Florida Orthopaedic Institute
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When I arrived at Dr. Walling’s office, I had over 7 surgeries on my left ankle and it still wasn’t working correctly. Pain was a constant reminder of the initial accident (falling down a wheelchair ramp), and if I did too much, I was literally down off my ankle for at least one day.

After meeting with Dr. Walling, getting a new MRI done and another office visit, it was determined I needed an ankle fusion. Things just weren’t working right and the pain was going to get a lot worse. I liked Dr. Walling’s no non-sense approach and I knew he would not operate if it was not necessary. After the surgery, I cried and I cried because the pain was over the top, but Dr. Walling and his Associates assured me that all went well and I would soon recover. Over the next 6 months, as I healed and learned to function a different way, the staff helped this process so much. I even teased Dr. Walling about his bedside manner (matter of fact), I loved his dry sense of humor. Recently, I had to go see Dr. Walling about my right ankle because I had fractured it. I would see anyone other than Dr. Walling. Once you have been treated by the best you simply don’t see anyone else.

Thanks FOI, Dr. Walling and staff. I am a patient for life.