Sandra Santiago for Eddy Echols | Florida Orthopaedic Institute
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Sandra Santiago for Eddy Echols

At the age of 55 on Feb. 28, 2015, I fractured my knee cap (medically diagnosed as a non-displaced fracture…no surgery needed). It was very painful as I arrived to Dr. Echols on March 3. I was in tears of what was ahead. It was my first experience with a break. As soon as I entered the Florida Orthopaedic Institutes office, I was welcomed with smiles from front desk receptionists. Their concern was to make me as comfortable as possible while I filled out paperwork and waited to see the Dr. It was not long before I was back in the waiting room. They immediately took x-rays and I was soon in the presence of Kevin Osborne, PA and Dr. Eddy Echols. They gave me me great relief in knowing that I would recover completely if I followed all directions. Six weeks later I was ready for physical therapy and introduced to Lori Amaden & Omar Abadie whom were within the same building. They worked with me one on one with therapy to help strengthen and restore my range of motion. They gave me detailed exercises to continue at home. I want to thank each and everyone of these amazing professionals who helped heal me. I have fully recovered and am ever so grateful! I recommend this great team to everyone.