Dr. Lyon’s is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and fellowship trained in joint replacement and adult reconstruction.  Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, he received his undergraduate degree from Loyola University of Chicago and his medical degree from Rush University School of Medicine. He then completed his residency training at Wayne State University in Michigan, serving as Chief Resident. Dr. Lyons completed a Total Joint Fellowship at the University of Utah with Aaron A. Hofmann, M.D.  His interests are in adult, mainly knee and hip replacement.

He is known nationally and internationally as an expert in joint replacement, with recent trips to Europe and South America; both lecturing and operating. Dr. Lyons is presently on the design and outlay teams for various innovative technologies to further advance joint replacement and arthritis surgery and has been chosen as a member in “Who’s Who in Orthopedics” for orthopedic surgery.


After two botched TKRs on the same knee, I was told that there was nothing more that could be done and that it would never get better. Dr. Lyons told me it would be a challenge, but he could fix it. Five years later I walk pain free with very few limitations. This guy is the real deal! If being treated by him meant I had to fly across the country, that’s exactly what I would do. Nothing speaks as strongly as results!

Chuck F.

Dr. Lyons replaced both of my knees. I cannot say enough about how great he and his staff are at Florida Orthopaedic Institute!

Jan B.

My deepest gratitute to Dr. Lyons. He has given me a completely new lease on life! Both of my knees were replaced by him, and for the first time in years, I am leading a pain free and productive life!!

Indira L.

I cannot thank Dr. Lyons enough. He did my knee replacements in 2016 and in one week I was up walking again with minimal pain! This doctor has amazing skills! Thank you so much for giving me my life back!!

Phyllis D.

“In 2016, I had both my hip and knee replaced by Dr. Steven Lyons. The outstanding care I received by Dr. Lyons and his staff is second to none. I have recommended Dr. Lyons to both family and friends! Anyone considering medical care under Dr. Lyons should rest assured they are receiving the best care available.”

Barbara L.

“Before I picked a Doctor for my knee replacement I did extensive research. At first I could only find reviews that talked about “I only had to wait 15 minutes to see the doctor.” That is NOT the information I needed to make a decision. I finally found reviews about people that had great results after Dr. Lyons had operated on them.  First of all Dr. Lyons and his team answered all my questions clearly so I was able to understand what to expect, they showed me the x-rays and where the damage was and why I was in such pain. Bianca and Jeannette told me exactly what I needed to do to prepare for the operation and the expectation for my recovery after the operation. The day of the operation Dr. Lyons met with me and made me feel even more comfortable with the process. The service after the operation from Dr. Lyons and his team was picture perfect. I walked almost 100 yards the day after the operation. I am walking better than I have in 5 years.”

Gary T.

I have been treated here before, and expected that I would get treated wonderfully, like I did before with Dr. Billys. I went through so many knee procedures and before meeting Dr. Steven Lyons, I was put through the most painful partial knee replacement, recovery and rehab, as well as therapy and additional scopes any one person could deal with. Once we finally met Dr. Lyons we tried injections and therapy and he saw how bad I hurt and how much pain I was in, and after how many times I complained my knee would give out and collapse and after synvasc injections and therapy to make sure my leg was strong muscle wise, Dr Lyons suggested total knee replacement. This man is a wonderful genius!!! Same day I was up walking, moving and going further then I ever did with just a partial! I went on cruise 1 week after the partial knee was done and it was a nightmare, this time same leg except it was a full knee replacement and I was riding a bike 5 days out. Full extension almost have my heel to my butt! All due to preparing my muscles for two months or more before the surgery! On top of that, it is the setup Dr. Lyons whole program he has, down to every detail.  Ask questions at the class you are set up to see. Make sure you speak to your anesthesiologist, if you do not, demand one. Dr. Lyons put all these together so patients would go and get questions answered, so the day of the procedure should be a little bit less stressful.  Trust me when I let him know things were not very smooth, he demanded answers. I am no where near the pain I was in. I truly believe FOI has a secret magic bottle of wonderful doctors with the magic touch.

Thank you FOI for giving my life back!

Phyllis D.

After experiencing four major knee surgeries including one prior knee replacement surgery, my encounter with Dr. Lyons was the best. From the seamless operation, to the outstanding care provided by the professionals at TGH, pain management and rehab my second knee replacement has set a new standard for me in Orthopedic care. I will no longer even consider another physician group or hospital for any subsequent care that I may need in the future. Thank you for the commitment to patient care and for the unparalleled level of service that I received from your office and from your selection of the number one hospital in Florida. Dr. Lyons straightforward approach and deep concern for his patients comfort level kept me at ease throughout the process.

Paul M.

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  • Stacey Williamson, ARNP
  • Leticia Worsham, PA-C
  • Mauricio Polanco, PA-C


  • Medical Degree, Rush Medical College
  • Residency, Wayne State University, Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Fellowship, The University of Utah, Total Joint

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