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After many years of receiving different diagnosis from various doctors including TMJ to Cervical Dystonia and being prescribed and collection of pain / muscle relaxers, it was suggested by a fitness colleague of mine to visit Dr. Reina. With consistent headaches, neck and back ache taking a toll on my every day life, I scheduled an appointment thinking I’ve tried everything else, why not try another? The initial new patient consolation is worth every bit of the wait, simply because the same amount of care and time from Dr. Reina and his assistant shall be spent with you. Initially my treatments were every 3 days, then 5 days, then a week, then 2 weeks and after approximately 3 months…Care and treatment at it’s very best with positive results. I have no longer have neck, back and headache issues, and continue to check in with the good Dr. periodically. He’s impressive, I have referred Dr. Reina to friends whom have been thrilled with their own results. I’m going with genuine.