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My experience with Dr. Saatman started 5 years ago thus January. I had a tragic fall at a department store. I knew I was hurt when I fell because I went numb from the waist up for a while. I contacted my Dr.at that time. He blew me off and tried to tell me I was fine. I knew different. My current Dr. was able to get me in with Dr.Saatman which at that time had her own practice. After doing the necessary tests Dr. Saatman performed quite lengthy surgery on both the front if my neck and back of my neck. I will always be gratefull to her she gave me my life back. She also did surgery on me on May the 8th this year since being a Dr. at Florida Orthopedic. Dr. Saatman is a wonderful Dr. you are very blessed to have her on your team. I hope she is with you for years to come.