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Karen A. Derr, D.C.

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It is a sincere pleasure to offer my patients non-surgical options to their musculoskeletal conditions.

When Karen Derr was 12 years old, she was diagnosed with scoliosis that prevented her from participating in school sporting activities. She went to see a chiropractor who had been treating her mother’s back pain. The chiropractor took an x-ray and discovered that Dr. Derr didn’t have the spine’s natural curves, irritating the nerves and blood vessels. She received treatments, and within six months was able to participate on a school athletic team! This event inspired Dr. Derr to become a chiropractor.

Dr. Derr was born in Somerset County, New Jersey, and has resided in Florida for the last 18 years. She is an avid Tampa Bay Lightning fan. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology at Bloomfield College and earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from the prestigious New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, New York, in 1996.

She continues her passion for delivering education and wellness care for every patient. She is an active member of the Florida Chiropractic Association. Dr. Derr cares for all conditions of the spine and extremities. Her special interests include the non-surgical management and rehabilitation of intervertebral disc-related conditions such as disc degeneration, disc bulging, and disc herniation syndromes.

Dr. Derr’s desire has always been to offer adults and children options to find relief from health issues without medication or surgery. She is dedicated and passionate about about helping people achieve the best possible results during their treatment.

In her spare time, Dr. Derr enjoys taking cruise vacations with her family and spending time with her two dogs and two cats.


Meeting Dr. Derr, I was nervous and in pain. Nothing had helped. Within one minute of sitting in Dr. Derr’s chair and talking, she really impressed me. That’s not easy! I’m a nurse. I’ve worked with thousands of doctors and seen numerous chiropractors throughout my life. She was different! She had already studied my chart and meticulously poured over my X-rays, compared them with previous X-rays, my previous diagnoses, previous treatments, visits, complaints, etc. She was incredibly well-informed and ready to discuss everything she saw and everything I’d been through when I sat down. I have never seen anyone do that at the level she did! I was just so relieved and became optimistic. She always takes her time to discuss all her findings and thoughts with you and makes sure you completely understand everything. She is an AMAZING educator and communicator. She is so intelligent, insightful, perceptive, discerning, approachable, kind, compassionate, and funny. She has a remarkable ability to make me feel comfortable. She is both gentle and incredibly effective with her treatments. I had been in pain and treated for the wrong thing for about 9 months. She found the issue before I even walked into her office. She held my head taking pressure off my neck and it was the first time I had been pain-free in ages, which absolutely confirmed her diagnosis was correct. I honestly could have cried. We talked about, agreed on a treatment plan, and got started. I walked out of her office ELATED! I felt the best I had in YEARS. I truly felt HOPEFUL that by the end of the treatment plan, my constant pain and discomfort were going to be greatly improved. No surgery. No meds. I can’t tell you just how much all of this means to me and how hopeful I am for the future. I have Dr. Derr to thank for all of that!

Shelley T.

Dr. Karen Derr is a magnificent doctor on ALL points! I was very skeptical and intimidated by the thought of going to a Chiropractor and informed Dr. Derr of this during my initial visit. She communicated her understanding and took the time to sit with me to get a thorough understanding of my symptoms. She was FULLY ENGAGED in what I had to say, asking many questions, explaining the results of my MRI and detailing the source of my pain. She then provided me with a detailed diagnosis and proposed a phased treatment plan. Once Dr. Derr began treatment, she explained EVERY procedure AND what to expect. This is the first time since moving to the area that I was not rushed, spoken down to, and provided vague information at a doctor’s office. ALL Doctors should take note from Dr. Derr. Under her care, I have received more relief for my condition than from prior surgery and medication. I wish I had found her sooner and will follow her to any office in Tampa Bay, no matter the distance. Hats off to Dr. Derr and her team. They truly set the bar!”

Jessica D.


  • Chiropractic Degree, New York Chiropractic College
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Bloomfield College

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