Florida Orthopaedic Institute
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My husband and I have been patients of Florida Orthopaedic Institute for many years. Upon a follow up visit, we noticed that a “Dr. Donna Saatman” was on one of the sign up sheets! Could this be the same Dr. Saatman that did spinal surgery on my husband in 2011? We had to inquire and yes, it was Dr. Donna Saatman! We were so happy to see that she joined this great group of doctors!Upon examination and MRI, Dr. Saatman determined that my husband did not need surgery at that time and recommended pain management. After returning a year later, she scheduled him for surgery. I believe Dr. Saatman has “hands of gold”! She operated on my husband’s back for 9 hours. His surgery was complicated, due to scar tissue, from his previous surgery. My husband has been walking around with no pain, ever since! When I experienced extreme sciatica pain due to a herniated disc, I wouldn’t have anyone else operate on me other than Dr. Donna Saatman! My surgery was on 3/27/17. It was Outpatient Surgery but I can honestly say that I don’t have any more back or leg pain and I am recuperating nicely. So whether you have to have major or minor back surgery, we highly recommend Dr. Donna Saatman! We give her 5 GOLD STARS!