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After experiencing issues with my knee for 3-4 years I finally decided to consult with Dr. Yi. I’d previously seen Dr. Epting for a minor foot issue and was very pleased with my experience. My consulting with Dr. Yi, testing to determine the likely cause of my problem, and the resulting arthroscopic surgery further enhanced my experience with Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Dr. Yi is knowledgeable and highly skilled in treating knee issues. If there is such a thing as a great surgical experience, this was it. I’ve had a few surgeries over the years and I can honestly say that my interactions with everyone at Florida Orthopaedic Institute has been the absolute best experience from the start. Dr Yi, his staff, everyone who made phone contact with me, the entire surgical staff… excellence personified. Everyone has been genuinely caring, helpful, professional, knowledgeable, nice. There were no glitches. A 100% positive experience. I highly recommend Dr. Yi and Florida Orthopaedic Institute for quality orthopedic care.