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I am an older athlete with a left hip replacement. I developed calcium deposits in my leg muscles. My hip replacement was not performed by Dr. Bernasek however whenever I feel the calcium deposits in my muscles are bothersome, I call Dr. Bernasek. He has amazing bedside manners and greeted me with a smile and a concern for my pain regardless of the fact he did not do the surgery. He has helped me tremendously get through some painful and frustrating medical challenges with my hip. I actually saw him today and he greeted me with a smile and was thorough to explain my condition. I live approximately 200 miles round trip by car and would never think of going anywhere else again.
There have been times when I have exercised too hard and have annoyed my condition. On many of these occasions I needed help quickly and have spoken with Jessica Ruth, the Medical Assistant. I have been to many medical facilities, one of the best in the country and have never had an opportunity to meet such a dedicated, and patient supportive professional as Jessica. She really cares about patients, new or existing, and I realize that as great as Dr B. is, it takes a supportive team to make the leader GREAT. Without her I am not sure Florida Orthopedic would have the stellar reputation it does and deserves. I do hope her management team of Doctors compensate her properly for all the “Herculean Efforts” she contributes to the Institute. I would also like to single out Maria Rollins. She is another amazing and talented individual who has also helped me when I was in pain and required an appointment. She is so calm, and dedicated to supporting her patients.
In summary, I am blessed to be privileged to have such a reputable and state of the art medical institute just a few hours from me.
Thank you Dr. Bernasek, Jessica, and Maria for all you do.