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On September 15th, I shot myself with a .45 hollow point bullet through my left dominant hand. The damage to my palm, joint and middle finger bones, tendons and nerves was extensive. You could put a roll of quarters through the wreckage of my hand. Dr. Miranda met me at the Brandon Regional Hospital Emergency Room and after assessment contacted Dr. Hess for consultation. Dr. Miranda through surgery stabilized my hand. Six weeks later, Dr. Hess recommended a digital resection as my best option. He explained that by removing the middle finger near the wrist and moving the index finger to the middle finger position I would stand the best chance for the greatest hand functionality. The surgery was a success and through coordinated Occupational Therary at the hands of Sue Mokris today five months later I can as examples: type, tie my shoes, grasp change handed to me, thread a needle and play catch with my grandchildren, all pain free and without limitation. The team at Florida Orthopaedic Institute always addressed my concerns and met every expectation I had with reasonable explanations and options. While I hope to never need their services again, if needed I will consult the professionals at Florida Orthopaedic and highly recommend Dr. Hess and his team for hand trauma.