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All Florida Orthopaedic Associates is now Florida Orthopaedic Institute

By combining our resources, we’re making the highest quality subspecialty orthopedic care more available across Tampa Bay.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Excellence. You will continue to receive the exceptional orthopedic care you expect from AFO, now with expanded access to additional world-renowned orthopedic specialists and services.
  • Consistency. As a patient, you don’t have to take any action. Office hours, locations, and care teams will remain unchanged.
  • Convenience. A more comprehensive team of orthopedic specialists, diagnostic services, therapy and surgical solutions throughout Tampa Bay.
  • Innovation. Benefit from the latest technology and leading-edge practices due to FOI’s commitment to advancing rigorous academics and ongoing education.

AFO and FOI have a shared commitment to practicing high-quality, patient-centered care supported by dedicated care teams. We’re proud to be able to combine our practices so patients have greater access to the best orthopedic solutions in St. Petersburg.

Hand pain
Elbow Pain
Neck pain
Knee Pain
Hip pain
Ankle pain


We provide orthopedic care at four convenient locations in St. Petersburg, FL.

4th Street Clinic

4600 4th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33703

Bayfront Medical Plaza

603 7th Street South
Suite 450 & 480
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Pasadena Hospital

1615 Pasadena Avenue South
Suite 150
South Pasadena, FL 33707

Central Avenue

4423 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

"There’s strength in numbers. Combining resources with Florida Orthopaedic Institute means we can provide broader access to the highest quality of orthopedic care, no matter what injury or condition."

Paul Pagano, MD
All Florida Orthopaedic Associates

Dr. Paul Pagano


Our physicians are experts in the field of orthopedics and within their own subspecialties.

  • Todd P. Beery, DO – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Brett R. Bolhofner, MD – Orthopaedic Surgeon and Adult Reconstruction
  • Jonathan Brown, DPM – Podiatry
  • Jennifer M. Burns, MD – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • George H. Canizares, MD – General Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine
  • Clinton B. Davis, MD – Spine Surgery
  • Glenn S. Fuoco, DO – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Holden D. Heitner, MD – Shoulder to Hand Surgery
  • Kurt C. Hirshorn, MD – Orthopaedic Surgeon & Adult Reconstruction
  • David B. Johnson, DO – Orthopaedic Surgeon & Adult Reconstruction
  • Christiaan Mamczak, DO – Orthopaedic Traumatologist Fracture Specialist
  • Gregory I. Mines, MD – Non-operative Sports Medicine
  • Dzi-Viet Nguyen, DO – Hand & Micro-Surgery
  • Paul Pagano, MD – Orthopaedic Spine Specialist
  • Jorge Rodriguez Jr., MD – Hand/Upper Extremity & Micro Surgery
  • Michael J. Smith, MD – General Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine
  • Patrick J. Smith, MD – Orthopaedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine
  • Thomas S. Stang, DO – Orthopaedic Traumatologist Fracture Specialist
  • Benjamin Streufert, MD – Orthopaedic Spine Surgery
  • Matthew J. Swick, MD – Orthopaedic Surgery, Foot and Ankle Surgery and Sports Medicine

FAQs about our merger & Florida Orthopedic Institute

Receive world-class care for your orthopedic needs