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I have been a patient of Dr. John Small for approximately 7 years. Aside from back issues I am an otherwise healthy individual. I underwent my first back procedure (a laminectomy/discectomy in 2008). My second surgery, a lumbar spinal fusion, was performed in mid 2013. I will never be able to thank Dr. Small enough for helping to return my quality of life. At 41 I was facing the inability to ambulate more than a few blocks at a time, becoming rapidly depressed and struggling to accomplish daily tasks. Dr. Small and his team guided me through the surgical process and jumped through hoops to obtain authorization from my insurance carrier for the fusion surgery. Ten months after surgery I am walking up to two miles in a session. I am able to walk my dog again and I walk every weekend with my girlfriends. I could have never done this without Dr. Small. I am forever grateful!