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Janet Earle for Eddy Echols

I have had the pleasure of receiving excellent care from Dr. Eddy Echols, he is a skilled surgeon and wonderful doctor and genuine great guy, he has a great bed side personality. Due to a fall I had 5 operations in 2014 Dr. Echols performed 2 of them. I had torn rotator cuff surgery. Dr. Echols ordered a nerve block so when I woke up from surgery I would not feel any pain. The scares are light and hardly noticeable. After therapy my movement in my shoulder has improved greatly. The second surgery he came into the hospital on a day he does not do surgery so I could get this last surgery in by the end of the year. He operated on my right elbow so he could remove scar tissue and move my nerves to get the numbness out of my arm. Dr. Echols performed cubital tunnel release on my right elbow. My right arm would only straighten to 40% before surgery and I was very limited to what I could do with my arm. After surgery it can now straighten to 18% so as you can see it improved my arm greatly. Although my arm may never be perfect again I feel Dr. Echols improved my movement of my arm which made a great impact for the rest of my life. His first assistant Kevin Osborne, is friendly and helpful, a skilled assistant. Dr. Echols and Kevin have a great working relationship. My husband says I should tell you due to Dr. Echols very friendly bed side personality we know that Dr. Echols cannot pick out which college football team is going to win. Go Wisconsin
Thanks Dr. Echols and Kevin for everything you are the greatest. The experience I had with you was incredible, the surgery was painless. If you have to have surgery look these guys up they will do a great job. I promise you won’ t be sorry. You can trust Dr. Echols to do his best to help you achieve your best life helping you to get active again.
I am a very lucky woman because I picked the best surgeon and assistant in the Tampa area.