Grant G. Garlick, M.D.

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I believe in a team approach to medicine. My patients commit to the process and together we work towards a common goal.

Dr. Garlick is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and is dual fellowship trained in joint replacement and Sports medicine. He completed his medical training at the University of South Florida in Tampa and his residency in New Jersey. After completing his residency, he completed 2 Fellowships at the Florida Orthopaedic Institute.

Dr. Garlick is primarily a knee expert, focusing his attention in all areas of the knee for the young and old, including complex cartilage restoration, ligament reconstruction, meniscus repair, and joint resurfacing. A large part of his practice involves non-operative treatment for knee conditions using biological enhancements such as stem cells and PRP. Additionally, he uses these same modalities surgically to enhance cartilage repairs, meniscus repairs, and ligament reconstruction. He is trained in robotic surgery, computer navigation, arthroscopy, and minimally invasive surgery for knee replacement.

He has been performing outpatient same day surgery total and partial knee replacements for over 12 years and was the first to perform one at FOI. He has been trained in & utilizes computer navigation with kinematic total knee replacements which more accurately restores native anatomy. After undergoing kinematic TKA, his patient experienced better motion, activity level, faster recovery, and ultimately better function. Kinematic alignment is truly patient specific, replicating a patient’s native anatomy to achieve optimal results.

Additionally, he has a keen interest in young patients with arthritis or cartilage injuries who require novel approaches to treat these conditions, rather than traditional knee replacements. This includes complex cartilage restoration techniques, re-alignment techniques, joint distraction, and other procedures to heal these issues to help restore patients back to a normal life free of pain.

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If you’re looking for a Knee Specialist who truly listens, cares, takes time with you, affirms and validates you as a patient, all while demonstrating the most proficient knowledge in terms you can understand, then look no further! Dr. Garlick is all that and more! Also, he has a fantastic staff and office space! They are kind, friendly, patient, and helpful, and they put you at ease quickly. From scheduling to check-in, to diagnostic testing, to the exam room, efficiency for their patients is their number one priority. I call it one-stop shopping! No need to run around struggling to schedule appointments for multiple tests at different locations because they do it all in-house. And no more paper forms, clipboards, and long, uncomfortable waiting areas. Technology and design have merged to create a space any patient would want to wait in! From a check-in process that is quick, easy, worry-free, and hassle-free – to a spaciously designed inviting waiting area, Florida Orthopaedic has it all! Trust me, once you go here, you’ll never want to go anywhere else! Thank you, Dr. Garlick, and thank you, Florida Orthopaedic, for exceptional treatment and service!!!

Susan H.

Dr. Garlick was amazing! His bedside manner and willingness to spend time with me answering any question I had was refreshing! I didn’t feel like just another number or that he was trying to hurry through – he really cares!

Melani T.

Very professional & thorough. A great listener and is very caring. I highly recommend Dr. Garlick for your orthopedic needs. Also provides the best option for your orthopedic needs.

Janice C.

Dr. Grant Garlick is one of the best!!! 14 years ago, I was referred to an orthopedic doctor for a swollen knee. He spent about 10 minutes with me, and I walked out of his office with a date for surgery…a complete knee replacement. At 50 years old, I was petrified. I had to get a second opinion, and Dr. Garlick came highly recommended from a coworker. He is never in a hurry, has excellent bedside manners, and makes me feel 100% comfortable on each visit…after all these years, I now feel like a part of his family, and I have yet to do surgery. Thank you, Dr. Garlick, and your staff for the excellent service you provide daily. I am a very satisfied patient.

Dr. Joan R.

Dr. Garlick was interested in me and helped me with the pain I’ve been dealing with. He also helped me with my new financial situation. Great doctor, great person. Had many laughs with Dr. Garlick and staff. This is the second time in 12 years I’ve been in contact with the doctor, and that is why I went back. See y’all in November. Thank you all!!!

Timothy W.

DR. GARLICK IS OUTSTANDING. I have been seeing him for a while now. He has always been caring and very informative, and willing to answer any questions. I recently had a total knee replacement and could not have asked for any better results. I had outstanding care from Dr. Garlick and his staff. If there were a higher review, I would have given it to him. You will not find any better.

Earl D.

Dr. Garlick is great and I dare say cured me! The overall experience was simply world class. FOI runs a very smooth and classy operation and I can see why you’re top 15 in the US. With gratitude and respect.

Guilherme Oliveira, MD, MBA, Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, USF, TGH

Everyone was friendly and seemed genuinely concerned about my problem. They even have an orthopedic urgent care. I was able to do most of the check-in process online and that reduced my time in the office. I was called to x-ray as soon as I did a little paperwork on a tablet. X-ray was quick and then was taken to exam room. Short wait for Dr. Garlick who explained my treatment options. The problem was treated quickly and professionally. Would definitely recommend and will visit again.

William B.

After living with near constant debilitating pain and accompanying depression bouts for seven years, I finally had enough. Dr. Garlick did a partial right knee replacement in September. Wow! Pain afterward was minimal. I was walking with a cane within days and walking unassisted within a week. Physical Therapy was great at the Bloomingdale location (Tim and Tara ROCK!) I was back at work in two weeks. It went so well that I just had my left knee done also. Back to work and released from therapy. Pretty much pain free already! I’m looking forward to dancing and walking trails again! My knees feel 20 years younger!!! Thank you, Dr. Garlick and team!

Susan W.

I am now 5 weeks post partial knee replacement surgery. When Dr. Garlick told me that this surgery would change my life, I certainly did not expect it to be so true or so soon! I had bone on bone in my knee and my life had slowed to a near halt. The pain kept me from enjoying many of the activities I so enjoyed and I had become much less active and unable to even toss a football with my son or take the dogs for a walk. I was very anxious about having such a serious surgery, but Dr. Garlick was extremely reassuring and helpful in my decision to move forward. The surgery could not have gone better and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Garlick and the entire staff and Physical Therapy team at FOI. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to again pursue my passions!

Greg J.

Dr. Garlick performed a partial replacement surgery on my left knee one year ago. I cannot say enough about Dr. Garlick and his staff. He did a fabulous job and frankly he changed my life. I highly recommend Dr. Garlick and Florida Orthopaedic Institute.

Tracie F.

Dr. Garlick and his staff are terrific. My appointments are always on time and Dr. Garlick spends whatever time I need to discuss my concerns with him. Today, they injected cortisone in my knee to relieve the swelling and discomfort. Caitlin was the assistant who handled the injection and she was terrific. I have been seeing Dr. Garlick since 2010 and think he is the best. He agrees with me to put off a knee replacement as long as possible, which I appreciate.

Paul R.

For about two and a half years, I’ve been conservatively treating a chronic knee condition with Dr. Garlick. Unfortunately, the time came where there was only one remaining option. Dr. Garlick recently performed the knee replacement. The day of the operation, Dr. Garlick’s explanations of the operation and what to expect the next few days afterwards had a reassuring and calming effect – especially for my wife. Throughout the process, Dr. Garlick has been incredibly informative. No question that we had, and we had many, went without a thorough explanation. I am just about one month post-op and my results thus far have been fantastic. I have been very attentive to the physical therapy goals set by Dr. Garlick. Each day, I’m seeing incremental improvements which is exciting and encouraging. A few days ago, the tape over the incision was removed. Having seen the scars on others, I was prepared to see one of those Frankenstein scars. When the tape was removed I could not believe my eyes! There was literally minimal scarring and with time that will lessen more. I appreciate Dr. Garlick’s attention to every facet of the operation. At this point, the final results of the strength and mobility of the knee are up to me. I hope I can do my part as brilliantly as Dr. Garlick has done his.


I had a total knee replacement with Dr. Garlick in October. I have been very impressed with him and his staff. I am a retired surgical nurse and had my other knee replaced four years ago. I would recommend Dr. Garlick to anyone. My recovery has been awesome and the rehab has gone smoothly. Even my therapist has been impressed.

Rebecca S.

I had a total knee replacement on 11/6. Dr. Garlick and his staff did a fantastic job. He listened to my concerns and addressed them. I would highly recommend if you need an orthopedic surgeon to call Dr. Garlick.

Zuella P.

I have known Dr. Garlick for eight years and he is an amazing doctor and surgeon. He has been treating my knees and has gone above and beyond to find treatments to easy my pain. Four weeks ago, he performed a total knee replacement on both my knees and I’m so glad I went for it. His demeanor and bedside manners are excellent and I can’t praise him high enough as a surgeon!

Unni S.

I saw Dr. Garlick today and was greeted with his warm smile. He’s taken care of my left knee for the last three years. What I was most impressed with was his taking the time with me about an unrelated and recent injury to my right hip. He was willing to explain some possible concerns and remedies. He didn’t have to talk with me regarding this issue as it wasn’t my reason for seeing him. I appreciated his patience and listening to my rambling thoughts. Thanks, Doc!

Patti Y.

I have known Dr. Grant Garlick for a number of years back to when he first came to town. As an OR nurse at TGH, I know how he works, his expertise in surgery and the way he treats his team and his patients and their families. This is why there was no question when it came to selecting my surgeon. Just as I expected, I was welcomed into his practice. My examinations, x-ray and MRI were thorough and explained in detail. My options were presented and I was given time to select which treatment I chose. I tried several minimalistic options first. I finally opted for total knee arthoplasty. The preparation for surgery, the surgery itself and post-op expectations were explained including possible complications to my satisfaction so the decision was easy. The pre-op visit at Memorial Hospital was also a complete and pleasant experience. My experience with all facets of my care was extraordinary! Caitlin, Dr. Garlick’s administrative assistant, was my go-to-girl. She answered all my questions promptly. I am now 5 weeks post-op and my pain level is very low. My incision looks great and I am able to climb stairs already. My range of motion far exceeds our expectations. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Garlick, the staff and all aspects of my experience. I highly recommend them. May God bless all of you as you have blessed me.

Connie T.

This is my review for my surgery! This is my second knee replacement in three years. I met Dr. Garlick a year ago just looking for a good orthopedic doctor. Dr. Garlick is the best. I live in Manatee County and I traveled to Tampa. If I had to do it again, I would. This doctor found my problem and fixed me right on up. I am overwhelmed with happiness because Dr. Garlick gave me a second chance to go on with my life and not being afraid to walk. Anyone that needs a second chance…Dr. Grant Garlick is the answer!

Brenda R.

When I viewed the doctors’ profiles on the FOI website, Dr. Garlick’s said his focus/interest was on the knee. I decided to schedule an appointment with him. I had a total knee replacement in July and would highly recommend him. His nurse, Stephanie, assistant Caitlin and P.A. Elizabeth make a great team!

Tracy K.

Had full knee replacement a year ago. Fantastic results. Walking same day. Minimal pain. Stopped any pain meds after a few days. Walking normally in a month. Did the 10K Skyway walk six months after the surgery with no discomfort. Dr. Garlick was easy to talk to. He listened and was totally professional. His staff is wonderful.

Wayne E.

Dr. Garlick performed my first left total knee replacement surgery three years ago and my right total knee replacement surgery in 2019. Within five weeks, after each surgery, I was able to return to my daily activities, especially daily exercise at the local YMCA, free from any pain or discomfort. I was able to fully use the stair master, stationary bike and walk the treadmill without any discomfort or range of motion restrictions. Thanks to Dr. Garlick’s outstanding surgery skills and his excellent post-surgery physical therapy programs, at age 70, I am enjoying the blessing and gift of pain free active living. I highly recommend and commend Dr. Garlick not only for his gifted surgery skills, but also as a caring physician who sincerely cares for his patients and their return to full mobility. By the way, Dr. Garlick is assisted by an excellent staff of caring professionals.

John F.

I’ve had two knee replacements in two years. Both operations were done by Dr. Garlick. Two people I know have used him based on my recommendation and successful recuperation. I would not hesitate to send more people his way. He is excellent.

Vicki K.

He was very attentive to my discomfort and listened to my concerns. He took his time with me and I didn’t feel rushed. He is surrounded by great staff too! I had a very successful surgery! I highly recommend him.

Paula L.

Thanks for the exceptional treatment you’ve provided. Even during my recovery and rehab, your caring and reassuring manner has relieved my worries and consequently enhanced my healing. Thank you so much for helping this 71 year old, former athlete.

Jimmie T.

Best ever!! I was walking unassisted within one week after a full knee replacement. A year later and all is still great. Kind, considerate, polite and great staff. Superb knee! You want a fantastic doctor? This is it!

RateMDs Review

Excellent care. I had a partial right knee replacement and I am five weeks post surgery. My knee has not felt this good in over ten years. The care I received at each visit was great. The entire staff from check-in to seeing the doctor. Special kudos to Dr. Garlick, Elizabeth and Caitlin. They all made me feel like a real person versus just a number.

Brian B.

From the moment you enter the building and follow the ‘zones’, you are whisked into an efficient and caring environment. My first visit included efficient paperwork completion, direction to x-rays with no waiting time, then back to my doctor. Elizabeth, Dr. Garlick’s PA, was funny, helpful and a delight. Benzena was so helpful and kind and loves what she does. Kayleigh at the front desk was attentive and able to make things happen quickly. Dr. Garlick is a gem. His love of life, affection for his team and deep desire to solve the issues for his patients is outstanding. He made me feel relaxed, we explored many options and we finally decided on a ‘non-surgical’ procedure. You can imagine my delight. From being told initially that I’d need surgery and two months on crutches instead to a crazy big injection (I chose the injection). If you want to work with a team who is highly skilled, professional and also cares about each person who enters the building, check out Dr. Garlick and his talented team at the N. Dale Mabry clinic.

Neen J.

Dr. Garlick is an amazing orthopedist because he surrounds himself with amazing people. His ARNP, Elizabeth Peirano, is probably one of the best that I have ever dealt with. I look forward to coming in and seeing Liz and all of the staff at FOI. Truly, they are concerned about my welfare. You won’t go wrong seeing Dr. Garlick or any member of his team.

Thomas C.

After suffering from severe knee pain for several years, I finally decided to do something about it. My older brother had a partial knee replacement about a year before mine and strongly recommended Dr. Grant Garlick. Dr. Garlick performed a partial knee replacement on my right leg. After a very short recovery time, I was back to walking every day with my wife, riding a bike, hunting, fishing and enjoying a pain-free life. It’s been a little over a year since my surgery and I can’t thank Dr. Garlick and his staff enough for the excellent care they provided.

Kris H.

I have had both knees replaced. The right knee is 14 weeks old and the left is less than six. With therapy, the recovery has been quick. The return to normal living with little to no pain is less than three weeks away! He is high energy and attentive. He explained his use of equipment and the reason for using visionary knee prosthetic.

Doug B.

I had a partial knee replacement a year ago. I can not say enough about the care and compassion of Dr. Garlick and his staff. I can honestly say that he gave my life back to me. I was in so much pain that I did not want to do anything. Now, a year later, I am doing great!

B. Courtney

I’m not good at writing reviews and I am not a fan of doctors due to prior bad experiences, but after dealing with Dr. Garlick and his great staff, I felt the need to write this review. Thank you for allowing me to see that not all doctors are bad. I was never pushed or rushed into surgery making me feel like I was just another dollar sign. Dr. Garlick and his staff feel like family and I am so grateful for professionalism, compassion and friendship. I had a right knee partial replacement and I am feeling great! Thank you so much for everything! I would highly recommend Dr. Garlick and company. You won’t regret it!

Tony M.

One of the best orthopedic doctors ever. Very nice!

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Dr. Garlick has treated my advanced osteoarthritis in both knees for several years, mainly with shots. He recently performed a total knee replacement on my left knee, which I am in physical therapy for. After one month, the repaired left knee is already functioning to the extent that I can walk fairly normally and return to basic activities. Surgery went very well and pain management was effective!

George G.

Dr. Garlick is without peer. I’ve had other orthopedic surgeries and physicians, none of which come close to his knowledge, individualized treatment and procedures. I would recommend that friends and family travel here to Tampa for a knee replacement. If I need surgery on the other knee, Dr. Garlick is the only surgeon I would even consider.


From the office staff to Dr. Garlick, I cannot tell you how nice and caring these people are. I had both my knees replaced by Dr. Garlick. The first one I had done in October and the second one was a week before Christmas. I am out and about doing my normal everyday things. He is the best, he listens and gives you his opinions. If he had to, I am sure he could perform the surgery in his sleep. From Kaleigh, Kaitlyn, Elizabeth to Dr. Garlick, I thank you all for taking good care of me.


Dr. Garlick and his staff are very professional, down to earth and easy to talk to. He answered all my questions and made me feel at ease about my surgery. He did an excellent job repairing my patella tendon. I highly recommend him to anyone needing orthopedic surgery. He is the BEST at what he does. I am grateful that I had him as my doctor.

R. Hawkins

Dr. Garlick was thorough and explained the underlying condition well. Lindsey went beyond what was expected and took time to personally communicate and follow up with me.

RateMDs Review

This has been the best experience since being treated for the pain in my knee. I have had a full knee replacement and now I am able to walk, lose weight and start enjoying my life again. Dr. Garlick is wonderful and thorough. I was fully prepared for what to expect. His techniques and surgical abilities are the reason for my success as a patient. I cannot say enough about him and his entire staff. It has been a pleasure getting to know all of them. The physical therapy is key to your recovery!

Marty M.

Even when I come in with pain, I’m always taken care of in a warm and heartfelt way!!

RateMDs Review

I was nervous about having fluid drawn, but they made it a painless experience!

RateMDs Review

I had a total knee replacement several months ago. I could never ask for a better surgeon. My knee is perfect. No pain, I can bend on it and do anything I want. The incision is straight with minimal scarring visible. I like his no nonsense personality. Thank you Dr. Garlick.

UCompareHealthcare Review

Arriving at Florida Orthopaedic Institute for injections can always be stressful.  Yolanda Neal greeted me in such a nice way and was very professional. I really appreciated the positive way she dealt with me. Shayits Wilcher also is especially kind, and always greets you with a smile!  I always feel comfortable on visits to see Dr Garlick.

Pam S.

Arriving at FOI for injections can always be stressful.  Yolanda Neal greeted me in such a nice way and was very professional. I really appreciated the positive way she dealt with me. Shayits Wilcher is especially kind and always greets you with a smile!  I always feel comfortable on my visits when I see Dr Garlick and his team.

Pam S.

After having three surgeons tell me that I needed a total knee replacement and they couldn’t help me because I was too young, I made the two hour trip to see Dr. Garlick. For the first time, a cortisone shot worked because he used an ultrasound machine. He eventually did do a partial knee replacement, which was the perfect solution. The Surgery Center was amazing, and the operation was a piece of cake. He is the only orthopaedic doctor I will ever see. Thank you Dr. Garlick!

Shelli S.

Five stars all the way! Great doctor with a great staff. I have been seeing Dr. Garlick for several years now and I am very happy with the care that I have received.

Yelp Review

I have a long history of severe OA in my knees. I had multiple injections, procedures and therapies all which were ultimately unsuccessful. Then, I found Dr. Garlick. He is very knowledgeable regarding current therapies and treatment options. He is also very straightforward when presenting options. He listens and answers questions completely. Dr. Garlick is friendly, compassionate and empathetic. I had a total knee replacement two weeks ago with excellent results. Thank you, Dr. Garlick.

Mary L.

I switched from the very popular Dr. Lyons to Dr. Garlick. He is wonderful. I broke my right knee cap in many pieces. He managed to salvage a few of those pieces and now it is good as new. Love him!

Healthgrades Review

Dr. Garlick saw me twice and after the second visit the pain is completely gone. Thank you so much!

Healthgrades Review

For over 3 years I was in such pain with my right knee that it was so hard to walk, stand or sit without pain in my knee and leg. After being referred to the Florida Orthopaedic Institute, I scheduled a consulting with Dr. Grant Garlick to discuss my options. It was determined that I needed a partial knee replacement and scheduled surgery on June 30, 2014 where the procedure was performed at the Florida Hospital of Carrollwood. The care at the hospital was exceptional from the pre-op until the day I left the hospital. A followed the therapy to the letter for weeks following the surgery and I am proud to say that I am back to the gym and able to walk, stand and work-out without pain. I just completed my annual exam with Dr. Garlick and my knee looks good and feels great. I highly recommend Dr. Garlick and the Florida Orthopaedic Institute to anyone who is seeking relief of knee pain and to get back to your normal activities and enjoying life.

Jeanie C.

Dr. Garlick, his nurse and staff have been wonderful throughout a four week period of treatment on my right knee. I was almost ready for a knee replacement and had been researching stem cell therapy for the knee after three friends and neighbors had the treatment with another doctor who was not an orthopedic surgeon. My research led me to Dr. Garlick, an orthopedic surgeon who also uses stem cell therapy along with the PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections. My treatment consisted of harvesting my stem cells and injecting them into the knee followed by 3 injections of PRP which was completed last week. Although no doctor can guarantee the long term results as this is experimental, my knee is feeling better and the pain almost gone just 3 days after the final injection. Dr. Garlick, has been so gentle and understanding and the injections were almost pain free. I will and have recommended Dr. Garlick to many friends and family. He is a great doctor and has a wonderful bedside manner.

Joyce R.

On June 28, 2016, I had a truly awesome experience at the Dale Mabry location.

It was my first time at this location and the outstanding customer service began as soon as I set inside the building. The soothing decor and waterfall walls immediately calmed me.  I was greeted as soon as I walked in and asked if I needed help. I was directed to Dr. Garlick’s location.

The employees in Dr. Garlick’s reception area were professional with a bit of humor, helpful and fast. They were courteous and patience when i forgot to go take my x-ray.  They made me feel like they have been knowing me for years.

Each area I was treated with respect and world class customer service. I left there with a smile on my face and a great experience in my soul.  Not even the needle pain in my knee could distract from the awesome treatment.

I work for a Huge federal agency where exceptional customer service is our Number one goal, therefore, I  recognize and appreciate it when I receive it.

Sharon G.

Dr. Garlick diagnosed my knee arthritis condition after detailed examinations, X-rays and MRI. He advised that my knees are deteriorated due to osteoarthritis with the left being much worse. He advised two options: total knee replacement (80% probability of pain relief) and stem cell therapy (70% probability). After more detailed discussion, I decided for stem cell therapy. I had the bone marrow aspiration from the right side of my pelvis on February 5. After centrifugation to concentrate the cells, the concentrate was injected in my left knee. I felt minor discomfort during the procedure but no pain. This was followed with three injections of platelet rich plasma, extracted from my own blood, spaced during three subsequent weeks. The PRP concentrate was similarly injected into my left knee. The third injection was administered on March 3. Although the full effect of the treatment will take about 10 to 12 weeks, I have already felt relief and I am optimistic about the final outcome. The next step will be a review with Dr. Garlick on June 5. I am very pleased with the professionalism and personal care of Dr. Garlick and his nurse, Kaileigh and highly recommend their services.

Alberto H.

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