The Florida Orthopaedic Institute Athlete Awards recognizes Hillsborough County high school athletes who distinguish themselves and their schools through their actions on the field, in the classroom and our community. Awards are based on a combination of their achievements both on and off the field – students committed to overall excellence.

We encourage high school coaches and athletic directors from Hillsborough County to nominate exceptional young men and women using the form below.


  • Any current High School athlete from a Hillsborough County school
  • All designated high school sports are eligible, typically with one female and one male chosen each week
  • Awards are offered in both Leadership and Team Player categories

Leadership (may display some or all of the following characteristics)

  • Inspires others by being a role model
  • Builds strong relationships
  • Works together with other students
  • Demonstrates initiative
  • Adapts to new situations
  • Mentors other students
  • Fosters school pride
  • Contributes to the overall success of the school

Team Player (may display some or all of the following characteristics)

  • Performance throughout the season in both games and practice
  • Does their best to put the coaches’ direction into action
  • Makes a significant contribution to the team
  • Improves their skills, attitude and training
  • Achieves personal goals
  • Your Information

  • Nominee's Information


  • Staff at Florida Orthopaedic Institute makes the final decision on the awards each week.
  • Some weeks may not have winners.
  • Athletes must agree to the conditions of the Awards once they are nominated to receive the Award.
  • Once nominated, the athlete stays in the nomination system through the rest of the school year.
  • No limit on the number of submissions sent from any school, but one form must be filled out for each nomination.
  • Varsity, junior varsity and freshman submissions are all welcome.
  • Once an athlete wins, they can’t win again within the same school year.
  • Not all schools may win an award, and some schools may have multiple winners.

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