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Physicians Pelvic Ring Fractures Brian T. Palumbo, M.D.

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I am extremely passionate and dedicated to ensuring that my patients receive the best treatment available for all of their musculoskeletal needs.

Dr. Palumbo is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and fellowship trained in adult reconstructive surgery. With a focus on diagnosing and treating hip and knee arthritis and its effects, Dr. Palumbo treats patients with a spectrum of conditions including extremity fractures and general musculoskeletal issues.  His specific clinical interests include painful and/or infected hip and knee replacements, primary hip arthroplasty through an anterior approach and unicompartmental knee arthroplasty.

Prior to joining Florida Orthopaedic Institute, Dr. Palumbo served as the chief administrative resident at the University of South Florida’s Orthopaedic Residency Program and has also served in the Special Operations Command of the United States Air Force.  He currently serves as the Medical Director at Florida Hospital Tampa Orthopedic Care Center.

Dr. Palumbo has authored more than 10 articles, reviews, and research studies and has delivered more than 10 lectures for professional organizations such as the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Southern Orthopaedic Society and Florida Orthopaedic Society. He was awarded, from the Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma, Best Orthopaedic Trauma Training Resident in 2009, and currently serves as a member of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Dr. Palumbo’s personal interests include clinical and basic science research, personal fitness and, most of all, spending time with his family.


Dr. Palumbo is an awesome surgeon. Confident, but not arrogant. My hip replacement in 2018 was smooth as silk. Had my 1 year follow-up visit and everything looks good and feels great. I have already recommended him to a couple friends of mine.

Scott B.

Dr. Palumbo is a rock star as well as his PA Brian Wicker. The staff is on the ball with your needs quickly and correctly. My second major surgery with Dr. Palumbo and I couldn’t be more relaxed less than a week away from my next surgery. He’s your guy if you have orthopedic issues.

Jeffrey K.

I find the staff is very friendly and helpful. I am very pleased with Dr. Brian T. Palumbo and his treatment for my knees. He was happy to answer questions and he gave me suggestions to minimize the discomfort I was having in the future. I went to him because my husband had used him before and I like his manner and skill.

Mary E.

I am a 68 year old man and after suffering for more than 20 years, I finally got a full knee replacement. Dr. Palumbo and his staff were exceptional and explained in detail the procedure, recovery time, pros and cons of a total replacement. My expectations were exceeded. I can walk comfortably again. I would recommend Dr. Palumbo and his assistant Brian Wicker and his office wholeheartedly.

Silvio C.

I first started getting some pain that I thought was my sciatica. I decided it’s time for an x-ray and went to visit Florida Orthopaedic Institute since they accepted my insurance. They do x-rays right on site and review them with you while you sit with the doctor. I scheduled a full hip replacement with Dr. Brian Palumbo. What an outstanding surgeon and a great guy. My full hip replacement went very well. I am now 90 days post-op and walking extremely well with a new hip. I’ve also seen Brian Wicker, who is the PA. He is also a caring, understanding and easy to get along with person. Nurses and staff run a very organized office. Come in, sign in, get your x-rays, consult with the doctors and then discuss treatment. The office runs well on time and I’ve always been able to see a doctor or the physician’s assistant. I’m bringing my mom here as well. She is 89 years old and also has hip concerns. Great staff and fantastic doctor, Dr. Brian Palumbo.

Deanna F.

Dr. Palumbo replaced my knee two years ago. I feel wonderful! Five years prior, I had my other knee replaced at a world renowned hospital. No comparison to the outstanding surgery performed by Dr. Palumbo. He is by far, the best surgeon ever! Last year, Dr. Palumbo replaced my husband’s hip. Another resounding success. Thank you, Doc. Your care and compassion is only exceeded by your tremendous talent as a physician.

MaryJo M.

Dr. Palumbo gave me a partial right knee replacement. Others had recommended the total knee, but I was excited to find him and did the partial with great results. I was able to do it as an outpatient at FOI’s facility which couldn’t have been better. Quality people and care. I am eight weeks out from surgery and no more hobbling!

Linda B.

Folks, trust me. Dr. Palumbo is a physician of the finest kind! His knowledge and bedside manner are second to none. This is my fourth knee procedure and he has performed the last three of these and there is no comparison. His attention to detail and true attentiveness and concern cannot be matched. Not to mention his exemplary experience and training. In this chaotic world and industry of medical care, he is a true anomaly and the best of the best! On top of his professional demeanor, he also epitomizes the caring and concern of a true human being and friend. This is a man of utmost integrity and passion for the well being of all he helps. A true family man and great steward of his expertise and abilities for the benefit of all. God bless you Dr. Palumbo!

Brian G.

Dr. Palumbo did a full hip replacement for me in May 2019. He was attentive to my questions. He is a very composed, organized and precise surgeon who gave me great care and a good surgery experience. He knew how to orchestrate the care of his patients very well in the hospital and his office. No question that I would be back in the future for another hip or maybe a knee!

Deanna F.

I had a partial left knee replacement surgery. After suffering with bone on bone for the last eight months, it was an incredibly immediate relief not to have an aching pain with each step I took. Dr. Palumbo explained the entire procedure and what to expect. Everything played out just as he described. I am now totally pain free. I have full movement and looking forward to getting back to the activities I’ve missed.

Bob E.

I am a 72 year old obsessed tournament racquetball player. I have been playing a minimum of four times per week since 1972. Both knees have been bone on bone for around 20 years. Dr. Palumbo replaced one in April and the other in November. In both cases, I was back on the court in eight weeks. Several of my racquetball buddies that have had the same knee replacement with different surgeons did not have as good a result as myself.

Leo M.

Dr. Palumbo receives my strongest endorsement. I recommend FOI and Dr. Palumbo to everyone. I trust FOI overall and I trust Dr. Palumbo implicitly. He did a total hip replacement two years ago and now it is time for my left hip. Dr. Palumbo gave my life back two years ago. he uses an anterior approach. I will not see any other physician even though my medical insurance wants to direct me to someone else that isn’t at FOI. I’ve seen other FOI doctors who are also very good, however Dr. Palumbo and his supporting staff are exceptional. Overall, my experiences with FOI are superb.


Avid runner my entire adult life. Completed seven marathons, but in the last few years have been experiencing increasing pain in my right knee. Finally went to a doctor, got some x-rays and was referred to Dr. Palumbo. He and his outstanding staff quickly diagnosed a need for a right hip replacement. Dr. Palumbo performed the surgery about a month ago. The entire experience was outstanding. Back to working out every day and my right leg is already in way better shape than it was prior to the surgery.

David W.

Dr. Palumbo operated on my bone on bone knee in January. The knee replacement healed quickly and relatively pain free. I have my other knee on the calendar for surgery in May and can not wait to dance again pain free!! He and his staff are the best!

RateMDs Review

After suffering for more than 20 years, I finally got a full knee replacement. Dr. Palumbo and his staff were wonderful. Appointment times, cost, explaining all. Never did I expect to have such a great result. Best thing for me and my family. I can walk comfortably again. I would recommend this doctor and his office wholeheartedly.

Barbara A.

Dr. Palumbo changed my life! After being turned down by other orthopedic surgeons for hip replacement surgery due to my age, only Dr. Palumbo approved me. He is very knowledgeable and very understanding. He only wants what  is best for his patients and after having surgery, I feel like a whole new person. I am forever grateful to him for having helped me through my pre and post operative surgery. Thank you so much, Dr. Palumbo!


Dr. Palumbo performed a right lateral partial knee replacement on me in December. Now, I am pain-free and walking and riding my bicycle again without difficulty. The final hurdle is to get back on the ice and rejoin my hockey team.

Fred G.

Dr. Palumbo is a wonderful surgeon and a very understanding doctor. He is not in a hurry and he listens to all your complaints, answering all your questions. I will recommend him to everyone.

Healthgrades Review

Dr. Palumbo and his staff are the best! Truly awesome people to deal with and a great experience! I highly recommend them. Thank you for everything.

Ricardo B.

Two months ago, I had knee replacement surgery. I am so happy with my results. I was pleased with how quickly I was able to walk. My knee bend is 130 degrees after physical therapy. Dr. Palumbo and his PA are the best. They improved my life greatly. I highly recommend them!

Liz A.

I really enjoy Dr. Palumbo. He is very efficient and this is the second hip replacement that he has done for me. He is very friendly and I have total confidence in him.

RateMDs Review

I just made arrangements for my remaining knee replacement during my 6-week conference following the replacement of my left knee. I am totally pleased with the facility, physicians, assistants, nurses, office staff and X-ray staff.

RateMDs Review

I spoke to Dr. Palumbo about my hip pain. He did a right hip replacement. I was walking two hours after surgery. No pain, no limp! Remarkable! After one week, I was walking on my own. No walker or cane. God blessed this man with a remarkable gift!


Dr. Palumbo gave me a great new knee. I was playing golf in four weeks. I would recommend him to anyone needed a knee.

William H.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Palumbo for knee injections for a few years now. He’s an excellent doctor who gives great advice and listens to his patients’ thoughts and concerns. If I eventually need knee surgery, he’ll be my doctor for that too. Highly recommended.

Barb A.

I had a total knee replacement six weeks ago and am doing wonderful. My chronic pain is gone while only healing pain remains. I am getting better every day. Dr. Palumbo is a great surgeon using up-to-date methods and he truly cares about each patient.


I had a partial knee replacement and Dr. Palumbo did an excellent job. I’m into week 5 of recovery and doing great. No pain. Thank you. I highly recommend him. The whole staff is just great at what they do.

Carolyn H.

I had a total knee replacement on April 30th. Dr. Palumbo performed the surgery and did an outstanding job. He is very caring, professional and knowledgeable. It has been approximately 3 months post surgery and I am doing great. Also, his office staff and Florida Hospital staff and nurses are very professional and helpful. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Dr. Palumbo.


Seven weeks after my hip replacement and I feel like a new person. Just climbed up two flights of stairs the other day like I was a kid again. Couldn’t walk up an incline before the operation. Thanks, Dr. Palumbo! I am grateful to my friend for recommending you to me.

Frank E.

Great Doctor! Dr. Palumbo explains all options that are available for your condition and respects your decisions.

Healthgrades Review

Dr. Palumbo is one of the finest doctors I have ever met and had the pleasure of having him care for me. I went to see him for a bad right hip and the first thing he did after reviewing my x-ray was offer alternative treatment. We proceeded with physical therapy and injections, both of which were helpful. When I did have surgery, he explained the complete procedure to me and answered all of my questions. He made sure that I understood everything. The surgery was easy and I was back to 90% in three months. Thank you, Dr. Palumbo.

Healthgrades Patient Review

Dr. Palumbo and his staff; Brian Hensley, PA-C, and Aisha Oleabhiele, Administrative Assistant, were among the finest medical professionals that have ever treated me. Dr. Palumbo is not only an excellent surgeon, he is caring, personable and absolutely committed to making you better. My total knee replacement surgery and recovery has been very successful. The care and guidance I received from Dr. Palumbo was incredible and this staff deserves all the credit. All I can say is thank you so very much for pain-free walking.

Elizabeth L.

Dr. Palumbo responded to my questions and concerns in a great way. I had a very bad experience with a different doctor at a different facility, but I am totally satisfied with Dr. Palumbo and his staff. I would recommend him, his staff and Florida Orthopaedic Institute 100%.

Ralph M.

Great doctor, kind caring and professional, and a wonderful assistant! My surgery went well and my new hip is terrific.

Healthgrades Review

Dr. Brian Palumbo was understanding of my wants and needs for my hip surgery from the first consultation. He took into consideration all other health issues I had and we discussed a plan of surgery, Rehabilitation, and recovery. Let me say that, Florida Hospital Tampa, Advanced Wellness Rehab and Achieve Home Health, had nothing but great respect and praise for his abilities and success rates. They have strict guidelines they must follow for hip and knee replacements through his office.

Healthgrades Review

Two weeks out from a hip replacement surgery and Dr. Palumbo is telling me to slow down. Highly recommended!

Healthgrades Review

When I was looking for a facility for my hip replacement surgeries, I knew from my experience as a registered nurse that Florida Orthopaedic Institute was my best option. When selecting a doctor, I just wanted someone caring and compassionate; I found that in Dr. Palumbo.  He was wonderful!  Very caring, understanding and personable, and was exactly what I needed.

Before finding Dr. Palumbo, I battled breast cancer and dealt with months of hip pain. When I went in for my first appointment, I made my goal clear: to be able to walk around the new Wesley Chapel Mall. I was there on opening day.

A few factors made my experiences at Florida Orthopaedic Institute truly exceptional. I was able to speak with Dr. Palumbo’s assistant, Aisha, whenever I needed and she always got right back to me when I would call. She is the best. Additionally, Dr. Palumbo was able to release me from the hospital just a day after my surgery, lessening my risk of infection. Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Dr. Palumbo gave me my life back.

Carmen T.

Dr. Palumbo went so far beyond my expectations it’s hard to put into words.  I went from barely being able to walk for more than 5 minutes, to feeling like an 18 year old kid again in a matter of two short weeks.  Under Dr. Palumbo’s leadership, the entire team at Florida Orthopaedic and Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel put patient care above everything else.  Only one word could explain all of this….LOVE!


Walt K.


  • Fellowship, Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Surgery, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Adult Reconstruction, Harvard University
  • Residency, University of South Florida Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, University of South Florida
  • Medical Degree, University of South Florida College of Medicine

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