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As a physician, it is a very gratifying experience seeing my patients return to their daily lives after treatment.

Dr. Sanders attended medical school at the NYU School of Medicine and performed his residency at the Hospital for Joint Diseases, Orthopaedic Institute, in New York City. He received fellowship training in musculoskeletal trauma at Vanderbilt University Medical School, and then went on to obtain the AO/ASIF Jack McDaniels Memorial Trauma Fellowship, which he completed under the tutelage of Thomas Ruedi, M.D., in Chur, Switzerland. Upon his return, he spent several months with Sigvard T. Hansen, Jr., M.D., as a foot and ankle fellow at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington.

Dr. Sanders is highly respected both nationally and internationally for his work in orthopaedic trauma and foot and ankle surgery. He was on the Agility® Total Ankle design team with Drs. Alvine and Hansen and has been performing total ankle surgery since 1995. He has performed hundreds of total ankle replacements, specializes in revision total ankle replacements, and has developed both instruments and surgical techniques to improve the outcomes of total ankle surgery.

With respect to fracture work, Dr. Sanders has developed a well-known classification for fractures of the calcaneus (heel bone), as well as designed a plate for these fractures (Synthes). In addition, he has designed a comprehensive plating system for articular fractures of the upper and lower extremities (A.L.P.S.©, Zimmer-Biomet), as well as developing a complete intramedullary nailing system for long bones (Trigen and InterTAN, Smith & Nephew), an external fixation system (Jet-X, Smith & Nephew), and a fibula nailing system (Acumed).

Academically, Dr. Sanders is the current Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of South Florida. He is a Past President of the Orthopaedic Trauma Association (2004-2005). He is currently the Service Line Chief of the Department of Orthopaedics at Tampa General Hospital and Director of the Orthopaedic Trauma Service. He has trained over 120 fellows.

Dr. Sanders has authored over 150 articles and abstracts on orthopaedic trauma, and foot and ankle surgery, published several textbooks on orthopaedic trauma, and is presently the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma, the leading international journal in the field. He has served as faculty for over 200 courses, has given over 300 lectures, and served as course Chairman for 40 courses to train other orthopaedic surgeons, including originating the AO/ASIF Course in Foot and Ankle Trauma with Sigvard Hansen, and the Current Solutions in Orthopaedic Trauma Course, now in its 15th year.

Dr. Sanders serves as President of Florida Orthopaedic Institute, the largest independent orthopaedic surgical practice in Florida. His special area of expertise is reconstructive surgery of the lower extremity including complex tibial, ankle and foot fractures, mal/nonunions, deformity correction of the foot and ankle, arthritis of the ankle and foot, and total ankle replacement surgery both primary and revision procedures.

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Dr. Sanders is not only very intelligent, and an excellent foot surgeon, but has excellent bedside manners. His great surgical skills helped me heal very fast after the surgery he did on my ankle joint. If I could give 10 stars, I would!

Naresh K.

Dr. Sanders was an answer to my prayers. I had polio in the 1950s, and as I aged, I have always been reluctant when it comes to my foot and doctors. I am now in my sixties and had my worst nightmare and broke and dislocated my first metatarsal in my left foot, and I totally panicked! I was fortunate enough to get Dr. Sanders to do the surgery. He is amazing! I never had any pain at all from my surgery. Dr. Sanders’s staff was great! I walk better now than I did 25 years ago!! Thank you so much

Debbie C.

Still the best doctor. And his apprentice is excellent. I was in the office with an x-ray, and everything completed in less than an hour. Great job.

Sylvia B.

I had an ankle replacement from Dr. Sanders in 1999. He’s the best guy … it lasted 15 years. Without his expertise and a few different changes, he has kept me walking all these years. Have to say I do miss seeing that great staff and Nancy Torres, by far a great human. I felt I needed to share this. As of today, I am still walking, and that was all I hoped for, and I got more. Thank you, everyone, at Florida Orthopedic Institute.

De K.

Dr. Sanders has now completed successful subtalar midfoot fusion surgery on both of my feet. My first surgery was in August 2019 for my left foot. I returned in May 2022 to have Dr. Sanders perform fusion surgery on my right foot. Before surgery, I experienced pain and swelling with every step I took due to having flat feet and fallen arches, along with arthritis, no cartilage, torn ligaments, and torn tendons. Thanks to Dr. Sanders, I am now pain-free in both feet and feel like I have my life back! Many thanks to the care and support I received from Dr. Sanders, Nancy Torres, and his entire staff!

Jeff A.

An amazingly skilled surgeon who is not afraid to take on other doctors’ mistakes! No challenge is too difficult for this experienced surgeon as he thrives on repairing and restoring lives! I met Dr. Sanders after over three months of improper care by another surgeon in Fort Myers which resulted in a non-union of my compound ankle fracture. My care required six surgeries which included a bone graft to replace over two inches of degraded tibia, caused by infection from three soil-based bacteria. At one point, when we were exhausted from treatment and considering amputation, Dr. Sanders pleaded not to give up as he refused to give up on me. 14 months after my fall, I was restriction free on my way to restored life thanks to Dr. Sanders. Dr. Sanders strives to achieve perfection from day one, but that does not mean it will be quick. He does things the right way which requires time and patience. Dr. Sanders is an amazing doctor whom I now call a friend. Thank you so much for restoring my life!

Neal P.

Thank you Dr. Sanders and team. I am over 80 and have been bothered with major pain in both ankles for a number of years. I destroyed the cartilage in both ankles playing sports and other extreme activities. Dr. Sanders fused both ankles over a period of several years and I can now walk pain free. His diagnoses and surgery skills were even better than I was told when he was recommended. His personal attention to detail and his kind and gentle approach to my concerns were outstanding. His staff, especially Nancy Torres, was always available to answer my questions and help with my needs. Thank you all for making my remaining years enjoyable as I can now walk pain free.

Don B.

I almost cut my foot off in a childhood accident and had several corrective surgeries later. I have had problems with this foot for over 50 years. Dr. Sanders did corrective surgery on my deformed foot including severe hammer toes. Dr. Sanders helped get me through my problems and was always there when I needed him. He is a hero to me.

Sam S.

In 2005, I had a failed fusion of my left subtalar joint. I had gone through a failed fusion of my talus joint, as well as many other surgeries to this post-trauma foot and ankle. I couldn’t take the pain anymore and was ready to submit to a below-knee amputation when I was referred to Dr. Roy Sanders, who was described to me as the world’s leading authority on foot and ankle reconstructions. Dr. Sanders successfully fused my left subtalus. He also performed a tarsal tunnel release of my entrapped nerve. Then, in 2016, my right subtalar joint failed. I was not able to have the surgery done because I was a full-time caregiver for my wife at the time. In November of 2019, Dr. Sanders performed a complex reconstruction of my right foot. He is an orthopedic superstar in my book, and something of a legend in his profession, having developed many of the procedures now used for foot reconstructions. I highly recommend Dr. Roy Sanders and his orthopedic team at FOI.

Mark C.

What I appreciated the most is that what Dr. Sanders said was going to be the outcome actually happened exactly as he predicted. He determined I was a surgical candidate and completed the ankle fusion surgery. He told me what to expect at the outcome and how long the recovery would take. It was almost exactly six months to the day of the surgery. I appreciated his honesty and candor. I was very pleased with the outcome and especially the amount of mobility I have now. Great job. Keep up the good work!

Anthony G.

Torn peroneal tendon on my right ankle. Or as Dr. Sanders put it, shredded it twice! This was torn on a hike the first time and an on-the-job injury the second in exactly the same place. Dr. Sanders handled both injuries tenderly and professionally. He painted a grim picture of my ankle if I did this again. His advanced repair skills were greatly appreciated in the second surgery. He was thoughtful in his approach with me, gave me options and weighed the risks and consequences of each suggestion. He and his support staff are wonderful. It’s worth the drive from another county to see him. The facilities are top-notch!

Mark M.

The best doctor ever. He took great care of me and because of Dr. Sanders, I can walk again perfectly!

Ellen S.

Thank you! My ankle is pain free. I destroyed the ankle cartilage over the years with sports injuries and a final injury on a hike. I continued on with my ankle until the pain was unbearable. I found Dr. Sanders through several recommendations. One was a patient who had a great experience with Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Another was from a doctor who worked at Hospital of Special Surgery in NYC. Dr. Sanders explained my ankle issues and gave me the options for corrective surgery. I chose an ankle fusion. The operation went smoothly and the post-operative period went quickly as I was able to resume normal activities thereafter. Dr. Sanders and his team were great throughout. If you have a question, just call the office and Nancy gets back to you promptly. The Orthopedic Wing at Tampa General Hospital provided excellent care during my stay there. Thank you again, Dr. Sanders and your team.

Woodrow F.

I was born with clubfoot and began experiencing some major complications which made me unable to put any type of weight on my right foot for five months before my surgery in Mary 2018. I went to five different doctors and no one was able to help me until Dr. Sanders. He was the only one who truly cared about my condition and was confident in performing the surgery. I went from being unable to walk without crutches to hiking in Colorado five months post-operation and walking 20 miles on a three day Disney trip six months post-operation. Thank you, Dr. Sanders for giving me my life back. The same goes to Nancy, his Administrative Assistant, and the entire staff. After this whole experience, I have been inspired to also continue my schooling to become an orthopedic surgeon to help others like me.


Dr. Sanders has always been the most courteous and professional physician I have had the pleasure to see.

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I was returning for my one year check up on an ankle fusion. My pain went from unbearable to minor. I have increased ankle mobility. I’m back to bowling, bicycling and walked 9 holes of golf the past weekend. It’s such a blessing to be active again after years of limited mobility and major pain/discomfort. Dr. Sanders and his staff through the entire process were outstanding. I highly recommend Dr. Sanders and his staff to other ankle sufferers.

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I went to Florida Orthopaedic Institute almost a year ago for an ongoing ankle issue that I knew needed surgical repair; I was suffering from a flat-foot deformity. Fortunately, I met Dr. Roy Sanders who assessed my ankle issues and agreed to do the surgery. The surgery was delayed a bit due to Hurricane Irma, but in October 2017 I had ankle reconstruction at Tampa General Hospital.  Numerous procedures were done during the surgery and I was hospitalized for 3 days. Following Dr. Sanders’ orders meticulously, my cast was off in January 2018, and I graduated to a walking boot. Today, I am moving well and enjoying life. I highly recommend Dr. Sanders and his staff. A special shout out to Nancy, his assistant who was always responsive and extremely helpful. No matter what your orthopedic issue may be, I highly recommend Florida Orthopaedic Institute; if you need your ankle checked out, no one will attend to you as well as Dr. Roy Sanders. I am grateful to the entire staff for their medical expertise and service.

Sherry G.

Dr. Sanders and his staff were phenomenal. I believe he and the staff are the best I could have imagined having. Very positive, informative and friendly. The absolute BEST!

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For many years walking became difficult.  Each step was agonizing!  All the pressure with walking was focused in one spot on each foot in the metatarsal area.  After trying custom orthotics for a period of time and numerous shoes, I knew I was headed for the wheelchair full time.  I was running out of options.  Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Roy Sanders.  Not only is he kind and caring, but he also has a brilliant gift!  Dr. Sanders can work outside the box solving difficult foot problems.  He listens closely to any concerns.  After successful operations on both feet, I can walk again with minimal discomfort.  I am so thankful to Dr. Sanders and his Administrative Assistant Nancy for working around my schedule.  I live 470 miles away which added another obstacle.

The staff at the Florida Orthopaedic Institute are professional, knowledgeable and made me feel at ease. I am forever grateful to Dr. Sanders and his team!

Sally S.

After three frustrating years of being in pain and finding no relief, I found you. I am so glad you were the doctor to perform the surgery. You are a kind and gifted man and I appreciate the skill and wisdom you used to help me get back to a life I enjoy. Thank you for all you did and for having a practice that made me feel good just to be there. I wish you continued success.

Ellen C.

Dr. Sanders is incredible! In April of 2016 I sustained a severe calcaneus fracture when a scaffold broke under me . My ankle (talus) was embedded in my heel, which was in several pieces. My wife and I were told by two orthopaedic doctors that they were not able to perform this degree of surgery. With no health insurance, in great pain, shock, desperate, and frightened, we were directed by all to Dr. Sanders, our only hope in the world to do the surgery. Words can hardly express the immense appreciation, admiration, gratitude, and respect my wife and I have for this man . His dedication, skill, and compassion is very moving. Dr. Sanders put me back together and restored my ability to work, walk, and climb.

Harry C.

I had a total ankle reconstruction with a fusion.  Dr. Roy Sanders was very thorough in explaining the procedure.  He has a very kind and calm demeanor.  The total experience was awesome.  From Dr. Sanders office to Tampa General Hospital,  I received excellent care.  Post-op was quite long but totally worth it.  I am now pain free and walking comfortably.  Kudos to Dr. Sanders and staff.

Allen s.

Dr. Roy Sanders the very best orthopaedic surgeon and all around great guy!! In 1996 I had my first total ankle replacement, in 1996 he did the other ankle. Over the years I had many problems with my ankles. Dr Sanders never gave up on me and I never gave up on him. I still have both replacements with modifications. There was nothing left to my left ankle when I first met Dr, Sanders. I was told by other doctors that I needed to have it amputated. I had such confidence in Dr. Sanders from the first, he told me all the risks up front. I am still walking 22 years later, thank you for always being there for me. A big shout out to Nancy, you are a sweetheart.

Amelia G.

Dr. Sanders is a wonderful surgeon, he continues to do what is needed to help me get better. He never rushes me, he listens to my concerns and tries to help me understand what needs to get done. His administrative assistant, Nancy, is the best!! The whole staff is amazing!

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I had a total ankle reconstruction with a fusion. Dr. Roy Sanders was very thorough in explaining my procedure. He has a kind and calm demeanor. The entire experience I had was awesome. From Dr. Sander’s office to Tampa General Hospital, I received excellent care. I am now pain free and walking comfortably. Kudos to Dr. Sanders and his staff!


Allen S.

Dr. Sanders is the very best doctor in the field.  I want him to know the great appreciation, admiration, gratitude, and respect my wife and I both share for him.  His dedication, skill, and compassion for others is very moving.  We want to thank you him from our hearts.

Sonny and Q

Dr. Sanders is a genius in repairing foot and ankle fractures and injuries. I was hit pretty bad in a car accident, no fault of mine. I had bone non-reunion which he set correctly and I am on my way to having almost complete recovery. I cannot thank him enough and I cannot thank my stars enough that I found him as my doctor!


After several years of increased pain from a complex foot and ankle problem I could not find a Dr. who wanted to treat me near our home in The Villages, other than bracing. After much research I found Dr. Roy Sanders. From the first appointment he understood what the problem was and presented me with a plan as to how the pain could be eliviated. It involved a reconstruction of my foot. I’ve unfortunately needed to visit many Dr’s offices over the past few years for other problems. I have never encountered a more efficient and competent operation. From the moment you walk into their office – from reception, X-ray and casting departments to their nursing staff and most importantly Dr’s, you are treated with respect and consideration of your time, a true rarity in today’s medical world. I do not hesitate in recommending Dr. Sanders and The Florida Orthopedic Institute.

Barbara L.

On August 19, 1998, Dr. Roy Sanders did my ankle replacement, I wanted to let him know that after 18 years I am still going strong. I walk 2-3 miles every day with no pain. I am so glad I found him!

Ruth Ann R.

On October 30, 1998 I was hit on a motorcycle in NY Long Island. After many operations in NY (I beleive 6), a broken leg in 4 places, pelvis 5 places and ribs the NY doctors wanted to amputate my leg. I was not sure what to do so my sister in FL referred me to Tampa General Hospital where I met Dr. Sanders. Thank god for that! He knew just what to do. The other doctors were operating on me with bone infection. Dr. Sanders sat down and talked to me like a regular guy and told me he could put me back together. There was a trust right off the bat. He saved my leg, he is the best of the best ; the Master! I can never thank him and his staff enough. Still to this day I see him and he is still that regular guy. If you are in trouble don’t walk but run to see him and his staff. Thank You Dr. Sanders, you’re the Best of the BEST!


Kevin A.


  • Fellowship, Musculoskeletal Trauma, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Fellowship, AO/ASIF, Klinikum rechts der Isar
  • Fellowship, AO/ASIF, Kantonsspital Chur
  • Fellowship, Foot, Harborview Medical Center
  • Residency, Orthopedics, NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases
  • Medical Degree, New York University School of Medicine

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