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In March of 2015 I was referred here by my previous orthopedic surgeon since he was at a loss at how to treat me, aside from physical therapy. At just 20 years old I had just found out that the sever knee pain and issues I had been having since I was 14 were due to birth defects and deformities. FOI scheduled me with Dr. Morse and things have been getting better ever since. I expressed my desire to continue with the physical therapy I was doing and that I wanted to try everything possible before I considered surgery. Dr. Morse and his PA Dr. Hines were completely understanding and agreed with me that a non-surgical approach was a good plan. Unfortunately I still ended up needing surgery after finding the same birth defect in my other knee. Through the entire process of scheduling surgery and an insurance change a wee prior to surgery, every single person on his staff has shown that they care. I have never had a doctor that actually cares as much as Dr. Morse does. I have had to call him multiple times during on-call hours and never expected him to personally call me each time, let alone express as much concern in his voice about me when I was at a loss on how to feel better. So far I am 8 weeks post-op from my first surgery with Dr. Morse and the work is absolutely incredible. I’ll be having surgery on my other leg in the beginning of 2016 with him and although surgery is terrifying, Dr. Morse and his staff truly care about you and want to see you live up to your full potential. While the reasons why I had to come to FOI aren’t the best, I am truly so grateful to have found this Institute and a staff that is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but talented, funny and caring.