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I wanted to take a moment to express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Christopher Baker and his exemplary Administrative Assistant, Emily Oakley. In a very unexpected manner, I injured my knee which left me unable to walk. As an independent career woman, mother and spouse, at 47 the experience of such an injury can not only be physically painful, but also emotionally trying. I contacted Dr. Baker who had done a fantastic job with my ACL replacement and spoke with Emily who assisted me with getting an immediate appointment, an MRI and she also worked efficiently with my employer to ensure they received all necessary documentation before, during and after my care. Dr. Baker’s staff Nina and all his front desk personnel are very friendly and provide great customer service.

I was diagnosed with a (L) knee tibial plateau fracture (no operation needed) and Emily’s efforts of providing my employer and insurance company with needed documentation, allowed me to focus on healing as opposed to worrying about obtaining all supportive forms. Emily also assisted me with arranging for my PT once I was able to bear weight and she followed up with me to ensure that I was doing well. I also want to thank Dr. Baker for his excellent care, direction and compassion. I’m truly grateful that the Florida Orthopaedic Institute has skilled, experienced and patient friendly doctors such as, Dr. Baker. Dr. Baker genuinely exhibits that his primary goal is for the care of his patients and his expertise will enable them to maintain if not improve their quality of life after injuries and/or surgery. I cannot express my THANK YOU enough for the phenomenal care that I received from both Dr. Baker and Emily, as their dedication to patient care has allowed me to regain my independence and not just maintain, but I’ve improved the quality of life for both myself and my family.