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Having chronic knee pain shouldn’t mean giving up the things you love. Now there’s a new way to keep you moving: ROSA® Knee robotic technology. Our specially-trained surgeons use ROSA Knee to personalize the approach to total knee replacement, providing a solution that works for your unique anatomy. It helps your surgeon optimize the accuracy and efficiency of total knee replacement surgery.

The ROSA Knee system includes 3D pre-operative planning tools and real-time intraoperative data on soft tissue and bone anatomy to improve bone cut accuracy and range of motion gap analysis.

This technology enables the surgeon to personalize the surgical plan based on each patient’s individual bone and soft tissue anatomy before the total knee replacement for increased efficacy and accuracy. During surgery, your surgeon can adjust the plan based on the knee anatomy and soft tissues in real-time.

ROSA Knee functions as a surgical assistant to give the surgeon the tools and real-time data to perform bone cuts with greater precision and improve patient-specific soft-tissue balancing and implant alignment, without losing their feel for a natural fit and flexion.

The ROSA Knee features a proprietary X-Atlas™ imaging protocol, which provides X-ray based pre-operative imaging to create a 3D model and plan of the patient’s bone anatomy. This helps ensure that there are no surgical surprises during the operation. The ROSA Knee System imaging methods, combined with intraoperative data, allow surgeons to conduct a “virtual knee replacement” with predictive outcomes of balance and implant placement before performing any cuts.

During the operation, ROSA measures gaps with a high level of accuracy, assisting the surgeon in implant placement and reduce the need for soft tissue releases.

ROSA’s flexible imaging methods, including x-ray based imaging and imageless options, reduce imaging costs and increase convenience in preparing for surgeries. Preoperative planning with ROSA’s 2D x-ray to 3D bone modeling X-Atlas technology enables custom plans based on a patient’s unique anatomy.

With ROSA, robotic intelligence is combined with industry-leading implants and materials to improve patient results.

The ROSA Knee system is performed by specially-trained surgeons. Contact these ROSA specialists at Florida Orthopaedic Institute.

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