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Healthy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

By | Keeping you active

Father’s Day comes around this month, so now is a great time to start thinking about ways you can encourage his healthy habits in 2017. Have some great ideas to add? Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

  • Exercise trackers
    • So dad works out. Great! Gift him a wearable technology gadget, such as a Garmin Forerunner, Fitbit One or Armour39. These track your stats and help you reach your health goals. Some go as far as monitoring sleep patterns by highlighting periods of movement and restful slumber.
  • Bike horns
    • You certainly don’t want dad getting wiped out by a car – and hopefully he won’t take out any pedestrians, either. Hence why he needs a horn. Yoni Freedhoff, an assistant professor of family medicine at the University of Ottawa and a U.S. News blogger, suggests the Delta Airzound bike horn. It’s “stupid crazy loud,” he says. “Kinda like me.”
  • A heart-rate monitor
    • Worried about the ol’ ticker? A heart-rate monitor helps assess exercise intensity – and will make sure dad’s not over – or under – doing it. Roizen cites the device as one of his favorite Father’s Day gift ideas. Some models alert you when you’re nearing dehydration; most help target your workout for maximum fat burning while also displaying calories burned.
  • A guide to area hiking
    • As David Katz points out, most states have more than one book dedicated to local trails – think “100 Classic Hikes in Washington” and “Hiking Waterfalls in Georgia and South Carolina.” (Katz, a U.S. News blogger, is the founding director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center.) Plan a hiking trip with your dad, and revel in the fact that it’s a cardio workout good for both mind and body. The view’s not too bad, either.
  • Tickets for a group bike ride
    • Katz and his father rave about the Harlem Valley Rail Ride – a 54-mile trek that took both he and his dad, at the time 74, through the rolling farmland and scenic small towns of New York. If 50-plus sounds like a lot of miles, opt for a shorter trip. Most group bike rides offer numerous choices for both intensity and length.
  • A chin-up bar
    • Take it from Katz – your dad will love it. Chin-ups, which call for your palms to point inward, unlike the outward-facing pull-ups, strengthen more than a dozen muscles in your back, arms, shoulders and chest. Most bars range between $60 and $150.
  • A Frisbee
    • Katz got his dad one once – “because I wanted to play,” he recalls. If things go well, consider joining an Ultimate Frisbee league together. The quick pivots, jumps and throws will boost your agility, and it’s a full-body workout that can burn upwards of 13 calories a minute. Plus, tossing that round piece of plastic around is just plain fun.
  • Introductory ___ lessons
    • Try a package of martial arts lessons, or even yoga, dance or tennis. “It depends on the dad,” Katz says. If he’s more the chef type, consider a class at a local culinary school or gourmet grocery shop. L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, Maryland, for example, offers everything from a one-time “basic knife skills” course – learn to fabricate a chicken and then make a stir-fry – to a “vegetable techniques” seminar.


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