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My experience with Florida Orthopaedic Institute was excellent. At my initial consult, Dr. Christopher Grayson was very thorough in explaining my hip condition and gave me options that I could try to delay surgery but felt ultimately that surgery would be necessary. He was 100% correct. I opted for corticosteroid shots, but they didn’t work and I had to wait 90 days for my body to rid itself of the steroids before surgery could commence. All of this was explained at my initial consultation. I had a full hip replacement in Oct. of 2019. I was given the opportunity to use a new procedure using guided robotics which was less intrusive. The staff at FOI was able to make all the arrangements with the hospital, my insurance company and ensured anyone who had anything to do with my surgical procedure and follow up care was a preferred provider contracted with my insurance. This kept my costs down significantly. My surgery went well. I was up within an hour or two after waking and was walking with a walker. I was able to go home the same day. The following day a home healthcare rehab nurse came to the house to change bandages and start rehab. Within a week, I was taking short strolls down the street with a walker. In 2 weeks, I was walking with a cane and taking longer strolls around my neighborhood. At 4-6 weeks, I continued my exercises and still experienced weakness and numbness, but all was considered normal. At 12 weeks, I’m back at the gym and getting around well. The entire staff at FOI has been very supportive.

The PA-C, Ms. Anderson, did my follow up checkups. She is as supportive and pleasant a person you will ever meet and took the time needed to discuss my progress. She explained everything in detail the post surgery recovery expectations and assured me everything was OK and would improve within a specific time frame. Her advice has been spot on and was helpful in alleviating any fears I had about the progress I was making. She is a very valuable asset to Dr. Grayson’s team and he is very fortunate to have her on his team. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. I’ve since run into three other people who have had hip replacements performed by Dr. Grayson, one being my neighbor and their stories are all similar to mine. Their surgeries were successful and within 8-12 weeks, they were basically back to normal functioning. I highly recommend Dr. Grayson and Ms. Anderson if you have a need for hip surgery. They are an awesome team and will be my choice again if I need orthopedic care.