As Florida’s largest orthopedic group, we have a lot of physicians and even more staff supporting our patients.

Our staff comes to work every day with a smile to provide the highest level of care. They make the extra effort to make sure our patients are satisfied.

The patient experience starts the moment an appointment is scheduled and continues until they leave, healthy and active. It takes every member of the Florida Orthopaedic Institute family to make this happen.

Whether they interact directly with a patient or not, all these moments add up and give Florida Orthopaedic Institute the outstanding reputation it has today.

The growth of Florida Orthopaedic Institute comes from the ability to continue offering top-of-the-line care. It shows that all 600+ of our staff provide exceptional care for our patients time and time again. These individual efforts contribute to a collective goal – to keep Tampa Bay active.

Thank you to our team members for all you do, each and every day.




When I came to you for help, I couldn't walk because of my back pain. You took the time to explain the surgery, what I would be going though and simplified things for me, and held my hand. Three years later my back is doing well. You and your team are the best. Thank you for healing me!
Dorothy N.
I was very impressed with the treatment I received from Dr. Alavi and I would definitely recommend him to friends and family. I saw him for shoulder and elbow injuries and he was very knowledgeable in both areas. He recommended exercises for me to do at home and answered all my questions with patience and understanding. He has great expertise in sports related injuries.
Debra W.
Treated By:Reza Alavi, M.D.
Dr. Alavi and his nurse are amazing! I cannot put into words how nice and professional they are. They have gone above and beyond for me and I am extremely grateful. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for an orthopedic physician!
Jenel E.
Treated By:Reza Alavi, M.D.
Dr. Garlick is great and I dare say cured me! The overall experience was simply world class. FOI runs a very smooth and classy operation and I can see why you’re top 15 in the US. With gratitude and respect.
Guilherme Oliveira, MD, MBA, Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, USF, TGH
My sincere gratitude is extended to Dr. Weinstein and his administrative assistant, Staci, for their caring approach in assisting me with my current back/nerve related conditions.
Terry S.
The steroid shot I was given for my shoulder has helped me tremendously. I feel so much better. I wanted to let you know this as well as thank you for taking the time with me and actually listening to me. This is a rare commodity in this day and age. I have been to numerous doctors in my life and you are heads above them all. I had two other special doctors for many years that have retired but you even beat them out. I know you are an extremely busy physician and I wanted to express my appreciation to you. Maybe you don't hear it enough is another reason I wanted to let you know. Take care and I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Linda P.
I truly want to thank Dr. Palumbo and his staff from the bottom of my heart. About two years ago, I started getting serious pain in my hip and still had to support my family with the everyday grind. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my left hip. The pain got to be too much (my choice to still work on it). I set a date for surgery with Dr. Palumbo. He and his staff were amazing through this whole experience of my hip replacement; from visits to surgery and therapy. Today, I feel amazing and wish I was able to do this sooner. Thank you so much and I appreciate everything you did for me.
Although he may be a man of few words, he is a physician of great skill and knowledge. I can honestly say that in the 30+ years and 3 prior back surgeries, I have never been this free of chronic back pain. I can walk further than in the weeks prior to and leading up to surgery. Thank you FOI and Dr. Tresser for the care you have provided. I hope to continue on this positive road to recovery.
Anthony M.
Having done 6,000, it's probably not possible to remember me, but I thought I'd send you this note to go back down memory lane with my story and your successful treatment. Visiting you and your great staff uncovered the fact that my left shoulder was so shredded [after a vehicle accident] that the tendons couldn't be reattached but, fortunate for me, you could perform a reverse shoulder replacement. The prescribed physical therapy afterwards was a well-organized, challenging struggle. But, before I knew it, I was gaining strength and motion. Four years later, my shoulder is so comfortable that I hardly remember how torn up I made it. Thank you for everything!
Leonard M.
I went to see Dr. Doarn with severe pain in left wrist, hand & fingers with numbness & tingling. I was very pleased with the treatment. I would recommend Dr. Doarn to anyone that has a need for treatment in the hand area. Thank you Dr. Doarn!
Brenda D.

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