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I came to see Dr. Mighell a number of years ago for issues with my rotator cuffs. I was immediately struck by the friendliness, courtesy, knowledge and compassion of this man. He has taken me through four surgeries, the last one being a total shoulder replacement because of arthritis and injury. Dr. Mighell personally came in and did an emergency surgery on a holiday weekend. He was kind and concerned at what was going on. He was not in the slightest annoyed that this was a holiday weekend, but showed genuine concern for me and my condition. He always has treated both my husband and me with the utmost concern, respect and compassion. He always made sure Jeff was informed about what was going on as well. I do not understand the process by which his physicians in their fellowship are picked, but every single one of them is exactly like he is in terms of care, compassion and competence. Dr. Mighell is apparently doing a great job teaching them this as well. His personal office staff is the same way. A lot of times, I feel like I am just a number and a credit card when I visit a doctor’s office. I have always picked my physicians on the basis of their compassion and caring as well as competence. I have had a number of physicians that I only had to visit once to see they were not what I wanted. I am not a religious person, but I thank whatever deity is out there that Dr. Mighell is my physician. He gives me hope for change to the broken, dysfunctional medical system that I currently see. I wish he could be cloned.