Find out if Florida Orthopaedic Accepts Your Insurance

Florida Orthopaedic Institute participates with most major carriers. Please consult your insurance carrier or contact one of our scheduling representatives prior to your appointment to verify our participation status with your insurance plan. Our scheduling representatives can be reached at 813-978-9797.

Learn How Changes to Your Insurance May Affect You in the New Year

As we ring in 2017, this time of year always comes with insurance changes. The most important thing you can do is to be prepared. If you are coming for your new patient appointment or continuing your treatment, it is a good idea to check with your insurance to see if anything has changed so you don’t experience delays in care.

In order to provide the best and most efficient care for you, we ask that you please provide your current insurance information to our office at all times. When scheduling an appointment over the phone, we request that you have your current insurance ID number and group number available. When visiting our office, please bring a copy of your insurance card to each visit. Prior to your appointment we will verify your benefits to ensure we are in- network with your insurance provider. We will also inform you if there is a copay or deductible to meet and which lab your insurance prefers.

Below are some useful tips from our insurance specialists in order to educate yourself about potential changes in your insurance:

  1. Notify our scheduling department at 813-978-9797 as soon as your coverage changes.
  2. Occasionally the same plan does not always mean the same coverage.
    Even though, your insurance plan may appear to be exactly the same as the prior year, your employer may have altered the level of benefits that are available to you. For example, you previously may have had unavailable coverage for specific treatments, and now they are covered. Or you might discover that your employer decreased certain coverage. It is so critical to contact your insurance provider and review your plan at the start of a new plan year.Be proactive and ask the right questions.
  3. Verify that your referral is current
    Most HMO plans require a current referral from your primary care physician before they will cover any visits. Patients can request a new referral by communicating with primary care physician’s office directly prior to your appointment.
  4. Make time allowances for obtaining an authorization
    Reauthorization is necessary at the start of the plan year even if the patient did not change insurance plans. Prior to a patient starting any diagnostic testing or treatment, their insurance plans will require the providers of care to get referrals and authorizations.

At times, authorizations can take up to one week to obtain and can postpone treatment start dates for patients. There are two concerns that can influence the length of a possible delay in care:

  • Has the patient provided us the necessary documentation?
  • How much time will the insurance company need in order to process and then provide the authorization?

If you have more questions, please call our office at 813-978-9797