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Michael A. Miranda, D.O.

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One of the most satisfying parts of my occupation as a physician is hearing how pleased a patient is after a successful treatment.

Dr. Miranda is board certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Orthopedic Surgery and fellowship trained in adult reconstruction and arthritis surgery of the hip and knee. Dr. Miranda specializes in the direct anterior hip approach and minimally invasive surgery of the hip and knee, as well as outpatient total joint arthroplasty. He also specializes in complex revision total hip and knee arthroplasty. Dr. Miranda performs MAKO robotic hip and uni-compartmental knee replacements. Dr. Miranda serves as the director of the adult reconstruction center at Brandon Regional Hospital.

As an expert in the field of orthopaedics, Dr. Miranda has delivered presentations nationally and has received numerous publications, awards, and accolades. With a commitment to educating rising doctors, Dr. Miranda serves as an affiliate assistant professor in the Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at the University of South Florida College of Medicine and a clinical instructor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Nova Southeastern University. He serves as a team physician for the University of Tampa Men’s soccer team. Dr. Miranda describes some of his most rewarding time spent volunteering as a staff orthopaedic surgeon with Operation Walk Florida on international mission trips.

Dr. Miranda is a member of the American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, the American Osteopathic Association, and the Florida Orthopaedic Society. Dr. Miranda remains active in local community leadership roles, serving as a member of the practice board and also a member and Past- Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Brandon Regional Hospital.

Dr. Miranda’s personal interests include spending time with his family, traveling, golfing, and coaching youth soccer.

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Dr. Michael Miranda is an excellent doctor, kind, professional, and truly concerned and caring for his patients. He is always seeking and educating himself on the latest, best, and most effective innovations in surgical procedures to give his patients the best and most effective results in correcting their hip and knee problems. His P.A. Kelly Cornell is simply amazing as well! She is thorough, extremely informative, does not rush you out, and spends as much time as necessary, educating us, the patient, visually showing us the radiology results, what exactly your condition is and what needs to be done to correct it! They are an excellent team! I had Total Hip Replacements on both of my right and left hips by Dr. Michael Miranda and even some complications (not anything he had control of or as a result of anything he did, just my body’s reaction), and he completely took care of them, with Excellent results! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to anyone for their knee or hip issues!

Vicki C.

Excellent doctor. He takes very good care of all of his patients. I recommend this doctor very highly in the field of orthopedic and orthopedic surgery.

Sandra I.

I absolutely enjoyed my visit. After being treated so poorly at my last doctor’s office, it was a welcoming experience. I love the cleanliness of the building. So brightly lit. I know I made a good choice.

Brenda M.

Dr. Miranda and others were very helpful and patient with us. Taking time to explain all things to us. Thanks to everyone.

Hughey D.

Thank you, Dr. Miranda, for making my pain go away with a partial knee replacement. You are awesome!

Sophia B.

Reasonable wait time, and Dr. Miranda has a great personality. Very attentive and not rushed. Enjoyed very much dealing with him.

Jeffrey W.

Dr. Miranda and his assistant Kelly are great. They are patient, knowledgeable, and understanding, and these qualities are very important to me. I’m confident that he is the right doctor to replace my hip and, later, my knees.

Moni T.

Dr. Miranda has done a full hip replacement on both of my hips over a 2-year period. I highly recommend him and his practice as I have had excellent outcomes from both surgeries.

Jim B.

Facility was nice and clean. Dr. Miranda was very thorough and had a great bedside manner. He explained the entire procedure before, during, and after. He is a good friend, and I wouldn’t choose anyone else! Would 100% recommend to friends and family.

Jacqui K.

This was my 3 yr. post-op visit. Didn’t get the chance to see Dr. Miranda but saw another Dr. He took the time and went over the x-rays with me. The entire staff, from the receptionist to the x-ray tech to the doctor, was great. I would highly recommend FOI to anyone who would benefit from their services.

Robert C.

The best experience with an experienced doctor that gives it to you straight and lets you know the best options for your short and long term. Thanks for being good at what you do and treating me like I am important. Dr. Miranda is simply the best!

Ben G.

Dr. Miranda is great. He listens. He compares previous x-rays with today’s. He is professional and thorough. Very glad he’s my ortho doctor!!

Cindy H.

Dr. Miranda is excellent, as is his surgical staff!!! Don’t let the lengthy waiting room experience dissuade you from experiencing his expertise.

David H.

Being in the over 70 age group, experiencing frequent falls and injuries, with osteoarthritis, I was referred to FOI and Dr. Miranda. His immediate diagnosis of the bone-on-bone right hip, and remedy with an anterior total right hip replacement, was a surprise. But ten weeks post-surgery, I am delighted to share that it has been a success in many ways. The pain was minimal and leveled off to a current nonexistent status. And mobility is getting better daily. Highly recommend Dr. Miranda and his Staff.

Dr. Miranda did some orthopedic surgery for my spouse. He is a great doctor not only with the surgery but with his attentiveness to her needs. I would highly recommend Dr. Miranda and Florida Orthopaedic.

Dennis H.

Caring and concerned. He was professional, approachable, and made me feel 100% comfortable in his knowledge and his field of expertise!

Terry D.

Thank you for allowing me to use this means of communication to give special kudos to you and your wonderful staff during and after my hip replacement surgery. Since I know everyone needs to feel that they are appreciated and doing a good job, I just wanted to put this in writing. Your patience, courtesy and compassion toward your patients was highly appreciated by me. As a surgeon, you get five stars!

Lucy M.

If you need a knee replacement, Florida Orthopaedic Institute is a great place to have your knee replacement done. On May 26, I just had my second knee done, working hard at physical therapy and the knee is responding really well. I had bone on bone and was icing my knee at night to ease the pain. No more of that! Dr. Miranda did both of my knee replacements and I had them done at Brandon Hospital. This is one of the hospitals that has the robotic system, less invasion and the scar on my right knee is barely visible. I can walk without pain and my knees don’t look like a war zone. The staff at Dr. Miranda’s office in Brandon are all friendly, competent and professional. I’m very happy with my results and I’m glad I went to Florida Orthopaedic Institute.

Tim L.

I have been going to Florida Orthopaedic Institute for YEARS. I’ve helped my husband through a knee replacement. Through Dr. Miranda and his fellows, I’ve been treated for my chronic bursa. I found THE person who gives me my shot and nails it. Her name is Kelly! Thank you, girl! Living with pain is tough. I have had pain every day since I was in third grade. My bones were not made correctly. So I rely on Florida Orthopaedic Institute to keep me steady.

Cindy H.

Dr. Michael Miranda and his staff definitely changed my quality of life. When I saw Dr. Miranda in the spring of 2019, I was definitely disabled because both knees were bone on bone and very knock kneed. Dr. Miranda performed a knee replacement on my right knee in August and left knee in December. Due to a lot of hard work and excellent physical therapy, I am walking better than I have in over 10 years with no pain. Thank you to Dr. Miranda and Kelly.

Carolyn S.

Was outstanding in every area. Dr. Michael Miranda, his secretary Amanda, and the entire staff were simply the best! Couldn’t have chose a better place for my knee replacement — for the second time. Had the first knee replaced 6 years ago. Thanks everyone, for a job well-done!

Ron R.

Dr. Miranda is incredible. He did a great makoplasty on my left knee and it feels brand new. Great bedside manner and staff.

Peter A.

Dr. Miranda is in my opinion an excellent surgeon. his anterior approach for my hip replacement allowed me to heal in remarkable time with limited pain. His P.A. Kelly took plenty of time to answer my questions and explain everything. I highly recommend.

Dan S.

Outstanding visit with Dr. Miranda in every respect. He and his superb support staff are the epitome of what is sought for in a medical doctor. Exemplary in all areas!

Ron R.

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with my entire experience with Dr. Miranda and his staff. Amanda’s attention to detail, as his assistant is unmatched. Dr. Miranda demonstrates the greatest of bedside manor and professionalism. As a high school biology teacher, recovery from a partial knee replacement during the middle of the semester was quite concerning. I missed only eight days of school; healing surpassed my greatest expectations. Dr. Miranda will be performing a partial knee replacement on my remaining knee in less than 12 weeks following my first. I am looking forward to a fabulous 2020 where walking and running are again part of my everyday life.


Dr. Miranda is a great doctor. He made my left hip replacement perfectly. I don’t have words to say thanks. I had a problem with my hip since I was a child. Thanks, Dr. Miranda.

Carmita J.

Your new facility is awesome! It’s almost like a mini Mayo Clinic. Very impressive! It was my pleasure to meet Dr. Miranda, not only because he was good-looking, but I had been referred to him by the best. He had previously replaced my son’s knee successfully. Also, just to be on the safe side, I asked my primary doctor for a second opinion and he told me that Dr. Miranda is the best. Surgery successful. No problems.

Ann H.

Dr. Miranda and staff are absolutely terrific! I have a great experience every appointment I have with him and any phone calls made to the facility. He is a huge help in trying to get my knee back on track and improved. He’s very knowledgeable, takes the time to make sure I understand what the place of action is and to answer any questions or concerns I have. This is the place to go for your knees! A++!

Mama B.

Dr. Miranda is completely and utterly AWESOME. He performed a robotic right knee joint and four hours after surgery, I walked out of the hospital on crutches. I returned to Motorsports and, this race season, won 2 Series Championships here in Florida. Dr. Miranda and his assistant Amanda have been great to me and my wife since day one. Being there when we had questions or needed something. I bragged about Dr. Miranda to everyone here in America and abroad. He is a great surgeon and a great human being. If your knees are giving you problems, make a pit stop to see him.

Jonathon S.

I would like to tell you how happy I am with your entire organization. It starts with the great parking to the greeter up front who always smiles and says hello. Then, the outstanding women at the desk that are just wonderful. My P/A and her assistant are both just great and painless.

Lenny H.

He did a hip replacement for me about five years ago. I go back next week for a consult for right total knee replacement and steroid shot until I can be scheduled. I would not trust another doctor. Dr. Miranda is the best.

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Dr. Miranda did a hip replacement on me five years ago. It went perfectly. I only needed three weeks of home PT and three weeks outpatient. I am going for a shot and consultation this month for my knee. I was told 13 years ago I would need a replacement one day. I wouldn’t consider anyone other than Dr. Miranda to perform the surgery. He is a talented and compassionate surgeon. Amanda is wonderful and I was fully informed as to what my costs would be and how my PT would be handled.

Sandra M.

Excellent surgeon and staff. I was pain free the day after surgery. I was able to get an appointment within two weeks where I would have had to wait three months before being able to get a follow-up appointment with other recommended surgeons. I am a senior citizen patient and highly recommend Dr. Miranda. Can’t say enough.

Pete G.

Dr. Miranda is extremely patient and listens closely.

RateMDs Review

I highly recommend Dr. Miranda. I did a lot of research when I realized that I needed a hip replacement surgery and I actually talked to two other surgeons before finding Dr. Miranda. There is no doubt in my mind that I picked the right surgeon! Dr. Miranda took all the time I needed to answer my questions about the surgery and recovery. He listened to me and was very kind and compassionate. I have been amazed at how quickly I am recovering. I had the surgery 6 weeks ago and am already walking 3 miles.

Moselle B.

I recently had a total hip replacement and Dr. Miranda did a fantastic job! I was up in two days walking around the hospital. My recovery was quick and I was totally shocked. I couldn’t believe I had progressed like that.

John S.

The staff of Dr. Michael Miranda is great. Office Manager Amanda and P.A. Kelly keeps everything moving and takes the time to address any patient questions or concerns. Kudos to a wonderful support staff on the desk and the Doctor they work for!

RateMDs Review

After having horrible pain from my hip, to my  knees, to my toes that was truly affecting my life, I was referred to Dr. Miranda who immediately identified  that I needed a hip replacement. This turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. With a strong determination and being faithful with physical therapy, I was back to normal PAIN FREE living in 2-3 weeks.  It’s wonderful to be myself again and have the pain GONE!  I am back to my active lifestyle! I credit the expertise of Dr. Miranda and his staff for being professional and very knowledgeable from start to finish. If you were ever considering this procedure, I highly recommend you trust Dr. Miranda and his staff.  There is no better and you will thank me later!

Wendy C.

Two months ago almost to the day Dr. Miranda performed a total hip replacement on my right hip. He used new technology to custom-fit the artificial implant in my hip, based X-Rays and MRI’s. He also performed the surgery using the anterior approach, from the front of the hip/thigh, which reduces recovery time. I am one happy patient. I did my physical therapy religiously, but every therapist I worked with was impressed with how quickly I went from walker to cane (2 weeks) to no cane (2 weeks) to riding bikes and golfing (7 weeks from surgery). I am a 61 year old woman who is relatively active and at least 30 pounds overweight. I feel like a new woman who can once again enjoy the sports and activities I love. Dr. Miranda did a superior job and I felt that I had a surgeon who is up on the latest advancements regarding total hip replacement surgery. Thank you Dr. Miranda.

Lisa J.

I would highly recommend using Dr. Miranda if you need a total hip replacement. He recently performed one on my right hip, using the anterior approach. He also used customized artificial implant to ensure I have improved stability and flexibility. He is very skilled and makes it a point to keep up with any available improvements to offer to his patients. I am 61 years old and had surgery two months ago. I have been driving for weeks, riding a bike (stationary and traditional) and golfing!

Healthgrades Review

I have nothing but praise for Dr. Miranda and every member of staff with which I have come in contact with during my visits there. As a matter of fact, my wife went with me today for the discussion about my upcoming knee replacement surgery. She was amazed by the staff service, promptness, the way we both were treated and how every single question we had was fully answered. All she had to say was, “you are in good hands, that Doctor knows what he is doing!”

Rate MDs Patient Review

Thank you, I really appreciate your great work. Keep doing exactly what you are doing. Hopefully God will continue to help you let people recover. Thank you Dr. Miranda and your team.


Humberto G.

In the beginning of 2016, I had developed an illness which needed treatment and a strong medication. My doctors told me that the pain I was experiencing was to be expected and would go away once the medication was stopped. It did not stop and in fact, it got much worse. After several unsuccessful visits to different doctors, I decided to see if this pain I was experiencing might somehow be arthritic. I saw Dr. Miranda at Florida Orthopaedic Institute at their Brandon location. I was very impressed with the facility and the fast handling of anything that needed to be done when I met with Dr. Miranda. He informed me that my problem was arthritis and the only solution would be to have surgery done. I was suffering so much that I asked how soon could he perform the surgery. In about two weeks everything that needed to be done prior to the surgery was promptly taken care of. Dr. Miranda successfully performed the surgery and I was in the hospital one day and released the next day. My care after the surgery was excellent.

As soon as I got home, I started physical therapy and I was already seeing improvement with less and less pain. I walked with a walker for only two days and no longer wanted to use as it became no longer necessary. I was so good after the surgery that I did not have to have more than a week of physical therapy. I had no pain at all after about two months and I certainly was glad I had the surgery done. If I ever have a problem with a hip or knee, I would definitely not hesitate to see Dr. Miranda to have my problem solved. I walk perfectly now and even better than I have in many years. Thank you very much Dr. Miranda!

Rosemarie T.

I had horrible pain from my hip, to my knees, to my toes that was truly affecting my life. After seeing many other doctors, I was referred to Dr. Miranda who immediately identified that I needed a hip replacement. Being fourty eight years old, it seemed like I was too young for this procedure and I was, of course, very hesitant. It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. I elected the anterior approach. With a strong determination and being faithful with physical therapy, I was back to normal, pain free living in two to three weeks. It is wonderful to be myself again and to have that pain to be GONE! I am back to my active lifestyle! I credit the expertise of Dr. Miranda and his staff for being professional and very knowledgeable from start to finish. If you were ever considering this procedure, I highly recommend you trust Dr. Miranda and his staff. There is no better and you will thank me later.

Wendy C.

For two years I was avoiding surgery on my hip. I went to the best place in town Florida Orthopaedic Institute, and they told me I needed surgery.  When I inquired about the doctors available I selected Dr. Miranda. I am glad I did! I explained to him the pain not only on my hip but in my knee and back. He assured me the pain on my knee will go away after surgery and it did. The same day of surgery I walked to the bathroom, the next day I began therapy, two days later I went home, and three weeks later I could walk without a walker or cane. Thank you to God and Dr. Miranda, it has been a year without pain! I am sorry I didn’t do it sooner.

Ines A.

In 2016, I received 2 knee replacements. One in September, another in December. In 5 days I was walking outside with the help of a walker. In 5 weeks I was back volunteering at Brandon Hospital. Dr. Miranda and his team were excellent! Thank you Dr. Miranda!

Joyce T.

Dr. Miranda saved my mother’s life. She fell and broke her hip in Puerto Rico. She had three hip reconstruction surgeries in Puerto Rico. My mom is a diabetic and immediately following surgery caught an infection and had pneumonia. Within 7 months she was withering away completely bed ridden. She had lost most of her muscle mass in her leg and had lost more than 50 pounds. I finally got her strong enough to travel to Florida where in less than a month Dr. Miranda assessed the problem and performed surgery. He immediately put in a port to dispense antibiotics to fight the infection that still lingered in her body. He then made sure that she was placed in an appropriate rehabilitation facility to help her walk again. Today, 7 months post-surgery she is walking and back at home living independently. Thank you Dr. Miranda and Amanda for all your help!

Google Plus Review

I just wanted to personally thank Dr. Miranda and express my deepest appreciation for the truly OUTSTANDING job you did with my full knee replacement on February 11, 2014! As a direct result, I was able to complete my 54th Marathon (24th Marine Marathon) on October 26, 2014. I owe it all to you and FOI!

Ron R.

I could not be happier or more relieved with my choice to visit FOI. After years of hip and leg pain, and knowing I would need a total hip replacement as some point due to a childhood injury, I’m so grateful to have learned of FOI and the highly skilled staff there. Dr. Miranda performed my THR on a Tuesday morning and I was up walking and back home the very next night. While this is probably not typical, I’m very thrilled that this was the case for me. Six weeks later and I’m headed back to work, getting stronger and better each and every day. Thank you Dr. Miranda and Florida Orthopaedic Institute!

Melissa M.

I normally do not provide feedback. In fact, I was not the patient–it was my 77 (going on 40) year old mother. But it was because of my parents’ experience that I felt compelled to provide feedback. My mother needed a knee replacement after having been scoped at another institution. Given my personal past success with a few surgeons from Florida Orthopedic Institute, I selected a name from the list of knee surgeons, passed it along to my mother, and the rest is history. Dr. Miranda not only did a phenomenal job with the surgery (I would have been disappointed with anything other than a stellar performance from a Florida Ortho surgeon), he was a standout for another reason . . . he didn’t treat my parents (my father is 83-going-on-40 and attended all the appointments) like they were “old people”. My parents were given adequate time to communicate and Dr. Miranda “listened”. In doing so, he not only gained their genuine trust and respect, he was able to quickly and proficiently address my mother’s exact needs and get her on the path to almost a full recovery only three weeks after surgery. Kudos to Dr. Miranda in doing his job in a stellar manner while never forgetting that the simple act of listening is such a precious commodity.

Nancy R.

Dr. Miranda performed my knee replacement on May 21, 2013. With lots of hard work on my part in rehab, I was walking without any kind of assistance in 16 days, and my scar was hardly noticeable, thanks to Dr. Miranda’s excellent surgical skills! I must comment on his delightful staff, always so friendly and helpful, particularly Amanda who was available when I needed to have an answer to a troubling question or problem. Dr. Miranda is so easy to talk to and so understanding and listens to you —- treats you like a person, not a chart, wonderful bedside manner. Wonderful experience, and if my other knee should need replacing or a hip, I’d be right back in Dr. Miranda’s office!

Eloise L.

I would like to thank FOI and dr. Miranda for the best medical experience of my life. Being 62 yrs old and no major problems with my health, I was a little scared. Dr Miranda did a total hip replacement , and in 6 weeks I was released to return to work. What a great job. Thank you again


Jack S.

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