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I had just completed a move to Florida from Michigan and was experiencing pain in my right hip and difficulty walking. Because I’d had 4 prior orthopaedic surgeries in Michigan, I was quite upset finding out I’d needed another hip replacement to end the pain. Dr. Grayson assured me that while I’d experienced problems before, and had my last hip replacement 6 years ago, he thought I’d be pleased with the advancements made since then. He did my surgery on Dec. 11,2017. I spent 3 nights in the hospital and went home alone. I was able to care for myself without help. I used a walker for the first week.  I had home care nurses 3 times a week and also a therapist 3 times a week.  I walked without a cane around my condo in my second week. I walked into my appointment with Dr. Grayson at 16 days post-op without a cane. To ring in the New Year I drove my friend and myself to the casino where I walked around on my own with no pain and able to stay several hours. What a Happy New Year for a 71 year old widow.  I will do some out patient therapy now to regain better body strength and because I want Dr. Grayson to look at my other hip which though replaced twice in Michigan has never been right. He and his staff are an answer to prayer for finding a new area doctor who can help to keep me moving and active.