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On Oct. 23, 2014, I fell in my home and broke the humerus bone in my left arm. My first trip was by ambulance to a hospital in north Tampa where, after a trip to the OR, I was told that the bone was in place and I was sent home in a brace. The next morning, I was in such pain that my husband and I again called 911, requesting that I go to another hospital. My arm WAS NOT in place and the brace was cutting off circulation to my hand because of extensive swelling. Had we not gone to this hospital I believe I could have lost my arm. The sad part of what happened at the second hospital was that I was, again, told that my bones were in place and sent home. They were not. After 3 more days of excruciating pain, my husband, being a physician himself, scheduled an independent x-ray confirming what we already knew.
My husband is a very well respected family practice physician in Tampa, taking care of his patients for over 25 years now and, yet, he was at a loss. As a last resort, we called Dr. William Carson who had performed surgery on an ACL tear I had many years previously. Without a moments hesitation, I was referred to Dr. Mighells. This incredible man had me in surgery within 3 days, and without doubt, saved my arm! Mine was a very complicated case involving permanent nerve damage. We are confident that I will have full function of my arm given time for the nerves to heal.
Forgive me for this lengthy testimonial, but I cannot say enough in my thanks to this incredible surgeon and those that work under him. He’s the best in his field. Period.
If anyone interested would care to speak with me about my experience, I would be more than happy to do so.