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I began my experience with Florida Orthopaedic Institute some five years ago, getting a referral from a friend for my bad shoulders. I saw Dr. Mighell then and the problem with some shots was fixed. Then, I had some very painful arthritis in my back and could barely walk. I went back to Florida Orthopaedic Institute and got a Saturday appointment with Dr. Jackson. He is very knowledgeable of the spine and ordered a new MRI and set a plan of action. I had some shots at the surgery center where the staff is amazing. I can walk and am now ready for physical therapy to work on the core. I could not be happier. Florida Orthopaedic Institute is a wonderful facility for all my ortho needs. I’m only 51, but was an avid runner for many years and worked 80 or 100 hours per week for about 20 years. It all takes a toll on the body. I’m very thankful that I got Dr. Jackson and let his expertise try and help you get back to enjoying life. Florida Orthopaedic Institute has my undying gratitude for all they have done over the years!