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For as horrific as an injury as my husband’s was, Florida Orthopaedic Institute was a God send.  From the front desk, intake nurses, Dr Yi (initially) and ultimately Dr. Pappou was such a wonderful experience.  Long story short, my husband fell off our boat at the boat ramp 6-7’ approx. and shattered his wrist.  We first saw Dr. Yi, who upon seeing the X-rays told us we needed to “see the hand/wrist guy”, at which point he pulls out his cell and calls the location where Dr. Pappou was seeing patients that day.  He got us in the next day, in the Palm Harbor office.  To say Dr. Ioannis Pappou is a great doctor really doesn’t describe the consummate practitioner he is.  Dr. Pappou is one of those rare specialists you get (for us, probably only once in our lifetime) who immediately calms you.  He has the most amazing bedside manner. He explains everything in such great detail, and in the most relatable way.  He ensures you understand, but doesn’t do anything that makes you feel like he’s talking down to you.  We recently had our last appointment with him, and honestly while happy with the phenomenal progress my husband has made, were also a touch sad that we won’t have any reason to see Dr. Pappou anymore.  He is a great man, all around.  Ridiculously knowledgeable in his disciplines, kind beyond belief, and quite simply a pleasure to get to work with.  Dr. Pappou, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts, for putting David back together so expertly!