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I had requested to get an appointment through Dr. Small’s scheuler as soon as possible due to an issue that had arose and was getting progressively worse on daily and worrying me tremendously. The staff went above and beyond in helping me to be seen by Dr. Small on Wednesday, July 3rd. They had advised me that the second week in July Dr. Small would not be in clinic. They offered to get me in on the same day if I could get to the Telecom office in the late afternoon. The staff had Dr. Small see me as an add on patient at the end of the day. The end of the day on July 3rd! I know this was not a convenient situation for all those who work in Dr. Small’s clinic on the last long day before the July 4th holiday off. However every single person and of course Dr. Small were so kind and accomodating. I can’t thank them all enough for seeing me and answering all my questions and relieving a huge amount of fears. I am so very thankful for all their efforts and caring enough to take the time to see me. I am truly appreciative and forever grateful. Thank you to all!