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ConforMIS® Customized Knee Replacement Implants

Surgeons at Florida Orthopaedic Institute are using ConforMIS knee replacement implants, which are individually designed and manufactured for each patient. No two are alike. Each femoral and tibial implant is sized and shaped to fit each patient’s unique anatomy, offering advantages over conventional knee implants. The ConforMIS is the first knee replacement that fits only one knee. Yours.

With this patient-specific approach, the ConforMIS knee replacement systems offer unique advantages not possible with traditional, off-the-shelf implants, including:

  • Individualized fit reduces sizing compromises common with traditional implants and associated with residual pain after surgery
  • ConforMIS knee replacement systems follow the shape and contour of each patient’s knee, for a more natural feeling knee
  • The process is designed to preserve the optimal amount of bone
  • Pre-navigated iJig® instrumentation and iView surgical planning images with detailed information verify accuracy throughout the surgery
  • Cost is similar to standard total knee replacement and covered by many major insurance companies

ConforMIS Knee Replacements Are Designed For a More Natural Feeling Knee

ConforMIS implants mimic the natural shape of your knee, which plays an important role in the way your knee bends and extends. Rather than replacing your knee with the standardized geometry of standard implants, your knee may feel more like your natural knee since ConforMIS implants restore the normal shape of your knee.

ConforMIS Knee Replacement

Stability is more closely matched to a normal knee. Many patients complain that their knee feels wobbly after knee replacement surgery – a feeling known as mid-flexion instability. Conventional knee implants can’t match the natural offset joint line that most patients have, leading to mid-flexion instability. ConforMIS implants maintain the medial and lateral joint lines, allowing for a more stable knee after surgery.

How It Works

STEP 1: CT scan

Your personalized implant begins with images of your knee. Your surgeon will help schedule a diagnostic CT scan at one of Florida Orthopaedic Institute’s imaging centers.

STEP 2: Knee scanned

The imaging center takes a CT scan of your leg and sends a diagnostic report to your surgeon for evaluation.

STEP 3: Recreating your knee

Using your CT scan, a computer-generated 3-D virtual model of your knee is created and used to individualize your implant for a personalized fit and correct alignment. ConforMIS iFit® image-to-implant® technology uses proprietary algorithms and a fully automated process so that your implant is made for your knee, and only your knee.

STEP 4: Creating the implant

Using a proprietary process, your implant is designed and manufactured for delivery – typically six weeks.

STEP 5: Surgery

Your custom implant is delivered to your surgeon for the day of surgery. Your surgeon will explain your surgery and what to expect. During surgery, your surgeon is guided by patient-specific iJig® instrumentation, manufactured using the latest in 3D printing technology. It gives your surgeon patient-specific instruments for every step of the procedure.

STEP 6: Recovery

While every person’s experience is different, many people return to their daily activities within six weeks. More physical activities such as sports may take up to 3 months. Your doctor will schedule physical therapy after surgery and will work with you on your individual goals and limitations.

If you have osteoarthritis and are considering a partial knee replacement (PKR) or total knee replacement (TKR), talk to a Florida Orthopaedic Institute surgeon who has experience with ConforMIS customized knee replacement implants.

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