Florida Orthopaedic Institute
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I am alive and active because of Dr. Walling. In 1987, at the rambunctious and invincible age of 14, I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) of my tibia (lower leg bone) and I have been his patient ever since. I was not the most compliant patient; In fact, I was probably one of the most misbehaved to say the least. All the while, Dr. Walling handled me with genuine care, honesty, and compassion regardless of my antics. Dr. Walling & Dr. Bernasek did a total knee replacement with a tibia cadaver replacement one week after I turned 18. Now, I am a 40 year old registered nurse working in oncology in St. Petersburg, Florida and I am still walking on the same total knee and cadaver bone Dr. Walling and Dr. Bernasek did for me 23 years ago. Yes, 23 YEARS! Dr. Walling, to this day, has been the most frank and honest doctor I have ever known personally and professionally. I am privileged to be his patient!