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Ioannis P. Pappou, M.D.

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Knowing what's important to my patients is important for me. My main goal with each patient encounter is to listen to their concerns and educate and engage them in the formulation and execution of the treatment plan.

Dr. Pappou is dual fellowship trained and board-certified in orthopedics by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and specializes in hand, wrist, shoulder, elbow, and microvascular surgery. Combining compassion, science, leading research, and innovation, Dr. Pappou’s goal is to educate patients about the particular diagnosis and prognosis, allowing the patient to make an informed, joint decision regarding treatment.

Born and raised in Greece, Dr. Pappou has been acclimated to many cultures internationally and gained extensive medical training in Germany and the United States. He has been a member of the American Association of Orthopaedics, the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, and the American Association for Hand Surgery.

In addition to delivering dozens of informational lectures nationally and internationally, Dr. Pappou has authored numerous publications. He has also contributed his extensive knowledge to composing reviews and abstracts, as well as chapter content for various books.

Dr. Pappou is fluent in six languages and enjoys running, reading, scuba diving, traveling, and studying ancient Greek philosophy.

Possesses niche expertise in shoulder replacements, shoulder arthroscopy for labral and rotator cuff tears, use of bio-inductive patches for partial rotator cuff tears and superior capsular reconstruction for massive irreparable cuff tears, arthroscopic repair of shoulder instability, endoscopic carpal tunnel releases, wrist arthroscopy, any fracture in the arm.

**Accepting Workers’ Compensation


Dr. Ioannis Pappou is an excellent surgeon and excellent doctor. Very nice and polite. I am very happy to call him my doctor. Thank you, doctor, for your excellent work and your personality. I recommend Doctor Ioannis to all people who have problems with the shoulder. Thank you, Dr. Pappou…and friendly staff.

Blazenka K.

I needed to have elbow surgery. I had never had surgery before, and Dr. Pappou and his team were absolutely great. Everything went very, very smoothly, and my recovery is going well. I highly recommend him and his team

James B.

My 79yr. old mom visited Dr. Pappou just yesterday and absolutely loved this doctor. I am sure she would highly recommend him anytime!

Dora B.

Very knowledgeable, straightforward doctor, which I appreciate since I see several specialists a year. Thank you.

Crystal C.

Dr. Pappou is a very talented surgeon. He fixed my clavicle correctly, which a previous surgeon had botched. He is also a great communicator. He is very thorough during post-op examinations, showing a huge care factor. You can tell that his mind works quickly, but he still takes time to explain things clearly, gives you various options, and listens carefully to what you have to say. Obviously, I cannot say enough good things about him.

Dave D.

I like appointments first in the morning. The office visit went quickly, from an x-ray to waiting to be seen by the doctor. He asked and answered my questions, and for my issue, surgery was the answer. He said it is very fixable and told me what I will be able to do immediately after. Very pleased. Thank you.

Mary R.

This was my first visit at the request of my Neurologist. Dr. Pappou ensured the time with him was well spent and efficient. X-Rays were done before he saw me and were ready for him in the exam room. He reviewed them with me, explained what he saw, and then did the physical exam of my hands. Very direct and formulated a plan that appears to be the right course of action. I highly recommend him and the team in his office.

Bob L.

Dr. Pappou is very nice and smart. Trying to help with the pain with everything he’s got. Very compassionate doctor, and I give him 5 stars! Highly recommend.

Huss A.

Dr. Pappou, M.D. Very professional, knowledgeable & helpful. His communication is impeccable. Highly recommended.

Denise P.

My husband has had several shoulder and hand issues, and Dr. Pappou has fixed them all! He’s been very generous with his time and patience, explaining details to both of us!

Benetta P.

Wait time while in the actual patient room was early. Very attentive and explained everything in detail. And great bedside manner.

Martina L.

I recently had surgery on my wrist to repair the ulnar/distal radius. He performed an ulnar shortening osteotomy for the distal radius in my wrist. Not only did the surgery go well, but the healing process was also without issues, and the pain has diminished 100%. The scar is barely visible. Not only is Dr. Pappou an excellent surgeon, but he’s also an active listener, explains the process in detail, and is a kind and professional doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Pappou for your orthopedic needs. Additionally, his staff is courteous, and efficient, and wait time is minimal. Thank you so much for your care!

Daneen S.

I appreciate his honesty in explaining everything to me and for showing it to me on the MRI. I appreciate it.

Sadie R.

I connected well with Dr. Pappou. Not only was he very knowledgeable about my condition, but he was also a good listener and able to diagnose my condition instantly.

Michael R.

I went to see Dr. Pappou for shoulder and wrist problems after being in treatment with another doctor. Dr. Pappou requested all tests that I needed. He is very knowledgeable!! His staff is courteous, and there’s minimal wait.

Lourdes T.

Great experience! It’s run like a well-oiled machine. Very efficient & respect your time. Dr. Pappou was excellent! Very friendly & knowledgeable. Top-of-the-line experience. Thanks to everyone for making my afternoon at a doctor’s office so nice.

Michelle D.

Dr. Pappou was great! Extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with! He and the staff at the Palm Harbor office made my wife’s several-month recovery as easy as it could be!

Michael W.

Always a pleasure to interact with stellar staff and an amazingly talented doctor. Dr. Pappou did a reverse total shoulder replacement. The results and the care have been impeccable. Highly recommend the practice.

Terri A.

I recommend Dr. Ioannis Pappou to anyone I know. He is awesome and great with his patients. He took really good care of my elbow.

Alicia R.

Dr. Pappou did carpal surgery on both of my arms a few years ago. I recently saw him for a hand injury (still in progress). Dr. Pappou hasn’t changed a bit. Still best doctor ever! Skilled, knowledgeable, but most all, he answers and explained all my questions perfectly. Highly recommended. Staff very helpful and professional.

Kathryn N.

Dr. Pappou is the best! I have a shoulder tear and a wrist tear. His treatment plan is conservative and he doesn’t push surgery until other options have been exhausted.

Jane S.

Everyone is courteous, professional and helpful. I was very impressed with Dr. Pappou. He explained my problem and treatment with clarity as we moved forward. I would highly recommend this orthopedic group.

Ann F.

Dr. Pappou is the best! I have a shoulder tear and a wrist tear. His treatment plan is conservative and he doesn’t push surgery until other options have been exhausted.

Jane S.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Pappou for three years and he’s done a fantastic job treating my torn rotator cuff and keeping me from having surgery. He is caring and concerned about his patients well-being and I would highly recommend his services.

Lenny M.

Dr. Pappou did carpal surgery on both my arms a few years ago. I recently saw him for a hand injury. Dr. Pappou hasn’t changed a bit…still the best doctor ever! Skilled, knowledgeable, but most of all, he answers and explains all my questions perfectly! Highly recommended. Staff very helpful and professional.

Kathryn N.

Thank you, Dr. Pappou for fixing my broken wrist! 4 years now and going strong. This doctor is a very good listener and he made my surgery process run smooth as possible. He is extremely bright! True hero.

Mike M.

Check-in was terrific using the electronic pad. Receptionists were cheerful, kind and very helpful. X-ray techs were very professional and fast. Dr. Pappou was great, understood where the pain was an recommended therapy. He was highly recommended by TGH Medical staff. All in all, a very quick and efficient operation. I’m glad I will be taking my physical therapy with these professionals. Thank you!

Robert P.

Excellent! Dr. Pappou is outstanding. Highly intelligent, informative and effective. He provided multiple options, explained pros and cons and allowed us to make the decision.

Angela H.

My regular orthopedic doctor referred me to Dr. Pappou for a shoulder issue that he was unsure how to proceed with. Dr. Pappou did a procedure on my shoulder two weeks later and I feel great. Five years of shoulder issues gone with no rehab. Needless to say, Dr. Pappou is now my regular orthopedic doctor.

David B.

I went to Dr. Pappou for a problem with my shoulder. He is a very straight to the point doctor and does not push for surgery. In the end, I had to undergo surgery for rotator cuff repair on my right shoulder. I have obtained 90% recovery and Dr. Pappou told me that after one year from surgery, I should be totally recovered (all this with minimal therapy I did at home). I appreciate his no nonsense approach and would recommend him to anyone needing care.

Yvette P.

I saw Dr. Pappou for a second opinion and am very happy I did! Excellent office and staff! Dr. Pappou was able to explain my options and answer every question I had. Very grateful!

Kurt M.

Dr. Pappou was amazing. He is professional and provides detailed information and communicates very well. I would have never dreamed that having a plate repair broken leg could go so seamlessly. My experience with Dr. Pappou far exceeded my most optimistic expectations.

Pam M.

Dr. Pappou is an extremely talented medical physician. This legend in the making is skilled at providing strategic medical solutions that alleviates his patients from severe pain. Whether he is identifying your medical problem or performing the best necessary treatments and/or surgeries, you can trust him. His explanation of your medical conditions are shared in laymen terms for your understanding. Tampa Bay is blessed to have such a gifted and caring medical doctor practicing here locally. I highly recommend him.

Antoinette C.

Dr. Pappou is very professional, yet he talks to you comfortably. He did surgery on my right hand to repair tendons that I severed. Had two fingers with no movement. Thank you, Dr. Pappou!

Mike P.

I experienced an unfortunate accident at home where my ankle was dislocated and several bones fractured. Dr. Pappou was on duty at the hospital that evening in the emergency room. Dr. Pappou could not have been more honest explaining the severity of my injury and how it was going to be repaired. He explained the procedures and gave me realistic time line to the recovery. I am now recovering as expected. The surgeries went extremely well. I had no idea how long it takes for an injury like I had. The entire staff from Dr. Pappou to Jennifer, his assistant, to Steve fitting me in the correct support device. From X-ray to front desk, the professional service was delivered. Physical therapy is right there at the office location. this injury was unexpected as any accident would be. Florida Orthopaedic Institute, as a team, made the healing process as comfortable as possible. I always knew what to expect and given a timeline to the next step. Thank you, Dr. Pappou for being on duty that evening of my accident. I am working on getting back my mobility and walking on my own now. There is still more recovery time but knowing what to expect is the key to getting active again!

Madeline R.

Dr. Pappou recently transformed my index finger into a brand new one! He cleaned out the joint which was crooked and terribly painful and inserted a wire and the entire experience was excellent. The follow up is excellent and I would certainly recommend him to anyone considering hand surgery.

Healthgrades Review

Everyone was very polite and very helpful and skilled at what they did! Dr. Pappou was very interested in my issues and took appropriate time with me. Excellent bedside manner!!

Sharon W.

I’ve seen Dr. Pappou for multiple problems with shoulder, elbow and hands. His expertise in diagnosis and treatment is extraordinary. He shows much concern and compassion for the patient. Dr. Pappou is non-aggressive in his approach and doesn’t pressure patients into any unnecessary treatment or diagnostic testing. I’m very comfortable in this office as I have a fear of needles. The cortisone shots were quick and painless. I highly recommend Dr. Pappou.

Leonard M.

Very bright. Very knowledgeable and current. Genuine listener.


I had flown into Clearwater, FL for a two week family visit. I shortly after had a near death accident in their sun room which resulted in several severely broken bones and a head injury. While in Meese Countryside Hospital, I was referred to Dr. Pappou because of his expertise and the severity of injury. Dr. Pappou was straightforward about his plan (to put me back together again) and just how much function I would have at the end. It took a year, four MAJOR surgeries and seven months in inpatient rehabilitation. It was brutal, but through each step, Dr. Pappou and his staff gave me the encouragement and love to survive. I respect his talent, expertise, compassion, friendship and professionalism.

Deborah L.

Excellent doctor. Very knowledgeable. Takes time to speak with you and listens.

Jayne S.

My husband and I have nothing but praise for his knowledge, bedside manner and follow ups. He takes time to explain everything, even the amount of pain that you will experience and healing time.

Healthgrades Review

He takes his time to listen, explain and I have been very pleased in all my appointments and results in my situations with him!

Healthgrades Review

Dr. Pappou was very nice and took the time to explain my options going forward which cleared up any questions I had. I felt confident in his knowledge and will definitely go to him when my issue requires surgical intervention.

Healthgrades Review

I have had nothing but courtesy, respect and compassion from Dr. Pappou’s schedulers. Especially Amber! Thank you, team! Keep up the good work!

Danielle P.

Dr. Pappou is the perfect example of excellence in the areas of surgery and patient care. I had shoulder surgery and within two weeks I had made great progress. At six weeks out, my range of motion was equal to or more than the shoulder that did not have anything done to it. I’ve gone to Dr. Pappou for several years for various issues and he has always been kind and so good to explain exactly what the problem was and how to deal with it. I have recommended him to several people over the years!

Sherry D.

I was extremely happy with the results of my surgery. Dr. Pappou is an excellent surgeon. He shared with me exactly what he was going to do surgically. I would highly recommend Dr. Pappou.

Cherryln H.

I had the misfortune of breaking both my arms in an accident and Dr. Pappou operated in November. It’s now February and I am completely healed! The physical therapy staff, Morgan and Greg, were beyond terrific — very compassionate, knowledgeable and positive attitudes. If you want the best care I highly recommend Dr. Pappou and his staff!

W. Woods

He did carpal tunnel releases, endoscopically, on both wrists about three weeks apart. The outcome has been excellent. I have full use of my hands!

Charles G.

Dr. Pappou and his team are wonderful! After a fracture of my wrist, the first orthopedist I saw did not feel confident to do the surgery. Thankfully, Dr. Pappou specializes in hand/wrist surgery and happened to be at the Citrus Park location the same day and was able to see me. He explained the procedure well and I was scheduled for surgery in two days, which was much appreciated given the severity of my pain. His office staff was great to work with. Everything was handled quickly and efficiently. It’s been three months since my surgery and I am extremely happy with the results and the care I received. I couldn’t recommend him enough. Thanks, Dr. Pappou!

Jessica L.

I have great respect and confidence in Dr. Pappou. My carpal tunnel on my right hand healed well with minimum down time. I am ready now for the left hand surgery. I have recommended Dr. Pappou to all my friends that have a need for orthopedic surgery.

Abbey T.

Dr. Pappou was wonderful and his whole staff was great. Everyone took time for me including Dr. Pappou. It meant a lot to me with the difficult time I’ve been having. Thank you guys!

RateMDs Review

Dr. Pappou is an excellent physician. He is caring and knowledgeable. He listens and spends adequate time with his patients.

RateMDs Review

Best experience I’ve ever had for a medical issue. Dr. Pappou did a spectacular job on my hands and wrist!

RateMDs Review

Excellent staff, friendly, and helpful. Dr. Pappou was great!

Healthgrades Review

I would highly recommend Dr. Pappou! He always had my best interest in mind. I had scheduled excellent home health care after he did great surgery and my pain management was great.

Healthgrades Review

The whole experience of evaluation, planning, and execution of treatment of my elbow was flawless. My hospital experience was fine and the follow-up was as expected. I really liked Dr. Pappou especially the thoughtful action of sending out a card after the surgery, signed by Dr. Pappou and the hospital staff.

Healthgrades Review

I’ve been given Dr. Pappous name to several friends. He takes his time to answer all of your questions. He will also explain exactly what the he will be doing. Dr. Pappou’s bedside manners are outstanding. His staff along with physical therapy are all very pleasant. The office is clean, professional, and I am very happy with my rotor cuff surgery. Dr. Pappou TRULY cares.

Healthgrades Review

Great doctor! Thank you Dr. Pappou from my initial visit, surgery, and therapy.

Joe K.

In 2016 I fell and shattered my right elbow. Dr. Pappou was on vacation and his partner Dr. Grayson attended my elbow with excellent results.  In spring of 2017, I started having problems with the thumb and forefinger of my left hand. Dr. Pappou had me do some therapy with a mobile tens unit and gave me a shot of cortisone. We worked for 5+ months and it just wasn’t getting any better. Dr. Pappou said we could do surgery and I jumped at the chance. I was tired of the pain and the inconvenience.  He scheduled me for November 16th and on December 12, 2017 he released me from his care.  I’ve had no pain—didn’t even take pain pills after surgery.  I am so HAPPY with their work! That said if I have any additional orthopaedic problems I won’t go any where else.

Jerrilyn J.

I was very pleased with the preparation and surgery. It was painless. Everything was done according to schedule and the healing process seems to be working as specified. Thank you!

Luois M. Jr.

For as horrific as an injury as my husband’s was, Florida Orthopaedic Institute was a God send.  From the front desk, intake nurses, Dr Yi (initially) and ultimately Dr. Pappou was such a wonderful experience.  Long story short, my husband fell off our boat at the boat ramp 6-7’ approx. and shattered his wrist.  We first saw Dr. Yi, who upon seeing the X-rays told us we needed to “see the hand/wrist guy”, at which point he pulls out his cell and calls the location where Dr. Pappou was seeing patients that day.  He got us in the next day, in the Palm Harbor office.  To say Dr. Ioannis Pappou is a great doctor really doesn’t describe the consummate practitioner he is.  Dr. Pappou is one of those rare specialists you get (for us, probably only once in our lifetime) who immediately calms you.  He has the most amazing bedside manner. He explains everything in such great detail, and in the most relatable way.  He ensures you understand, but doesn’t do anything that makes you feel like he’s talking down to you.  We recently had our last appointment with him, and honestly while happy with the phenomenal progress my husband has made, were also a touch sad that we won’t have any reason to see Dr. Pappou anymore.  He is a great man, all around.  Ridiculously knowledgeable in his disciplines, kind beyond belief, and quite simply a pleasure to get to work with.  Dr. Pappou, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts, for putting David back together so expertly!

Margaret C.

My son, Kevin, had a seizure July 2017 and fell, which resulted in a severe fracture of his left upper arm. Dr. Pappou was recommended by Kevin’s primary physician. Going into surgery, Dr. Pappou explained that due to the severity of the fracture, he had several options to repair the bones, one of which was a shoulder replacement. He repaired Kevin’s bones without the shoulder replacement and after several months of physical therapy, Kevin has full use of his left arm. I would highly recommend Dr. Pappou for this type of injury.

Mary Ellen G.

My son, Kevin, had a seizure in July of 2017 and fell. This fall resulted in a severe fracture of his left upper arm. Dr. Pappou was recommended by Kevin’s primary care physician. Going into surgery, Dr. Pappou explained that due to the severity of the fracture, he had a few options to repair the bones, one of which was a shoulder replacement. He repaired Kevin’s bones without the shoulder replacement and after several months of physical therapy, Kevin has full use of his left arm. I would highly recommend Dr. Pappou for this type of injury.

Mary G.

Dr. Pappou successfully operated on and resolved the problem with trigger finger on my right ring finger and thumb. He quickly analyzed the problem. Surgery was conveniently scheduled. I did not require physical therapy during the healing period nor thereafter. His office staff if friendly and efficient. Dr. Pappou is friendly, yet quick and efficient.

Healthgrades Review

Dr. Pappou is very personable, professional, and detailed. His staff is nice and efficient. His care and experience are top notch and he has taken care of my family and I this past year.

Healthgrades Review

In 2016, I fell and shattered my right elbow. Dr. Pappou was on vacation and his partner, Dr. Grayson, attended to my elbow with excellent results. In spring of 2017, I started having problems with the thumb and forefinger of my left hand. Dr. Pappou recommended physical therapy and gave me a shot of cortisone. Together, we worked for five months and I was not getting better. Dr. Pappou then recommended surgery and I jumped at this opportunity. My surgery took place on November 16th and today, December 12th, he has released me from his care. I have had no pain, I did not even take pain pills after surgery. I am so happy with their work, should I have any additional orthopedic problems, Florida Orthopaedic Institute is the only place I would go!

Jerrilyn J.

Dr. Pappou and his staff are simply the best. They are very patient and I have complete confidence in their work. Dr. Pappou helped me through an extremely difficult time with a dislocated elbow. I highly recommend this practice.

Yelp Review

Great doctor! Thank you, Dr. Pappou..from my initial visit, to surgery and therapy.

Joe K.

I received excellent care after I broke my shoulder on July 2, 2016. I had surgery July 7, 2016 performed by Dr. Pappou, who not only managed to save my own shoulder, but also left me with a smaller scar than I expected. The after care was wonderful. Also, the ability to go to physical therapy at the site in Palm Harbor was terrific. Kudos to PT guys for their excellent care, support, and sense of humor! Dr. Pappou, you did an excellent job and I am grateful!

Debra L.

I dislocated my right thumb about four years ago. Dr. Pappou called it a “gameskeeper dislocation,” in which the ligament was torn loose. I was tired of the constant pain in my right (my dominant) hand, so I went to see Dr. Pappou. He patiently explained my options and answered all my questions. I decided to have surgery on my thumb on March 3, 2016. Dr. Pappou came to see me before the procedure to reassure me — he even made a mark with a pen on my thumb, which I thought was great. My procedure went smoothly, and Dr. Pappou explained my after-care to me and to my husband. My procedure was on a Friday, and I was very surprised and very pleased when the following Sunday night, Dr. Pappou called my house to check on me. He guided me through the next stages of the process (stitch removal, casting, brace, etc.) with skill and compassion (I am a big baby when it comes to surgical procedures). It has been three months since my procedure, and my hand feels wonderful. Under Dr. Pappou’s excellent care, I healed quickly and thoroughly. I am very, very grateful to him — I did not think there was anything that could be done to help my injured thumb, but he made me as good as new — even better! He is not only a gifted surgeon, but also a very nice, kind, and compassionate man. I will recommend him to anyone I know who needs hand surgery.

Barbara B.


  • Fellowship, Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Florida Orthopaedic Institute
  • Fellowship, Hand Surgery, University of Virginia
  • Residency, Department of Orthopedics, University of Kentucky
  • Medical Degree, Techncal University, Munich, Germany

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