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My son sustained a hip injury while playing high school baseball. We were recommended to see Dr. Adam Morse. He ‘fit us in’ to his schedule since it was a Friday and it was suggested we not wait until Monday to be seen by a physician. Dr. Morse was outstanding! Not only did he explain the injury, but he took the time to answer every question we had. My son had many questions, as he was devastated to be injured during his sport season. However, Dr. Morse was encouraging, without making any promises. He showed him how to continue upper body training and discussed what our next steps should be. Our son went into the appointment defeated and emerged with hope. With each follow-up visit, there was progress in his recovery. Dr. Morse performed the exercises with my son and corrected him as needed, so my son would perform the exercises correctly at home. With Dr. Morse’s recommendations, my son was able to play his first game of the season this past week! We highly recommend Dr. Morse, not only for his medical knowledge, but his commitment and care to his patients.