Christopher W. Grayson, M.D.

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My goal is to provide exceptional care that will allow my patients to return to the activities they love.

Dr. Grayson is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and completed his fellowship training in Adult Reconstruction at Indiana University Health. He focuses on anterior hip replacement, partial knee replacements and specializes in same-day total joint replacement surgery. He utilizes the MAKO robotic system to perform most of his joint replacements. He also takes care of patients with complex failed or infected joint replacements.

Dr. Grayson grew up in southern Louisiana and obtained his undergraduate degree in biological science at Louisiana State University. During his time there, he worked as an assistant to the LSU football team’s orthopedic surgeon, conducted research, and developed a love for Louisiana cooking. While obtaining his degree, Dr. Grayson also developed a passion for joint replacements after his father had both knees replaced.

He is a member of various professional organizations including the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) and the Florida Orthopaedic Society.

Dr. Grayson is the author of multiple articles which have been published in peer reviewed journals including PM&R, the scientific journal of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and the Journal of Arthroplasty. He also conducted research on the effect of blood transfusion on the clinical outcomes after total joint replacement. He has presented his research at AAOS, AAHKS, the University of Florida, the University of Indiana, and the Alachua County Medical Society.

Dr. Grayson was named an emerging leader in orthopedics by the Florida Orthopaedic Society. He is currently the Director of Orthopaedics for the Mease Hospitals and the Chairman of the Adult Reconstruction subcommittee of the orthopedic service line for the BayCare Health System.

Dr. Grayson enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, traveling, and cooking.

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I was blown away at the exceptional service provided to me today with Dr. Grayson! His staff was knowledgeable and professional! I wish I would have found them sooner; the process and results exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be a lifetime patient for ANY of my orthopedic needs! Thanks so much, Dr. Grayson!

Donna D.

Dr. Grayson is very focused on the patient needs and concerns. After reviewing my X-Rays, he took time to explain his assessment and worked to develop a plan to improve my condition. I highly recommend Dr. Grayson.

Bob L.

Dr. Grayson and his staff are awesome. I had a total knee replacement in early May and am extremely satisfied with the progress of my knee. I’ve been suffering with knee problems since my teens. He and his staff have gone above and beyond with their care. Thank you, and may God keep blessing you guys with your practice and expertise.

Jose C.

Dr. Grayson was recommended by his colleagues. Before visiting Dr. Grayson, my hip was bone on bone, and I couldn’t walk. I was in a lot of pain putting any weight on my right hip and trying to walk. Dr. Grayson said I wouldn’t be in any pain, and I’m not. I have full use of my right hip and leg and am no longer a cripple. I had no complications. I will now live the rest of my life being pain-free and able to walk. I believe Dr. Grayson is committed to his patients and is an outstanding and skilled surgeon. I will thank him every time I stand on my right leg.

Meredith E.

The visit was very pleasant and quite enlightening. I feel the doctor thoroughly understands my problem and is working to resolve it.

Martin L.

I saw Dr. Grayson and was very happy with everything from beginning to end. His staff was great. He is amazing! I highly recommend him to anyone.

Patricia A.

He is an amazing surgeon. I had a failed knee replacement done by another doctor, and he was the only doctor I spoke to that agreed to replace it. I am on the younger side to have the need for a knee replacement, and now I will have a better quality of life thanks to Dr. Grayson. I am forever grateful and feel blessed to have found him.

Sylvia S.

Thank you so much for fixing my knee! I’m doing so good. It’s hard to believe that I tried to walk around for 9 months. You are in my prayers always.

Nancy P.

Thank you for providing excellent care to me during my recent surgery at Mease Countryside Hospital. You are certainly an expert in your field and I am the fortunate recipient of this. Your entire team has been exceptionally helpful and caring during this process. I am planning on a quicker than normal recovery. I fortunate to have an excellent physical therapist in the hospital get me on the right rack immediately so hoping for the best. I cannot thank you enough and wish you the very best. Five stars!

Kathleen M.

Doctor Grayson and all of the staff have been extremely great to me. Thank you all!

Michael A.

My experience with Florida Orthopaedic Institute was excellent. At my initial consult, Dr. Christopher Grayson was very thorough in explaining my hip condition and gave me options that I could try to delay surgery but felt ultimately that surgery would be necessary. He was 100% correct. I opted for corticosteroid shots, but they didn’t work and I had to wait 90 days for my body to rid itself of the steroids before surgery could commence. All of this was explained at my initial consultation. I had a full hip replacement in Oct. of 2019. I was given the opportunity to use a new procedure using guided robotics which was less intrusive. The staff at FOI was able to make all the arrangements with the hospital, my insurance company and ensured anyone who had anything to do with my surgical procedure and follow up care was a preferred provider contracted with my insurance. This kept my costs down significantly. My surgery went well. I was up within an hour or two after waking and was walking with a walker. I was able to go home the same day. The following day a home healthcare rehab nurse came to the house to change bandages and start rehab. Within a week, I was taking short strolls down the street with a walker. In 2 weeks, I was walking with a cane and taking longer strolls around my neighborhood. At 4-6 weeks, I continued my exercises and still experienced weakness and numbness, but all was considered normal. At 12 weeks, I’m back at the gym and getting around well. The entire staff at FOI has been very supportive.

The PA-C, Ms. Anderson, did my follow up checkups. She is as supportive and pleasant a person you will ever meet and took the time needed to discuss my progress. She explained everything in detail the post surgery recovery expectations and assured me everything was OK and would improve within a specific time frame. Her advice has been spot on and was helpful in alleviating any fears I had about the progress I was making. She is a very valuable asset to Dr. Grayson’s team and he is very fortunate to have her on his team. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. I’ve since run into three other people who have had hip replacements performed by Dr. Grayson, one being my neighbor and their stories are all similar to mine. Their surgeries were successful and within 8-12 weeks, they were basically back to normal functioning. I highly recommend Dr. Grayson and Ms. Anderson if you have a need for hip surgery. They are an awesome team and will be my choice again if I need orthopedic care.

Richard N.

I had a partial knee replacement with Dr. Grayson. From the diagnosis to the actual surgery and beyond, the process has been clearly defined and the recovery has been swift. Dr. Grayson has a specific process with Physical Therapy personnel, equipment, icing and other exercises which make the recovery process much easier and quicker. After two weeks, I have been able to get back to normal walking without a cane or walker and the exercises are becoming much easier to perform. I high recommend Dr. Grayson for his ability to not only perform the replacement, but the process after the replacement to get you back to your normal quality of life.

Healthgrades Review

Little wait. Excellent staff. Fast x-rays. No wait time. Very professional. Dr. Grayson took one look at my x-rays and diagnosed my problems quickly (other doctors haven’t been able to tell me for two years.) Surgery already scheduled after one visit. I’m looking forward to not hurting anymore.

Chuck C.

Amazing staff that were friendly, helpful and attentive. They all had a positive and happy attitude. It was extremely comforting. Look no further, Dr. Grayson is the absolute best surgeon! May God continue to bless you all!

Sandra C.

Dr. Grayson is an excellent surgeon. It’s going on a week after my right hip replacement surgery and I have no pain like I had before.

Sandra C.

One of the best hospitals I’ve ever been to. Amazing staff that were friendly, helpful and attentive. They all had a positive and a very happy attitude that was extremely comforting. They provided a wealth of information and explained every step of the way. I had my right hip replaced on Dec. 11. The nurses would bring my pain meds every four hours. I didn’t even have to ask. They were always ready to make me comfortable. All the rooms are private and I was extremely impressed with the overall. I’d like to thank Sarah, Sam, Laura, Stacy, Sara, Josh, Erick, Jess and the PT Titi and Renato. From the moment you arrive you are made felt right at home. I researched and went to several consultations but look no further. Dr. Grayson is the absolute best surgeon and did what I was looking for. Anterior Robotics using MAKO. The minute I woke up, the pain was gone. My husband and I drove back to Miami pain free free and grateful. Thank you to all the wonderful staff that made this possible. May God continue to bless you all!

Sandra C.

Dr. Grayson made the whole experience easy and without stress. I had a full hip replacement and 10 days later went back to work. I have the utmost respect and trust in this fine surgeon.


No one in Tallahassee would touch my 2005 right knee replacement. Dr. Grayson agreed to help me with all the pain I was having. When he replaced my knee again he found that my tibia had come out of the cement used in the prior surgery. My knee is without all the pain now. Thanks to Dr. Grayson for caring enough to find out what was wrong.

Sheryl L.

My right knee had already been replaced, but due to a fall a bone was out of position. Dr. Grayson replaced the prosthesis that was out of place. Truly, I tell you, my new knee is better than my old one ever hoped to be. There was a minimum of pain/discomfort. He kept careful tabs on me and had my PT start right away. My bending percentage is now more than it ever was. I will not hesitate to have him replace my other knee when the time comes!

Niki R.

Five stars is not high enough. I was having problems with my right leg. Extreme pain in my thigh. He said it was due to my hip being bone on bone and suggested a total hip replacement to alleviate it. I was scared and kept putting it off as I had never had major surgery. Waiting would make it worse and it did. Broke down and had it done. What a relief. No pain! He is a miracle worker. Was up and walking that day and the next day when I went home.

Lauren F.

Five stars for outstanding caring and service. MJ was awesome. She made me feel like a valued patient. Dr. Grayson was fantastic. Compared to my previous doctor who was clueless. I was given shots that took away my pain. Dr. Grayson took time to explain what I needed to do to move forward in terms that I understood. He took his time with me and I felt that he really  cared. If you are looking for an orthopedic doctor, Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Dr. Grayson is the only way to go. I highly recommend him and the staff.

Danny M.

After a serious break and repair of acetabelum, my pain was so intense that for over a year I could not walk. I was referred to Dr. Grayson and he suggested I have a hip replacement. While I didn’t think this would alleviate the problem, I went ahead. After surgery, I woke up for the first time in 17 months with no pain. My recovery has been wonderful. I am walking and moving in ways I never imagined. Everyone on staff has been wonderful and I cannot recommend Dr. Grayson enough. I also wanted to give a five star rating to Christina, his assistant. She is so sweet, returns phone calls promptly and has integrity in all she does. She went out of her way to accommodate my schedule, got me in for my surgery 12 days early and moved up my second surgery as well. She deserves a medal and a raise for being the very best at her job.

Claire L.

I had both knees replaced by Dr. Grayson. I would recommend him and his staff for any orthopedic surgery. From start to finish, it has been a pleasure to work with him and his staff. Any questions about my treatment or about insurance, he and his staff are more than willing to help. I had both knees replaced and now three months later, I am back to almost 100%. I am back to my bowling and enjoying retirement. We travel from Crystal River over an hour and a half away. Thank you, Dr. Grayson and the staff at Florida Orthopaedic Institute Palm Harbor. You’re truly the best. I would also like to thank Christina for all the help you have given us through this process. You’re a real asset to the office.

William B.

Dr. Grayson is a step above and in a class by himself. He recently facilitated my hip replacement and it has been a truly remarkable pleasure. From point A to point B, and every step along the way, Dr. Grayson has been a god send. Extremely bright, articulate, but most of all, a caring and dedicated surgeon. My hat is off to Dr. Grayson, his assistant Christina, and the entire staff at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. A truly wonderful and dedicated organization.

John P.

This was my third medical issue. My first was a knee revision. I went to several doctors. The doctors I saw could not figure out my problem. Finally, my aunt’s orthopedic doctor referred me to Dr. Grayson. I am pain free for two years and am grateful he was recommended to me. My last two procedures consisted of releasing a band on each side near my hip. To go from excruciating to pain free is wonderful. I have referred to Dr. Grayson several times. Not only is he a great surgeon, he is kind and caring. His entire staff from Christina to the front desk are all wonderful. Unlike many doctors, Dr. Grayson takes his time. He really cares about his patients. I am so grateful I was referred to him.

Cherry H.

I found the entire experience of my total knee replacement with Dr. Grayson, Christina and the entire staff to be very pleasant. Dr. Grayson is an excellent surgeon that makes you feel very comfortable with the procedure. I highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Dr. Grayson!

Roland R.

I had a total right hip replacement and asked Dr. Grayson if he could do anything to even my legs out. A different surgeon did a total left hip replacement, almost six years ago, and I needed a 3/4 inch lift for my right leg. Thanks to Dr. Grayson, my legs are more in line than they have been for the past six years. Dr. Grayson did a wonderful job on my total hip replacement and I did not have the pain or problems that I had previously. He and his staff continued to call and check up on me. I would recommend Dr. Grayson for future patients.

Mary L.

My experience with Florida Orthopaedic Institute and especially Dr. Grayson and his attentive staff, has been nothing but a five star experience. Dr. Grayson replaced my hip robotically and I was climbing stairs and running errands two days later. Dr. Grayson is not only extremely well educated in his field, but a caring and dedicated surgeon. There is no concern he won’t address. I would recommend Dr. Grayson to anyone. A gem to say the least, a truly remarkable and caring human being.

John P.

I had a total right hip replacement and was walking one and a half hours after surgery. Dr. Grayson was fantastic and I am doing great. I never had any major pain and took very little of the pain medication prescribed. I am totally satisfied with his work.

Ruben R.

My mom had a hip replacement two years ago which left her with one leg an inch longer than the other and 3/4 inches offset, so she was in constant pain. She went to see several doctors to fix this problem and no one wanted to repair her hip. Dr. Grayson said he felt he could help. He performed a corrective surgery and she is now able to walk without a lift added to her shoe. Her legs are even and she is on her way to a full recovery.

Lisa B.

He is one gifted doctor. This is the surgeon you want to do you hip or knee. My husband is a living testimony!

Kim and Anthony

Had a total hip replacement on July 10, 2019. Dr. Grayson did a wonderful job. He is so personable and easy to talk to. Very satisfied! Would definitely recommend him to anyone needing surgery.

Linda B.

The staff has been very helpful. Dr. Grayson was very helpful all through the surgery. My new hip is great. I can walk again without any assistance of a cane. It was only about six weeks when I did not need a cane. I really feel like a whole new person.

Shirley W.

Dr. Grayson advised me of what we can do next and some options going forward. He listens to my questions and answers them in a manner that I can understand. He is very personable.

Gary R.

It’s always a thrilling visit to the doctor’s office or the hospital as we plan for surgery. We all want to be well. Dr. Grayson’s office visits make you comfortable and relaxed. I recommend!

Healthgrades Review

Dr. Grayson was very professional, caring and informative. He took the time to answer my questions and show me the x-rays. I appreciated his directness and honesty. I work in the medical profession as well.

S. Daughn

I had a total hip replacement done by Dr. Grayson. He and the entire staff did an excellent job and I was discharged from the hospital the same day. I was walking unassisted the following day and back to walking the dog after three days. It’s only been three weeks but the pain I had before is gone and the surgical pain is nothing compared to what it was like before and this will go away in a few more weeks. Highly recommend this surgeon and all of the staff that interacted with me during the surgery and release process. There were a lot of them!

Chris B.

I had emergency surgery to save my left leg in 2010 from a serious accident. This resulted in a large screw in my hip joint and screws in a plate connecting to my femur. My leg was three-quarters shorter requiring a shoe lift to walk correctly. For about the last three years I had extreme trouble walking any distance without pain. Dr. Grayson, after looking at me, said he could fix my issues with a total hip replacement and a bonus lengthening my leg to normal length. I agreed and had MAKO assisted robotic surgery. All went well. After a few months of rehab at home, I’m now walking normally again! It used to take me four to five rest periods to mow my lawn, but now I can do it all at once without pain! I can now walk completely free of pain and complete all my activities while wearing normal shoes! Dr. Grayson is the man to see for hip problems. He is an excellent doctor and surgeon. I am so thankful for his follow-up care.

Robert W.

This was my first visit to Dr. Grayson. He was so informative and explained exactly what I needed to have done to my hip. I feel very confident and comfortable having him as my surgeon.

Peter T.

Words cannot tell you what a difference my new knee has made in my life! I’m just sorry I waited this long to do it. Thank you!

Patty B.

Dr. Christopher Grayson gave me my life back. I will be forever grateful to him. I am a 62 year old female in otherwise excellent health. I was using a cane constantly and had stopped all shopping. I did not walk unless it was necessary. My pain was a constant 8-10. I could not sleep for more than two hours at a time. Dr. Grayson performed the Robotic Hip Replacement surgery on my left hip. I woke up with zero pain. I walked the halls within several hours after my surgery. I have yet to have any pain in my left hip. I look forward to my right hip surgery later this year. Dr. Grayson deserves 10 stars. There is no one better. He is INCREDIBLE! His assistant Christina is AWESOME. She will answer all of your questions. She is very efficient and on point with all paperwork. The entire process was very smooth.

Lorene M.

All I can say is that I was completely satisfied with my hip replacement. He is informative, compassionate and, most of all, an excellent surgeon.

Cubano A.

My hip was so painful that I struggled to walk any distance without a cane. If I accompanied our family and grandchildren to Disney World, someone had to push me in a wheelchair. Dr. Grayson told me that I was a good candidate for a total hip replacement. He was so right. I had the replacement done in April 2017 and could not be happier. Today, I can walk anywhere I like without a cane. We went to Disney and Epcot last year and walked over five miles in one day without a cane or wheelchair. I had my two year follow up visit with Dr. Grayson at the Citrus Park facility. X-rays show that everything is in place exactly where it should be. I am so thankful and happy that I chose Dr. Grayson for my surgery. He gave me my life back.

James W.

As a snowbird in Florida, I was experiencing leg pain and thought it was a shin splint. I chose Dr. Grayson because he was listed as treating sports injuries. Dr. Grayson took an x-ray, examined my leg and thought it may be a muscle strain. I was prescribed an anti-inflammatory for two weeks. I feel that Dr. Grayson went the extra mile as he also sent me for an ultrasound to make sure I did not have a blood clot. Nothing was found and in two weeks, my leg pain was no better. Dr. Grayson sent me for an ABI test and that when when we found that I had PAD. I am now being referred to a vascular surgeon. I am thankful that Dr. Grayson did not just think about orthopedics. He also thought outside the box to find out why I was having leg pain. Thank you, Dr. Grayson!

Richard G.

My first procedure was successful. I had a knee revision. Dr. Grayson was the fourth doctor I had visited. He was highly recommended by another orthopedic surgeon. During my first visit, he diagnosed my problem. As a result of my surgery, I am completely pain free. I also have bursitis in each hip. I did not need surgery for that. He suggested physical therapy. I was hesitant. Now, I am following his suggestions and going to PT, along with injections in each hip. Thank you for your patience with me. I am pain free.

Cherryln H.

Dr. Grayson is awesome! I finally found an orthopedist that took the time to really explain what I wanted to know concerning my total knee replacement. I became a major fan of Florida Orthopaedic Institute because of the professional standards they maintain as well as the compassion and patience. Dr. Grayson made sure that I fully understood the procedure. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for an orthopedic surgeon.

Healthgrades Review

Dr. Grayson performed a total hip replacement surgery on me and literally gave me my life back. Horrible bone on bone pain had ended my days on the golf course, walking, sitting and standing. Pain can rob you of the activities you enjoy doing. Prior to surgery, my pain level was eight to nine. Following surgery, I couldn’t believe it was only one to two. And even then, it was just surgical soreness. I began walking with a walker that afternoon and by week two, it was with a cane. Thank you Dr. Grayson! You are the best!

Mary Ann B.

It has been three months since I had my hip replacement surgery and what a difference this has made in my life. I am walking daily and loving it. If you are reading this, you are probably in pain or have lost your mobility. Your quality of life may have deteriorated and you just want your life back. This was my experience before my surgery and I knew that I had to do something. My experience with Dr. Grayson and his staff has been very positive. He explained my condition and made sure I understood why surgery was being recommended. He wanted me to be comfortable moving forward. He listened to me and took time to answer all of my questions. His staff is helpful and courteous. If you are considering hip or knee replacement surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Grayson. I believe you will be very happy with your decision.

Jennifer H.

I had, unfortunately, hurt my knee at work and, being new to Florida, I didn’t have any doctors. I was sent here and, boy, am I glad I was. Dr. Grayson and his staff are simply amazing. They made a very difficult time better. Very friendly and kind. I would recommend this practice to anyone. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

William W.

I could not believe how quickly I recovered from my first hip replacement 20 months ago. I was in excruciating pain before surgery and awoke after surgery pain free. I was back to full activity in eight weeks. I just had my second hip replacement and recovery was even faster due to the use of new robotic techniques. He is not only a talented surgeon, but he is attentive to patient needs and has a friendly and caring staff who go above and beyond to assist with scheduling or insurance needs.

Elsa T.

Truly an amazing job. I would recommend Dr. Grayson. I am pain free. Thanks!

Bill H.

Dr. Grayson is an excellent surgeon. He is professional, friendly and explains procedures thoroughly in an easy to understand manner. Christine is very efficient and quick to follow up on all phone calls and questions. All the staff at the FOI Citrus Park was very friendly, professional and thorough. Recommend the facility highly.

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I was looking for a surgeon who would perform a hip replacement. Dr. Christopher Grayson listened to me to what was happening to me. I had been in pain for over a year and a half and really needed help. From the time i met him I knew he would help me. It was all an amazing journey from start to finish. Dr. Grayson is awesome. There are just no other words. Dr. Grayson, you are the best and I will tell anyone that they should go to you for their needs. I am always in your debt.

Lois L.

Dr. Grayson and his MA are excellent to deal with and very helpful with filling out required medical documentation for my employer and insurance company.

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Dr. Grayson saved my leg and, for that, I am very grateful.

RateMDs Review

The physician was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I was very happy with the doctor and comfortable with him doing my surgery.

RateMDs Review

Dr. Grayson is awesome and really cares about his patients. Such a nice person and his staff is excellent!

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Dr. Grayson is very caring and professional. I hesitated to do this review because, selfishly, I do not want too many other people to discover him. That may make it harder to see him. Nonetheless, I highly recommend Dr. Grayson and will always be grateful to him for his knowledge and care.

UCompareHealthcare Review

The staff is ALWAYS helpful and courteous. Dr. Grayson’s assistant Christina is very knowledgeable and prompt in answering questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Grayson to anyone in need of a good doctor.

RateMDs Review

Dr. Grayson just replaced my mom’s knee only 3 days ago. I am a RN and was blown away at the wonderful care she received from Dr. Grayson and the staff. They are truly remarkable. Every single staff member has been nothing but kind and professional. We highly recommend Dr. Grayson.

Julie H

Before finding Florida Orthopaedic Institute I went to several doctors trying to get relief from the extreme pain I had in my hip.  I saw Dr. Maxson first.  He took one look at my x- ray and told me I needed an expert for this, because I have an allergy to metal in my bones. Two minuets later in came Dr. Grayson.  He took one look at the x-ray and said “you need surgery”.  Christina B., Dr. Grayson’s administrative medical assistant took my info and had me in the hospital two weeks later.  I went in [very impressed by their procedure for prepping prior to surgery] on Tuesday and was back home Thursday, able to walk again.  I had virtually no pain, was advised to use a walker.  I did for about a week until I got my balance back. Now I am back to riding my bike 20 miles, golfing, swimming and enjoying life. Anyone that has a joint related problem needs to see these doctors.  They are wonderful. THANK YOU!

Billy B.

After three surgeries with another doctor, serious infection, and a badly placed spacer, I was dropped by my doctor.  His reason was that I was to great of a risk. For nine months I had been in constant pain laying in a bed in a rehab. I found Dr. Grayson and he told me that if I did everything he told me to do I would be fine.  After my surgery with Dr. Grayson I had no pain and with therapy I walked for the first time in nine months. He is a wonderful, kind, and caring man who is an extremely knowledgeable, competent and skilled surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone who needs hip surgery without hesitation.

Norma M.

I was in severe pain in both hips for 5 years. I talked to Dr. Grayson and he said he could help. I had my first hip done on June 5th, 2017 and had my second hip done Nov. 2017. WOW! What a difference! My rehab was 3 home sessions and recovery was 10 days. Dr. Grayson was very professional and caring. I highly suggest Dr. Grayson to give you back your quality of life and then some. Thank you, Dr. Grayson for giving me my mobility back!

Tom M.

I had just completed a move to Florida from Michigan and was experiencing pain in my right hip and difficulty walking. Because I’d had 4 prior orthopaedic surgeries in Michigan, I was quite upset finding out I’d needed another hip replacement to end the pain. Dr. Grayson assured me that while I’d experienced problems before, and had my last hip replacement 6 years ago, he thought I’d be pleased with the advancements made since then. He did my surgery on Dec. 11,2017. I spent 3 nights in the hospital and went home alone. I was able to care for myself without help. I used a walker for the first week.  I had home care nurses 3 times a week and also a therapist 3 times a week.  I walked without a cane around my condo in my second week. I walked into my appointment with Dr. Grayson at 16 days post-op without a cane. To ring in the New Year I drove my friend and myself to the casino where I walked around on my own with no pain and able to stay several hours. What a Happy New Year for a 71 year old widow.  I will do some out patient therapy now to regain better body strength and because I want Dr. Grayson to look at my other hip which though replaced twice in Michigan has never been right. He and his staff are an answer to prayer for finding a new area doctor who can help to keep me moving and active.

Nancy S.

I was very impressed with Dr. Grayson and his staff. Everything was very professional and friendly. The staff at the Physical Therapy was the same way and that’s very important to my recovery. After 10 weeks I was playing golf and walking 18 holes with no pain. My life is now back to normal and I can do anything I want.

Gary S.

Dr. Grayson performed a total hip replacement for me.  I highly recommend him as he is highly skilled. I found him to be very patient, thorough in explaining what needed to be done, and what to expect post-surgery.

Reva T.

Office visits were prompt, and Dr. Grayson explained my problems and how he would fix me up to have a very normal life without pain. After operation he came to hospital each day giving me support in my healing!

Eleanor F.

Dr. Grayson is an easy man to talk to and very accommodating. My surgery was scheduled quickly and my hospital stay was fast and comfortable. The staff was wonderful!  I am in my fourth week of recovery and doing great. Thank you, Dr. Grayson and all your staff!

Maryann B.

Dr. Grayson listened as I described the issues I was having related to a 5k run after not having run in 10 years.  I could hardly walk when I got to the office.  He checked me out, made  a diagnosis, and had me walking again in 30 minutes.  He thoroughly described my injury and how to treat it for a week and conducted a follow up just to insure my quality of health.

Vincent W.

I’m a 62 yr. old male that 15 days ago received a total hip replacement by Dr. Grayson. Due to his talented skills I’ve been walking without a cane after the 10th day and went back to the gym and worked upper body for 40 minutes. I had my other hip replaced back in Pa., 5 years ago which was a total disaster compared to this. I’ve been walking 30 minutes every morning starting on my 9th day post-op. His staff has been excellent especially Christina who gave me confidence in Dr. Grayson’s abilities. I fully recommend Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Dr. Grayson! I personally want to thank Dr. Grayson for giving 12 years of his life in Medical education to make my life better!

John S.

My experience with having a total knee replacement was stellar! Dr. Grayson is a skilled orthopaedic surgeon that I give the highest rating to of any physician I have experienced. He has a pleasant personality that any patient would feel comfortable with. I’ve heard horror stories of knee replacements in the past from friend’s experiences, but that was not my experience at all. There was no pain whatsoever. The home therapy as well as outpatient therapy at Dr. Grayson’s facility was nothing but superb. As soon as you wake up from the surgery you’re walking and will go home the next day! I was using a walker for a week, a cane for three days after that, and riding my bike again in four weeks post-surgery. Several of my friends have taken my recommendation to have their knee surgery with Dr. Grayson and have had the same wonderful experience!

Linda V.

Dr. Grayson is an excellent doctor. He is very informative, helpful and a great listener. Christina, his assistant, is excellent in her responsiveness and courtesy. They are an excellent team and I am very grateful to have them as my providers. All of the front desk staff and x-ray technicians are equally professional, friendly and courteous. Thank you!

Rate MDs Review

In my opinion, Dr. Grayson is GREAT. Most importantly, he treats you like a human being and not a machine. He talks with you, explains your procedure, your actual condition and much more. His assistant, Christina, is also GREAT. Very professional, considerate and knowledgeable.

Healthgrades Review

Communication was so easy with Dr. Grayson and his staff. I am 83 years old and was not sure I was a candidate for surgery. He assured me that I could walk again without pain. Not only can I walk without pain but my 6 week recovery time was less and my leg was straight. Thank you, Dr. Grayson. I think you preformed a miracle.

Betty B

Dr. Grayson took time to answer any questions and address any concerns we had regarding my husband’s knew replacement. He uses devices that have a longstanding success rate and his procedural techniques and surgical follow up seem to be what is best for the patient and their recovery. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome! Thank you Dr. Grayson for your kind, considerate and compassionate manner, as well as your superior surgery skills!

Healthgrades Review

Everyone was just wonderful and very caring. Thank you all for helping me through this time and surgery. Thank you to Dr. Grayson and Christina.

Patient Review on Rate MDs

I was very impressed with Dr. Grayson and his staff. Everyone was very professional and friendly. The Physical Therapy staff was the same way and very important to my recovery. After ten weeks, I was playing golf and walking eighteen holes with no pain. My life is back to normal and I can do anything I want.

Gary S.

I was in severe pain in both hips for five years. I made an appointment with Dr. Grayson and he assured me that he could help with my pain. I had surgery on one hip in June of 2017 then my second hip surgery took place in November. Wow, what a difference! My rehab consisted of three home sessions and my recovery period was ten days after each surgery. Dr. Grayson was very professional and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Grayson to give you your quality of life back and then some. Thank you, Dr. Grayson, for giving me my mobility back!

Tom M.

I had a total knee replacement on my right knee by Dr. Grayson at Florida Hospital North Pinellas on December 30, 2016. I couldnot be happier with my results. I had therapy in the hospital for two days, in-home therapy for two weeks and then went to the Palm Harbor location for four weeks of additional therapy. I was back to my volunteer job at the hospital by February. I was very satisfied with my surgery done by Dr. Grayson. People could not believe how well I was doing after just two months.  I was able towalk up a flight of twelve steps at my house once or twice a day without any problems. I would highly recommend Dr.Grayson and Florida Orthopaedic Institute. If I ever need my left knee done that’s where I would go and Dr. Grayson would be my go to

Yelp Review

After three surgeries with another doctor, a serious infection and a badly placed spacer, I was dropped by my doctor. His reason was that I was too great a risk. For nine months, I had been in constant pain laying in a bed in a rehab facility. I found Dr. Grayson and he told me that if I did everything he told me to do, I would be fine. After my surgery with Dr. Grayson, I had no pain and with therapy, I walked for the first time in nine months. He is a wonderful, kind and caring man who is an extremely knowledgeable, competent and skilled surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone who needs hip surgery without hesitation.

Norma M.

I had a hip replacement performed by Dr. Grayson and I have to say that I love this man. He did such a great job! I have never had a surgery before in my life and I was scared. However, after surgery, I was back to work in just two weeks. I just had my three month checkup and everything was great! I am dancing again, thank you to Dr. Grayson for giving me my life back. What an awesome staff and an awesome Doctor, I give them twenty stars! Thank you!

Joann B.

Before finding Florida Orthopaedic Institute, I went to several doctors trying to get relief from the extreme pain I had in my hip. All of the offices that I saw prior to Florida Orthopaedic Institute said it could be three to four months before I could even see a doctor. I was in so much pain there was not a position that was comfortable. I had to look outside the bubble, where I found Florida Orthopaedic Institute. I called and they had me in their office within a week.  Dr. Grayson took one look at my x-ray and said, “You need surgery”. Christina B., Dr. Grayson’s administrative medical assistant, took my info and had me in the hospital two weeks later. I went in [very impressed by their procedure for prepping prior to surgery] on Tuesday and was back home Thursday, able to walk again. I had virtually no pain, was advised to use a walker. This took place on March 28. Now it is June 22 and I am back to riding my bike twenty miles, golfing, swimming and enjoying life. Anybody that has a joint related problem needs to see these doctors. They are wonderful. THANK YOU.

Billy B.

Over a year ago I had an MRI done on my back because my back, left hip, and left leg were in extreme pain. I could hardly walk to the end of our driveway and back. After seeing a different orthopedic surgeon, I was told that I needed a hip replacement. I knew I had back trouble, but never realized that I needed a hip replacement. Unfortunately, that surgeon did not take the time to answer my questions and the receptionist wanted to schedule my surgery that day. I shared my concerns with my primary care physician, and he told me to go see Dr. Grayson. Dr Grayson gave my husband and I the time we needed to ask our questions. He did tell me I needed the hip replacement, but was in no hurry to schedule my surgery-he said he would do it when I’m ready, I knew that day that he was the right surgeon for me. When I did finally decide to proceed with the surgery, I called with additional questions and was put right through to Dr. Grayson. I was really not expecting to be able to speak with him so soon. His kindness and knowledge was exemplary. On the day of my surgery, Dr. Grayson took the time to see me both before and after the surgery as well as the days I spent in recovery at the hospital. Although he is a very busy doctor, I never felt that he was in a hurry to leave when I had questions. The surgery went very well. I was off pain killers four days after the surgery and off anti-inflammatory medication a week later. Within three weeks I was able to walk without a walker or cane. I just went for my one year checkup on my new hip and everything looks good. My husband and I have been able to go for a walk every day and have gone dancing on occasion. For anyone who needs hip or knee surgery, I would highly recommend Dr. Grayson. I never felt like he was just treating another patient. He treated me with compassion and care as if he were treating a family member.

Eve S.

“I was treated excellent by Dr. Grayson. I presented with two infected knee replacements which I had done seven yrs prior in Indiana. Dr. Grayson cleaned out both knees and replaced some parts and he treated me so kindly. I felt like family to him. He is so personable yet professional that he made me feel at ease and I trusted him fully. Thank you Dr Grayson so very much!”

Kelly M.

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