Corporate Partners of FOI

Each of our partnerships is local, strategic and unique in nature to better serve our patients and keep you active.


We’ve partnered with the YMCA so you can enjoy all the health benefits of an active lifestyle. The YMCA has three divisions locally, Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA, Greater St. Petersburg YMCA, and Suncoast YMCA locations. Our unique partnership was established for our patients who want a fun and convenient place to enjoy fitness classes and to stay active post treatment or after graduating from physical or occupational therapy.  Ask your physician or therapy clinician to refer you and your join fee will be waived if you become a member within 90 days of the referral date!

The YMCA offers weight loss classes, diabetes prevention and blood pressure programs, and much more to help you maintain an active way of life.  Their hands-on approach to wellness is just what the doctor ordered!

For additional information on Tampa Bay YMCA, follow the link below:

Click here for YMCA Tampa Bay website.