. Pappou. My carpal tunnel on my right hand healed well with minimum down time. I am ready now for the left hand surgery. I have recommended Dr. Pappou to all my friends that have a need for orthopedic surgery.
Abbey T.
Dr. Maxson is incredible! Excellent staff also!
William B.
I went to Florida Orthopaedic Institute almost a year ago for an ongoing ankle issue that I knew needed surgical repair; I was suffering from a flat-foot deformity. Fortunately, I met Dr. Roy Sanders who assessed my ankle issues and agreed to do the surgery. The surgery was delayed a bit due to Hurricane Irma, but in October 2017 I had ankle reconstruction at Tampa General Hospital.  Numerous procedures were done during the surgery and I was hospitalized for 3 days. Following Dr. Sanders’ orders meticulously, my cast was off in January 2018, and I graduated to a walking boot. Today, I am moving well and enjoying life. I highly recommend Dr. Sanders and his staff. A special shout out to Nancy, his assistant who was always responsive and extremely helpful. No matter what your orthopedic issue may be, I highly recommend Florida Orthopaedic Institute; if you need your ankle checked out, no one will attend to you as well as Dr. Roy Sanders. I am grateful to the entire staff for their medical expertise and service.
Sherry G.
Dr. Pappou was wonderful and his whole staff was great. Everyone took time for me including Dr. Pappou. It meant a lot to me with the difficult time I've been having. Thank you guys!
RateMDs Review
Dr. Sanders and his staff were phenomenal. I believe he and the staff are the best I could have imagined having. Very positive, informative and friendly. The absolute BEST!
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Dr. Maxson is a very caring physician. He is very nice, easy to understand and detail oriented.
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Dr. Epting is very attentive listening to his patients and giving them the opportunity to ask questions. He also covers the surgery procedures very well and takes the time to explain to the patient the recovery time needed. He's a very good doctor.
UCompareHealthcare Review
Dr. Frankle is a very caring doctor. I would highly recommend him and his very efficient staff.
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Being in Dr. Lyons' care is very comforting.
UCompareHealthcare Review
Dr. Herscovici is an excellent physician! He is personable, professional and proficient in his office practice as well as the surgical center.
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Dr. Gasser is outstanding! There is no better!
UCompareHealthcare Review
Dr. Reina is amazing! I've had so much success in easing my pain that I brought my daughter in to see him. She has now become a patient of Dr. Reina's also. Dr. Reina takes great concern with his patients and truly does all he can to help us. I wouldn't see any other chiropractor but him. He's an asset to Florida Orthopaedic Institute.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Weinstein and his staff are excellent. He takes his time with patients, is informative and caring.
UCompareHealthcare Review
We love Dr. Watson! He always makes us comfortable when answering our questions and he listens to our concerns. His answers are straightforward and we trust his judgement.
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Dr. Herscovici and his staff gave tremendous comfort during a trying time. I have recommended Florida Orthopaedic Institute to my family, friends and coworkers and will continue to do so.
UCompareHealthcare Review
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Dr. Weinstein is an excellent orthopaedic doctor. I know that I'm in great hands and care with Dr. Weinstein. He's very trustworthy in and out and is a doctor that will tell you like it is. I would have no problems recommending this doctor to others and family members.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Stone was wonderful and knowledgeable.
UCompareHealthcare Review
Dr. Grayson and his MA are excellent to deal with and very helpful with filling out required medical documentation for my employer and insurance company.
RateMDs Review
He spends time with you. He explains things thoroughly and answers your questions. I have been seeing Dr. Small for about 20 years and have had numerous spine surgeries with fusion. I love him. He rates at the very top for me. I have complete confidence in him. He is also very caring and kind. I recommend him often.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Garcia and his staff provide exceptional service. They are well trained and always available to answer questions. I have referred several of friends who were looking for a hand and shoulder specialist to Dr. Garcia and they, too, were pleased with the service they received.
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Dr. Epting is a great doctor that takes his time to make sure everything is done right! We are HIGHLY satisfied with his knowledge and professionalism!
UCompareHealthcare Review
Dr. Echols was fantastic! He was very easy to talk to, nice and calming. I will recommend anyone with knee issues to him!
RateMDs Review
I especially enjoyed meeting Doctor Baker. I had been in so much pain prior to my visit. Doctor Baker suggested a procedure and by the time I was getting back into my car, I was feeling relief. I will follow-up with Doctor Baker and follow any instructions he may give me. He is an excellent doctor.
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Dr. Grayson saved my leg and, for that, I am very grateful.
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Even when I come in with pain, I'm always taken care of in a warm and heartfelt way!!
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Dr. Samad is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. More visits to come to try and get my old body better!
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I had a total knee replacement six weeks ago and am doing wonderful. My chronic pain is gone while only healing pain remains. I am getting better every day. Dr. Palumbo is a great surgeon using up-to-date methods and he truly cares about each patient.
Dr. Watson is wonderful. I just hiked a path up to the top of Whiteface Mountain in NY to an elevation of 4867' which never would have been possible without having a total hip replacement last February. He and his team are amazing. Thank you so much for giving me a new active lifestyle.
Dr. Ramirez is the best in his field. He goes above and beyond to treat all his patients with total compassion. He is genuinely concerned for each of his patients' personal ailments. He is gentle while adjusting my painful muscles and tendons and I always feel much better after he adjusts what needs to be treated. Dr. Ramirez is my favorite doctor and I highly recommend his services to everyone.
Lee. N
This is a great doctor when it comes to orthopaedic surgery. He did a pelvis reconstruction and hip replacement for my dad. He guided us through the whole process and explained the procedure with honesty. He was able to give back to my dad a quality of life by being able to walk without pain. We are still going through the recovery time, but are in great hands with Dr. Lyons and his staff.
Paula R.
What an amazing doctor! Dr. Lyons and his staff took care of my dad's pelvis reconstruction and hip replacement in an excellent way. He was honest and explained the procedure. He did an amazing job on a surgery we knew was difficult. He guided us through the whole recovery time and he still monitors my dad during this journey. His secretary, Bianca, has been a great help communicating with us and helping out with all of our questions and needs before, during and after surgery. We couldn't choose a better doctor for this job. I am grateful because Dr. Lyons has provided my dad a better quality of life for many more years to come. I thank you for all you do for us and for a great staff!
Paula R.
Dr. Pappou is an excellent physician. He is caring and knowledgeable. He listens and spends adequate time with his patients.
RateMDs Review
I love Dr. Ramirez! He is caring and attentive. Best of all, I am doing much better thanks to him.
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Dr. Garcia is one of the best!
UCompareHealthcare Review
We Love Dr. Frankle and Jeff! The staff is always helpful and it's always a pleasure coming in each time.
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I came to Dr. Nydick with broken bones that had already fused together. He scheduled my surgery for the next day! He knew it was a time sensitive matter and I'm so thankful for his expertise. I would suggest him for any orthopaedic needs. He is very well educated and knows his bones! Also, the surgery went very smooth. Him and his staff are overall THE BEST!
Dakota M.
Dr. Nydick and his staff kept me aware of my situation from beginning to end. I would highly recommend him to everyone. Thank you to you and your staff!
David P.
The physician was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I was very happy with the doctor and comfortable with him doing my surgery.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Grayson is awesome and really cares about his patients. Such a nice person and his staff is excellent!
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Dr. Sellman is a very personable person who listens and relates to his patients on a very at-ease level.
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I highly recommend Dr. Miranda. I did a lot of research when I realized that I needed a hip replacement surgery and I actually talked to two other surgeons before finding Dr. Miranda. There is no doubt in my mind that I picked the right surgeon! Dr. Miranda took all the time I needed to answer my questions about the surgery and recovery. He listened to me and was very kind and compassionate. I have been amazed at how quickly I am recovering. I had the surgery 6 weeks ago and am already walking 3 miles.
Moselle B.
I had a partial knee replacement and Dr. Palumbo did an excellent job. I'm into week 5 of recovery and doing great. No pain. Thank you. I highly recommend him. The whole staff is just great at what they do.
Carolyn H.
Excellent doctor and surgeon! He was right on with my son's diagnosis (he had a rare condition in his right elbow). You will not get warm fuzzies from Dr. Hess if that's what you're looking for, but you will get a smart, thorough, knowledgeable surgeon who knows what he's doing. I will take knowledge and expertise over warm fuzzies any day when it comes to picking a doctor/surgeon. Don't get me wrong, he is a very nice man, just short and to the point. His P.A. Tony is equally awesome!
Kris L.
I had the most amazing care team. Everyone there was nice. They took the time to get to know me and read my charts carefully. The nurses and doctors truly appeared passionate about their patients. I would definitely recommend coming here.
Danielle B.
Treated By:
I had a total knee replacement on April 30th. Dr. Palumbo performed the surgery and did an outstanding job. He is very caring, professional and knowledgeable. It has been approximately 3 months post surgery and I am doing great. Also, his office staff and Florida Hospital staff and nurses are very professional and helpful. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Dr. Palumbo.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Nydick and staff. They were amazing throughout the process of having hand surgery.
For many years walking became difficult.  Each step was agonizing!  All the pressure with walking was focused in one spot on each foot in the metatarsal area.  After trying custom orthotics for a period of time and numerous shoes, I knew I was headed for the wheelchair full time.  I was running out of options.  Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Roy Sanders.  Not only is he kind and caring, but he also has a brilliant gift!  Dr. Sanders can work outside the box solving difficult foot problems.  He listens closely to any concerns.  After successful operations on both feet, I can walk again with minimal discomfort.  I am so thankful to Dr. Sanders and his Administrative Assistant Nancy for working around my schedule.  I live 470 miles away which added another obstacle. The staff at the Florida Orthopaedic Institute are professional, knowledgeable and made me feel at ease. I am forever grateful to Dr. Sanders and his team!
Sally S.
Dr. Baker was a second opinion for my shoulder issues. He listened to everything I had to say, knew the problem immediately and he provided immediate relief that is still effective now. This is the first positive experience I've had with an orthopedist. I would highly recommend Dr. Baker to any and everyone!
UCompareHealthcare Review
Dr. Yi and his assistant Shay are both amazing. They listened as well as explained what was going to happen before administering the shot to my knee.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Gasser and his staff are wonderful. I would recommend them to my family and friends.
RateMDs Review
If you are seeking a physician that is caring, informed and professional, then I highly recommend Dr. Ramirez. He looked at what he thought could be impeding my progress. His ability to utilize different techniques has had a very positive effect resulting in my gaining additional range of motion with less pain. Dr. Ramirez has been the catalyst to move me further toward my goal of regaining range of motion.
G. Hise
Dr. Grayson is very caring and professional. I hesitated to do this review because, selfishly, I do not want too many other people to discover him. That may make it harder to see him. Nonetheless, I highly recommend Dr. Grayson and will always be grateful to him for his knowledge and care.
UCompareHealthcare Review
Dr. Ramirez is excellent. He is a very kind and caring chiropractor! He makes me feel at ease which is a first for me with chiropractors.
RateMDs Review
The staff is ALWAYS helpful and courteous. Dr. Grayson's assistant Christina is very knowledgeable and prompt in answering questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Grayson to anyone in need of a good doctor.
RateMDs Review
I had a great experience with Dr. Watson and Stephanie. They both were very personable and courteous. My apprehension was calmed in a professional manner and the knee injection was painless.
UCompareHealthcare Review
Best treatment, clean hospital and anyone that came to my room had a smile on their face. I felt that everyone really cared about me. Dr. Frankle's office was excellent, very organized and again, everyone always smiled. Thank you!
RateMDs Review
Doctor Baker did an amazing job on my shoulder replacement. I cannot wait for the strength and mobility to return after starting therapy.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Gasser is a phenomenal physician. When he's in your treatment room it is as if he has all day to speak to you. I brought in a previous surgery report for something and he took the time to read it word-for-word, and then thoroughly explained the procedure I'd be having with him. It is evident he enjoys what he does, which is so rare among other doctors where you are treated as part of the daily quota and nothing more. As a whole, FOI does a great job! I am a Practice Administrator myself, and have used my experience at FOI as a catalyst to improve some things in my own practice locations. Thanks for all you do!
UCompareHealthcare Review
I was nervous about having fluid drawn, but they made it a painless experience!
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Dr. Michael Garcia is an excellent surgeon. He has always been very professional, friendly and receptive. He has done two surgeries on two trigger fingers. His office staff as so efficient and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Michael J. Garcia and his staff.
UCompareHealthcare Review
Dr. Grayson just replaced my mom's knee only 3 days ago. I am a RN and was blown away at the wonderful care she received from Dr. Grayson and the staff. They are truly remarkable. Every single staff member has been nothing but kind and professional. We highly recommend Dr. Grayson.
Julie H
I recently had a total hip replacement and Dr. Miranda did a fantastic job! I was up in two days walking around the hospital. My recovery was quick and I was totally shocked. I couldn't believe I had progressed like that.
John S.
I was very impressed with the level of care I received from Florida Orthopaedic Institute. It was my privilege to be treated by Dr. Adil A. Samad, who was thorough and proactive in diagnosing my condition. Upon diagnosis, a plan for treatment was immediate and within a month I had undergone surgery to decompress my spinal cord. The skill and professionalism of this physician cannot be overstated!! As an added bonus, Dr. Samad is very personable and possesses the rare ability to explain complex concepts in an understandable way. I strongly recommend Flordia Orthopaedic Institute!
Charles M.
I give a 5 star rating to this business because from the beginning the made all my appointments, surgery, follow ups and therapies very easy for me to schedule. I never had an issue even when I showed up early for appointments. The staff was professional, friendly and kind from the front desk and nurses to the orthopaedic doctor. I recommend Dr. Mighell to everyone that may need an excellent orthopaedic doctor. From the time that we first met he was friendly, very thorough, compassionate, happy and caring. I felt that he was part of my family and a friend. He made me feel relaxed through the whole process. I will miss him. Thanks to Florida Orthopaedic Institute, Dr. Mighell and all the staff involved with my care.
C. R.
Dr. Ramirez is SUPER! He is caring, attentive and listens well with helpful and explanatory information. His chiropractic technique is wonderful. The best chiropractor I have ever been to!
UCompareHealthcare Review
Doctor Zaffer is the best!
UCompareHealthcare Review
We have been seeing Dr. Jackson and his staff for over 13 years. Everything has been excellent. Sarah and Nicole always respond to any questions, RX refills and surgery center appointments in a very timely manner. We would highly recommend Dr. Jackson and his staff to anyone needing his specialty assistance. Thank you.
UCompareHealthcare Review
Dr. Sellman is a great doctor who strives to help his patients.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Sellman is incredible! He listens to what you explain to him and his diagnosis is spot on. This is my second visit to him for two different concerns and both times his treatment and recommendations worked. My golf game continues to improve thanks to him. I would recommend Dr. Sellman to anybody with an orthopaedic concern. Thanks again Doc.
UCompareHealthcare Review
Dr. Stone and his staff are the very best. Patient, caring and very helpful. Love them!
UCompareHealthcare Review
From the start, I had an excellent experience with Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Of course, if I have a need in the future, I will call them and Doctor Maxson.
UCompareHealthcare Review
I believe Dr. Lyons gave me the best possible result from a very challenging surgery!
UCompareHealthcare Review
I had a total knee replacement several months ago. I could never ask for a better surgeon. My knee is perfect. No pain, I can bend on it and do anything I want. The incision is straight with minimal scarring visible. I like his no nonsense personality. Thank you Dr. Garlick.
UCompareHealthcare Review
Dr. Yi is a wonderful doctor and knows how to talk with his patients. You can tell he really cares and listens to his patients.
UCompareHealthcare Review
Any time Dr. Frankle's name was mentioned as my husband's surgeon, people were telling me that he was the best to have for his shoulder surgery. He is very well thought of. Very pleased to have found him for my husband's reverse shoulder surgery.
RateMDs Review
Very informative first post surgery visit. I was treated with respect and kindness by each member of your knowledgeable staff. My confidence about restoring my health improved as a result of this visit. Thanks to all of you.
RateMDs Review
After three frustrating years of being in pain and finding no relief, I found you. I am so glad you were the doctor to perform the surgery. You are a kind and gifted man and I appreciate the skill and wisdom you used to help me get back to a life I enjoy. Thank you for all you did and for having a practice that made me feel good just to be there. I wish you continued success.
Ellen C.
I was really impressed with Dr. Small and have been raving about him to all my family. Dr. Small has the best bedside manner, and took his time to go over any questions I had. I would definitely recommend him and his staff to anyone with a spine issue. So impressed!
RateMDs Review
Dr. Morse, hands down, by far has been the best physician to be under patient care with. He provides options for what I was dealing with, starting conservative first. He provides knowledge and tells you what to expect from your procedure. He also has a genuine care and concern for his patients and that goes a long way in my opinion. Patients are treated as patients and not just as a body and business.
RateMDs Review
If I have spine problems in the future, I will schedule an appointment with Dr. Samad. He is the perfect doctor for me.
RateMDs Review
Dr. Sellman is phenomenal. Best doctor I have ever been too, hands down! He has fantastic bedside manner. Very funny and please tell him that I am so happy with the service provided. He actually cares about his patients.
RateMDs Review
I love the care I receive from Dr. Tresser, Charles Procuniar and the rest of the staff. Don't have any problems with them!
RateMDs Review
The staff of Dr. Michael Miranda is great. Office Manager Amanda and P.A. Kelly keeps everything moving and takes the time to address any patient questions or concerns. Kudos to a wonderful support staff on the desk and the Doctor they work for!
RateMDs Review
Best experience I've ever had for a medical issue. Dr. Pappou did a spectacular job on my hands and wrist!
RateMDs Review
After 25 years of care by Dr. Gustke & Staff, I am totally satisfied and grateful for their expertise and problem solving ability!
RateMDs Review
If I could give him six stars, I would! I was courteously greeted when I entered the office and was seen shortly after arrival at each visit which made me feel that my time was valuable. Dr. Zaffer LISTENED to me and explored my issue. He worked WITH me to determine my plan of care. My pain is finally under control because of our TEAM effort. This practice should be a model for other offices! Thank you!
Dr. Barna is amazing! If there were more stars, he'd get them all. He did a procedure on my cervical spine in 2016, which greatly improved my quality of life. When I recently injured my lower back, I knew Dr. Barna was the person I trusted to help resolve the issue. He and his staff are professional, knowledgeable, kind and just quality human beings. I can't say enough good things about my experiences with Dr. Barna and his staff. Kudos!!
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Dr. Mighell is the best!! I came to him with a seriously messed up shoulder. I previously had a plate and 8 screws put into my shoulder. After months of physical therapy, the pain in my shoulder was unreal. I couldn't raise my arm but a few inches. I went to four shoulder surgeons before Dr. Mighell, and they all said that my case was too advanced for them. Dr. Mighell agreed to help me. Reverse shoulder replacement. 8 week post-op and I'm pain free and can do 80% of what I did prior. He's so AMAZING!
Seven weeks after my hip replacement and I feel like a new person. Just climbed up two flights of stairs the other day like I was a kid again. Couldn't walk up an incline before the operation. Thanks, Dr. Palumbo! I am grateful to my friend for recommending you to me.
Frank E.
After falling down the stairs at my apartment and visiting the ER, I was extremely scared and stressed. I've heard about Florida Orthopedic Institute before so I decided to use them. Everything was very fast and efficient. Ms. Denise Fox helped me with directions around the facilities and also did my X-Rays. She was extremely kind and helpful and made sure that we went slow because I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Sellman was very fun and extremely helpful as well. He made me feel a lot more comfortable about the entire situation and made sure that I knew what the process was moving forward. I have been to plenty of medical facilities where doctors and nurses move fast because they are just trying to get people in and out. Ms. Denise Fox from X-Rays and Mr. Sellman made me feel like I had been a patient for years and I am very happy to know that I will be working with kind people during my recovery.
Claudia G.
I can’t say enough great things about my experience at Florida Orthopaedic Institute - Citrus Park! Naki and Christina at the check-in desk were so pleasant and efficient. It took hardly any time to complete the needed work and they made me smile.The Administrative Assistant, Carlos, was professional and personable. He put me at ease right away with his quiet efficiency and charm. For me, though, the #1 reason for my visit was Dr. Barna. He took care of a cervical spine issue for me in 2016 and made such a difference in my quality of life. So when I injured my lower back, I knew exactly who I wanted to treat me. I was not disappointed. He is knowledgeable and compassionate. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my spine, he’s that good. If there were more than five stars, I would award them all to Dr. Barna and the staff at Florida Orthopedic Institute- Citrus Park!
Treated By:
Dr. Barna went into great detail to explain my initial MRI.  He never discounted or disregarded my issue and I really appreciated it.  His concern led to additional scans of the surrounding area of my moderate to severe pain.  A correlating issue between the thoracic and cervical spine was identified.  These next few days and weeks will only tell but, I feel comfortable and confident with his approach.  His entire office staff has been nothing short of professional and courteous.
Treated By:
Arriving at Florida Orthopaedic Institute for injections can always be stressful.  Yolanda Neal greeted me in such a nice way and was very professional. I really appreciated the positive way she dealt with me. Shayits Wilcher also is especially kind, and always greets you with a smile!  I always feel comfortable on visits to see Dr Garlick.
Pam S.
Dr. Small has been my spine surgeon since early 2005. Dr. Small has such a way of putting a patient at ease because of his soft-spoken tone and wonderful personality. After surgery,  Dr. Small was right there to explain the whole procedure, the fusion he performed on levels L-2 to S-1, and how he repaired and redid the fusion. I knew right then and there that Dr. Small would be my surgeon for life.  His professional and personal persona showed his caring was very real. I never met a doctor who cared more for their patients than Dr. Small.  His professional team, both staff and assistants, are exceptional as well.  They all work together to help you with whatever your needs are. I would highly recommend the entire practice to anyone with spinal needs. Dr. Small is the best!
Linda F.
Excellent staff, friendly, and helpful. Dr. Pappou was great!
Healthgrades Review
I would highly recommend Dr. Pappou! He always had my best interest in mind. I had scheduled excellent home health care after he did great surgery and my pain management was great.
Healthgrades Review
The whole experience of evaluation, planning, and execution of treatment of my elbow was flawless. My hospital experience was fine and the follow-up was as expected. I really liked Dr. Pappou especially the thoughtful action of sending out a card after the surgery, signed by Dr. Pappou and the hospital staff.
Healthgrades Review
Dr. Samad was very compassionate with my mother. He treated her with respect and listened to her. We saw him in Brandon and also traveled to Sun City. Knowledgeable and professional with a great personality.
Healthgrades Review
I was in a bad car accident and broke my tibia plateau, which is the knee. I didn't think I was ever going to walk again. I'm here to tell you that I am walking and doing very well. Dr. Infante did a wonderful job and I have minimal scarring from surgery!
Brenda V.
After having horrible pain from my hip, to my  knees, to my toes that was truly affecting my life, I was referred to Dr. Miranda who immediately identified  that I needed a hip replacement. This turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. With a strong determination and being faithful with physical therapy, I was back to normal PAIN FREE living in 2-3 weeks.  It's wonderful to be myself again and have the pain GONE!  I am back to my active lifestyle! I credit the expertise of Dr. Miranda and his staff for being professional and very knowledgeable from start to finish. If you were ever considering this procedure, I highly recommend you trust Dr. Miranda and his staff.  There is no better and you will thank me later!
Wendy C.
I've seen MANY Doctors in Tampa for a hip problem (I've even been willing to travel if necessary). Too many times I was turned away with a prescription and of course, my copay; which can add up fast!.  I got so tired of being turned down that I was beginning to accept my destiny of living with chronic pain, but decided to give Dr. Morse a try.  He was honestly the last doctor I would see.  When I first met him, he was genuinely interested in helping me. He DID NOT offer me a prescription for pain.  Instead he gave me a prescription to start various exams and physical therapy. He went through various exams to rule out and discover the direct cause for the chronic hip pain.  He finally figured out the exact problem and explained it to me very specific and offered different options.  He was honest, patient, specific, confidential, and above all extremely knowledgeable.  In addition, he has a great personality, professional, good sense of humor and has a great passion for making people feel/function better.  Words cannot express the immense gratitude my family and I have for Dr. Morse.  Thanks for everything, Dr. Morse.
CeCe S.
Before finding Florida Orthopaedic Institute I went to several doctors trying to get relief from the extreme pain I had in my hip.  I saw Dr. Maxson first.  He took one look at my x- ray and told me I needed an expert for this, because I have an allergy to metal in my bones. Two minuets later in came Dr. Grayson.  He took one look at the x-ray and said "you need surgery".  Christina B., Dr. Grayson's administrative medical assistant took my info and had me in the hospital two weeks later.  I went in [very impressed by their procedure for prepping prior to surgery] on Tuesday and was back home Thursday, able to walk again.  I had virtually no pain, was advised to use a walker.  I did for about a week until I got my balance back. Now I am back to riding my bike 20 miles, golfing, swimming and enjoying life. Anyone that has a joint related problem needs to see these doctors.  They are wonderful. THANK YOU!
Billy B.
I can't say enough about Dr. Reina and Tammy.  I had been having a non-stop headache for over 9 months.  I had seen several specialists that tried nerve blocks, medication, referred me to a pain management center - I was referred to Dr. Reina through my massage therapist.  After seeing Dr. Reina the first time, my headache was pretty much gone.  It came down to opening the blood flow and adjusting my jaw.  After 6 sessions, I have been good ever since.  We scheduled an appointment for follow up in a month if needed.  They both listened to me and I felt so grateful for the time they spent with me and the results I achieved through minimal treatment and no medication.
Julie M.
Arriving at FOI for injections can always be stressful.  Yolanda Neal greeted me in such a nice way and was very professional. I really appreciated the positive way she dealt with me. Shayits Wilcher is especially kind and always greets you with a smile!  I always feel comfortable on my visits when I see Dr Garlick and his team.
Pam S.
I have heard about Florida Orthopaedic Institute before so I decided to use them. Everything was very fast and efficient. Ms. Denise Fox helped me with directions around the facilities and also did my X-Rays. She was extremely kind and helpful and made sure that we went slow because I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Sellman was very fun and extremely helpful as well. He made me feel a lot more comfortable about the entire situation and made sure that I knew what the process was moving forward. I have been to plenty of medical facilities where doctors and nurses move fast because they are just trying to get people in and out. Ms. Denise Fox from X-Rays and Mr. Sellman made me feel like I had been a patient for years and I am very happy to know that I will be working with kind people during my recovery.
Claudia G.
Dr. Small has been my spine surgeon since early 2005.  My first surgery with Dr. Small was having to redo a fusion that did not take the first time which was performed by another out of state surgeon.  Of course having to go through another surgery was both frightening and worrisome.  As soon as I spoke with Dr. Small all those fears vanished and I put my faith in Dr. Small's expertise.  Dr. Small has such a way of putting a patient at ease because of his soft-spoken tone and wonderful personality.  After surgery,  Dr. Small was right there to explain the whole procedure and fusion he performed on levels L-2 to S-1 and how he repaired and redid the fusion.  I knew right then and there that Dr. Small would be my surgeon for life.  His professional and personal persona showed his caring was very real.  I never met a doctor who cared more for their patients than Dr. Small.  His professional team, both staff and assistants, are exceptional as well.  They all work together to help you with whatever your needs are.  I would highly recommend the entire practice to anyone with spinal needs. Dr. Small is the best!
Linda F.
I am 2 weeks post op from my left total hip arthroplasty/replacement. I would have NEVER thought I would be out of the hospital in 2 days! Dr. Bernasek's approach to the surgery was fantastic. I am so happy with the skill and expertise that Dr. Bernasek has. He has a great team behind him from the nurses, physician assistant Brian, to the fellows and residents at the hospital. I myself am an operating room nurse and I can see that Dr. Bernasek runs a tight ship at Tampa General Hospital! Everyone knows what their job is and they do it with precision, skill, and care. I am doing much better than I ever imagined and I am thankful to Dr. Bernasek for my new hip. And when it comes time for my right hip to be replaced, I know where I will go.
Christine F.
I've been given Dr. Pappous name to several friends. He takes his time to answer all of your questions. He will also explain exactly what the he will be doing. Dr. Pappou's bedside manners are outstanding. His staff along with physical therapy are all very pleasant. The office is clean, professional, and I am very happy with my rotor cuff surgery. Dr. Pappou TRULY cares.
Healthgrades Review
I researched doctors and facilities when I realized that I needed two knee replacements.  Researched on the computer, friends experiences, calling offices, etc. led me to Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Dr. Bernasek. My surgery was excellent, actually quite amazing. My knee is good and scars are minimal. I would highly recommend this organization. So much so that my second knee surgery is scheduled in October!
Linda D.
I would like to give major kudos to Jessica, Dr. Bernasek's assistant. Her caring manner and sweet personality helped to relieve my stress and put me at ease. Each time I called she returned my call in a timely manner and even though that's her job, she did it with love and humor.  What a pleasure to know her.  Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Dr. Bernasek should be proud to have her as an asset to their staff. I also work in the medical field so I know what it means to work with heart.
Colleen B.
Dr. Echols is awesome. Lets just say he is very, very good at what he does. Personable staff and his assistant was just as nice and informative as Dr. Echols. The entire staff on the doctors side was exceptional. Checking you in and out with efficacy and always smiling faces.  The Physical Therapy Department's check-in and check-out staff were all very efficient, very pleasant, and accommodating to your needs. The Physical Therapists that I came in contact with were again, exceptional.  Sorry, I cant remember all the names but Kevin was awesome. He always took time to explain to me exactly how to do the exercises as I am one that needs exact instructions. Can't even say enough good things about Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Would not be afraid to have surgery again with this crew to help you along the way.  Thanks so much to all of you!
Phyllis I.
Dr. Echols came to my rescue on March 29, 2017. I had issues with my right shoulder for over a year. I completed physical therapy and received injections in 2016 from another facility that only lasted a short period of time. Dr. Echols was honest and straight to the point after reviewing my MRI. Dr. Echols and his staff did an outstanding job of nursing me back to health and ensuring I had the mobility I needed to return to a normal life. Thanks a million to him and his wonderful staff. You guys are awesome and do amazing work!  
Pamela M.
After three surgeries with another doctor, serious infection, and a badly placed spacer, I was dropped by my doctor.  His reason was that I was to great of a risk. For nine months I had been in constant pain laying in a bed in a rehab. I found Dr. Grayson and he told me that if I did everything he told me to do I would be fine.  After my surgery with Dr. Grayson I had no pain and with therapy I walked for the first time in nine months. He is a wonderful, kind, and caring man who is an extremely knowledgeable, competent and skilled surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone who needs hip surgery without hesitation.
Norma M.
My experience with Florida Orthopaedic Institute was positive from my very first visit.  The staff is quite efficient and caring. Dr. Lyons spent as much time with me as needed to answer all my questions and concerns regarding my hip replacement.  This alone was worth its weight in gold. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone contemplating a knee or hip replacement! Dr. Lyons' assistant, Bianca, is a real gem, as is his nurse, Jeannette.  They are both very friendly, and will answer any questions you may have with efficiency and timeliness! Florida Orthopaedic Institute is a well-run group.  I would not hesitate to do business with them whenever I have a need. God bless each and every one of them!
Bev S.
Great doctor! Thank you Dr. Pappou from my initial visit, surgery, and therapy.
Joe K.
I was referred to Dr. Yi by another orthopaedic doctor due to the nature of my hamstring injury. I tore all 3 ligaments off the bone and they were tangled up near my knee. When we went to see Dr. Yi, he read the MRI and explained everything to us in detail. Michele, Dr. Yi's administrative assistant, helped me get through everything before surgery and was there for me, not only as his assistant but as someone who really cared about you as a person. My surgery went extremely well and Dr. Yi was amazing through all of it. I was also able to meet Michele face to face and hug her. There are so many words to describe everything about my experience at Florida Orthopaedic Institute that I would run out of room with my testimony. SUPERIOR ALL THE WAY AROUND!  Thank you all!
Patricia M.
Excellent surgeon! Great staff and follow up visits went well. I had little to no pain and the staff helped with any medical questions. I highly recommend Florida Orthopaedic Institute.
Robert M.
Heather La Cross, ARNP and Mary P. in urgent care took such great care of my knee injury. Thank you!
Dr. Sanders is incredible! In April of 2016 I sustained a severe calcaneus fracture when a scaffold broke under me . My ankle (talus) was embedded in my heel, which was in several pieces. My wife and I were told by two orthopaedic doctors that they were not able to perform this degree of surgery. With no health insurance, in great pain, shock, desperate, and frightened, we were directed by all to Dr. Sanders, our only hope in the world to do the surgery. Words can hardly express the immense appreciation, admiration, gratitude, and respect my wife and I have for this man . His dedication, skill, and compassion is very moving. Dr. Sanders put me back together and restored my ability to work, walk, and climb.
Harry C.
After having three surgeons tell me that I needed a total knee replacement and they couldn't help me because I was too young, I made the two hour trip to see Dr. Garlick. For the first time, a cortisone shot worked because he used an ultrasound machine. He eventually did do a partial knee replacement, which was the perfect solution. The Surgery Center was amazing, and the operation was a piece of cake. He is the only orthopaedic doctor I will ever see. Thank you Dr. Garlick!
Shelli S.
I saw Dr. Nydick for a torn rotator cuff. He provided me a thorough explanation of the problem, the proposed procedure, and possible outcomes--didn't leave me with any questions. Totally a true professional surgeon. I would definitely recommend him!
James F.
I’ve taken my children to the Temple Terrace offfice for years. When I experienced an issue with my knee, I went straight to Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Setting my appointment was a breeze. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. Dr. Christopher Baker took time to explain my injury and how he could resolve my pain. Dr. Baker is extremely knowledgeable and professional. No one can beat his expertise.
Penny S.
I had a very pleasant and helpful experience at Florida Orthopaedic Institute.  Dr. Adil Samad did my spine surgery and the results have been excellent.  I feel I am improving everyday. He is a very caring and thoughtful doctor. I found his information to be very helpful in my recovery. I would highly recommend Dr. Samad to anyone I know if they find themselves in need of this spine surgery.
Elizabeth W.
I had suffered intense pelvic floor pain for six plus years with multiple visits to urologists, pelvic floor therapists, chiropractors, and an acupuncturist. At best I had only received minimal, short term relief. On my very first office visit with Dr. Reina I knew he was onto something. On my second visit that was confirmed and now on my fourth, my overall pain has diminished so much that I cried from relief. Dr. Reina's concern for me and his ability to diagnose and treat me with such amazing success in such a short time is nothing short of miraculous. I thank God for the healing that has come and encourage anyone that needs help to come see him.
P. Murray
The staff at Florida Orthopaedic Institute's surgery center treated my hand for trigger finger. A short but delicate surgery performed by Dr. Nydick. I was treated with care, dignity, and respect while at the surgery center. I highly recommend Dr. Nydick and Florida Orthopaedic Institute for all of your upper extremity needs.
Roger C.
After experiencing leg pain for several years, surgery on my lower back solved the problem. The pain is gone and I am regaining the ability to walk  and function normally. My thanks to all of you at the Florida Orthopaedic Institute!
Kenneth H.
This was my second hip replacement. Staff is wonderful, Dr. Lyons is incredibly skilled. Went even better than my first replacement. Services couldn't be better or more pleasant. If you need orthopaedic treatment, this is the only place to go!
Donald M.
I met Dr. Epting and he was not like the last doctor I saw. Dr. Epting took time in explaining what I needed done and how he would do the procedure. He is a very nice doctor who will spend the time with you that you need before and after surgery. I had my surgery on November 13th.  I went to the Florida Orthopaedic Institute's surgery center on Gunn Highway. From the minute I was greeted until I was wheeled to my car, I had wonderful care by everyone at the surgery center.  I cant say enough about Dr Epting and the surgery center. The care and customer service I received was more than the average.  I felt very well cared for and at ease at the  surgery center .Many thanks to Dr. Epting and the surgery center.  I highly recommend them.
Nora M.
Dr. Epting was kind, caring, and confident.  He listened to my story, gently examined my leg, and calmly explained what he recommended as next steps.  He then asked what questions I had and provided additional answers. I had surgery four days later. I so appreciated with his openness to addressing any concerns we had prior to the procedure. In addition, the pre-surgical/surgical RNs and anesthesiologist were all amazing, funny, responsive, and helpful.  The surgery went beautifully. Dr. Epting was everything you hope for in a surgeon: highly capable, experienced, responsive, caring, and direct.  I am so grateful to benefit from his skills. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience.  I would absolutely recommend Florida Orthopaedic Institute and really consider myself very fortunate to have had Dr. Epting as my care provider.
J N.
I had a very difficult shoulder injury that torn my labrum after having a seizure due to an adverse reaction to medication. The labrum was repaired quite nicely, however, I was still having pain and it was discovered that the arthritis in my shoulder was very advanced due to the trauma. After a second surgery to remove scar tissue with no success, Dr. Nydick finally suggested a shoulder replacement. He was hesitant due to my young age, 39, but there were no other alternatives and living in pain for years until I am older was not in the cards. The replacement went great and my recovery time was well above the normal progression. After a few months I had full range of motion and was able to take less and less of my pain medication to the point where I am pain medication free! Thank you so much Dr. Nydick for your patience and determination to fix my problem and live a pain free life from now on. You truly are a masterful surgeon and I would highly recommend Dr. Nydick to anyone in need of shoulder treatment. Dr. Nydick and the entire Florida Orthopaedic Institute staff were fantastic and I could not have had a better experience. Thanks again!
Joe B.
I am 42 years old and a lifelong runner. Three years ago, I started experiencing pain in my right hip that I thought was the result of a pulled muscle. I saw my primary care physician and he diagnosed me with just that and prescribed rest and stretching. After a year of following the doctor's orders, and multiple visits, the pain still hadn't gone away. I spent the next two years seeking opinions from other doctors and finally decided my running days were over, and I would just live with the pain. Eventually, my urologist suggested I visit Florida Orthopaedic Institute. I made an appointment to see Dr. Yi. On my first visit, he viewed prior X-rays I had done, had another set taken, and within five minutes diagnosed me with FAI. He was very thorough in his explanation of exactly what was causing my pain and how it had progressed over the past three years to the point I was at. He also explained my options for a surgical repair vs. physical therapy. I opted for the surgery which I had done a few weeks later. I am now about three months post surgery and I can only say I wish I had visited Dr. Yi three years ago when the pain first started. The recovery was minimal and I am back to normal activities, including some light running, with no pain. I would recommend Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Dr. Yi to anyone in my situation. I really can't speak highly enough of the care and expertise he provided, especially when I had decided there was no getting better.
Edward R.
In 2016 I fell and shattered my right elbow. Dr. Pappou was on vacation and his partner Dr. Grayson attended my elbow with excellent results.  In spring of 2017, I started having problems with the thumb and forefinger of my left hand. Dr. Pappou had me do some therapy with a mobile tens unit and gave me a shot of cortisone. We worked for 5+ months and it just wasn't getting any better. Dr. Pappou said we could do surgery and I jumped at the chance. I was tired of the pain and the inconvenience.  He scheduled me for November 16th and on December 12, 2017 he released me from his care.  I've had no pain---didn't even take pain pills after surgery.  I am so HAPPY with their work! That s