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Mark A. Frankle, M.D.

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Continuously researching new methods allows me to reassure my patients that they are always getting the best treatment available.

Dr. Frankle has been with Florida Orthopaedic Institute since 1991 and received his fellowship training at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and specializes in shoulder and elbow surgery. In response to encountering a subset of patients for whom there was no effective treatment, Dr. Frankle is the surgeon responsible for bringing reverse shoulder arthroplasty to the United States. His original implant design utilized a lateralized center of rotation which was revolutionary compared to the accepted standard in Europe and it took many years of presenting his durable results to garner acceptance of his work from his peers. He has consistently devoted himself to the refinement of surgical technique and implant design to optimize the device to treat an ever-expanding list of surgical indications. His surgical outcomes remain an enduring testament to the viability and utility of shoulder arthroplasty, both anatomic and reverse. The tenets of his implant design for reverse prostheses are now mirrored by every major orthopaedic implant manufacturer, the surgery he pioneered for American patients is now one of the fastest growing surgical procedures in the nation, and he now holds numerous patents on implants, including anatomic total shoulder, reverse total shoulder prosthetics and suture removal systems. Dr. Frankle’s ingenuity and dogged commitment to improving patient care have garnered him worldwide acclaim as the preeminent expert on reverse shoulder arthroplasty.

One of the most active researchers in the field of shoulder and elbow surgery, Dr. Frankle has authored more than two hundred peer-reviewed articles in professional journals, has published a textbook on reverse shoulder arthroplasty, maintains ongoing research projects, and is consistently invited to present his findings at countless professional orthopedic conferences. He also reviews the Journal of Orthopaedic Research, Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma, Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, Orthopedics, BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, and BMC Surgery. This list expands every year.

Dr. Frankle currently serves on the Executive Board of the Society of American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons and is a recent past President of the Society. He is the director of the Biomechanical Shoulder and Elbow Research Lab at the University of South Florida College of Engineering. He is also the director of the Shoulder and Elbow fellowship program, a collaborative effort between the Florida Orthopaedic Institute and the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education responsible for the training of 3-4 surgical fellows every year. The program currently boasts 70+ alumni. His work is often nominated for and has received the prestigious Charles S. Neer award for Basic Science from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Dr. Frankle enjoys setting aside time for researching and finding new ways to innovate and progress orthopedics from a surgical perspective. His implementations continue to act as stepping stones that improve overall orthopedic care.

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I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Frankle. He has helped to dramatically improve my life. I had severe shoulder osteoarthritis and had lost a lot of functionality and mobility of my arms due to severe pain. The shoulder replacements were almost completely painless. The pain is now all gone. My range of motion is returning. My quality of life has improved drastically. Thank you, Dr. Frankle. Amazing doctor. Genius. Inventor.

Dwight D.

I just came home from a follow-up appointment, and I was talking to my partner about my visit. Dr. Frankle was really nice and really cool. Very easy to talk to, thorough, explains things so you can understand, doesn’t talk down to you. He’s a special type of doctor. Everybody at the front desk is cool too. Nice and smiley. 5/5 would go again

Leslie J.

Six months since my Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery, and I couldn’t be happier. I have way more range of motion and use of my Shoulder than I was told I might have! It’s no wonder Dr. Frankle came so highly recommended. He is the best!!!!!

Jim E.

Staff is very friendly and helpful, very courteous, and very professional! I have been seeing Dr. Frankle for five years, and I would recommend him to anyone with shoulder problems!

June B.

Dr. Frankle communicates with a lot of knowledge, professionalism, and kindness. He made it easy for me to understand my health situation. His assistant was also very professional, kind, and easy to comprehend. After my office visit, I felt better and equipped with new knowledge, which I can implement to improve my condition. Thank you so much!

Deepa M.

I have had two surgeries by Doctor Frankel. He is the best at what he does. He is a very accomplished surgeon. He is clear and listens to both symptoms and follow-up questions. I am getting ready to have another surgery, and I will only use him.

Elk M.

Most professional, caring, and helpful experience from any medical professional I have ever seen! I have been here multiple times over many years. Always the same great experience.

R. C.

Both Jeff, the PA, and Dr. Frankle were outstanding! They thoroughly explained the issue with my shoulder and eased my anxiety over the injection they gave me. I highly recommend Dr. Frankle and his staff!

Marc L.

I love talking with Dr. Frankle. His expertise speaks so much about his presence, his candidness, and his humility (which I admire the most). Thank you, Dr. Frankle. Keep up the good work.

Stanley H.

The steroid shot I was given for my shoulder has helped me tremendously. I feel so much better. I wanted to let you know this as well as thank you for taking the time with me and actually listening to me. This is a rare commodity in this day and age. I have been to numerous doctors in my life and you are heads above them all. I had two other special doctors for many years that have retired but you even beat them out. I know you are an extremely busy physician and I wanted to express my appreciation to you. Maybe you don’t hear it enough is another reason I wanted to let you know. Take care and I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Linda P.

Having done 6,000, it’s probably not possible to remember me, but I thought I’d send you this note to go back down memory lane with my story and your successful treatment. Visiting you and your great staff uncovered the fact that my left shoulder was so shredded [after a vehicle accident] that the tendons couldn’t be reattached but, fortunate for me, you could perform a reverse shoulder replacement. The prescribed physical therapy afterwards was a well-organized, challenging struggle. But, before I knew it, I was gaining strength and motion. Four years later, my shoulder is so comfortable that I hardly remember how torn up I made it. Thank you for everything!

Leonard M.

Thank you for everything you have done for me and my shoulder. Most of all, thank you for using the God given talent you have. Your staff is outstanding. Jeff Hamelin is a real asset, as well as Laura. I can’t remember the names of the girls at the front desk and the nurse, but oh so professional. Then there is Jason, what a doll. He did everything for me before I thought about it. Even now, that I’m home and doing great, I can call on him for anything. You are a very talented person and again, you share openly and willingly with others that want to learn. Thank you again.

Julie G.

I met with Dr. Lee, a Fellow of Dr. Frankle’s. He is excellent and I have seen him several times and he explains my shoulder pains and what I have causing these pains. He reviewed my MRI’s today and then showed me what the surgery procedure entailed and it really put me at ease. I feel very comfortable with both Dr. Frankle and Dr. Lee when my 3 month injections stop working on both my shoulders, I will not hesitate having them schedule my shoulder surgery one at a time.

Liz A.

Dr. Frankle and everyone we dealt with at FOI were incredible. Both Dr. Frankle and his PA were wonderful. They talk to you in a calm and reassuring way, discussing the problem in a way you can understand and ask questions. Dr. Frankle repeatedly encourages you to ask questions and express concerns. A true professional who still cares about his patients and their concerns. Can’t say enough good things. Would recommend anyone with a shoulder issue to go see him, especially if a replacement is in your future.

John P.

Dr. Frankle and the staff are outstanding. I couldn’t ask for better care.

Robert B.

You not only saved my right arm, but also the remaining ten years of my career. My bone breakage was so severe that there was the real possibility that I would lose it. In fact, where the primary surgeon gave up and no other local surgeon would take on the task, I was sent to you. All the way across the state in Tampa from Stuart! Thank you!

Dave A.

I had such a wonderful, above and beyond visit today! I want to send some kudos for them!

Debra M.

In January, Dr. Frankle replaced my shoulder. He restored my life to me and I will always be grateful to him and his talented support team. The operation was pain free, my recovery amazing. I was golfing within five months and feel fully healed now (September). I was frightened at first at the thought of a complete replacement shoulder, I had nothing to fear. Dr. Frankle, thank you so very much.

Thunder V.

Three months ago, I had a right shoulder replacement performed by Dr. Frankle. I was skeptical about the operation as I had read online that a shoulder replacement was more difficult to perform than a knee or hip replacement. Also, I had known several people who had had to have the procedure done twice without totally satisfactory results. Well, I have only praise for Dr. Frankle. I have suffered minimal pain from the operation and have experienced marvelous results. I have complete mobility in my right shoulder. I can swim again, blow dry my hair and attend yoga, palates, zumba, barre and even weight classes. I should add that I am 87 years old. Dr. Frankle is a superb surgeon and we are all so lucky to have him in the Tampa Bay area.

Sara D.

Dr. Frankle took sufficient time and dialogue to explain to me a difficult process required to diagnose/isolate and then treat my shoulder. It feels much better after this last treatment. Thank you!

Randal W.

Dr. Frankle and staff did an excellent job of diagnosing and treating my problem in one visit. It was a tremendous relief off my mind. It wasn’t rushed and he did a great job of explaining. I would highly recommend.

Randy G.

The excellent staff at Dr. Frankle’s office makes each visit, for injections, pre-op, post-op appointments, very enjoyable and reassuring. Two employees who are particularly knowledgeable, friendly and perfect at their jobs are Amy Egan and Jeff Hamelin. They always make you feel that you are in good hands and are receiving the best possible care. Five stars.

Susan P.

Dr. Frankle was very straight forward with us about my surgery to repair my rotator cuff. My recovery was smooth and I would not only recommend him to anyone needing this surgery, but I would look to him for a recommendation should I ever need surgery on another joint.

Healthgrades Review

I would highly recommend Dr. Frankle. Just six weeks ago, my 80 year old father had shoulder replacement surgery and his recovery time was minimal. He doesn’t even need physical therapy. Words just can’t express how grateful we are for having a doctor that took such good care of him. The pain he was having before the dreaded surgery impacted his quality of life. He’s always been very active. Now, he can proceed with all the activities that he enjoys so much! Many thanks to Dr. Frankle and his staff an excellent job done! We couldn’t be more thankful and grateful. If I could rate 10 stars, I would.

Darlene E.

Had both shoulder replacement surgeries and am well pleased with what I’m able to do now. Great staff and Dr. Frankle is easy to talk to and understand.

Healthgrades Review

Excellent bedside manor. Spent upwards of an hour discussing my case. I have had many surgeries and never did a surgeon show so much interest in making sure I was sure about my decision and did not have unrealistic expectations. The best!

Healthgrades Review

He changed my life with shoulder surgery!

Alex C.

Dr. Frankle is a very caring doctor. I would highly recommend him and his very efficient staff.

RateMDs Review

We Love Dr. Frankle and Jeff! The staff is always helpful and it’s always a pleasure coming in each time.

RateMDs Review

Best treatment, clean hospital and anyone that came to my room had a smile on their face. I felt that everyone really cared about me. Dr. Frankle’s office was excellent, very organized and again, everyone always smiled. Thank you!

RateMDs Review

Any time Dr. Frankle’s name was mentioned as my husband’s surgeon, people were telling me that he was the best to have for his shoulder surgery. He is very well thought of. Very pleased to have found him for my husband’s reverse shoulder surgery.

RateMDs Review

Very informative first post surgery visit. I was treated with respect and kindness by each member of your knowledgeable staff. My confidence about restoring my health improved as a result of this visit. Thanks to all of you.

RateMDs Review

I am an orthopedic surgeon from India. I was at Florida Orthopaedic Institute on a Shoulder & Elbow Reconstruction Clinic Research Fellowship. It is a well-known fact that Dr. Frankle is a world-famous reverse shoulder replacement surgeon. He is also a designer of Encore Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis. I used to see him perform this surgery at Tampa General Hospital. He is a perfect surgeon and clinician. He would not leave the job unless it is perfectly done. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any shoulder and elbow surgery. I am thankful for him for the learning opportunity that he gave me.

Niranjan D.

I have been going to Dr. Frankle for ten years. He is an excellent surgeon and I have recommended him to many people, I think that he is excellent.

Rate MDs Review

Anyone needing shoulder replacement surgery should see Dr. Frankle, he is the best.

John O.

Incredible! Astute, articulate, empathetic, thorough, genuine are just a few of the descriptive words re: Dr Frankle. He, his associates & staff are like none I’ve ever encountered. Professional, punctual overlooking no detail, answering every question was routine operating procedure in both the hospital & office.
As for my shoulder replacement, I went in terrified and 6 months later, I play golf, tennis, swim, workout, bike and sleep….peacefully & pain free! My surgery took place on my 67th Bday and it was the best gift I ever received.

Gregory P.

When I came to Dr. Frankle , it was after 5 surgeries and having had a shoulder implant become infected which then had to be removed Dr. Frankle was wonderful and did a reverse shoulder replacement, to replace the one that had to be removed.
I am now able to do so many things, including golfing , which I had never thought would be possible, because of Dr. Frankle’s care. When Dr. Frankle was recommended by my previous surgeon, I was told that ” Dr. Frankle is the best” and the best surgeon around. My experiences have proven that to be true.

Chris L.

I was hit by a golf cart in 2013. The accident dislocated the right shoulder and tore the rotary cuff. Dr. Frankle did a reverse shoulder replacement in January 2015. In July, I am back to swimming, lawn bowling, eating with right hand, and able to raise my right hand above my right shoulder. I am thankful for his talent and skill to put me back together again. I highly recommend him.

Carolyn C.

I was referred by my internist in Vero Beach, FL and I traveled across the state to get a
second opinion on a rotator cuff issue. Your facility is very busy but extremely well run
and your staff are not only very pleasant but highly efficient. Dr. Frankle took a very conservative approach of a cortisone injection in my shoulder rather than rushing to perform an arthroscopic repair which was the orthopedic opinion I received locally. My shoulder is now fine.

Paul K.

I had a shoulder replacement procedure performed by Dr. Frankle. I was not able to sleep at night or raise my left arm above my waist. Now I am back with a new quality of life. active in golf, sleeping all night and no pain whatsoever. Dr. Frankle is an individual who was meant to be a doctor. He is thorough, considerate, friendly and takes time to explain the procedure and the follow ups and puts you at ease. I highly recommend his services.

Albert R.

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  • Jeff Hamelin, PA-C


  • Fellowship, Mayo Clinic, Shoulder & Elbow, Adult Reconstruction
  • Fellowship, A/O-ASIF, Experimental Surgery Research
  • Fellowship, Rush Medical College, Orthopaedic Pathology & Research
  • Residency, University of South Florida
  • Medical Degree, Rush Medical College

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