Christopher E. Baker, M.D.

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Whether my patients undergo surgery or a conservative treatment, the most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing the joy in their faces after a successful outcome.

Dr. Baker is board certified in orthopedics by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and specializes in sports medicine and shoulder reconstruction. With a focus on patient education, Dr. Baker works with patients to ensure they fully understand their orthopedic options and outcomes. Dr. Baker’s additional training in ultrasound imaging allows him to care for patients who have MRI contraindications due to pacemakers, foreign metals in their bodies, or severe claustrophobia.

As an expert in the field of orthopedics and sports medicine, Dr. Baker continues to drive research and innovation in shoulder and knee replacement surgery. He has traveled nationally and internationally lecturing and educating physicians all over the world in new surgical techniques. Dr. Baker is also a lead investigator in multiple research studies and is published in peer reviewed journals.

As an advocate for sports medicine and injury prevention, he currently serves as the orthopedic and sports medicine team physician for multiple high schools in Pasco and Hillsborough County. He has also cared for the Tampa Bay Storm and has worked with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins and the Colorado Rockies.

Dr. Baker is a member of the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA), the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS).

Dr. Baker’s personal interests include exercise, travel, and spending time with his wife and two children.

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He does great work. He is always very professional. He did work on my left knee in the past, and he is currently helping me with issues on my right knee.

John D.

This is where you go if you are looking for a remedy to your pain. Staff is fast and friendly, and Dr. Baker is incredible. I thank you for relieving my painful shoulders and for always being awesome.

Curtiss P.

The staff was courteous and professional. Dr. Christopher Baker is definitely a person who investigates the root cause of pain for optimum diagnosis. Highly recommend Dr. Baker.

Leroy B.

Dr. Baker is special. He fixed my husband’s rotator cuff and did a darned good job. He hardly felt any pain, and it’s working like it had been. It’s just six months, and his shoulder is feeling great. Thank you again, Dr. Baker. You are amazing – keep up the good work.

Cordelia S.

My first visit. Expecting doc to say reverse shoulder replacement!!! Nope. Instead, he suggested cortisone. Never had it. And guess what? It worked! Never has my husband and I met a more dedicated Doctor and staff that went above and beyond their job description. He also referred me to a pain Doc for my back! Have an appointment their Monday. If you’re contemplating anything with your shoulder, see Doc Baker. What do you have to lose but a co-payment? Maybe it’s a little bit of a drive, but if he’s able to help you… isn’t it worth it? Thank you, Doc Baker, Emily, and staff…. You’re the best. God sent you to me.

Carla C.

Dr. Christopher Baker is very pleasant and knowledgeable. He tried every avenue before doing surgery. Great doctor!

Colleen S.

Best doctor I’ve been to by far when it comes to physical therapy and helping me with all the issues that I’ve faced. I highly recommend Dr. Baker for anyone needing good physical therapy. Wesley Chapel is amazing.

Hatim A.

Over the years, Dr. Baker has always been sympathetic to my concerns and provided guidance and information to help me make good decisions. Currently, he is treating my left knee for damage and pain, and I am following his very helpful advice on what to do and what not to do, so my life is pain-free.

Hilary L.

Dr. Baker is the best orthopedist I have ever been to. He did a wonderful job when he did my reverse shoulder Replacement. If the other one ever has to be done, I hope he will be able to do it.

Betsy R.

I did my research and found Dr. Baker to be genuine to his ratings. He is a real person and easy to talk to. I am referring my sister-in-law to him and would not hesitate to recommend anyone to him. His staff is also very good to work with.

Scott R.

Dr. Baker is a fantastic orthopedic specialist. His knowledge and experience help create a truly authentic doctor-patient experience. I personally appreciate his conservative approach toward surgical necessity. His staff is both professional and kind, making the unfortunate visits all the more palatable.

Sean A.

Outstanding experience at this office and with Dr. Baker, who treated my grandma. We were in and out in 20 mins.

Nicholas P.

Dr. Christopher E. Baker is a highly trained Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in shoulder injury and shoulder reconstruction. In May 2022, I consulted with Dr. Baker for my dislocated shoulder. Prior to my appointment, in my mind, I was thinking this would require surgery. With Dr. Baker’s conservative approach, after a few office visits and Physical Therapy, I’m on my way to full recovery without surgical intervention. I now have the mobility of my shoulder (thanks to you, Dr. Baker) but am still careful of my movements. Dr. Baker is not only an expert in his field but also a kind person, very professional, good bedside manner, and he listens to his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Baker, and you’ll be thankful you consulted with him because in my humble opinion, he’s the best Orthopedic Surgeon-Shoulder Specialist in the area!! Many thanks, Dr. Christopher E. Baker; I cannot thank you enough. I feel whole again!!!

Yolanda C.

I trust Dr. Baker completely. The office staff, the nurses, etc., are all wonderful and professional.

Kimberly W.

Quick, straight to the point, and walked out with a plan of recovery. Staff was ah-amazing, and Dr. Baker was beyond helpful and knowledgeable.

Tasha F.

I have had both rotator cuffs repaired over the last 22 months by Dr. Christopher Baker. Both were major tears. RT one is good and LT one is coming along. I highly recommend Dr. Baker if you need surgery on a rotator cuff.

Tom L.

The front desk was nice and the iPad was easy to use. X-ray tech took me in and was very friendly. Then, I waited in another room. A nurse came in to say hello. Very nice and then Dr. Baker’s PA came in and we talked. Emily is very good and very easy to talk to. Easy to ask questions to. Dr. Baker came in and he did not move quickly. He went over my MRI and x-rays and talked with me not at me. He gave me a cortisone shot in my shoulder and I did not feel a thing. Dr. Baker’s meeting was very comfortable and I’m an anxious person! I left with a good feeling and hope. I also left educated.

Jim J.

Dr. Baker has miracle hands. He performed my left shoulder surgery and I did very well. Just 8 weeks post-op and I have almost full mobility. There is still a little pain, but if you follow his instructions, you should heal well. His staff is always there. Your phone calls are returned immediately and the office staff is very friendly. The PT Staff are also very kind. From front office lady to Michelle, Tori and Matt. My team therapists. They are all wonderful and it feels like you are with friends when you’re there to work out.

Minerva T.

Appointment was quick, online sign-in, check in was fast, all the staff I was involved with were friendly, efficient and professional. I can’t say enough about Dr. Baker’s proficiency. My shoulder was much worse than I thought. When the procedure started, Dr. Baker spent the time needed to do all the extra repair work and ten days after the surgery, I’m recovering very nicely. Had a small scare when a massive bruise showed on day seven, called his assistant, timely response from her assured me that this is normal. Sure enough, three days later and it’s mostly dissipated. Thank you all!

John G.

Dr. Baker was awesome! He gave me more mobility and less pain in my shoulder. I would recommend Dr. Baker if you have any problems with your shoulder.

George H.

Completely professional and always courteous. Most importantly, he listens to the patient and he prefers less aggressive forms of treatment first.

Roger W.

Dr. Baker did a great job on my right shoulder considering the damage that was done when I slipped and fell down on my job. I will refer him to anyone that needs this kind of care. He did a great job on my Grandmother after she broke her hip. She is walking now, which is great for an older person in her eighties.

Sabrina M.

I have had seven orthopedic surgeries of which five were shoulder. The fifth of my shoulder surgeries was a masterpiece. The oddest thing is that there was very little pain. Very little! The shoulder feels tight and secure, unlike two decades ago. Dr. Baker is indeed a master of his craft. I am so impressed that I had to write about this. Thank you, Dr. Baker.

Richard S.

Thank you, FOI and Dr. Baker, for seeing me today! It was a very positive experience. Huge sigh of relief after his PA’s examination and his explanation and diagnosis of my knee. The brace he recommended has already made a huge improvement in functionality of the knee and tons of relief from the horrible pain I was feeling when I first arrived there. THANK YOU so much!


Dr. Baker is friendly and he takes the time to explain your options so that you can make the best decision regarding your health going forward.


Dr. Baker did a great job rebuilding my right shoulder with the amount of damage that I had done to it.

Tim L.

My experience with Dr. Baker and his staff FAR EXCEEDS any experience I’ve ever had at a doctor’s office! From the friendly office staff that checked me in to the awesome X-ray tech to the super sweet staffer that checked me out with a smile, Dr. Baker’s staff was amazing! I waited less than 10 minutes (may have been like 5?) to see Dr. Baker. He spent time with me and listened intently…something you rarely see nowadays…and treated me promptly. My knee is already feeling better and I have no doubts that it will be in tip top shape in a day or so. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Baker if you’re in search of a great experience with an ortho doc!


My neighbor suggested that I see Dr. Baker after I had complained to her about my knee pain. I work out 3-4 times a week and one day a week with a trainer. I was very concerned that I would have to lay off the gym. Dr. Baker determined the reason for the pain, gave the knee a shot and told me to take it easy over the weekend. He sent me back to the gym on Monday with a few modifications. I am extremely satisfied with the care and professionalism of Dr. Baker and his assistants. Thank you. See you in six weeks!

Bev S.

Dr. Baker is a godsend. He’s personable and you can tell he truly cares for his patients. I’d been dealing with extreme shoulder pain for six months and was told by another physician that I’d need surgery to fix the issue. Dr. Baker advised against it, saying I had ‘frozen shoulder’ and opted for cortisone shots and physical therapy instead. The shots and PT have helped immensely. I now have more range of motion my with right arm and can raise it above my head. That is something I couldn’t do for half a year!

Healthgrades Review

I had my first appointment with Dr. Baker yesterday. He and his PA, Emily, were so clear and explicit in what is going on in my right knee. They let me know what I can do to help it and avoid pain. All my fears and nightmares disappeared and with care, I will be able to ski again! I am so very grateful for all your wonderful care of me.

Hilary L.

Fabulous orthopedic specialist! Especially if you are hurting. He will help you!

Healthgrades Review

Dr. Baker is a caring and knowledgeable physician. He has a wonderful bedside manner. I trust him and his surgical expertise. I highly recommend him.

Paula T.

He is a caring and compassionate doctor. He always takes his time to answer my questions and to explain any needed procedures. He has done surgery on me twice and I never had an infection or other complications post op. I highly recommend Dr. Baker as an orthopedic surgeon.

Healthgrades Review

Dr. Baker is awesome and very thorough. Emily explained to me why Dr. Baker was taking long to see me and used the time to clarify doubts. Rhonda is fantastic. I have no regrets on choosing this facility. It is the best.

Aileen O.

I have had two shoulder surgeries within the past six months. Dr. Baker and his staff have been amazing. My physical therapist has even been amazed at how quick my recovery has been as well as my range of motion. I highly recommend Dr. Baker!

Sandy G.

Dr. Baker really knows his stuff. I have a follow up in two weeks. He’s great!

RateMDs Review

I especially enjoyed meeting Doctor Baker. I had been in so much pain prior to my visit. Doctor Baker suggested a procedure and by the time I was getting back into my car, I was feeling relief. I will follow-up with Doctor Baker and follow any instructions he may give me. He is an excellent doctor.

RateMDs Review

Dr. Baker was a second opinion for my shoulder issues. He listened to everything I had to say, knew the problem immediately and he provided immediate relief that is still effective now. This is the first positive experience I’ve had with an orthopedist. I would highly recommend Dr. Baker to any and everyone!

UCompareHealthcare Review

Doctor Baker did an amazing job on my shoulder replacement. I cannot wait for the strength and mobility to return after starting therapy.

RateMDs Review

I’ve taken my children to the Temple Terrace offfice for years. When I experienced an issue with my knee, I went straight to Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Setting my appointment was a breeze. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. Dr. Christopher Baker took time to explain my injury and how he could resolve my pain. Dr. Baker is extremely knowledgeable and professional. No one can beat his expertise.

Penny S.

After seeing Dr. Sellman at Florida Orthopaedic Institute’s Urgent Care and one office appointment, we found out my 17 yr old’s “sprained” knee was actually a torn ACL and miniscus that required surgery. We were switched to Dr. Baker and have been more than pleased. He has been very sensitive (but not too soft) to my teenage daughter explaining the surgery, recovery, and rehab process. Through the whole process he (and his staff) have answered all our questions, scheduled appointments, and returned phone calls quickly. When we had specific questions about my daughter returning to swimming competitively he found out answers and got back with us the next day about how to safely proceed. I have and will continue to highly recommend Dr. Baker to my friends and family!

Laura F.

We have been very pleased since our first appointment with Dr. Baker. He and his staff scheduled my daughters’ surgery very quickly to get her in during Christmas break from college. He explained the procedure and my seventeen year old daughter felt completely at ease. Since surgery, he and his office staff have always been pleasant and quickly responsive. He has even done research into my daughter’s sport to safely get her back into shape and competing. Highly recommend this great doctor!

Healthgrades Review

Dr. Baker presents himself as a true professional and highly qualified. I would be honored to have him as my orthopedic doctor or surgeon. He showed the ultimate concern and offered his services if needed in the future, I found this most reassuring considering he is not my current surgeon. Thank you, Florida Orthopaedic Institute, and Dr. Baker. I would recommend his facility and staff to friends and family members in need of orthopedic services.

Rate MDs Review

I had a torn rotator cuff, a dislocation of my shoulder, and a fracture. It was literally a big mess! I went to Dr. Baker and he took a personal interest in my situation. He was very sympathetic and assured me he would do everything possible so I would regain full motion in my shoulder. Dr. Baker is amazing! He performed my surgery and everything went perfectly! As of today, I have full range of motion in my shoulder! Thank you, Dr. Baker, for everything you did for me! I would recommend Dr. Baker to everyone!

Yelp Review

Dr. Baker performed two of my surgeries in the past five years. Both of them were extreme circumstances, but I came out of both surgeries stronger than ever. Recently, I have been doing physical therapy with the staff at Florida Orthopaedic Institute to keep my muscles strong. The treatment I receive is world class and the improvements I have made in such a short time are amazing!

Jonathan S.

My experiences with Dr. Baker at Florida Orthopaedic Institute have been very impressive. Dr. Baker and his staff have been professional, timely and most importantly, skillful, experienced and knowledgeable. Over the past three plus years, he has surgically repaired my rotator cuff, broken arm and chronic knee problems. What keeps me going back to him has been how efficiently he has identified my problems, treatment plans and follow-up.

Jan L.

Dr. Baker is an extremely conscientious doctor and I am very thankful for that. I had major surgery on my olecranon and he was very firm and serious with me on working to get my full range of motion back. I have had several people, including other medical professionals, tell me what an awesome job he did on my elbow. You can hardly see the scar or plate. I have no discomfort and my full range of motion back. I highly recommend him!



I want to take a moment to acknowledge Dr. Baker and his staff. Dr. Baker took time to explain the procedure and answer all of my questions. Everyone is so friendly and I am very thankful you were able to care for me. The hours you are available are wonderful and setting up an appointment time was very efficient. Dr. Baker and his staff are professional and thorough.

Penny S.

My story begins with a massive tear of my rotator cuff. Fortunately for me, I was sent to Florida Orthopaedic Institute by the VAMC Bay Pines. Upon my first meeting with Dr. Christopher Baker, he explained that not only could he repair the rotator cuff, something that the VA facility was unable to do, but that he was working on a new procedure that would include a patch. Arthroscopic surgery was performed, the rotator cuff was repaired and the patch applied. The hardest part of the recovery was not being able to use the shoulder for 8 weeks while the repaired area healed and the patch had a chance to adhere.

Once I was approved by Dr. Baker to begin Physical Therapy, I chose to attend the Florida Orthopaedic Institute Rehabilitation Center in Palm Harbor. Under the direction of Mike Fittin, PT and his staff including Meagan Faulk, MS, ATC and Greg Hartney, PTA, I was able to begin an 8-week program that allowed me to regain complete range of motion and begin to increase my strength training on a gradual basis. Each rehab session would consist of stretching of the shoulder and arm muscles, the exercises were designed to strengthen the surgically repaired area. The individual attention given by Mike, Meagan and Greg was far more than I expected and contributed to the excellent results I accomplished. I cannot thank the entire staff at FOI Rehab Center Palm Harbor enough for the personal attention to detail I received.

Al P.

Dr. Baker is outstanding. He listens, gets to the point, doesn’t use medical jargon and put my friend at ease. He also helped her knee pain.

Google Plus Review

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Christopher Baker and his exemplary Administrative Assistant, Emily Oakley. In a very unexpected manner, I injured my knee which left me unable to walk. As an independent career woman, mother and spouse, at 47 the experience of such an injury can not only be physically painful, but also emotionally trying. I contacted Dr. Baker who had done a fantastic job with my ACL replacement and spoke with Emily who assisted me with getting an immediate appointment, an MRI and she also worked efficiently with my employer to ensure they received all necessary documentation before, during and after my care. Dr. Baker’s staff Nina and all his front desk personnel are very friendly and provide great customer service.

I was diagnosed with a (L) knee tibial plateau fracture (no operation needed) and Emily’s efforts of providing my employer and insurance company with needed documentation, allowed me to focus on healing as opposed to worrying about obtaining all supportive forms. Emily also assisted me with arranging for my PT once I was able to bear weight and she followed up with me to ensure that I was doing well. I also want to thank Dr. Baker for his excellent care, direction and compassion. I’m truly grateful that the Florida Orthopaedic Institute has skilled, experienced and patient friendly doctors such as, Dr. Baker. Dr. Baker genuinely exhibits that his primary goal is for the care of his patients and his expertise will enable them to maintain if not improve their quality of life after injuries and/or surgery. I cannot express my THANK YOU enough for the phenomenal care that I received from both Dr. Baker and Emily, as their dedication to patient care has allowed me to regain my independence and not just maintain, but I’ve improved the quality of life for both myself and my family.


Michelle I.

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  • Fellowship, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Reconstruction, Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas
  • Residency, Orthopedic Surgery, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Medical Degree, Cum Laude, University of Florida

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