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Information for Amputees – The Reconstructive Limb Loss Clinic at FOI

By May 7, 2019October 15th, 2020Announcements
information for amputees

Florida Orthopaedic Institute announces a dedicated clinic for patients with upper and lower amputation, providing information for amputees – The Reconstructive Limb Loss Clinic at FOI.

The Clinic is ideal and best suited for patients experiencing pain due to neuroma or phantom limb pain, unable to wear a prosthetic, unable to function and other amputee concerns.  

Individuals with amputations face many daily challenges that can significantly affect their lives, including general health, wellness, mobility, independence and more. The Reconstructive Limb Loss Clinic at FOI helps amputees by offering patients a multidisciplinary approach to the latest surgical innovations and technology to help them restore maximum limb performance and live life to the fullest.

The Reconstructive Limb Loss Clinic at FOI is led by surgeon Dr. Jason Nydick, a Florida native who was born and raised in Sarasota. After receiving his upper extremity fellowship with Florida Orthopaedic Institute, he dedicated his years from 2011-2014 to serving in the United States Navy at Pensacola Naval Hospital, including deployment to Kandahar Multinational Role 3 Combat Hospital in Afghanistan.

Reconstructive Limb Loss Clinic at FOI includes several healthcare providers attending each monthly clinic. New reconstructive procedures and technology are available for patients with upper and lower amputations. Cutting-edge techniques and surgeries include targeted muscle reinnervation.

Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR) brings amputees relief and helps them get back to their daily lives. TMR was initially developed to work with new technology in bio-prosthetic limbs, but surgeons noticed that amputees who had TMR surgery also reported a significant reduction in both neuroma and phantom limb pain.

The Reconstructive Limb Loss Clinic at FOI coordinates with local and regional prosthetists and utilizes the most advanced myoelectric prostheses available. Physical therapists, occupational therapists, pain management specialists, and psychologists are available to the patient as needed for a comprehensive patient solution.

During the Clinic, patients will receive an initial evaluation by Dr. Nydick to determine if they are a candidate for the procedures and then be able to meet with both a therapist and a prosthetist, all in one appointment. Every medical professional involved in the clinic has been carefully selected for their experience and expertise in working with this patient population. Through a strong partnership with local medical professionals dedicated in achieving a common goal of improving the lives of post-amputee patients, this Clinic offers a truly innovative approach to the Tampa Bay community and its surrounding areas.

The Clinic occurs on the first Tuesday of each month at the main FOI campus, 13020 Telecom Pkwy N., Temple Terrace, FL 33637 FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL ERICA NIEVES AT 813-978-9700, EXTENSION 6265