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Annette McCarty for Eddy Echols

I refused to seek a physician despite my family saying I needed to go to the doctor and have my knees checked out. I related the knee pain to inflammation related to the car accident and my being overweight, and thought it would eventually go away with exercise. To me those were the contributing factors as to why I was having so much pain to my knees. I had already started seeing a personal trainer who assured me that the pain would go away once I started exercising more. So, I started my journey to lose weight, but the squats and lounges were too much on my knees, and we had to change the regimen to easier exercises. By August, I had enough of being in excessive pain, and wanted to see what was causing so much pain in my left knee…my regimen was failing so, I made the appointment. After making the appointment, and receiving the xray, I was diagnosed with bilateral patellofemoral pain syndrome. Dr. Echols recommended 6 weeks of physical therapy and to avoid the above mentioned exercises. My physical therapy regimen consisted of stretching to increase flexibility and mobility, strengthening exercises for legs and core, decreasing tightening around the knee cap, and exercises to strengthen quadricep muscles. I now know the importance of stretching before and after exercise. My left knee is better with mild pain, and the right knee has mild pain as well. I still cannot go up and down stairs on neither knee, because the pain is still there; however, not as much, and I can tolerate the pain if need to. I do see a big difference with the new exercises I learned, at this facility, and will continue to perform them on a daily regular basis…they really help. The staff is extra phenomenal and very knowledgeable. They really strive to give excellent treatment and care to their patients, and they work together as a team. I would highly recommend Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Thanks to everyone who helped heal my knee pain, and a special thanks to Kevin for your wonderful discharge plan and teaching the importance of continuing with the exercises taught, and wishing me well with my weight loss journey.