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I normally do not provide feedback. In fact, I was not the patient–it was my 77 (going on 40) year old mother. But it was because of my parents’ experience that I felt compelled to provide feedback. My mother needed a knee replacement after having been scoped at another institution. Given my personal past success with a few surgeons from Florida Orthopedic Institute, I selected a name from the list of knee surgeons, passed it along to my mother, and the rest is history. Dr. Miranda not only did a phenomenal job with the surgery (I would have been disappointed with anything other than a stellar performance from a Florida Ortho surgeon), he was a standout for another reason . . . he didn’t treat my parents (my father is 83-going-on-40 and attended all the appointments) like they were “old people”. My parents were given adequate time to communicate and Dr. Miranda “listened”. In doing so, he not only gained their genuine trust and respect, he was able to quickly and proficiently address my mother’s exact needs and get her on the path to almost a full recovery only three weeks after surgery. Kudos to Dr. Miranda in doing his job in a stellar manner while never forgetting that the simple act of listening is such a precious commodity.