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Linda DeGagne for Eddy Echols

I was in Virginia about to attend a class reunion when I looked through my bifocals missed a step and fell to the floor. I broke my ankle. I returned to Florida and I called Florida Orthopedic and they immediately scheduled me with Dr. Echols. I was very pleased with the attention he gave me. He had xrays taken of my ankle and informed me that I would need surgery. I’ll admit I was scared. He immediately calmed me down and assured me that all would be good; and it was. I am now back on my own two feet and thankful that I was scheduled with Dr. Echols. During my recovery I went on vacation and scheduled my physical therapy in another state. The therapists commented on how quickly I was recovering; they said your ability to do these exercises just shows you had an excellent surgeon. He is truly an excellent, caring and skilled surgeon. I have hopes never to be in need of an ortho surgeon again BUT if I am I will certainly call Dr. Eddy Echols.