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MAKO Total Hip Replacement

The Florida Orthopaedic Institute surgical team continually studies and participates in developing new technologies for the care and treatment of its patients, including leveraging the MAKOplasty hip replacement procedure. This state-or-the-art technique increases the precision and accuracy of a hip replacement by using a technologically-advanced robotic-arm in the preplanning of surgery and during the patient’s surgical procedure.

Need for Total Hip Replacement

While the traditional hip replacement relies on a trained surgeon’s free hand and feel within the hip area, a MAKOplasty hip replacement is a modern treatment for patients who experience degenerative joint disease, also referred to as osteoarthritis. Most often, osteoarthritis occurs in maturing adults due to the aging of the body’s cartilage. Wear on the cartilage exposes the bones to each other and causes abrasive friction that results in symptomatic pain during routine, everyday tasks.

MAKO Total Hip Replacement X-ray

Prior to Surgery

Prior to the procedure, the MAKOplasty methodology uses a CT scan to perform an individual study of each patient’s unique hip anatomy. This enables the surgeon to perform advanced planning before performing the actual procedure. Using this method, our hip surgeons have the ability to plan and design a more detailed and precise surgical plan before the patient’s actual surgery.

MAKO Total Hip Replacement CT Scan

During Surgery

During the surgery, the MAKOplasty hip replacement procedure provides the doctor with a real-time view of each patient’s hip on a screen in the operating room. The MAKO system also allows the surgeon to make adjustments to the surgery plan as needed. The MAKO system guides the surgeon when they prepare the bone for the implant within a pre-defined area and prevents the surgeon from moving outside planned boundaries. This provides a more accurate placement and alignment of the implant. This approach has proven to provide the most favorable and best possible detection of affected bone removal as well as the precise placement of the new hip joint.

MAKO Total Hip Replacement

Our Commitment to Bring the Best Tools & Techniques

The MAKOplasty hip replacement technique continues to progress in its effectiveness. Our fellowship trained hip surgeons remain up-to-date with the most sophisticated and forward-thinking innovations available.


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MAKO Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery System

MAKO Total Hip Replacement

MAKO Hip Replacement Success

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