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I fractured my shoulder and was referred to physical therapy at the South Tampa location. I have been primarily seeing two therapists, Jeff Young and Debbie Reigner. I am completely blown away by the skill, knowledge, patience and caring displayed by those two. I am met (on time, every time) with a smile and a regimen that has brought me from no use at all with my arm, to being able to do things that I had previously taken for granted — like blowing my nose with both hands and washing my hair with both hands. They have given me strengthening training, both at the facility and exercises to do at home that have increased my mobility tremendously. With a broken shoulder, sleeping is difficult, but they have gave me suggestions that have helped to provide the much needed rest that I had been missing. At the end of every workout session, I get a professional massage and manipulation that greatly reduces the pain and stiffness. This requires much skills as they move my shoulder around since I am unable to move it completely (you do NOT want frozen shoulder!). I continue to work with both these two awesome individuals and I look forward to gaining my full mobility. I owe every inch of my mobility to these two therapists and would highly recommend Jeff Young and Debbie Reigner to anyone seeking to regain mobility and strength after an injury. Oh! And the front desk staff at the physical therapy office is fabulous! Always pleasant and helpful!