Eddy L. Echols, Jr., M.D.

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My patients have been, and always will be, my first and only priority.

Dr. Echols is a board certified orthopedic surgeon with fellowship training in shoulder and elbow surgery. He was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. He received his undergraduate training at the United States Naval Academy and attained his medical degree from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee.

Dr. Echols performed his orthopedic surgery residency at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center and completed a shoulder and elbow surgery fellowship at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. He was a four-year recipient of both the Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship and the Southeastern Regional Education Board Scholarship.

Dr. Echols has authored research publications and presentations in the areas of hand, elbow, and Achilles tendon ruptures. He continues to be actively involved in research.

Prior to joining Florida Orthopaedic Institute, Dr. Echols served on active duty in the United States Navy, attaining the rank of Commander. Dr. Echols performed a tour of duty in Iraq where he served as the Officer-in-Charge of a Forward Deployed Surgical Resuscitative Unit. Upon his return from Iraq, Dr. Echols served as the Head of Orthopedics at Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune.

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Dr. Echols was fantastic! He was attentive and professional and most of all funny!! He listened, reviewed x-rays, and explained the problem, process, and options. I am very pleased with him and the service that I received. Thank you!!

Dawn M.

Dr. Echols is a great surgeon. That’s all that matters. Beyond that, he is conversant, pleasant, and always answers all my questions. My torn rotator cuff was a disaster, and he made it right. He outlined what I can expect in therapy, and I am looking forward to a complete recovery. I recommend him and Florida Orthopaedic Institute highly.

Shrine C.

Top-of-the-line doctor. Detailed and down to earth. That’s probably why it’s so hard to get an appointment with him. Highly recommend Doctor Echols. He has a clear understanding of how military service can play a role in Orthopedic health. Veteran friendly. Great guy!

Terrance L.

Great attitude. Made the info clear and understandable. Hopefully soon, I can say a successful surgery also.

Ryan C.

Dr. Echols is the best! He is vastly knowledgeable, professional, and a gifted surgeon with a warm manner…I recommend him without hesitation!

Dana B.

Doctor Eddy Echols is a very good surgeon. He got my knee better and is good at what he does. He explained everything that you need to know after surgery.

Delia T.

Dr. Eddy Echols is an awesome surgeon. He is meticulous about his treatment plans, physical therapy, etc. He is a very kind and compassionate doctor who actively listens in full detail, answers questions, and gives detailed plans for treatment.

Terrie M.

Resolved my left shoulder issues with care and professionalism. Great bedside manner, including his staff.

Orlinda B.

Friendly, thorough, and great bedside manner. Wait time was a little aggressive, but his congeniality made up for it. The office staff was very nice as well.

Jessica E.

Service is great, and he explains everything in detail. The waiting time is not great, but what doctor’s office visit is on time? 5 stars from me!

Doris B.

Dr. Echols is the best of the best. Professionalism, intellect, genuine caring, he has it all. Not only is he the greatest, but his PA is as good as it gets.

Sharon B.

I couldn’t believe it. I had an appointment today for my first visit and I was taken in for x-rays on time and the experience was very good. Doctor saw me after and with all that, I left 30 minutes after my appointment. Great people, excellent service and Dr. Echols was very good and took the time to explain what was going on along with his assistant. I am so glad I came here. If I could give 10 stars, I would!

Zo M.

All the personnel at this clinic are fantastic, friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Echols is an amazing surgeon and Afonso is the best therapist. I highly recommend this Institute.

Dr. Echols is very informative and a great doctor. He made me feel very comfortable about the surgery that’s needed. Dr. Echols is a doctor that I highly recommend.

Jeneria S.

Dr. Eddy Echols was heaven sent! He performed my mother’s shoulder surgery and his etiquette and knowledge was very impressive. Thank God for him and the whole Florida Orthopaedic Institute. You guys rock!

Taishay R.

Dr. Echols was fantastic! He was very easy to talk to, nice and calming. I will recommend anyone with knee issues to him!

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Dr. Echols is awesome. Lets just say he is very, very good at what he does. Personable staff and his assistant was just as nice and informative as Dr. Echols. The entire staff on the doctors side was exceptional. Checking you in and out with efficacy and always smiling faces.  The Physical Therapy Department’s check-in and check-out staff were all very efficient, very pleasant, and accommodating to your needs. The Physical Therapists that I came in contact with were again, exceptional.  Sorry, I cant remember all the names but Kevin was awesome. He always took time to explain to me exactly how to do the exercises as I am one that needs exact instructions. Can’t even say enough good things about Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Would not be afraid to have surgery again with this crew to help you along the way.  Thanks so much to all of you!

Phyllis I.

Dr. Echols came to my rescue on March 29, 2017. I had issues with my right shoulder for over a year. I completed physical therapy and received injections in 2016 from another facility that only lasted a short period of time. Dr. Echols was honest and straight to the point after reviewing my MRI. Dr. Echols and his staff did an outstanding job of nursing me back to health and ensuring I had the mobility I needed to return to a normal life. Thanks a million to him and his wonderful staff. You guys are awesome and do amazing work!


Pamela M.

Dr. Echols, my knight and shining armor, came to my rescue on March 28, 2017. I had issues with my right shoulder for over a year. At the beginning of January 2017, I started noticing my right shoulder becoming extremely limited in movement. I could not raise my arm or sleep on my right shoulder. Any movement in this area caused excruciating pain. This was going on far too long and getting worse over time. I scheduled an appointment and saw my primary doctor on February 1, 2017. My doctor requested a MRI and referral to an orthopedic. I completed my MRI on February 20, 2017 and picked up my report on March 9, 2017. Florida Orthopaedic Institute scheduled my first appointment with Dr. Echols on March 28, 2017. Dr. Echols was honest and straight to the point after reviewing my MRI. We both knew that doing physical therapy again was not an option and could only make things worse. Dr. Echols and his staff jumped into action immediately to get me the first available date for surgery. I was scheduled March 29, 2017. Six months after recovery and physical therapy, I am happy to report I feel like a new human being without the aches and pain. Dr. Echols and his staff did an outstanding job of nursing me back to health and ensuring I had the mobility I needed to return to a normal life. September 21, 2017 was my official release date from Dr. Echols’ care. If I ever need surgery in your specialty, I will definitely return to your office. Thanks a million to my knight and shining armor and his wonderful staff. You guys are AWESOME and do AMAZING work!!!!!!

Pamela M.

Dr. Echols is awesome, lets just say he is very good at what he does. Personable staff and his assistant was just as nice and informative as Dr. Echols. The entire staff on the doctors side was exceptional, checking you in and out with efficiency, and always smiling faces. The Physical Therapy Department check in staff and check out staff were all very efficient, pleasant and accommodating to your needs. The Physical Therapists that I came in contact with were again, exceptional.  Kevin was awesome and always took time to explain to me exactly how to do the exercises as I am one that needs exact instructions. Can’t even say enough good things about this Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Would not be afraid to have surgery again with this crew to help you along the way. Thanks so much to all of you!

Phyllis I.

I refused to seek a physician despite my family saying I needed to go to the doctor and have my knees checked out. I related the knee pain to inflammation related to the car accident and my being overweight, and thought it would eventually go away with exercise. To me those were the contributing factors as to why I was having so much pain to my knees. I had already started seeing a personal trainer who assured me that the pain would go away once I started exercising more. So, I started my journey to lose weight, but the squats and lounges were too much on my knees, and we had to change the regimen to easier exercises. By August, I had enough of being in excessive pain, and wanted to see what was causing so much pain in my left knee…my regimen was failing so, I made the appointment. After making the appointment, and receiving the xray, I was diagnosed with bilateral patellofemoral pain syndrome. Dr. Echols recommended 6 weeks of physical therapy and to avoid the above mentioned exercises. My physical therapy regimen consisted of stretching to increase flexibility and mobility, strengthening exercises for legs and core, decreasing tightening around the knee cap, and exercises to strengthen quadricep muscles. I now know the importance of stretching before and after exercise. My left knee is better with mild pain, and the right knee has mild pain as well. I still cannot go up and down stairs on neither knee, because the pain is still there; however, not as much, and I can tolerate the pain if need to. I do see a big difference with the new exercises I learned, at this facility, and will continue to perform them on a daily regular basis…they really help. The staff is extra phenomenal and very knowledgeable. They really strive to give excellent treatment and care to their patients, and they work together as a team. I would highly recommend Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Thanks to everyone who helped heal my knee pain, and a special thanks to Kevin for your wonderful discharge plan and teaching the importance of continuing with the exercises taught, and wishing me well with my weight loss journey.

Annette M.

I am writing this letter to thank you for your gifted hands repairing my shoulder tears and bicep tendon. I want to thank your nurse, physician assistant, and all of the physical therapist I have had the pleasure of receiving care under. Florida Orthopedics Institute staff members were all educators, caring, kind, and attentive caregivers.
Omar Abadie is a motivated and very focused on my needs with recovery. My progression to full range of motion following my shoulder surgery was done with minimal pain. He asked with every therapy if I was experiencing any pain when performing all exercises. His gentle stretching, and warming up helped with my performing the therapies. He is dedicated and an asset to your institute. I was lucky to receive care from him with the majority of my visits. Florida Orthopedics Institute is equally lucky to have him as an employee.
Arthi Sainath, Jason Schoonover, and Shannon Terrell were all equally amazing therapist. They were all focused on delivering my therapy and were all professional.
The Florida Orthopedics Institute secretaries are all pleasant, professional and attentive to my scheduling appointments . I was greeted every time I entered a therapy appointment, and feel like a valued patient.
I injury occurred August 7, 2013. I was in constant pain and not sleeping well. The surgery was done on February 3rd, 2014. I was informed that it would be about 4 months to full recovery. I performed the exercises at home two times a day as prescribed. The therapy I received and with the home therapy my pain is down to a minimum. I do not experience constant pain and have been sleeping better. It is now 2 1/2 months ans I am working on regaining my strength.

Cathy S.

My experience with FOI has proven to be an uplifting road to recovery. The process of my shoulder replacement was a scary thought. After meeting and talking with Dr. Echols and Obourne, PA, a feeling of peace came over me. I was confident in their ability to perform surgery. I am so pleased with anyone whome I have dealt with. thank you all very much, you guys are the best!

Mary T.

I had rotator cuff surgery on 1/7/2015 by Dr Echols and the awesome staff at Florida Hospital!! Everything was flawless and the care was over the top! Special kudos to Dr Howell(anesthesiologist) and his staff for taking great care of me!! I love the extra details and explanation Dr Echols took in making sure the procedure went well! I just love, love, love how thorough and detailed he is. I’m extremely satisfied and grateful for his expertise in the area of Orthopaedics!!! Woohoo!!

Eliza T.

I have had the pleasure of receiving excellent care from Dr. Eddy Echols, he is a skilled surgeon and wonderful doctor and genuine great guy, he has a great bed side personality. Due to a fall I had 5 operations in 2014 Dr. Echols performed 2 of them. I had torn rotator cuff surgery. Dr. Echols ordered a nerve block so when I woke up from surgery I would not feel any pain. The scares are light and hardly noticeable. After therapy my movement in my shoulder has improved greatly. The second surgery he came into the hospital on a day he does not do surgery so I could get this last surgery in by the end of the year. He operated on my right elbow so he could remove scar tissue and move my nerves to get the numbness out of my arm. Dr. Echols performed cubital tunnel release on my right elbow. My right arm would only straighten to 40% before surgery and I was very limited to what I could do with my arm. After surgery it can now straighten to 18% so as you can see it improved my arm greatly. Although my arm may never be perfect again I feel Dr. Echols improved my movement of my arm which made a great impact for the rest of my life. His first assistant Kevin Osborne, is friendly and helpful, a skilled assistant. Dr. Echols and Kevin have a great working relationship. My husband says I should tell you due to Dr. Echols very friendly bed side personality we know that Dr. Echols cannot pick out which college football team is going to win. Go Wisconsin
Thanks Dr. Echols and Kevin for everything you are the greatest. The experience I had with you was incredible, the surgery was painless. If you have to have surgery look these guys up they will do a great job. I promise you won’ t be sorry. You can trust Dr. Echols to do his best to help you achieve your best life helping you to get active again.
I am a very lucky woman because I picked the best surgeon and assistant in the Tampa area.

Janet E.

At the age of 55 on Feb. 28, 2015, I fractured my knee cap (medically diagnosed as a non-displaced fracture…no surgery needed). It was very painful as I arrived to Dr. Echols on March 3. I was in tears of what was ahead. It was my first experience with a break. As soon as I entered the Florida Orthopaedic Institutes office, I was welcomed with smiles from front desk receptionists. Their concern was to make me as comfortable as possible while I filled out paperwork and waited to see the Dr. It was not long before I was back in the waiting room. They immediately took x-rays and I was soon in the presence of Kevin Osborne, PA and Dr. Eddy Echols. They gave me me great relief in knowing that I would recover completely if I followed all directions. Six weeks later I was ready for physical therapy and introduced to Lori Amaden & Omar Abadie whom were within the same building. They worked with me one on one with therapy to help strengthen and restore my range of motion. They gave me detailed exercises to continue at home. I want to thank each and everyone of these amazing professionals who helped heal me. I have fully recovered and am ever so grateful! I recommend this great team to everyone.

Sandra S.

I saw Dr. Echols and his P.A. Kevin at the Brandon office for pain in my left shoulder. After an MRI diagnosed a partial tear, I was referred to their onsite rehab center. After three months of rehab with my primary therapist, Shannon, along with Jason and Cliff, I have made remarkable strides in managing my pain. I believe if I keep up with my home program I may be able to avoid surgery altogether. I highly recommend this facility and its incredible team to anyone who has need for orthopedic care.

Nancy L.

I was in Virginia about to attend a class reunion when I looked through my bifocals missed a step and fell to the floor. I broke my ankle. I returned to Florida and I called Florida Orthopedic and they immediately scheduled me with Dr. Echols. I was very pleased with the attention he gave me. He had xrays taken of my ankle and informed me that I would need surgery. I’ll admit I was scared. He immediately calmed me down and assured me that all would be good; and it was. I am now back on my own two feet and thankful that I was scheduled with Dr. Echols. During my recovery I went on vacation and scheduled my physical therapy in another state. The therapists commented on how quickly I was recovering; they said your ability to do these exercises just shows you had an excellent surgeon. He is truly an excellent, caring and skilled surgeon. I have hopes never to be in need of an ortho surgeon again BUT if I am I will certainly call Dr. Eddy Echols.

Linda D.


  • Fellowship, Shoulder and Elbow Reconstruction, Florida Orthopaedic Institute
  • Residency, Orthopedic Surgery, Portsmouth Naval Medical Center
  • Medical Degree, Meharry Medical College

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