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I was referred by my primary doctor to go to Florida Orthopaedic Institute because both hands constantly fell asleep. I have been struggling with this for 3 years. I met Dr. Jason Nydick and he discussed several things with me pertaining to both of my hands. At the end of my first visit with Dr. Nydick he wanted me to go for an EMG to verify what he suspected was the issue. At the EMG facility Dr. Newman verified exactly what Dr. Nydick suspected, carpal tunnel in both of my hands. After the surgery, I already felt relief and couldn’t believe it! My right hand, after several hours was completely normal. I am scheduling surgery for my left hand immediately. In my book, Dr. Nydick is a very good doctor and professional. Everybody at Florida Orthopaedic Institute treated me with respect and made me feel safe. Thank you Dr. Nydick and staff!