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I want to start by saying Dr. Weinstein and his staff are phenomenal and I want to thank them! Dr. Weinstein has a way about him. I have learned that he is straight to the point. He is not going to sugar coat anything and if that is what you want then you need to go elsewhere. He is going to tell you what needs to be done, what is expected of his patients and other options if there are any. Dr. Weinstein is extremely knowledgeable and went through the steps that surgery and post surgery would consist of. His staff, as well, was and is extremely helpful. Staci, his secretary, was a blessing to us. She was always there to help anyway that she could and also made the whole situation less traumatic. My husband had a two-part surgery and each of them went well. He did not rush in to do any surgeries and ultimately we had the final say. My husband is still healing from the procedures and doing well.

We cannot praise and thank Dr. Weinstein and his staff enough for the wonderful experience. The skilled hands of this doctor helped my husband have a better quality of life. He is not living with the pain and numbness he once experienced before the surgeries. We highly recommend Dr. Weinstein to anyone who is in need of a wonderful orthopedic surgeon.